Wish your girlfriend good night in your own words – describe in detail

Good night wishes to a friend in prose

Girlfriend, the night has entered its rights and the dream operator announces: “You don’t have enough on your account for further wakefulness. Replenish with a sweet, eight-hour nap to activate your beauty and charm.” So, go into “subscriber out of range for disturbing thoughts and nightmares” mode and unplug from the day’s worries. Good night.

**** My dear friend, from the bottom of my heart I wish you a good and quiet night! Hours of rest always fly by so quickly, so let this night will seem so long as you want it to! May that deep and sweet sleep into which you will sink bring you peace and quiet, and in the morning you will wake up as awake and rested as you have not felt for a long time. Let all those night visions that you dreamed today be bright and light and leave after themselves a light aftertaste of magic. Yes, yes, because even grown-up girls sometimes really need to see wonderful fairy tales in their sleep. Let this night for you be like a long-awaited and sweet reward, which you deserve for a long day at work. I hope my goodnight wish will help you fall asleep with a smile on your face, dear girlfriend.

**** Look out the window – the night is here: the stars are shining, the moon is out and the lights are fading in the houses. Put off your fuss and business till morning, it’ll have to wait. I wish you sweet dreams of palaces, of dreams, of love and of our carefree days. I ordered them especially for you, so rush to bed under a fluffy blanket, my midnight girl!

**** My beloved girlfriend, my dear sunshine, the dark night has fallen to earth, and the stars are lit up. All day you not only did your business, but also managed to warm people around you with your beautiful smile – just like the real sun! But the sun also needs a rest sometimes, so I wish you to hurry to your cozy bed and go to sleep. I wish you not to toss and turn for a long time, but to immediately lie down comfortably, fall asleep soundly, and wake up only the next morning. Let your dreams be light and lucid, let them not be disturbed by night rustles, worries and bad dreams. Let only pleasant images visit you in your dreams, which will cause you to have a peaceful smile. Sleep tight, rest and gain strength to wake up tomorrow even more strong, energetic and beautiful! I hug you, kiss you on the cheek and wish you good dreams and good night!

**** Good night, my faithful friend! I wish you to fall asleep instantly, barely touching the pillow. Chase away the thousands of thoughts of the past day: they are out of place in the kingdom of Morpheus. Let your sleep be sound and long, and your dreams – colorful and easy!

**** A hard day’s work is behind us, but we did just fine! I’m already going to bed, and I hope that you, my dear friend, are also getting ready to go to the land of Morpheus! May the pillow and blanket seem especially soft and warm to you today, may sleep come as soon as you get comfortable in bed and close your eyelids, and may it take you to a wonderful land of the sweetest dreams and reveries. May nothing bad disturb your sleep tonight, and may you dream only pleasant dreams. Let your dreams today be the most pleasant medicine from the monotony and grayness of everyday work! I wish that the bright and cheerful swarm of night visions will help you to rest your soul and body and have time to gain as much strength as possible this night. And tomorrow morning we’ll meet again – sleepy, refreshed, full of vivacity and energy, and tell each other what fantastic and pleasant dreams visited us the day before! May the night be peaceful for you!

**** Good night, my amazing friend! I wish you a soft and gentle bed of clouds, affectionate twinkling of a night-light of stars, so that even fairy princesses sleeping on several featherbeds would envy you! For then the morning will come just as tender, and waking up will be pleasant and smiling!

**** The lights go out outside the window, more and more stars light up, and gradually the sounds of cars become quieter and quieter. Everything signals that the day is coming to an end and it’s time for us all to go to bed. I hope that you too, dear friend, this night will prefer a good and healthy sleep to working at the computer or reading at midnight. May this night bring you peace and good rest. I wish you that as soon as you get into bed and cover yourself with the blanket, as soon as you get the soft wings of Morpheus himself flew to you, turned your bed into a magic ship and whisked it away to the fairyland of dreams. Let the dreams that you will see the coming night will be bright, colorful, but calm and pleasant. Let your soul and body fully recover before the work day tomorrow, and you will wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and a great feeling of well-being. Good night and sweet dreams!

**** My sweet friend, good night! And may the magic of shining stars that cover you with a gentle cloudy blanket, and scattered moonbeams inspire you with amazing strength, enviable determination, and exceptional inspiration to make the next day incredibly happy and memorable!

**** Night is a beautiful magical land, and I wish you to quickly penetrate into the world of fabulous and desirable reveries. And in the morning, my friend, all the best that you dream, let it come true at once!

Prose with good night best friend wishes

**** The long-awaited warm evening is replaced by a dark night, painting the sky with a bizarre star pattern. Finally, it’s time even for tireless workaholics like you, my friend, to leave everything and get ready for bed. Let the gentle breeze of the night blow away all your insomnia, and make your bed seem an especially cozy and inviting place for you tonight. Hurry to go to bed and get ready for your journey into the magical world of dreams! May you have mysterious, vivid and pleasant dreams this night, which will make a slight smile play on your face and in your sleep. I wish that all the dreams you will see the coming night have only the best meaning in the dreambooks! Let this night be enough for you to rest fully and with new energy proceed to the great accomplishments of tomorrow morning!

**** It’s a charming and enchanting warm evening, a huge number of stars have already settled in the sky to illuminate our town with their beauty. It’s time for you, charming friend, to get ready for the world of dreams and make friends with a pillow and a blanket, to rest from the turmoil of this hard day’s work and gain strength for new achievements. My sweet friend, sweet dreams to you.

**** Under the cover of silence, surrounded by stars, I wish you, my friend, to fall asleep sweetly and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Let your dream come true tomorrow, let the magic Moon take care of your beauty and health, so you could meet the dawn, rested and happy, and enjoy the new day and your blooming life!

**** The traffic on the street is becoming less and less audible, signaling that this hard day is coming to an end. So, beloved girlfriend, it’s time for you to get under the covers to let yourself go to sleep and free your mind and body from this hard day. Let this night you dream all your most cherished desires, and fulfill your secret dreams. Have the most fabulous and pleasant dreams for you!

**** Friend, scientists proved a long time ago that beauty requires not sacrifices, but a full, sound sleep. So, come on, drop all business, anxious thoughts and go for your portion of irresistibility and charm. Have a good night!

**** My friend, today has come to an end. But I hope the night will give you a lot of pleasant emotions and restore your vitality. May your guardian angel watch over you in your dreams so that you can dream as pure and lucid as you do. May tomorrow be as beautiful as today. I want you to gain more strength, Morpheus to take you to his land, and there show all the beauty of the world. Sleep well!

**** My dear friend, look at the street: it is late, there is almost no one on the streets, only the twinkling stars and the moon, which is located right in front of your window. Let its magical light convince you to go to bed early tonight! The soft twinkling of the night light as if promising the sweetest and most magical dreams. Hurry to lie down and close your eyes, let the thoughts and worries of the past day remain somewhere far away, and let the soft blanket of slumber fall on your shoulders. I wish that tonight the stars will sing you a lullaby, and a light night breeze will take away all the bad dreams from your bedroom. May the warmth and tenderness of this night make your sleep the sweetest and most restful, dear friend! Whatever you see during your night wanderings in the kingdom of Morpheus, may it bring you a serene smile and provide a good mood for the whole coming day!

**** Well the first stars in the sky signal us the end of this terribly hard weekday. It’s time for you, my dear friend, to get ready for an amazing journey in the world of dreams. Let today’s dream will take you to a magical fairy tale, where you will meet a beautiful prince, who will bravely fight for your heart and a magic smile. And in the morning you’ll wake up cheerful and happy. Sweet dreams!

**** I wish you, my dear friend, under the supervision of the moon, in the arms of the night silence, to sink into a fairyland of sweet dreams and beautiful dreams, so that with the morning ray of sunlight you, rested and happy, easily realized all your cherished desires!

**** It’s been an eventful day, so you deserve to rest tonight. Let the harsh and direct look of reality be replaced by the colorful phantasmagoria of dreams, where everything is easy and you are satisfied with everything. We need to rest, because we can all feel your morning magnetism of good mood, willingness to share emotions and hopes for the new day. May the night be peaceful for you!

Beautiful prose with goodnight wishes to your friend

**** Dear friend, I wish you quickly hug a soft pillow and plunge into the world of dreams. May you dream of airy clouds rolling you in the sky. I wish you a good night’s sleep so that tomorrow you and I can do even more accomplishments and conquer new hearts.

**** Good night! How much of a kind, soothing thing this short phrase contains. It means: may all adversity pass you by! Night will come down on your bed with a blanket of mysterious happy dreams. Precious girlfriend, let you dream, as sung in the popular song, gentle surf and more – a lot of sun, flowers and, of course, a fairy prince on a yacht under crimson sails. And adults need fairy tales.

**** Let the night creep up to your bed with a black cat, my friend. Let it quietly murmur in your ear a tale of boundless happiness and bright love, so that all your dreams bring peace to your soul.

**** My dear, dear friend! Let go of all worries and let you see in your dreams all your fulfilled dreams and secret desires! And in the morning when you wake up, your dreams will come true! For there’s no better friend than you in the world!

**** I wish you a good and peaceful night, my friend! Let it fly by as a single moment, bringing peace and rest from a day full of worries. But let this moment be colorfully bright and memorable, and then in the morning you, remembering it, will certainly smile from the pleasant aftertaste of a beautiful dream. Let this night for you be warm, close and desirable, like a loved one. Fall asleep with a smile!

**** The yellow moon is like a “saucer” against your window. Its soft light streams across the floor, unceremoniously falling on your bed, as if inviting you to watch together a sweet dream. Good night, beloved friend! Sweet negativity will erase all hurts and worries from your sweet face, touch your lips and run down your cheeks. This magical moonlit night we will surely meet! I close my eyes…and wait for you!

**** Girlfriend, my darling. A hard day is behind us. But there is still a long night ahead. Sleep it off, leave all thoughts behind. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day. Gain more strength, for this, let you dream only good and vivid dreams. Make up your own dream, think of a night fairy tale, sink into it, and believe that all that we dream, always comes true. I hope you get some sleep and rest from your worries.

**** I wish you good night, dear friend. May you have a sweet and iridescent dream that will give you hope and inspiration and show you the right path to your dreams. I wish you a good awakening and bright sunshine outside your window, a great mood for the whole day and a feeling of great happiness.

**** I wish my friend a good night and pleasant sweet dreams that will give a fairy tale for you. May your sleep be fulfilling and may it bring interesting ideas and optimistic mood for the new day.

**** Girlfriend! Let your sleep be sweet as marmalade, calm as the smoothness of a mountain lake, giving strength, like a long-awaited vacation by the sea! Let go of all worries, let them fly away with the night breeze, and you go to sleep to wake up in the morning rested and cheerful!

What can you wish instead of “Good night” in correspondence?

The usual phrase “Good night” does not cause a storm of emotions, as it sounds trivial and ordinary. To originally wish you good night, we suggest choosing one of the less standard expressions. Collected for you 50+ ways to wish you good night.

What to say instead of good night?

The phrase “good night” sounds gentle and sweet, but ordinary. When you want to surprise your girlfriend, you should use less banal expressions. Think about her features, emphasize her character and mood, highlight the traits in her appearance that attract the most. Examples:

  • Sleep sweetly and may you dream of pink elephants, princess.
  • Sleep well, for tomorrow awaits a beautiful new day!
  • Have magical and delicious dreams!
  • I wish that sleep will give you strength for new achievements.
  • May tomorrow be a happy day.
  • Sleep well, chase away bad thoughts.
  • Think only of good things and go to sleep soon.
  • I wish to see me in my dreams.
  • May dreams be pleasant.
  • Go to sleep, because tomorrow there will be new adventures.
  • I hope you see me in a world of dreams.
  • I want to dream you soon, so go to sleep!
  • As they say, good night and see you tomorrow.
  • Have a fabulous journey through the dream world.
  • May dreams be sweet like you.
  • It’s late, it’ll be better in the morning…
  • I wish you a good night’s sleep, as if it were a week’s vacation.
  • I wish you a good night’s sleep, as if you were on the shore of the ocean, and the birds were gently chirping a lullaby.
  • Do not think about anything, go to bed with clear thoughts.
  • Before you go to sleep, only positive emotions. Smile at yourself in the mirror and close your eyes.
  • Let sweet dreams come to your wonderful sleep.
  • I will not wish you a trivial good night, but I will say that I wish you a wonderful dream.
  • I kiss your sleepy cheeks and eyes.
  • Tired toys sleep… go to sleep…
  • Let the night be cozy, and dreams good.
  • Sleep with no worries or awakenings to you.
  • Light night and cozy sleep.
  • Let go of all worries, let them stay in this day.
  • Tomorrow will be a new day and new happiness. Hurry to go to sleep to see it.
  • Unforgettable dreams with someone dear.
  • I wish to see in my dreams the person dear to my heart.
  • May tonight give you a feeling of happiness.
  • I hope dreams will be as sweet as your smile.
  • I wish you to break into my dreams.
  • Don’t pine for it, but go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day.
  • Hurry to sleep, you need to decorate this world from the morning.
  • May you dream a miracle.
  • Happy dreams, you deserve it.
  • I hope you get a good night’s sleep for both of us.
  • Don’t stay up too late, your eyes and thoughts need rest.
  • Sleep, my joy, you’re tired from today.
  • I hope you get some sleep, for the world can’t survive without your smile.
  • Wake up with the first rays of the sun and give me your smile.
  • Remember that someone is thinking of you even in your sleep.
  • You are beautiful when you sleep.
  • Sleep is like a wizard, giving your face a glow and freshness. Don’t ignore it.
  • And let magical dreams overtake you.
  • Bright and fantastic dreams await you, the most extraordinary girl in the world.
  • Don’t forget to send me an air kiss. I will definitely feel it.

Tips to help beautifully wish you good night

If you want to make a good night wish original and memorable do not be predictable. Each person should be approached individually.

Personalize the expression. Insert a name or affectionate reference into the common phrase “good night. This will make the person think about you, feel care and kindness.

Consider individuality. Before you choose a phrase to replace “good night”, analyze the character of the person. Said should be suitable for him.

Adding tenderness. Sleep is a special ritual, which is associated with tranquility and rest. Make an emphasis on this.

Remember the habits. If you know about a certain ritual of man before bedtime (combing his hair, putting cream on his hands, put on a sleep mask), specify it. So you once again emphasize its importance and your ability to pay attention to details.

Focus on yourself. When you’re pursuing the idea to please a girl, do not forget to insert a piece of yourself into the wish. For example, remind her that you would like to get into her dream.

Hint at a meeting. When wishing “good night,” do not forget to remind her about the meeting the next day. To do this unobtrusively use the phrase: “You need to get some sleep, because tomorrow there are important things to do…”.

Show care. To do this, in the phrase that you decided to say instead of good night, emphasize the state of health. For example: in order not to fall asleep again tomorrow afternoon, go to bed early. Sleep is the best medicine.

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