Woman and man psychology: covering it point by point

The Psychology of Men and Women

I suppose it’s no secret that the psychology of men and women are different. And although this difference is not so significant that we can talk about any serious psychological difference between the sexes, but because of it men and women often can not find common ground with each other and can not understand each other. This leads them to unnecessary conflicts, quarrels, resentments and other negative consequences. And in order to avoid these negative consequences, it is necessary to understand what and why men and women differ from each other in order to take this into account in their relationships with the opposite sex. It’s clear that in order to understand the other person, you need the desire, because if you don’t have it, no understanding will ever come. So if you have this desire, then this article will help you understand the peculiarities of the psychology of each gender.

First of all, let’s think about why men’s psychology is different from women’s, and women’s from men. We need to understand why men and women are so different. Not very different, but still different. And it’s all about the purpose of both. Men and women are meant for different purposes, so nature has put in them different ways of looking at life. What is the purpose of man? To understand this, you do not even need to study psychology, it is enough to look at what men have sought and done throughout history. That is what men have been and are driven to do by their instincts – that is their purpose. Men are conquerors, conquerors, explorers and distributors of their genes. They strive to pass on their genes to as many women as possible in order to ensure the continuation of their species. We all see that, don’t we? Male nature is in front of all of us.

And what do women do, what do their instincts motivate them to do? To bear children, to take care of offspring, to make a home, and even to manage and sometimes manipulate a man, guiding him to the right path and helping him to reach his potential. Women also need to compete, as well as to explore the world around them, just not in the way that men do. That’s what women have always done. Don’t look at modern culture, which causes many men to do women’s things and women to do men’s things. Look at the nature of man and woman, which has always been the same. It is important for us to understand how male and female psychology works and why it works that way, not how culture changes it.

Thus, even by the most ordinary observation, we see that men and women have different tasks in life, and to fulfill them nature has endowed them with a corresponding mindset. A man thinks more globally and holistically. And a woman thinks in more detail and may be even flexible. Women often have to adjust to men, so they have to be flexible. Because of the difference in thinking, men and women often cannot understand each other, although in fact they complement each other. Men’s thinking complements women’s thinking and women’s thinking complements men’s thinking. And if a man and a woman live in peace and harmony, their union gives each of them great strength. But the problem is that often men and women quarrel with each other and even fight, depriving themselves of this power. The reason for this is unhealthy selfishness, which is very difficult for people to cope with. A person, whether male or female, wants others to do what they want. He does not take into account their desires and interests, he thinks only of himself. That is why people often manipulate each other, suppress each other, deceive each other, hurt each other to get their own way, without regard for others. So until they deal with their selfishness, it will be difficult for them to agree with each other.

Think about it, is it so important to understand what the difference between male and female psychology is, if the main reason for disagreement between the sexes is their selfishness? After all, men are not always able to agree with each other, so they make wars, and women also often fight with each other for different reasons. On the one hand, of course, we cannot do without struggle and competition in this life, but on the other hand, the difference in views on life and in general any difference between people, in my opinion, is not a reason, but a reason for them to express their aggression.

But back to the main topic. We can find many different differences in male and female psychology. But are they so essential that we should attach importance to them? Take logic, for example. Who do you think has it better, men or women? Don’t think about answering that question-it’s not the right one. I did it on purpose, to show you the fallacy of such reasoning. Logic is better developed in those people who develop it, gender has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you have talked to intelligent women, you should know that they are no worse at logic than men. Next – emotions. It is believed that women are more emotional than men. In many cases, this is true, it can be observed, so to speak, with the naked eye. But the question is different – what conclusion can be drawn from this? Can we say that all women are always more emotional than all men? Obviously not. There are very emotional men, and there are women who are quite cold, in terms of their reflections, and very reasonable. So, again, it all comes down to the peculiarities of each individual. Without analyzing a person as a personality, you can’t learn anything about him.

The psychology of men and women is the foundation upon which personality grows. Women, due to life circumstances, can become masculine, and men, on the contrary, feminine. It is believed, in particular, that for men it is more important to act, so he is guided by objective external indicators, and for women the main reference point is feelings. But let’s turn our attention to such a thing as advertising, which mainly affects people’s feelings. How many men, before they buy some thing, study and evaluate it according to objective external indicators? The brand of the car does not matter to them, as long as it is of high quality and reliable? Do they always choose clothes that are comfortable to wear rather than those that look good? Do men always buy only after they’ve thought it over and compared the various options? And advertising, of course, does not influence their decisions? You and I understand that this is not the case. Men are guided by feelings quite often. And this is not a bad thing, because feelings help us to interact harmoniously with each other. We are not machines to always be guided by cold calculations and make completely rational decisions.

All this I am writing to you, dear readers, so that you do not make too many distinctions between a man and a woman, which harms the relationship between the sexes. I do not see the point in enumerating all the differences in men’s and women’s psychology, because I do not want to alienate people from one another in this way. After all, any differences between people, if you focus on them, alienate them from each other and prevent them from feeling as one. Besides one should not pick all women and men in the same way, it is a very crude evaluation of both of them. Yes, there are certain psychological differences between men and women, and I have pointed out some of them to you. But you should not draw far-reaching conclusions from them. A person’s upbringing determines his personality to a much greater extent than his sex. That’s what you should pay the lion’s share of attention to. I, for example, don’t think it’s right for a woman to do men’s things and a man to do women’s things. But life sometimes forces us to do all the things we have to do to live. So sometimes we have to go against nature, too. And I’ve seen a lot of women in my life who have shown the best masculine qualities in taking care of their families. I’ve also seen men who successfully did women’s work because it had to be done. So anything happens in life – people can be very different from the patterns that others are used to judging them by.

Thus, I think it is important to emphasize the similarities between male and female psychology in order to bring both sexes closer together. We belong to the same species and have basically the same goals – reproduction, self-realization of our potential. And our needs are generally the same. It’s just that man’s role is a little different from woman’s role, so man and woman think about different things. What a woman can’t think about, a man will think about, and what a man can’t think about, a woman will think about. One head is good, but two is better. All the differences that there are between men and women are an excuse for them to complement each other. That is what I urge you to do, dear readers. We have more in common than in difference, let us concentrate on this, to be closer to each other and to understand each other better.

10 rules for the development of a relationship between a man and a woman

It is so arranged that a man does not see himself, his contribution to the events of his life. He considers many things to be a coincidence. He is given a partner through a mirror: a man – a woman, a woman – a man. If you contemplate your partner, you can learn much, if not everything, about yourself through him, through his reflections, through his feedback…

Very often we are not ready to look at ourselves through our significant other. Especially the one with whom we have sex. But life, whether we want it or not, carries Rules, unobvious Truths, a kind of Knowledge that, whether we believe in this Knowledge or not, shape first relationships between people and then, as a consequence, events.

I suggest that we know and remember the Rules by which the relationship between a man and a woman develops.

Well, first, in order to understand what awaits us tomorrow. Secondly, in order to stop resenting the actions of a partner, realizing that in life everything is always fair and natural.

And thirdly, I am pretty tired of repeating one Rule, then another, then the third to each and every person, who encounters them in their negative situations. Therefore, I decided to create a leaflet, to which I will refer all those who suffer.

This handout is for those whose relationship with the opposite sex is so strained that it is about to break. Hopefully the realization will come to you and you will stop blaming your partner by looking at yourself and your sub-personalities.

Memo to Man and Woman Experiencing Tension in Relationships:

1. A man and a woman are meant to serve each other. Their relationship is interdependent, whether they want it or not.

To the max, each person wants to reach their potential during their lifetime, but they are hindered by the role-subliminal masks they had to put on in order to survive in an environment where their parents criticized and punished them. Service is expressed in the fact that man and woman build all relationships with each other on the principle of complementarity.

What one partner lacks in awareness and liberation from the sub-personality that prevents him from unleashing his potential, the other party will supplement with his sub-personality. When one side needs to realize and liberate itself from the Victim, then the other side has to be the Tyrant to do this. Or another example, when a woman needs to express herself as a Strong Personality, a man needs to become a Weak Personality to complement her.

2. A man’s Service to a woman is to make known that which is hidden in a woman, that is, that which is NOT known to her about herself.

Man’s behavior reveals those sub-personalities that woman suppresses in herself:

(a) The man drinks when the woman doesn’t recognize that she is repressing. By doing so, it is as if he is telling her: I have to be Insane so that you can be Custodian.

b) A man beats when a woman is stuck in Victim: I must be Dangerous, so that you have someone to fear.

c) A man slacks off when a woman takes on the burden of responsibility and becomes a mommy to him: I have to be Inept so you have someone to teach you.

d) A man cheats when he cannot make his “first woman,” his mother, happy: I must be a Traitor, so that you stop being a Victim (referring to his mother, but living with his wife).

3 Women’s Service is to be a mirror for the man, reflecting back to him what he has ALREADY achieved. It doesn’t matter if he has reached the top or the abyss.

When a man is Determined and Confident, he has a woman by his side who complements him with her gentleness and trust.

When a man is Helpless, he has the Almighty by his side.

When he is Needy, there is a Meaningful one.

When he is a Sufferer, she is a Comforter.

When he is a Liar, she is a Detector.

4. A man always aims at satisfying a woman. He has two of them: his wife and his mother. Pulling a man’s attention away from one of these women will always cause the other to protest.

5. A woman always expects something from a man that her daddy couldn’t give her. Based on her need for security, she always projects negative past experiences with previous men into her current relationship. Dad is the very first man in her life. The sub-personalities that the girl has formed during her time in her parental family with or without Mom, Dad, create patterns in her behavior with the man, initiating him to create her sub-personal qualities.

6. A husband and a woman’s father have different functions. The father must protect and provide for his daughter, and the husband wants to protect and provide for his wife when she inspires him.

7. A woman’s happiness is not in the man, but with him. The happiness of any man cannot be outside of him. It is like any other feeling only inside of you. To expect happiness from another, is to make him responsible (read guilty) for the presence (read lack) of your happiness.

8. Ordinary, everyday, mundane family happiness comes when at least one party in another conflict realizes what sub-personalities are now playing their roles and refuses to support their role emotionally. The roles are co-dependent and therefore the other party’s sub-personality will automatically deflate like a balloon.

9. All of the sub-personalities that destroy relationships, though they manifest through conflict, are parental messages and are waiting for you to send them to their real masters. They are waiting for you to be fully aware of who and under what circumstances has not met their needs, has not expressed their feelings, has not completed their gestalt. Identifying sub-personalities and sending them to their masters is easier and quicker with a formation.

10. Your partner’s behavior should be a feedback loop for you through which you can see your sub-personalities that are preventing you from achieving your goals. When looking at a man’s behavior as in a mirror, a woman has to realize what in her life is keeping her from being surrounded by care and love for her happiness. Looking at the behavior of a woman, a man will always soberly assess how he is in harmony with the world. published by econet.ru

P.S. And remember, just changing our consciousness – together we change the world! © econet

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