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Lord of Crows Larissa Renar – from biologist to psychologist.

Enigmatic Larissa Renar will teach women in Russia to be happy

Larissa Renar – a writer or …

Being a psychologist is good,

And the president is better,

I’d go into politics,

Let them teach me!

Yes, exactly so, to paraphrase Mayakovsky. Larissa Renar did not miss out on an excellent self-publicity opportunity and ran for president of the Russian Federation in 2017. Her program was called “The Right to Happiness.

Of course, it did not go beyond statements, but there was hype in the media around her name – articles, interviews. Well, that’s really successful PR. Although, perhaps, Larissa Renar really thought that it was time to make Russia a happy country. By the hands of a woman, of course, or rather women’s practices. Who knows. Everyone has their own vision of politics.

From an interview with Larissa Renar:

“What is your goal in your work?

-To make Russia a country of happy women. It’s necessary to revive the sense of one’s own value as a woman, which was killed, as it seems to me. American women think they’re queens, and we’re always belittling ourselves. And I believe there are no more women in the world with so much intelligence, beauty, and strength.”

So who is Larissa Renar? A successful entrepreneur, social activist, writer, coach, broadcaster, women’s energy practices coach, psychologist, biologist. Larissa Renar is also an expert in personal development. In general she is a komsomolskaya sportswoman. By the way, Renar is Larisa’s pseudonym. Her real paternal surname was Bogdanova.

Larisa Renar (Bogdanova) was born in Krasnoyarsk. Her father is a scientist, and her mother for a long time held a senior position in the management of the railroad transport.

The young Larissa came to study in the northern capital. At the State University of St. Petersburg, she majored in biology. But quickly realized that she made the wrong choice. So Renar immediately graduated from the psychology department at the same university. As it turned out, psychology was her vocation.

Later Larissa studied a lot at various courses and seminars, including psychoanalysis. It is known that she attended and women’s training Pavel Rakov “I’m actually smart, but I live like a fool. In 2002 Renar received her MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. Now Larissa is a candidate of psychological sciences. In general, she is constantly learning, developing, traveling the world.

“To feel like a true woman, I still have room to develop. Being a woman means getting everything for nothing, just because you’re a woman. It’s men need something to conquer, to fight, to create, this is their way. And the main task of a woman is to enjoy herself. For men this would be degradation, for women it is development.”

In St. Petersburg Larissa also met her future husband, with whom, however, has long been divorced. They were married for over 20 years, they have two sons. After the divorce, Larissa said that she had a temporary period of “inter-marriage”, and she always had enough admirers. At the expense of his reputation because of a divorce, free Larissa is also not particularly worried. Now Renar successfully continues her career as a women’s coach.

“If a relationship with a man ended, then I will not stay in them in order to conform to the legend. This is my life.

Virginia Satir, for example, was a classy family therapist, though she was never married. A teacher is not always good at what he teaches – more important is his ability to impart knowledge.”

Renar’s career, however, began not with training for women, but with her author’s child development programs. Larissa began conducting women’s trainings in the late 1990s. In 2000 she created the Academy of Private Life. Since 2009, she began to actively conquer the regions. In total, she teaches women harmonious life and happiness for almost 20 years. Interestingly enough, she was pushed to this activity by her husband.

Larissa Renar – the projects that made her famous Larissa Renar is a famous media persona. She often acts as an expert on relationships in various television and radio programs, and also herself leads programs for women on television, writing articles for women’s magazines. Therefore, her name is a household name for many girls.

She is also known in the online space. Larissa Renar has an official website and the website of her Academy of Private Life. Larissa has personal pages on Facebook and Instagram, and she also has a channel on YouTube.

Larissa Renar’s largest project is the Academy of Private Life. Here Larissa teaches women to seduce men, revealing femininity through special practices and the art of doing business the female way. And most importantly – at the Academy you can learn to live in harmony with yourself, to find a balance between the basic states of a woman.

What are the states of a woman by Renar? According to Larissa Renar there are four main roles combined in every woman – Queen, Girl, Mistress and Mistress. And they are all important areas of our lives – home, family, career, emotions, love and pleasure. A woman needs to learn how to properly allocate her time to each of these states, combine them with each other and receive feminine energy through them.

The strongest energy according to Larissa Renar lies in the womb. She has a lot of practices connected with this female organ, including attracting men. For example, if you want to meet a certain man, go to him as if “uterus first”, Larissa teaches. Apparently, every woman must learn how to communicate with the uterus.

What trainings are available at the Academy? As part of her Academy Larissa Renar conducts training “Women’s Leadership”, where she teaches women to attract money through their favorite business, to achieve their goals. And also training “Make your husband a millionaire” – on how to inspire a man correctly and thereby improve the family income in times.

And of course, her most popular and large-scale course is “The Circle of Female Power. Larissa Renar is planning this training in Turkey in October 2019. On it girls learn to fill themselves with feminine energy in four states.

Larissa Renar herself necessarily meditates in the morning and performs various exercises to fill herself with energy. According to her, a woman should spend at least three hours a day just for myself. And the real sexuality awakens in the ladies closer to 60 years.

“When a woman is energetically full, she is ready to let go of control and transfer responsibility to a man. It’s important for us at the Academy to show that a woman can be successful in her business, but still remain gentle, giving responsibility to a man.”

But these are not all of the Academy’s trainings. For example, Larissa Renar conducts an annual program “Scarlet Sails”, which she herself calls the Harvard of women’s coaches. So Larissa not only teaches women the energy practices for the fulfillment of desires, but also directly coaching.

By the way, she is also an active social activist. Larissa Renar is the author of the charity project “PRO Talent Development” for teenagers, which she created under the auspices of her own social movement, “Pleiada”.

This is just about the trainings that Larissa Renar conducts, the reviews are not always positive, or rather diametrically opposed. As indeed about the books.

A little about Larissa Renar’s books for women Renar began writing books seven years after the opening of the Academy of Private Life. According to the writer herself – she just could not keep the knowledge that she was literally overwhelmed. So she wrote several bestselling books. In particular, Larissa Renar wrote “Circle of Feminine Power. Energies of the elements and secrets of seduction.

Another famous book by Larissa Renar is “Woman’s Time”. But from under the pen of Larissa had other bestsellers: “Discovering a new self,” “Elixir of Love. A Novel Recipe,” “Moon Mysteries. Energy Practice for Every Day,” “Make a Millionaire Husband,” “Four Perfection” and so on. All books sell millions of copies and are popular not only in Russia.

Reviews for books also vary. Some they help someone – on the contrary, detrimental, and some even consider them dangerous nonsense.

Spin and spin – to make me happy, or the magical power of Larissa Renar funnel Well and finally we can not not mention separately magic funnel Larissa Renar. This practice has already become covered with myths, therefore we will dwell on it in more detail.

What are these funnels? Funnels are a special female practice for attracting men to you. Although some girls consider such a whirlwind as a trivial hex, while others consider it a very dangerous hobby.

Many are confused – to whom do girls turn? Is it not to evil spirits? It is necessary to observe many conditions to perform this practice, for example, it is impossible to spin a vortex in front of a sleeping child and other strange prohibitions.

From the side, the practice itself resembles a ritual dance. After certain manipulations, one should raise the arms bent at the elbows to the sky and rotate clockwise around one’s axis. One should count how many turns are made, the number depends on which man will be attracted – 7 times for men of the lowest level, 108 times for the emperor. There are also funnels for the fulfillment of desires.

Of course, everyone decides for himself what to believe and where to draw the feminine energy. There are different energy practices in different religions – this is a fact.

Larissa Renar, the lord of crows herself, says that she has taken in her trainings just the knowledge from different religions, beliefs, customs, cultures and even centuries. Plus some women’s secrets were passed down to her great-grandmother. So it is up to you whether to do it or not. But first, take a good look at the information. Mysticism, with which Larissa’s practices are shrouded, not for nothing frightens many girls.

For 1.5 hours you will learn how to manage energy, find the resources for success and maximize the development of his personality in 7 directions

Women’s energy: how to do exercises Larissa Renar?

How to become more sexy, sympaty.net has already written. Clothing, attitude, aromatherapy, color therapy, exercises to enjoy yourself and life. There is another aspect to it: they say that sexuality is primarily energy.

And you need to be able to receive it, to save it, to control it. Larissa Renar’s exercises are exactly designed to help us in this. Good reviews about them a lot, let’s check for ourselves?

Morning exercise Larissa Renar “Lighting the fire of passion”.


Increase sensuality, set yourself up for pleasure (in everything).

In the morning, get up and rest your hands on your knees, making sure that your back is straight. Breathe with your abdomen: inhale with your nose – let go of your abdomen (stick out), exhale fully with your mouth – draw in and squeeze your vaginal muscles a little. On the inhale imagine how the energy flows into us, along the spine reach the uterus, fill it on the exhale.

This should be repeated until the feeling of fire in the lower abdomen. Then the gained energy should be fixed: take several quick inhalations and exhalations with your nose, focusing on the exhalation.

Do not more than two minutes at first, because the over-oxygenation can make you dizzy.

On your last exhalation, you hold your breath and do four locks: press your chin to your chest, bring your eyes to the center of your forehead, retract your diaphragm as much as possible, and squeeze your crotch muscles. As soon as you get the first urge to breathe in, slowly straighten your back, release the locks, and take a slow breath with your mouth.

Feel the energy flowing into your uterus from top to bottom.

Evening exercise by Larissa Renar “Meditation on the candle”.

To do what

To fill yourself with the energy of fire and pleasure – the key to sexuality.

You need to take a red candle, light it and put it on the floor (or on a small chair) so that while sitting you feel the heat of the fire with your crotch.

After that you start a breathing practice. Inhale – squeeze the muscles, as if inhaling the fire from the candle, exhale – relax them.

Do 15 minutes every day.

Exercise by Larissa Renar for the accumulation of sexual energy

To do what

To accumulate sexual energy, to stimulate the production of female sex hormones.

Breathing exercise. Inhale through the center of the forehead – squeeze the muscles of the vagina, hold your breath and let the energy flow down the spine into the uterus, filling it. Then exhale, the important thing here is to get the feeling that the energy feels like it’s going up (this is quite a physical sensation when done regularly and/or with developed perineum muscles).

Do 20 cycles each day. The better your crotch muscles are developed, the stronger you will feel the energy flows.

Exercise Larissa Renard for the oozing of sexuality

To do what

To exude feminine sexuality, to make sexuality your power.

Womb is a place of female power, there pulsates energy, which attracts men, fulfills our desires. Try to see and think with your uterus, let your every decision pass through this energy.

Concentrate your attention on it when you look at a man, listen to your sensations there when you are trying to find an answer to a controversial question.

“Beautiful and Successful” draws the attention of its female readers to the following: they say that you can also fulfill your desires by this method.

For example, you visualize the perfect dress, a trip to Bali or a coveted weekend getaway, then you squeeze your crotch muscles as if to capture that image. And you forget about that desire, letting it go.

Larissa Renar’s uterine pulsation exercise

To do what

Developing sexuality, increasing your feminine power, attracting desirable events in life.

Close your eyes and transfer all attention to the uterus. Inhale to the abdomen: imagine how the uterus expands from the energy that fills it. Breathe out – squeeze the muscles.

You have to do 10-15 cycles, and you have to visualize that on the inhalation the energy of the Earth rises through your feet into the uterus, fills it. Then do 15 more such cycles until you feel the pulsation in the uterus.

With each pulsing beat, imagine your uterus expanding to the size of a room, a house, a city, a country, a planet, the universe. You enjoy this process, and then begin to squeeze your Universe back down to the size of your uterus. After doing this, you need to thank the space and you can open your eyes.

Larissa Renar’s Exercise “Women’s Vortex on Attraction”

To do what

To use your sexuality to attract men and desired events in your life. Enter the feminine state of the stream when the desires come true as if by themselves.

Exhale – lift your hands up through the sides, put your palms together, enter the energy flow. Exhale through the mouth, exhale all the bad things. Again a breath, and lower the folded hands to the level of the breast.

Holding the breath – flip your hands down and lower them to the level of the passion center (4 fingers below the navel), concentrate on this place, move your palms apart, but connecting the fingers, as if forming a triangle around the center.

As you exhale open the funnel, raise your hands up, slightly bending your elbows, with the center of your palms pointing upward. Then make turns clockwise (to the right), let your thoughts go and do not think about anything.

How many twists? Depending on the result you are expecting and on how you are feeling, you should do it 3, 7, 17, 34, 72 or 108 times.

At the end of the exercise, close the space by putting your hands palms together on your lower abdomen (the right one on top), thank the space. Do every day for at least 21 days.

Larissa Renar’s exercises are gaining more and more supporters, their effectiveness is explained not only by specialists in working with energies, but also by ordinary psychologists and psychotherapists. In all this, the main thing to achieve results – to believe in what you do and learn to feel your body .

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