Women’s and men’s psychology – explain in detail

Psychology of behavior of men and women

Household little things are a major part of our everyday life. And sometimes the attitude of men and women to them is so different that willy-nilly we have to delve into the basics of male and female psychology. Take, for example, solid purchases. The old TV served you for at least 5 years, you could have continued to operate, but in fact, all my friends have the latest models, and the size of these days, quite small. Looking through the store possible options, the husband and his wife, come up with nothing, and decide at home in a quiet atmosphere to discuss all the details.

Male and female psychology: what are the differences?

It turns out that the opinion of the spouses are radically different. The wife made a conclusion: too expensive, you can still look at the old one. One option for her is to buy some time later, when the necessary amount will be accumulated. She scrolls in her head all the options and the possibility of accumulating the required amount.

The husband, of course, if he has already decided on the choice, and some of the models fell into the soul, sure that it is necessary without hesitation to buy. And it does not matter that on this thing will be spent last money, or even have to borrow some part. His psychology is completely understandable, especially if we are talking about those families where the wife is responsible for the family budget. After all, it is she who will have to think how to live until the next paycheck. Such problems as buying food and clothes, paying for utilities, children’s circles, and other small expenses, he does not really care. Most often, men do not even know how much all this may cost.

And no matter how angry a woman gets at this attitude towards money from a man, she must realize that part of the blame lies on her. After all, before everything was exactly the same, only perceived differently. Big purchases in the form of gold rings or earrings, large bouquets of flowers, expensive clothes were perceived as a manifestation of unearthly love. Budgets were different, so why worry.

Attitudes towards life: looking for motivation

This was just one vivid example, which shows how different the attitudes of men and women to the same things. Now let’s try to dissect such a concept as “motivation. In other words, the motive or explanation for all our actions. It turns out that men can easily live for themselves, their own interests above all.

Representatives of the fair flock, also more often act out of their own interests and desires, but also subconsciously looking for the circumstances or the people for whom everything was done. According to psychologists, this feature of female psychology can be explained by the maternal instinct.

Every woman has in her subconscious the need to constantly take care of others. And the strength of this attitude does not allow them without remorse to spend large sums on themselves or give themselves a lot of attention and time. And shame rarely becomes an obstacle to pleasure. And this is where women look for explanations and excuses. Went to the beauty salon, as ran himself to such an extent that the people are ashamed to go out. Met with a friend, because she had to give her something, and at the same time sat for a couple of hours, drank coffee. A man with a light heart to go to the bachelor party, and will not feel any remorse, and even less likely to justify himself to anyone.

The beauty of love: a man and a woman’s feelings

The love relationship between a man and a woman is a firework of feelings and emotions, and it would seem that it is at this time that their feelings should be the same. They are happy, they want to fly and tell everyone about their feelings. In fact, the opposite sexes treat love affairs differently, too. Women, more often than not, take any novel seriously and try to scroll in their head the possible development of the relationship, which, of course, in their opinion, should be cloudless and happy. A man can easily get involved for fun, flirting and just to make his life brighter and more emotional. It’s a little offensive, but this kind of behavior is considered normal only for the representatives of the stronger sex. But girls who dare to behave in this way, immediately called the women-vamp.

To understand the differences in the psychology of men and women, for fifteen years, anthropologists from different countries, conducted observations. Their findings can be called a real sensation: subconsciously, women are programmed once every four years to destroy the relationship with the opposite sex.

This feature can also be explained by the fact that falling in love is caused by chemical reactions that occur in the cells of the cerebral cortex. The influence of the “love hormone”, lasts no more than three years. This is enough time for a girl to get married and have a baby. When everything goes on as usual, there are no new feelings and emotions, quarrels and conflicts begin. If at this time, do not give it proper attention, do not try to bring new colors and feelings in the development of relationships, the woman will turn into a grumpy and constantly something unsatisfied wife.

The unpredictable development of the relationship

All this suggests that not men, but the fairer sex should have harems and constantly change partners. By the way, the scientists came to one more conclusion: subconsciously, girls want their children to have different fathers. This is how their hereditary qualities will differ, and therefore their chances of survival will increase.

The conclusion here is that the laws of our society and the natural need of women are directly opposite. This speaks to the strength of the female mind, which does not allow them to tell their desires and needs right and left. Girls have no trouble hiding their weaknesses.

Men, in turn, can boast of an excellent mathematical ability, abstract thinking and developed logic. And for women, all these qualities are replaced by a natural intuition.

From all of the above we can draw several conclusions. We are all different, and the psychology of behavior of men and women are so different that often life together resembles not a quiet harbor, but a storm at sea. Influence the development of relationships, to make them more harmonious and easy, can only those people who learn to take a partner as nature herself has created.

Men and women harmoniously complement each other, and only the union of two opposites can be so harmonious, and at the same time, contradictory.

The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman

Harmonious union is a great rarity. How to understand a partner, if his actions do not lend themselves to a logical explanation? Why does he cheat, and she deprives him of intimacy? Let’s reflect on this topic and look into the depths of the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman.

Such different psychology

It’s never too late to acquire knowledge about the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman. It is vital for those partners who:

  • Are constantly thinking about breaking up;
  • often have conflicts and quarrels;
  • began to have sex less often;
  • irritating each other;
  • rarely talk to each other;
  • do not get along with relatives of the other half.

At the beginning of a relationship, young people do not think about what their family life will be like. Alas, after a while scandals, accusations, reproaches begin. Thoughts of breaking up appear.

Survive the crisis under the power of those couples who are willing to go to a new level, to reconsider their behavior and try to understand the other half. To begin with, you need to understand a few things:

1. Male and female psychology are opposite sciences.

2. The lives of two people before they meet each other are very different.

What do women want?

I am often approached by men who do not understand why a woman cheats on him, for what reason she left for another or behaves indifferently. To answer these questions, you need to understand what the other half is missing.

You can fulfill her desires, to be caring and attentive. It will still not be enough. In addition, she will quickly lose interest and feel unhappy. To understand what women want, you need to define her role in modern society and get acquainted with the peculiarities of a fine mental organization.

The role of the female in nature

Each of us is subject to the laws of nature. The role of the female is the continuation and preservation of the species. It is she who chooses the mate. She is attracted by the appearance of the male and the living conditions that her partner offers her. In the human world this is expressed as follows: women like strong personalities with a strong body and decent earnings.

Thus, a woman chooses a man who meets the following requirements:

  • attractive in appearance;
  • confident in himself and his strength;
  • Can provide for his family;
  • Demonstrates character;
  • physically and morally strong;
  • knows how to solve problems;
  • gives confidence in the future.

Finding a mate is not easy. There are thousands of competitors around. You have to be an original to win a female. No, you don’t have to behave like a male gorilla, who before mating approaches the chosen one and makes soft grunting noises. If you perform your masculine functions, the woman will follow you anywhere.

Mission Impossible

If all your attempts to fix the relationship were in vain, think what is missing the other half? She does not want your massive abs or elastic biceps. She wants to see a reliable man. Your words and your deeds have to match. Prove you can be trusted.

Catch a few effective tips to help you get a woman to like you:

2. If she wants to talk, put her cell phone away. Demonstrate how much you care about her communication.

3. Show genuine interest in her business. Ask her questions, talk to her privately.

4. For every inappropriate mistake about her appearance you have to pay dearly. Before you say that the dress makes her look fat, think several times.

5. Praise her for being a housewife and making a delicious dinner. Everything a woman does at home is unnoticeable. It becomes noticeable when she stops doing it.

6. You should have three main words: love, buy, go.

So far, no man has been able to understand the inner world of women. Master the art of exposing the logic of the weaker sex is not given to all. Most men believe that women lack physical strength, but are fluent in the art of psychological violence. There is some truth in it. Ladies are guided by emotions and feelings. To understand them is possible, entirely feeling the women’s experiences. But is it worth wandering into a labyrinth of branching logic that will confuse even more?

The less a woman we love…

In the words of the greatest Russian poet lies the truth of female psychology: “The less a woman we love, the easier she likes us …”. The rule works in most cases. However, women have long evolved, become craftier and smarter.

From the constant attention and care can also quickly get tired, so it is important to find the golden mean. A woman should be given as much time as will please her. Do not become a fool under the influence of love feelings. They can make a weak person out of you. Running after a woman and indulging all her whims is the lot of a thoughtless and insecure man.

Interesting and insidious testosterone

It’s impossible not to talk about the psychology of the sexual relationship between a man and a woman. If you are still surprised by the differences between the sexes in sexual attraction, then you probably have not heard about testosterone. The stronger sex produces more of the hormone than the beautiful ladies. Guys are ready to have sex whenever they want if there is an androgen in the blood. It happens subconsciously.

There is a natural ability in a man to continue the human race. An overabundance of testosterone in the body causes aggression and irritation, so you need to dump the excess as soon as possible. If the relationship began to frequent quarrels and conflicts, remember the last time you and your partner indulged in sexual pleasures.

The biggest mistake a woman – to deprive his chosen one intimacy as punishment. Even worse when passion is simply died down, and lovers do not have sex for months. I love, but I do not want – a fairly common situation in practice. Most often the reasons lie in the relationship between the partners. The main enemies are quarrels, infidelity, resentment, lack of attention, coldness. Less often the lack of intimacy is due to constant stress and illness.

I completely agree with Freud, who believed that without sex normal personal development is impossible. Tactile contact affects all aspects of human life.

Love withdrawal or addiction to the relationship

If a partner is fixated on a loved one and cannot get out of a relationship that brings only pain and suffering, we are talking about addiction. It is most often women who fall into this trap. They suffer, fret, constantly check the man’s social networks, get jealous, make scandals and accuse him. This behavior has little to do with true healthy love.

In neglected cases the girl threatens her partner with suicide. She constantly cries and experiences mental pain that surpasses physical pain. In the psychology of relationships between men and women, this concept is called “insecure attachment.

Dependence on a partner poses a serious choice that the person can not decide. How will I live without her? I can’t live without her! Who am I without her? Constantly there is a reason not to give up a bad habit. The person you love becomes the drug that always knows where to put the comma in the sentence “leave can’t stay.”

To determine if you are in an addictive relationship, answer the questions:

7. If your other half isn’t around, you’re having thoughts of cheating on the part of your significant other.

8. You are constantly looking into his/her phone in order to find dirt.

9. You want to know everything about his work, school, family, every minute of his life.

10. 10. You always demand gratitude for his care.

11. you try to please your partner in everything.

12. You often resent each other and don’t talk for hours.

13. Breaking up even for a short time brings excessive pain.

If the answer to most of the questions is yes, then we are talking about insecure attachment, which you can get rid of in several ways:

1. the best method to defeat an addictive relationship is through psychotherapy. I am not going to be excruciating about the modern techniques that are most popular and have already helped many people to start a new life. The person himself must come to the point that he has a problem that needs to be solved. Only then will the psychologist be able to identify the causes of the addiction and improve the quality of the partners’ relationships.

2. No specialist is a better expert in your life than yourself. It is important to work with self-esteem, examine yourself, understand your own desires, identify your strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to accept responsibility for your life and set healthy boundaries with your partner.

3. you need to understand that love addiction will never bring true happiness. Eventually the relationship is bound to end, and the breakup will be painful. Now the unhappy union is destroying you from the inside, taking away your strength, killing the personality inside. You need to get rid of your addiction as soon as possible and start living a full life.

Involuntarily the anecdote comes to mind:

– Natasha left me.

– Come on! You’ll have another hundred grand like that!

– A hundred more? God, why?

It’s true, there will be others. You can’t get hung up on someone who acts as a manipulator. There are few who have been able to withstand the ordeal of dependent love. Remember, there is bound to be someone with whom you can be truly happy.

Secrets of a harmonious relationship

Sometimes it seems that men and women speak different languages. The relationship between them is often concluded in endless misunderstandings, insults and misunderstandings. And then there is a difficult choice: to part or tolerate? The best way out – to help your loved one and give him what he wants.

Talk to me

The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman, the ability to manage emotions and ask the right questions play a big role. In a harmonious union partners do not avenge insults, do not foam at the mouth to prove their case. They talk.

Remember five sentences for all occasions, which must be in communication with the other half:

1. are you upset today? Do you want to talk about it?

2. I understand you perfectly, but I want you to hear my point of view.

3. Help me to improve our relationship.

4. Let’s not fight over nothing, I really care about our relationship.

5. Let’s solve this problem together.

Forget the provocative remarks, and replace the harsh turns with softer ones:

1. Don’t freak out – Don’t worry about it.

2. What a fool you are! – You’re being silly.

3. If I’m so bad, find someone else – You’re hurting me with your words.

4. Don’t yell at me! – I’m not ready to talk in high tones.

Never walk away from a conflict in silence. Let the woman talk. There should not be any negative emotions left in her soul. Always remain steadfast and self-control.

All men cheat.

Oh, that stereotype that makes modern men real cables, ready to run after every skirt. Honestly, I understand with my head that there are no faithful or unfaithful guys. There are those who get caught and those who don’t. But how I’d like to think we’re the only ones they have! I bow to couples who have not allowed their fidelity to be questioned and have allowed their children to believe in true love.

Most men I know who cheat on their wives have problems with discipline and self-control. This does not mean that they do not love their chosen wives. Some individuals are incapable of pulling themselves together when a pretty person happens to be around. If a man does not get enough attention and affection from his lady, he begins to prove to himself and those around him his importance.

If you suspect the other half in the affair on the side, urgently remedy the situation. Try to understand what makes your loved one to cheat. You can not tolerate betrayal. Only in your choice: to forgive and let go or fight.

He will change, she will not go anywhere…

The most common misconceptions in the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman are as follows: “He will change”, “She is not going anywhere. Over time, the fear of losing a loved one is blunted, because there are so many memories, common trials behind them. If a woman decides to leave, she will do it with five children and without a penny in her pocket. So never relax, develop your relationship and surround your beloved with care.

The female illusion of “he will change” is a silly excuse that a girl makes up, not wanting to look soberly at real things. By extolling his actions, she tries not to notice his shortcomings. How often I hear: “He does not give flowers, well done, saves money – a good steward!”, “Let him change, but will play the game, but he will always live with me.

In real life air castles collapse, and in their place remains a deception, resentment, and desolation. Understand that a person’s personality is formed in childhood. One of the peaks is in preschool and adolescence. Mentality and traditions are very difficult to change. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from dangerous illusions and start with your own changes.

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