Woman manipulator signs: understand all the details

Emotional swing with a manipulative woman. How do you know that you are being manipulated?

Even in the sweetest relationships there can be a little catch…in the form of manipulation. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to realize right away that you’re being manipulated, but better later than never.

Emotional swing with a manipulative woman. How do you know that you are being manipulated?

A manipulative woman, like the best poker player, will use every method possible. She does not just need to chew and spit out, and completely suck your emotional juices and leave an unusable shell, which she can skillfully manage and further.

That’s how you get henchmen and wimps out of seemingly strong and confident men. So it’s not enough to pump yourself up to the level of GOD, it is important to be able to distinguish between normal women and the usual manipulators. I, Anton Glomozda, teach you how to distinguish candy from crap. Let’s go!

Emotional Swings

I think you’re familiar with such a concept as a narcissist. It’s a person who acts like an arrogant beast, wiping his feet on the opinions and feelings of others. But who would want to fall prey to such people? There are very few people like that. Even the most insecure individuals want happiness, so they are unlikely to last long in an abusive relationship.

And the narcissists themselves do not want to break the weak, they want a strong and bright, with whom they will have to compete in order to achieve the desired emotional submission. Such a person for them is like a Chupa Chups with gum. You never know if it will taste good or not, so you stretch out the pleasure and suck long and hard.

Usually such a person seems to be the nicest person you’ve ever met before. Except for the narcissist, your relationship is all a game. And he is, I’ll tell you, a great player. He studies his victim backwards and forwards, mirrors the important qualities and turns the man into a perfect version of him, but with a vagina between his legs. A kind of werewolf with boobs.

And only after the victim is fully immersed in a relationship with the narcissist, the most nefarious trick is applied: the emotional swing in the relationship.

What is it?

A person who has not encountered manipulation before will write off the narcissist’s behavior to a woman’s PMS, the moon in Jupiter, and cockroaches in her head. Because it’s hard to accept that this little pussy can take you hard by the balls and twist you around until she puts them on a shelf for herself.

It usually starts out very sweet: you meet a wonderful woman who seems perfect and the very best. You chat on different topics all night long, she is moderately available and serious. She reeks of a wedding, babies and a labrador, though you never thought about it before. And at this time, a woman manipulator is actively working on sniffing out your strengths and weaknesses, interests and common ground.

Swings in the relationship begin at the exact moment when she does something unusual. For example, a previously nice girl can sass the waiter over some bullshit. Click, the swing goes up.

It would hardly occur to you to take a closer look at her. Victims usually attribute such behavior to external factors or their own misconduct. The game began, the woman manipulator saw that you were already floating with happiness and love.

Further, there’s more. After a couple of months, the woman manipulator relocates herself to you. And you take it easy because she is the love of your life. Well, yes, the girl can afford to sass your friends, snort at your mom, or put you “down.” But she’s loving, she’s a pussy. She just has a knife behind her back, but cute pigtails and a polka dot dress… no, no, she’s perfect!

But in an instant, the woman you love is as cold as ice in a glass. She does not come into contact, turns the nose up, and shows in every way that you behaved like a bad boy. Although nothing foretold trouble. You had happiness and grace. Snick, the swing goes down.

You’re spinning around her doggy-style and buttering her up with gifts and cunnies and “Well, do you want to fly to the Maldives?” And then your snow queen thaws out. She’s already figured out that you’re hooked and you can prepare a place on the shelf for a trophy, there’s just a little bit of pressure left.

How do you know a girl is using you?

A female manipulator usually checks on her victim periodically. Poking her with her wand to see if she’s dead, if there’s still something there to suck? So these strange outbursts will happen with enviable periodicity.

One day she’s a sweet little thing, and the next day she’s a snow queen. And the victim will stubbornly try to resolve any situation, because in general all is well. A perfect illusion of a comfortable relationship has been created.

What actually happens?

  • Slowly but surely your personal boundaries will break down. First you’ll move a millimeter, then two. And at the end you will be fucked hard in all the crevices without lube.
  • The manipulative woman will try to become the center of your universe. She will become your mother, your lover, your comforter, your executioner.
  • She will keep you on a constant emotional surge. Only today you will be bathed in happiness hormones, and tomorrow you will sink to the bottom of the adrenaline pit. Even the healthiest body will not be able to withstand such emotional swings.

Every person in your environment will become a potential danger to her. After all, the best friend and beloved mother can open the poor victim’s eyes to the manipulation of women. And then one “Oh, I was kidding” is not an excuse.

So with the easy supply of manipulator your environment will converge on it as the only and unique. And there are new reasons for manipulation: you have become boring and uninteresting. And you’re busting your ass again to be worthy of your woman.

When you’re a self-sufficient and confident man, you need to understand that every woman manipulator will want to get your balls as trophies. So knowing how to understand that a girl is using you is crucial to your emotional well-being and quality of life.

What happens to those who don’t get out?

Emotional swings in relationships that last for years don’t just change the victim. They completely deform the personality. You’ve probably seen men who seem to be successful and socially normal, but when they see their women, they turn into mumbles.

Their life has long been turned into satisfying the needs of one man – the manipulator. And as soon as they are unable to perform their direct functions, they will simply be thrown out on the trash and the hunt for a new victim will begin.

A person who knows how to manipulate for his own benefit can drive the victim to depression, loss of interest in life, and a complete lack of personal desires and needs over the years. So the more successful you are, the better you should filter your environment.

Man, just don’t throw yourself at your woman right now with the claim, “You ruined my life, you sucked away all my emotional juices.” Maybe she just has a fucked-up personality, but if you’re still around a woman like that, it’s not that bad.

Cool, if you were looking for an article like this purely for general development, but if your relationship doesn’t suit you, you don’t feel happy, take a second look at your life and don’t be afraid to change for the better yourself first and foremost!

Feminine cunning knows no bounds, or how to recognize the manipulation of seductive girls

Representatives of the fair sex have always differed capacity to manipulate men. The latter often do not even realize that they dance to the tune of their ladies. They think that they fulfill all the whims of women on their own free will. Art or influence is akin to hypnosis, it is not so important. The main thing to realize in time that you have sat on the neck and hung their beautiful legs.

Briefly about manipulation

Female manipulation is a method of influencing men, by which the ladies achieve their goal, using the subject as a way to achieve it.

Why not just ask a man? Well, firstly, it’s not interesting, and secondly, not all women do it consciously – many of the fair sex has the ability to manipulate in the blood. And thirdly, not all men are not willing to run to fulfill women’s whims at the first wave of a finger.

What characterizes manipulation on the part of a woman:

  1. A vague expression of thought. “It would be nice if we went to the mall. Because I feel so sad. Suddenly I’ll be in a better mood if I try on a couple of dresses.” Any girl would see in this monologue a request to buy new clothes, and the man will be confused, not immediately grasp the essence and decide that his betrothed just wanted to get some air. As a result, they will leave the store with a pile of packages, because the unsuspecting gentleman doesn’t even have time to realize that he is in for some unforeseen expenses.
  2. The use of emotionally colored arguments. “Honey, don’t you see how tanned my friend Sveta is! She was at the sea for two whole weeks, and you and I only went to the cottage a couple of times over the summer. I am stressed, I urgently need to cure nerves at the seaside! The man immediately feels guilty before his mistress and rushes to the travel agency for a voucher, even though they kind of agreed not to go anywhere this year, and save for a new car.
  3. The urge to pass the buck. “So what if you couldn’t get me on the phone for ten hours! You know my phone drains quickly because it’s already old! When did you buy it for me? Six months ago? It should have been scrapped a long time ago or given to the needy! Why didn’t you tell me you went out with your girlfriend? Well, I forgot. Who can forget? And it’s your fault for not buying me a new iPhone! It wouldn’t have run out of battery!” No matter what happened, the girl-manipulator is not to blame. In addition, she will find a way to get the maximum benefit out of any controversial situation.

Already feel cheated? Resentment rises to the depths of your soul, because you sincerely believed your soul mate and ran to fulfill her whims? No problem, we will teach you how to cope with such tricksters. By the way, a manipulative woman can be not only the other half, but her mother, and even a friend. Do you want to know what your weaknesses are most often pressured by these insidious individuals? Then read the following paragraph.

What strings of the male soul are tugged by manipulators?

To solve the problem, you need to deal with it from the inside. A man is difficult to make something happen without his will, but we all have weaknesses. That’s what women manipulators cling to them. What are the male complexes they most often use in their dirty tricks:

  1. Fear of loneliness. Relationships are very important for men, no matter how strong and independent they may seem. Therefore, cunning girls put pressure on their mates with such phrases: “If you do not do what I ask, we’ll break up!” or “If you do not change, I’ll go to another, more malleable. The young man gives in to blackmail and dances to the tune of his usurper.
  2. Sense of duty. “You are my husband, so you are obliged to help my mother dig the vegetable garden every weekend” – this is how manipulative wives can press their sense of duty, even though they themselves have not visited their mother-in-law in six months. Man unwillingly, tired after a working week, forced to go 200 km away to his mother-in-law’s dacha, otherwise he just tortured his conscience. True gentlemen such manipulation really gets to the bone.
  3. Guilt. “You didn’t buy me a new fur coat, and now I’ll go to work in a down jacket like a hungry girl. All the colleagues will point and laugh, but not at me, and at you – a negligent husband. Of course, the man will immediately feel guilty and go to take credit for a fox, even though last year’s very necessary down jacket was worn only a couple of times.
  4. Masculinity. This character trait is inherent in one way or another to every man. Women often say things like: “And Dasha’s man yesterday beat up three hooligans. And you can’t even fight with the security guard in the store for my sake! And it’s okay that Dasha’s husband is a boxer with ten years of experience, and you do not know how to fight. The main thing is that you are accused of a lack of masculinity and provoke a conflict, so that then boast of its results in front of girlfriends.
  5. Self-esteem. As in the previous paragraph, the girls put pressure on the pain: “You should lose weight, see, at Lena’s boyfriend for six months he lost 20 pounds and won the competition for powerlifting. Only you have a herniated spine, and sports will aggravate the condition. Yes, and love you should not for a beautiful figure. Men are no less offensive than women, to hear the negative about the appearance – it drives into complexes and lowers self-esteem.
  6. Pity. Female manipulators often exaggerate their misfortunes in an attempt to cause pity and to receive a gift or favor as a sign of attention. This method resembles the inept attempts of a five-year-old child to get his parents to buy him the toy he wants, but men fall for it. “Honey, I’ve had such a terrible headache for the second day. I’ve heard that gold helps relieve migraines. Why don’t we get me a tiny gold chain with a pendant? You don’t want your woman to suffer, do you?” Of course, Superman comes to the rescue and runs to the jewelry store instead of the drugstore, though maybe the girl doesn’t have a headache at all.

Not all men succumb to manipulation. It takes a special kind of character. Usually, it’s the gullible, kind and generous guys who meet manipulators. Do not fall for blatant female provocations, if you do not want to be seen as a naive fool. Clearly let your lady know that you do not intend to dance to her tune and you know all her tricks. If you feel something wrong, but definitely do not know whether your second half manipulator or not, we can help you crack this tough nut.

How to recognize a manipulator?

What signs indicate that a woman – manipulator? A seemingly sweet and well-mannered lady can turn out to be conniving and selfish. It’s hard for men to realize that their girlfriend or even their own mother is just using them. Feelings prevent a sober look at the situation from the outside. We can help you distinguish between caprice and sly dictatorship. Familiarize yourself with the main manifestations of manipulators:

  1. The woman is too attractive and obedient. She takes care of herself so that the feminine charms never diminish. You won’t see her without makeup or in an old bathrobe. Moreover, she does not lay down her conditions openly, she will be docile and compliant. After all, you can do it on the sly and get away with it.
  2. She makes you feel guilty. Nothing is alien to this girl, and making her victim feel uncomfortable in order to get what she wants is a great way to manipulate her. You will get the feeling that you are the cause of all the supposed troubles and inconveniences. And then quickly run to do your errands, to get rid of guilt.
  3. She knows better. You’re trying to solve the problem, but not to consult with her – is to insult the manipulator to the core. No business, no domestic issue should pass her by, from buying socks to buying a summer house.
  4. She takes a playful interest in the man’s activities. “How’s it going? How’s work?” – the manipulative woman asks, and then, without letting him finish speaking, immediately turns the conversation in the direction she wants. That is, a check mark seems to be put in the box fake care, but in fact she did not care about your affairs and well-being.
  5. A frequent reminder of weakness and helplessness. She is so defenseless and weak, and you have to constantly save her and feel sorry for her in every way. No matter what happens, the manipulative woman will call for help. Need to go to the store two blocks away? Can’t do without you. Faucet breakdown? Quit your job and fix it right away.

These are the signs that characterize a manipulative woman in a relationship. Every time you communicate with her, pay attention to these tricks and you will soon realize that you are caught in the net. However, even this difficult situation can be changed – it would be a desire. We will tell you how to behave correctly with a manipulative girl.

Instructions for dealing with such women

Do not be discouraged if your eyes are opened to the fact that you are a puppet in the hands of the other half. This kind of relationship is amenable to correction, but to do so you will need to gather your will into a fist and act decisively. Here is a detailed algorithm for the victim of manipulation:

  1. Make it clear that you have guessed everything. Say, “I can see that you’re using me. Now I won’t fall for your tricks and will make my own decisions.” Next time repeat the phrase, let the girl make sure that you will stand your ground to the end. Until you poke the manipulative girl in the nose, she doesn’t realize her game is up.
  2. Stop any further attempts to manipulate yourself. Manipulators usually find it very difficult to change their ways and will continue to do so for a long time. Don’t give up and resist attempts to enslave you again. If you do it right, your personal manipulator will realize the mistakes and become really nice and compliant.
  3. Reconsider your relationship. Maybe you’re partly to blame for what’s going on, too. Giving weakness, exalting the girl, depersonalizing yourself and completely ignoring your own interests? Then it’s no wonder she’s used to manipulating you. Reconsider your relationship, find your faults and fix yourself.

If after all the attempts to settle the relationship, you still have not made it, try to apply the art of manipulation. Threaten to break up, disappear for a couple of days, and then set strict conditions: the cunning feminine tricks should not apply to you anymore. Perhaps this is an extreme measure will help save the relationship.

Conclusion .

If after each meeting with my beloved surprise find empty purse, feel depressed, and your self-esteem is gradually falling below the plinth, then you got into a network girl manipulator. Soon you’ll completely forget about your interests, at first call will run and fulfill the whims of his mate.

In fact, all the ladies at least sometimes resort to manipulation. Men find it difficult to resist a woman’s cunning and seductiveness. Moreover, they are rarely looking for a catch in the relationship and trust their halves. When such provocative measures cross all boundaries, it is necessary to radically change the situation.

Explain yourself to the girl and stop her attempts to control you. Usually a conversation is enough. But if it doesn’t work, threaten her with serious consequences, up to and including breaking up. We hope that you will be able to harass your lady and live with her in peace and harmony.

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