Woman and man in bed: parsing carefully

Men’s opinion: 5 main female errors in bed!

Such is life – mistakes are present in one way or another in all areas of human relations. The bed is also no exception.

Every woman will immediately call a bunch of male mistakes in sex: “too rough”, “too soft”, “too drunk”, “he started too early”, “quick finish”, “late withdrawal”, “smoking in bed”, “turning away to the wall”, “snoring”, “and talk?

Women tend to either ignore their own, women’s, mistakes in bed or deny that they exist at all. I asked honestly. The reaction, as a rule: bewilderment, a shrug of the shoulders and, after ten seconds, the phrase: “And why women’s mistakes in bed? But men…”

I had to, based on personal experience, to remember, but were these really women’s mistakes in bed, or really the weaker sex in sexcruiser sappers and generally does not make mistakes? With full responsibility I declare: “Women are human too!”

What, in my subjective opinion, are the female mistakes in bed?

Female error in bed number 1: shyness

Do not be ashamed of your own body. Yes, you do not have perfect breasts, yes, there is cellulite in the place where it was supposed to be, albeit small, but there is. But that’s no reason to turn off the lights, draw the curtains and cram under the covers.

Sweetheart, the good old folk wisdom, “A man loves with his eyes,” no one has canceled. I want to see the woman I care about, not only in an evening gown and battle paint, but in bed, at that very moment! The visual image of a woman, which will be deposited in the brain of a man during sex, much brighter, respectively, a man will remember this woman more often and with pleasure.

And then, let me tell you a little secret: in bed, if you have not noticed, you and your partner are very close to each other. Examine you all at once the man simply will not get, and each of your parts separately may even have an erotic message.

Let’s say you are lying on your back. You can’t see the cellulite! Breasts? What about breasts? They’re not hanging! Then, if a man is on top, so he sees, at best, the neck, the edge of the ear and lips. Your eyes? Your eyes are closed! And your ears have always been very sexy!

And another thing: under no circumstances should you accentuate a man’s attention on his shortcomings! “I’ve put on three kilos!” How is it for us men? Until you poke your nose – do not notice. A woman in a man’s bed is always a holiday! And her typical female mistake is that she doesn’t realize it!

Female mistake number 2 in bed: sexual passivity

Another women’s mistake in sex: “I’m with him in bed, and then let him try to please me, he is supposed to be active, he is a man!

Sex is a game for two! Well, classic sex, of course. I will certainly try very hard, but if my attempts do not find a lively response, it gets boring pretty quickly. When you’re young you get complex, you think you’re doing something wrong, but as you get older you become more pragmatic or something… And you already think, “So she didn’t really want it, well, okay, so… let me have it”.

And sometimes you just want a woman to “take care of you”. You lie there and wait… like a fool… and she lies next to you. And then you say, “Why don’t you come on to me? You don’t want me! You’ve fallen out of love with me!” The result is boring sex that kills any relationship.

Men sometimes want to feel wanted, too. No, we’re all macho men, of course. A-a-artur pie-o-o-ov! All the women around us want us, but sometimes it’s desirable to have a confirmation. So, just in case, to keep your self-esteem at an appropriate level.

Female mistake number three in bed: silence

“Silence is gold!” – is not about bed. Speak up, lovers, what you want, how you want, where you want! Especially if your bed together is recent. And even if it’s been a long time! We change, and sex changes with us. What seemed unacceptable ten years ago, today may be your favorite position. And vice versa.

Otherwise, how is it: you, poor thing, with the diligence of an excellent student trying hard to make him feel good, but you still get orgasm only with a shower in the bathroom in the proud solitude. And you think that’s how it’s supposed to be. No! Just tell me how you’d like it!

Men are really easy to train. Especially in matters such as sex. Men learn the commands “lie down” and “sit” in the first session. The hardest command to master is “foo!” in relation to other women. And as for the rest, do not worry, talk to him as a man, and your determination will be rewarded in all plans of being in bed.

And lastly: after all of the above, don’t make another woman’s mistake in bed by immediately killing a man with the message that all the time you’ve been together, you’ve been faking it (on the subject of orgasm). Might sulk, get depressed, refuse to eat. Don’t forget to encourage your pet if he makes progress.

Men’s Sex Wishes.

Let it sound selfish as a man, but most of the negativity in bed with a woman we have an eternal as the world excuse: “I have a headache. And that’s probably the biggest mistake a woman makes in sex!

I beg you, my good people, do not abuse our patience! With a man in bed, you have to sleep! In that very figurative sense of the word. The more often the better. Do not let a man even think about the fact that there are women with a “healthy head.

When I was almost finished working on this article, for the sake of purity of the experiment I asked my good friend a question about “women’s mistakes in sex”.

Her answer just blew me away with its capacity, depth, feminine wisdom and straightforwardness of life. I just in a moment felt how all my attempts to analyze the mistakes of women in sex and advice on how to correct them pale into insignificance against the background of just one short phrase. Women, after all, are creatures through and through incomprehensible and mysterious. It seems that you know about them, well, almost everything… Where does it come from… Kant and Freud nervously smoking on the sidelines. Just like that, without a second’s thought, to give away such a masterpiece. Thank you, Irka! Okay, drumroll!

“A woman’s biggest mistake in bed is being there with the wrong man.” That’s it. Applause. Curtain.

As He Dances, So He Sleeps: Top 5 Signs That A Man Will Turn Out To Be Good In Bed

All girls begin to speculate on the first date, what kind of lover the new gentleman will be. Being a careful observer and knowing some facts about men’s psychology, it is quite realistic to determine whether a man will be good or bad in bed!

How to do this as a result of a brief observation of the guy, tell the non-trivial women’s website “Beautiful and Successful.

Body shape and height.

What is the appearance of a prince in women’s dreams? Of course, tall, slender and muscular. It turns out that in vain we dream of such! After all, the true sex giant – stocky and short stature, and the figure has an orangutan-like. Recalling the proverb that a man should not be prettier than a monkey, it is also confirmed by the fact that the most tireless in bed of the representatives of the stronger half of mankind is similar to our congeners monkeys. And the more similarity, the better the man is a lover. Sexuality is a gift of Nature, and animals are still closer to it than humans.

He is not a nerd3.

A man who on the first date talks about the rules of filling out Excel forms, and when he is politely interrogated starts babbling about putting formulas into cells, is either very enthusiastic about his work or extremely nerdy.

Both things have a negative effect on the quality of sex with him. Such people cannot fully give themselves to the moment and feel comfortable. All of this gives the process a certain mechanistic nature.

Although there are exceptions here – people at work connected with data analysis can be somewhat boring in communication. But quite normal in bed. And even very good.

Men with a high temperament

They are called popularly “sexually preoccupied. These men actually have a constant craving for sex, not to mention all kinds of sexual experiments. Horny men change partners like gloves. So when you meet one, don’t ask for any fidelity.

How to recognize them by their appearance: such sex giants are not handsome by conventional standards. They have wide cheekbones, and their height does not exceed 180. Thick hair covers a physically developed body, and it, in turn, emits a rather strong natural smell. Hormones do take their toll, though!

He is not a professional critic4

We are not talking about music or literature. Someone who judges a girl’s attire, or her behavior in a situation or at work, may well have a “debriefing” the morning after sex. Think about whether you’d be interested to hear, for example, that in the horsewoman position you squeeze his hips too hard, or anything else like that.

Criticism is bad in almost every area of life that doesn’t directly involve analysis. So if you don’t report together writing, you might want to avoid that kind of guy. And certainly don’t take him to bed.

Male temperament of medium severity.

This is the most common male temperament, perhaps its owner is near you now. The libido of such a man may fluctuate from time to time then to a smaller, then to a larger side. Therefore, they at one time may be active in bed, and at another – to be a complete zero. Men with an average temperament prefer to be around a constant partner, with her they will have intercourse from one to three times a week. Sometimes, in order to awaken their sexuality and prove to myself that they are sex giants, men of average temperament looking for something like a catalyst – an unusual partner or other exciter of their sexual desire.

As for appearance, there is nothing to note – their appearance is the most that neither is ordinary and common.

He’s not “wooden.

Muscle cramps that aren’t caused by sports can be indicative of complexes. Of course, no one is calling for a guy who wiggles his hips as he walks like a salsa dancer. But he’s probably a little shy if he’s not very plastic in his normal life, and even clumsy. Although there are exceptions. Maybe the man is so impressed and almost in love that he just can’t fully own himself.

Most likely, you can not fully relax a man who is constantly checking something, twitching his shoulders, slouching, making a lot of unnecessary movements with his legs or arms. Maybe he does not care about sex at all, he has a deadline to pay the loan is coming up, and communicates with girls, he was just being polite.

Men with a low temperament

This type of men do not exhibit any particular attraction to sex, and can even do without it for a long time. Some of this class become homosexuals.

The appearance of men of a weak temperament: high growth and beautiful refined facial features. Their appearance, very attractive to women, is deceptive and the latter are waiting in the end some disappointment in bed with such a handsome man. The reason for this feminine appearance and low masculine strength is the lack of male hormones. Some of these men in addition to the beautiful feminine appearance have a high voice.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and sexologists warn that lifestyle and habits can have a detrimental effect on libido. Excessive physical activity and psychological problems will also put you (men) in the third category of temperament.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle, not drinking, not smoking, exercising and eating in moderation – that’s the key to a long and successful sex life. And in the case that sex is hampered by stressful work, chronic fatigue and constant stress, you should consult a psychologist.

In the end there is one more myth. It is believed that without “it” a man can not do anything and, in order not to harm the body, you need to use any opportunity that arises. Dare we assure you that a man who has one, but a constant partner will maintain its sexual function longer than those who zealously have sex with one and then another partner. So Nature is still on the side of monogamy.

Sex: how to know if he is good in bed

As a continuation of the story of whether you should waste time on a man if he is inferior in every way to a vibrator, I decided to take a survey of the girls I know and find out which men were the best in bed. The answers were surprising … There were no good-looking men among suitable candidates, though the girls told me they had had good-looking partners but were inferior to ordinary guys in sex. As a rule, good lovers did not have gigantic dimensions of the male dignity, were sometimes too hairy, and somewhere, on the contrary, bald. And then I wondered if it was possible to figure out the ideal lover in communication. After all, they must all have something in common! So, especially for you, we compiled a list of traits that may be able to tell you how to choose the best guy.

A good appetite.

In the old days, before they hired a worker, they gave him something to eat. If he ate with an appetite, it meant he was a good worker. In sex the principle is the same. If a guy eats like a bird, he’s probably lazy and unlikely to last the night.

Borscht vs tom-yam

It is not only important how, but also what he eats. If a guy likes unusual restaurants, Chinese food, spicy food, and in general is ready for all kinds of experiments, then you will not get bored with him in bed. Monotonous food, as a rule, choose homely boys who do not like to discover new things. Conservative outlook on life is unlikely to be a sign of a violent sexual fantasy.

Casual touches.

Scientists proved long ago that 93% of signals in communication are non-verbal signs and only 7% are words. If a guy during a date doesn’t take your hand, doesn’t try to look you in the eyes or accidentally touch you, this means that either he doesn’t like you or he’s cold as a fish in bed.

Sloppy style.

A hot biker looks a lot sexier than a boring pedant. Trust me, if a guy is too obsessed with cleanliness and neatness, then in bed you will find the following: before having sex with you, he will hang his starched shirt in the closet, panties will fold an envelope, and immediately after you leave will change underwear. If a man dresses slightly casually (of course, within acceptable limits), then in bed you do not scare him.

Can dance.

Surely everyone saw “Scent of a Woman. Dance is a body language, on the level of intimacy comparable to sex. If a man twitches ridiculously on the dance floor or, conversely, stands like a statue, you’re in for a night in the arms of a log. He may not be Joaquin Cortez (47), but still a sense of rhythm, precision and confidence of movement will tell you that you have probably guessed your choice.

Non-Money Matters

They say money can’t buy love, but that’s not the case with sex. If a man is well off, can pay for you in a restaurant, buy you flowers and just make a nice gift, he feels like the master of the situation. Men who are well off are often good in bed just because they are sure of themselves. On the other hand, if a man has a lot of money and a serious business, there can be problems because he is already “married” to his job and “makes love” only to her.

Hands are not hooks

According to psychologists, to understand what a man is like in bed, it is enough to look at his hands. If during a conversation he expressively gestures, then he is a good lover. But if his hands are completely still or, even worse, he nervously rubs objects, this guy is definitely not a sex guru.

The truth is in the kiss.

Of course, one of the most unforgettable moments is your first kiss with him. Some researchers believe that a kiss is a kind of reflection of sex. For example, a low-key kiss indicates that he prefers long foreplay, slow sensual sex. If he kisses aggressively and passionately, he’s probably not the most resistant. But if a man is not afraid to explore you, kissing insistently, but slowly and with feeling, not forgetting to hold you tightly, you know – he’s just a god of sex.

Sporty, but not a jock.

Guys who do swimming, cycling, running are the most resilient. They have no shortness of breath, and they last all night. But from the jocks who spend day and night in the gym, you need to stay away – most often, except for the barbell, they can not lift anything.

A great conversationalist.

If a guy can hold a conversation and you do not have to get bored with him – he’s the real deal. Nothing makes a man look better than intelligence. You can talk the night away with an intelligent man, and sometimes it’s even better than sex.

A great sense of humor

Schoolboy-level jokes are made by guys who act like inexperienced teenagers in bed. If a man makes you laugh from the heart without vulgarities and ancient jokes, it means that he won’t have to sweat long in sex to bring you to orgasm.

Calling things by their proper names.

If he is not afraid to say what he thinks and feels, as a rule, it means that he is relaxed and in bed. Before you a great lover, if he calls you by name, not “baby”, “sunshine”, “baby”; not afraid of the words “sex”, “love”, “relationship” and clearly explains what he needs from you.

A hard nut to crack.

Sure, we like guys with gorgeous hair, but studies by scientists have proven that the baldness on a man’s head indicates a high level of testosterone. So don’t be intimidated by bald guys, chances are they’re just kings in bed.

If there have been a lot of women

As horrible as it may seem to think that he’s had many women before you, it’s still a plus. You can’t get any experience without practice. And it’s nice when everyone wants a man, and he’s yours.

Test: Are you ready for sex on the first date?

For every fantasy: the top songs for sex.

Ed Westwick has been accused of abuse again! This is the fourth victim!

Big Foot Size.

You can say endlessly that size doesn’t matter, but no woman has ever turned down an impressive male dignity.

Rumors do not lie: if a man is tall, with a large leg size, and even a long nose – “there” he will also have everything in proportion.

We hope that our tips will help you meet and immediately know your ideal lover!

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Love for red wine and whiskey

Beer contains a lot of female hormones, the love for cocktails shows that the nature is too windy, white wine is usually preferred by too cautious people, and vodka is asexual at all.

But red wine and whiskey have a complex flavor, rich aroma and high strength. They are preferred by men who love pleasure and are ready to try hard to get it. They are skillful and attentive lovers.

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