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Simple Recipes

Easy Recipes for Every Day is a useful step-by-step guide with photos for those who want to eat home-cooked meals every day and cook fast. Simple recipes from professional hostesses will guarantee you delicious meals, even if you cook them for the first time. The key is to follow the recipe and recommendations, and to use quality ingredients. Write down in your cookbook basic recipes for simple dishes that you can modify to your own taste. Meals that are easy to make are always appreciated, because by saving time on cooking, you can spend it on your favorite people or hobbies.

Home Fries 4.6 134

You do not have to go to McDonald’s to eat fries, because it is not difficult to make delicious fries at home. Added by: Giggs on 04/27/2013

Simple recipe for charlotte with apples 4.6 110

I like to make easy, budget-friendly, but no less delicious, baked goods. That’s why my choices often end up being sharlochka. But there are so many variations of it that I want to offer you one of the best. Added:

Quick Pizza 4.5 98

Quick pizza is a recipe for those who love pizza but are too lazy to make it according to all the rules of Italian cooking. Simplify the recipe outrageously, but we still get a very tasty and appetizing pizza:) .

Regular Scrambled Eggs 4.7 95

The fastest and easiest breakfast. Fried eggs are the perfect dish for those who don’t like to wait long at the stove. See how to make scrambled eggs plain. Anyone, even a novice in the kitchen, can do it. . more

“Meat French” with minced chicken 4.5 79

Recipe for a popular meat dish using minced chicken. You are basically making the same Meat à la mode de France, but you are using minced chicken instead of chops. Very tasty!

Cheese casserole in microwave 4.2 76

This curd casserole can be made both in the oven and in the microwave. It is quick and easy to make in the microwave. It turns out it is soft and juicy. It is tasty and healthy. The dish is suitable for children and expectant mothers. Added: Erich 27.11.2012

Muffin in 5 minutes in the microwave without milk 4.1 71

You’ve probably already heard about the super muffins in the mug that you can make in 5 minutes? And I’ll tell you how to make a muffin in 5 minutes in the microwave without milk or eggs. The vegan version is for you! Added:

Cupcake in 5 minutes in the oven 4.4 61

So, I’m going to tell you how to make a cupcake in 5 minutes in the oven, because believe it or not, it’s hard to think of tastier cupcakes. And I love sweets, so I will not say in vain! Give them a try!

Portuguese Cookies 4.4 55

A recipe for a simple but very tasty cookie! The cookies are made with a minimal set of products and literally in 30 minutes. Tender, crunchy, literally melts in your mouth! Added:

Pancakes on Water 4.5 53

Pancakes on water is probably the easiest way to make pancakes I’ve ever come across. Despite the scarcity of ingredients, pancakes on water turn out very tasty. Added:

Quick microwave muffin 4.5 51

A soft, tender, fluffy muffin – and in just 3 minutes. If you’re completely out of time and the kids (or the child inside of you) are craving a yummy, sweet treat, then this recipe is for you! . more

Quick homemade cookies 4.7 48

This easy recipe makes very tasty and crunchy homemade hand cookies. You can and should get the kids involved in the process It cooks very quickly! Added:

Honey sponge cake 4.5 47

There is no tastier and easier bake than a honey biscuit. The recipe is the least complicated – but a treat of the highest order Try making honey biscuit – you won’t regret it. Added:

Microwave Meringue Meringue 4.2 46

Microwave meringue is a great dessert for coffee, tea in record time. Cooking meringue is certainly not the easiest process, but the microwave makes it much easier. Added:

Microwave muffin without eggs 4.2 45

A great recipe for a quick and delicious dessert, how to make a cupcake in the microwave without eggs. You can make a rich chocolate one (like mine) or a delicate vanilla one, it’s up to you. Added:

Quick microwave cake 4.3 42

Unexpected guests are on your doorstep and you don’t have anything for tea? This recipe will help you out in such a situation. Quick, delicious and without any effort. A simple microwave cake recipe for you… more

Oatmeal with Milk 4.5 41

Here is a recipe for oatmeal with milk. Many people don’t like oatmeal because it’s stringy, dense and heavy. This is because it is cooked immediately with milk. Try making it in a different way! Added: Erich 14.06.2013

Mannik on kefir simple 4.0 40

Every hostess in the culinary piggy bank should be uncomplicated budget recipes for baking. I want to tell you how to make a kefir mannik simple and delicious. Try and you this tender baking. Added:

Pancakes on milk with holes 4.3 39

I want to say right away that this recipe for making pancakes with holes in milk is for real experts. I struggled a long time until I learned how to flip them, they are so thin and tender! Try it! Added:

Pan pizza 4.5 38

Delicious, juicy pan pizza in 10 minutes is the perfect dish for a quick lunch or dinner. This simple pan pizza recipe is especially good for beginner cooks. Added:

Sour Milk Quick Pie 3.8 37

I suggest making a quick sour milk pie from the simplest ingredients you always have on hand. This recipe is really a go-to! Take note! Added:

Burrito 4.5 35

Here is a recipe for making burritos, a popular Mexican meat dish. Do not be afraid of the unfamiliar name – the dish is extremely simple and fast, everyone can figure it out … more

Winter Salad 4.7 33

Recipe for winter salad. The salad is very similar to the salad “Olivier”, but has its own features and nuances. Added:

Pizza “Minute” 4.5 31

Pizza “Minute” – a great dish for bachelors, students and lazy people Pizza “Minute” is made in no time, but it tastes almost indistinguishable from ordinary pizza. The simplest recipe. Added:

Caesar Sauce 3.9 30

A recipe for making sauce for a popular restaurant dish of Caesar salad. Properly prepared Caesar salad sauce is the key to the success of the entire salad. I tell you how to make a delicious sauce. Added:

Zucchinis with garlic in the oven 4.4 29

Zucchini with garlic in the oven is good to cook if you want to reduce the amount of fat you are sure to get with oil if you roast zucchini the usual way. Very tasty, but not as greasy. Added by:

Dango 4.6 29

Dango is a dessert in Japanese cuisine. It’s balls of rice flour steamed with a sweet sauce of sugar, starch, and soy sauce. Sharing the recipe! Added:

Ryazhenka Fritters 4.5 28

I love pancakes on ryazhenka even more than on kefir or milk. The pancakes on ryazhenka are especially fluffy and soft, and they may not go bad for a long time. …more

Easy Margarine Cookies 4.5 28

These cookies are quick and easy to make without having to heat or freeze. You only need to use minimal amounts of food and the cookies are crumbly and delicious… more

Fried Chicken Thighs 4.4 27

The easiest way to make chicken feet is to just fry them. I tell you how to fry chicken feet and make a delicious lunch or dinner in literally 20 minutes. Added:

Microwave Biscuit 4.4 27

A simple microwave biscuit recipe is for those sweet-toothed eaters who are afraid to bake biscuits the regular, classic way. Anyone can make a biscuit in the microwave, it’s easy! Added:

Cheesecakes in the oven 4.3 27

If you are watching your health and weight – this is no reason to starve yourself! Delight yourself with tender cheesecakes in the oven! You get fewer calories, and the taste, as far as I’m concerned, is even better! Added:

Potatoes fried in the multicooker 4.2 26

Roasting potatoes is a laborious and time-consuming process, but the multicooker makes it easier. Learn how to cook fried potatoes quickly and easily in your multicooker. . more

Fresh cabbage salad 4.5 25

Fresh cabbage salad is a great option for a light snack or as a side to a main dish. It’s quick and easy to make and is lean and digestible. Rawedish salad… more.

Instant Dumplings 4.4 25

Your family will always be happy to have these tasty, crusty dumplings. They are quick to make and you can involve the kids in the process. Interested? Read how to prepare dumplings in no time ;). more

Margarine Rolls 4.2 25

These bagels in margarine are always delicious, crumbly and easy to make with different toppings. Such pastries do not stack up and are eaten very quickly. Added:

Rice Milk Porridge 4.4 25

Rice milk porridge is the perfect version of a very tasty and incredibly healthy breakfast. My version of cooking will please even those children who do not like milk and do not want to eat porridge … more

Grandma’s soup with dumplings 4.7 25

I often serve dumplings with broth and greens. And recently I saw a recipe, how to cook granny’s soup with dumplings. I made it and didn’t regret it! It was a complete meal – delicious and filling. Help yourself! Added by: Daria Vakulova on 10/26/2016

Cake in the microwave without cocoa 3.9 25

I love all kinds of baked goods, but sometimes I don’t have time for them. Then you choose the simplest recipes where you don’t have to mess with the dough and everything is baked in minutes. Remember! Added:

Quick zucchini fritters 4.7 25

When vegetable season is in full swing, you want a variety of dishes. And zucchini are versatile in this regard, there are many simple and affordable appetizers or second dishes made from them. So, quick pancakes. Added:

Simple Recipes for Every Day.

A quick and easy dish to make when everything is baked in the oven at the same time in the same mold. You get both a side dish of potatoes and mushrooms and chicken in a tangy sauce. If desired, you can add

Buckwheat with oyster mushrooms is a simple, appetizing dish that will fit seamlessly into an everyday or dietary menu. In the classic version for its preparation will need only four basic

Of all types of meat, chicken is almost the most common. It is valued for its affordable cost, ease of preparation, pleasant unobtrusive taste that goes with most basic

Potatoes with mushrooms is one of the most harmonious dishes, where both ingredients complement each other. To prepare a homogeneous mashed potatoes, put the peeled tubers in boiling salted water. Then they

Eggplant has long held a place of honor in Russian and European cuisine. And yet their historical homeland is not Europe, but India. They learned to grow and cook this vegetable there as early as a thousand and a half years ago.

In vinaigrette, as in borscht, everything seems simple and the same, but every hostess works out differently.

This is my husband’s favorite salad, I’ve been making it for a long time. I advise all the ingredients in this salad to fry separately, so that the flavors of the vegetables do not mix. Also, the salad is quite hearty!

This dressing is quick and easy to make. No expensive products are required for it, but it is delicious and goes with any food: porridge, vegetables, potatoes. I decided to make buckwheat for dinner and

The chicken turns out very flavorful. You can take a whole chicken and divide it into portioned pieces, I had thighs.

Lobiani is essentially a khachapuri with lobio, not cheese, inside. Lobiani comes from Racha, a mountainous region in western Georgia. But I, as always, twisted, screwed and made it my way! in the original

Cooked quickly, eaten even faster, loved by children and adults alike.

Turn out tender and crumbly.

A very simple everyday dish.

It’s just a very tasty pie. It can be made with beef stew (like mine) or with any other.

I wholeheartedly wish everyone, at least once, to offer their loved ones to start the day with such a pie for breakfast! You’ll get a charge of pleasant emotions for a long time! Why talk about nothing, let’s plunge into the magical

Very tasty and easy)

This is an unusual and very tasty snack. You can marinate onions and eggs together, you can choose one or the other. The beet marinade will color your foods a beautiful appetizing color.

A dish for Grown-ups. For those who like it “hot. It (the pizza) is incredibly delicious, flavorful and spicy. This pizza is also called “Diabolo”. So if you’re as passionate a fan of “devilish.”

Bright, flavorful pizza lives up to its name. It’s as different as the seasons.))))) If you like summer, then feel free to cut yourself a slice with bell peppers, if winter, then choose

The pancakes are easy to make, easy to flip, and quick to eat. After such a breakfast, it’s easy on the soul. I got 8 pieces, baked PP pancakes not in the biggest pan. Recipe

You think better about spiritual things on a full stomach. I didn’t say that. So today, after a long day at work, the thought of dinner matured! The cake of the day had long since failed, though it had been eaten with

Delicious and tender veal with a tangy filling, suitable for both the holiday table and every day.

I adore this “hodgepodge”. I read somewhere that one of the cooks, after suffering from cooking this “hodgepodge”, said in his heart that none of the housewives will cook it. But in the olden days they used to make it and

I do not know about you, but in Tomsk, everyone around is sick, it’s just an obsession, and in order not to get completely bloated, we have a heavy dose of vitamin C today. Tea with ginger and lemon and lemon muffins.

In our family, breakfast is a must to start a productive day! Breakfast has to be delicious, nutritious, and on weekdays very quick to make and eat Croutons have landed on our

I’m not really one for scrambled eggs and omelets for breakfast. But today I felt like making something quick! An omelet is very simple to make, and it tastes traditional!

It’s a really good scone. You can eat it plain with yogurt, or you can use it as a filling pocket. Either way, you will love it.

Very tasty and healthy patties. If you do not add soy sauce, they are also great for children’s menus. Recommended.

Indian chutney is a condiment or sauce (depending on the method of preparation), which are made from vegetables or fruits with the addition of vinegar and spices. An indispensable attribute of everyday Indian

As I said before, my friends brought me freshly squeezed apple juice and I need to save it for the storehouse in winter)))). I decided to make a concentrate-syrup for

It’s a quick and easy casserole! It’s perfect for a quick dinner, especially in the fall!)

Tender and flavorful. You can’t tear yourself away.

It would seem that the combination is very unusual But I have to tell you that this is incredibly delicious! Varenyky very tender at the expense of zucchini, which gives a special texture, as well as because of the small amount of

The salad is very simple, easy and delicious. For those who are “not afraid” of mayonnaise, you can use it.

A simple and delicious salad of salted salmon. Provencal herbs add an interesting touch to it. For the recipe, many thanks to Lanochka!

Well, about my love for couscous, I can talk forever. I did not bring it from Turkey for nothing. But maybe it just tastes better than our local! We usually had it in salads or as a side dish, but today I

Good evening, I came home hungry after a workout, and it’s evening, so I decided to cook something quick, easy, beautiful, tasty and dietary! I am a follower of healthy eating, so I try to cook without salt,

In general, this recipe is ideal for campfire, because the taste of baked vegetables can not be compared with anything, well, except for a kebab But baked in the oven vegetables, too, are quite suitable for

Today I have two in one: a recipe for juicy, flavorful stuffed eggplant and a delicious sauce that is a great natural substitute for store ketchup, and even with oregano flavor.

This is the kind of soup my sister and I used to make my mom used to make. Yes, yes, it is a real soup, perfect for an afternoon snack or dinner! Why am I reminded of it now? Because good people shared it with me.

This year, well, a lot of apples)) So I baked a simple but very tasty pie, almost every day! Good thing the apples are their own, environmentally friendly. The most delicious turn out with antonovka, well, just

This year my family asked for a burning ajika, so I replaced the usual hot peppers with chili, it was fiery!!!))

Perfect dish for cold fall days. The zucchini will boil when cooked, forming a delicious spicy sauce. Best served with rye tortillas and fresh tomatoes!

This tart will not leave anyone indifferent! Its aroma and taste just beckons to try a piece, and then it’s hard to stop It has a recipe with a lot of favorite peanut butter, you can

As I wrote in my previous recipe, I recently decided to make something new with something as simple as canned sardines. The pasta I showed here

By the way, September 12 is World Pizza Day! So, I decided to look through my old magazines and see what’s new and worthy to celebrate the GREAT DAY! So I came across this

Here you will find lots of new cooking ideas, become the author of your own cookbook, meet like-minded friends, and chat about everything in the world!

Here you’ll find lots of new cooking ideas, become the author of your own cookbook, meet like-minded friends, and chat about everything in the world!

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