Why is a man silent?

How to understand a man’s silence

Men are by nature more reserved, and women sometimes find it difficult to understand what their aspirations and goals are. In addition, there are things that men never say out loud. What to do if your chosen one is often silent? Actually everything is simple – learn to understand his body language.

What is the main reason for a man’s silence? How to understand that a man in love? How to determine by facial expressions and gestures, what he thinks? In this article you will find answers to these and many other questions. It is known that the love relationship is divided into several stages, and almost at each stage women are puzzled.

About what a man is silent.

When your relationship is just beginning and you have already imagined playing a wedding, how to have children, how to build a house, meanwhile your chosen one has no illusions. Any man loves specifics and will be silent until he understands his own desires.

Men rarely realize that he was lucky enough to meet the one that he had dreamed about, and even if he does, he simply scared to admit it to himself. Therefore, at the beginning of a relationship a woman may have difficulties, because the man is unlikely to talk openly about his feelings.

Each “reticent” has his own reason for this. Some do not voice their feelings, because they are afraid of a serious relationship, encroachment on their personal space and freedom, the reaction of the chosen one. The list of reasons is endless, but the main ones are the following:

  • Such is the male nature. With this you have to put up with. Men are not talkative and should appreciate this quality, because when they say something, it means they are confident in their decision;
  • The inability to communicate. It is not in the small vocabulary, but in the inability to find the right words for a woman;
  • Uncertainty in the correctness of the answer. Often a man keeps silent because he does not know what to answer. For example, if a woman asks if a dress suits her, such a question may throw the chosen one into a stupor. Do not ask a man about what he does not know;
  • Unwillingness to lie. Silence may indicate that a man does not want to lie to you. Here’s what he should answer if you ask if he has the best mother-in-law in the world? And if he does not think she is the best, but does not want to offend you? And the man may hear such questions a dozen times a day;
  • nothing to say. If you ask a man a tricky question, and he says nothing, perhaps he thinks that there is no need to say, because everything is clear or vice versa he does not know, so he has nothing to say.

It should be noted that if the man is silent after a stormy quarrel, a good sex or a tasty dinner, it is not the fact that the reason for silence is any of the above. You can understand why he is silent if you pay attention to his body language.

How to understand a man’s body language

Women should pay attention not to words, but to men’s actions and body language. Pay attention to the way experienced speakers talk, they know how to control their own bodies and often use psychological techniques. Although from the gestures, you can understand what kind of person is in front of you. Even if the interlocutor will control his movements, it is worth looking closely, because there are things that are not under control.

A separate topic is the body language of people in love, especially men. With the stronger half of mankind, either everything is immediately clear, or on the contrary everything is very complicated. If you want to better understand a man, you should pay attention to:

1. Gaze. A man’s attitude towards a woman is almost always seen in his gaze. If he is interested, his pupils dilate, this reaction is natural and at least indicates a physical attraction. If he squints, most likely he is trying to understand what the woman is saying. If a man looks straight into the eyes, then he has serious intentions, if he looks away, then he is confused or afraid, and looking at the hands, breasts, or legs indicates a sexual desire. Worth paying attention to the eyebrows – if a man raises one, this means he shows skepticism, if both, then he is interested.

2. Hands. They indicate unconscious information, based on emotions. If the man touches his face, it means that he is interested in listening to a woman. If he touches the woman as if accidentally, it means he pretends to her. If he corrects something on himself, it means he is afraid of not being liked because of his exaggerated self-esteem. If he gestures actively, it means he wants to make a good impression. 3.

3. his facial expressions. If a man is emotional, on his face there will be visible wrinkles, which can determine the main qualities of the man – impressionability, vulnerability, and even greed. Even a smile can be deceptive. Therefore, it is important to assess everything comprehensively. If the emotions in the eyes and the smile coincide, it is a good sign, and if not, it is worth thinking. It is important to pay attention to detail, since the most serious emotions are expressed in fractions of a second.

4. Body Position . During a long conversation the man cannot stay in one position for a long time, so by the position of the body it is possible to understand what is on the man’s mind. For example, if a man is standing with his back straight, it means that he is self-confident. If he leans only on one leg, then perhaps he has doubts. If he stands with legs spread wide apart, then he tries to focus on his own sexuality. If he sits with one leg behind the other, this indicates that he is withdrawn or afraid that he won’t be perceived as he would like to be. If he can’t find his place, he sits down, then he stands up, this indicates that the man can not cope with his emotions or struck by surprise.

What do men keep silent about?

The silence is a feature of male thinking and to understand what the partner is really thinking, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. However, there is a list of topics that you should not talk to the stronger sex:

1. The number of previous partners.

This question is very confusing for men, they are afraid to tell the real number, not realizing that honesty is important for women.

2. Quality of previous relationships.

Such a question very much irritates men, and women are interested in knowing the truth, but an objective answer is unlikely to achieve.

3. The size of the income.

Another awkward topic. And it doesn’t matter how much a man earns, he just doesn’t want to announce the figure and dedicate a woman to his financial affairs.

4. Plans for the future.

This question causes a sense of fear in most men. Even if your partner is thinking about starting a family, you should not pressure him and demand any explanations, because many men associate talking about the future with a restriction of freedom and encroachment on personal space.

5. Thoughts.

Men think about a lot of things, but they talk about little things. Sometimes thoughts get confused and a “vacuum” forms in the man’s head, it is very undesirable to bring your partner to talk when he is in such a state, otherwise you may hear things that are unlikely to like.

The fact that men are silent a lot is normal, for them it is a comfortable psychological state. Pay attention to the actions of your partner and his body language, these are more reliable sources of information.published by econet.ru.

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Silence in a relationship – why it kills them in terms of psychology

Silence is a cold war, a silent battle, a heavy feud in which the weapon is a deafening silence. It is a type of response to conflict or something unpleasant.

Sometimes silence can play a positive role, but such situations are few. Much more often, silence strikes a devastating blow and has a negative effect on the relationship as a whole.

There are problems in every relationship, as well as conflicts and misunderstandings. People react in different ways: some begin to clarify the relationship sharply, some try to talk quietly, some retaliate, and some take it and shut up.

An individual, if he or she finds the situation unpleasant, is capable of keeping silent even without explaining the reason, leaving the opponent to ponder what he or she did wrong.

Why do people in relationships keep quiet?

To begin with, it’s worth figuring out what provokes people to be quiet and unable to talk. Consider the possible causes:

  • As an attempt to reduce the degree of heat in the conflict.

Suppose the conflict has reached its climax and arrows of anger and aggression are flying between you, you are not holding back in expressions and hurtful words. One of the partners decides to shut up.

First of all, in order to have an opportunity to calm down a little.

In this case, it is really necessary, because only a temporary lull can keep you from rash words that later will be difficult to forget.

In the case of resentment against their partner, some people use silence in order to teach them a lesson. They think that such tactics are capable of generating guilt in their partner’s soul. In fact, often the partner does not even understand what the matter is.

Our views of the world and relationships tend to differ with the opposite sex. So if your significant other has behaved in your opinion wrong, his point of view on the subject is able to be the opposite. And he will only be perplexed, not feel guilty.

  • In the form of manipulation.

Sometimes silence is used as a means to get what you want. Let’s say you want your partner to consent to some event. He is not ready, you get offended and shut up. It is difficult for a person to stay in a tense situation for a long time and he is forced to agree to your conditions.

If the manipulation is successful, there is a chance that this behavior will be perpetuated in the relationship. That is, if your partner agrees under the pressure of silence to your request, you will probably resort to the systematic use of this technique.

  • As an attempt to run away from conflict.

There are people for whom any clarification of the relationship, even if the situation is calm and there is an uncomplicated conversation, is an excuse to hide in “their shell. They are afraid, they do not accept and do not know how to express their emotions, feelings and adequately respond to the experiences of others.

In this case, the silence acts as a defensive reaction. And simply put, the person runs away from any expressions and emotions. This installation is imposed from childhood, when parents were not allowed to broadcast their feelings to the world, because it caused them irritation.

  • As a product of upbringing.

Implied by parents can also be silence in general. When a person, even in an environment that is positive for themselves, prefers to be silent and not share anything personal.

  • When it is impossible to resolve the conflict.

When the situation is at a standstill, when there are no more thoughts to resolve the conflict, the person keeps silent due to the inability to offer something to his partner. They say about such situations “hands fall down”.

Excruciating silence.

  • From fear.

Conflicts can also escalate into overt aggression that carries a threat to life and health. Let’s say a woman living with a tyrant husband, who has been physically or psychologically abused for many years, in an acute situation would prefer to remain silent, so as not to provoke an already strung-out spouse.

  • Like expecting the problem to resolve itself.

Sometimes a person does not expect the conflict to resolve itself. He is sure that a little time will pass and the conflict will disappear. This is a childish, infantile position in which he is not only incapable of taking responsibility for himself. But he does not even shift it to his partner, hoping for a miracle.

How to Respond to Silence Properly

If your partner uses silence in a relationship with you, it’s worth learning how to behave properly with him.

  • If he uses silence as punishment, manipulation.

It is worth waiting for the manipulator to stop his influence and in a calm atmosphere to say that this version of the relationship is not possible, because you are hurt by his reaction.

Give a response to his manipulation is definitely not worth it, because, unfortunately, then such a response is exacerbated. The partner will systematically use it in any unpleasant situation.

  • If the partner is trying to calm down with the help of silence.

In this case, it is worth resorting to mutuality in this matter, because giving time to cool down is really necessary. Another time, if the ignoring of each other lasts several days, it is worth to reconsider your distance.

  • If the partner is silent by nature.

There is no sense to pressure on the representative of such a feature, and you will not be able to teach him to talk. This is an inborn trait. Try to explain that you would like to communicate more with each other. However, most likely you will have to accept his reticence, it is unlikely he will change dramatically.

  • Give him the opportunity to be with himself for a while.

Sometimes men really need time to be alone, because staying with myself, he is able to bring thoughts into perfect order, put everything in its place. But the time should not be too much. This point should be discussed and indicate how long it will be possible to start an adequate conversation.

  • Learn to talk and negotiate.

Every conflict can be resolved without aggression or total silence. This requires a conversation. Calm, with an explanation of how you feel, what you think, and with the ability to find a compromise.

When the relationship is calm and quiet, you can gently explain to your partner that silence hurts you a lot, you are very worried at such moments and that you would like to get out of situations of misunderstanding in a different way. Maybe he will hear you and want to meet you halfway.

If you yourself like to be quiet…

In case you use silence in a relationship with a man, look at the reasons for this behavior and try to follow some rules:

  • Understand that silence is destructive and destructive to your relationship.
  • Try not to be offended by small things, life is so beautiful and you should not waste it on empty insults.
  • If you do not like something, it is better to tell the man directly about it, perhaps he will hear you and there will be no reason for resentment.
  • Be sincere and open. Do not close yourself off, you have a close person with you, trust him.
  • In some moments it is worth understanding your partner. Do not be selfish.
  • Silence kills feelings. Slowly, slowly, but leads to a point where it will be difficult to hear and understand each other.
  • Focus on your partner’s positive qualities. Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone also has a lot of pluses that are much more valuable than the unpleasant moments.

Don’t be silent, don’t avoid, don’t be afraid, don’t push. Learn to talk, because there is a problem in our world where two people have not even tried, to hear each other, to keep their relationship.

Talk – the only true way to find, return, resurrect and love again, the one you really care about.

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