Why is a man blocking?

What it means when a guy has blocked you everywhere

So, everything was fine. You met a young man, long and sweetly communicated, as at one point, found that the guy blocked you absolutely in all social networks and messengers.

Of course, such news for you will be a thunderbolt from a clear sky. When you were blocked, added to the blacklist and began to ignore your existence, then this will knock out the ground from under even the strongest character girl. You feel that your ego is just crushed, and in complete bewilderment you will start going over the reasons why the guy decided to block you.

It should be noted right away that most guys are logical creatures, and are guided by common sense, not emotions. Therefore, what happened is a consequence of some rather unobvious to you reason. Notagram.ru together with expert psychologists offers you to face the truth, and to analyze all the most common causes of such behavior.

What it means when a guy has blocked you everywhere

He has certain feelings for you

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If a guy is communicating with you, it can only mean one thing – he definitely likes you. And when a guy really likes you a lot, he might block you for the following two reasons. The first is that he wants to take your communication to the next level. For example, you only communicate with him on Vkontakte or on the phone, but you don’t want to go out with him. Thus, he provokes you to meet in person. The second is that you simply do not reciprocate. By blocking you, the guy finds the easiest way to erase you from his life.

He doesn’t want you to know the truth.

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Social media exposes us to one side or the other. Your young man may still be dating someone, or even married! So by blocking you, he’s trying to hide part of his life from you. Of course, he may be hiding more than just his affair on the side. He may have certain tendencies or habits that he just doesn’t want you to know about. But in any case, if this has happened, you need to think seriously about whether you should continue the relationship with him.

He’s manipulating you.

If you have feelings for a guy, some young men, who objectively can’t be counted as men in the literal sense of the word, may begin to manipulate you through similar practices. All such “rednecks” need is to make you feel guilty or indebted to the young man. In the understanding of such guys, you should be an obedient and silly sheep, but not a person at all. So if you notice from his side any attempts to manipulate you, you can safely forget about such a guy.

You messed up or made a serious mistake

We all make mistakes, sometimes very serious ones. It is likely that when you have badly damaged your boyfriend’s nerves, he will think that there is no forgiveness for you, and will want to stop all contact with you. So if you felt strong remorse in the morning for certain yesterday’s events, and were horrified to find that the guy wasn’t answering his calls, and blocked you on WhatsApp, Vkontakte, Viber, it’s better to give the guy time to cool down. Then meet him in person and try to make him understand and forgive you. Remember that men only forgive once.

He just got tired of you.

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The saddest option of all when you’re on the block might be when a guy is just tired of you and your relationship with him. By blocking you everywhere, he’s chosen this kind of passive-aggressive way of telling you that it’s over. Ignoring a person is always easier than trying to set the record straight about your relationship. If this has happened, there’s no need to try to go out of your way to make things worse. It’s just your time to analyze your own and others’ mistakes, and when the time comes – move on to a new relationship.

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What to do if a man has “blocked” you everywhere and is very offended

You were communicating with a man and everything seemed good, there were plans for interesting trips, living together, meeting relatives. But at some point you call him, and the phone keeps getting busy. Your messages go unread. You realize you’ve been blocked.

Panic, resentment, anger, sadness, and fear immediately set in. You’re overwhelmed with emotion, you don’t know what to do now. What does this mean? What is the real reason for this action? Is there a chance to return the relationship? How to behave in this situation?

The man blocked – what is the reason

Do not think that this means the end of the relationship. It all depends on the reason that the man blocked you. In order to understand it, you need to cope with your emotions and analyze the situation in a calm state.

The reasons will depend on the stage your relationship is at, the situation that was the day before the blocking, your and his behavior.

If your relationship was just beginning, you only had a few meetings, the man could only block you for three reasons:

  • He realized you weren’t right for him and decided to avoid “unpleasant” conversations – this is the position of a man who doesn’t like to take responsibility and act like an adult. That he might not have liked you is perfectly normal. People don’t have to like everyone, and it’s impossible. But to say honestly about it and explain yourself – not everyone is capable of this;
  • His wife is back from a business trip or from her parents – in order not to give himself away your calls and messages, he quickly decided to stop communicating;
  • he manipulates you-arranging emotional swings, so that you were suffering, wondering what is wrong, trying to be “good”, and he would “forgive” you and arrange a nice date. Such manipulators are very adept at controlling girls, making them dependent.

In all of these cases, having him stop communicating is a good opportunity for you to let your feelings “cool down” a bit and look at this person from an objective point of view.

But what to do if you already know him well, you had a relationship and you thought everything was serious and you enjoyed communicating, and suddenly he blocked you? What’s the reason then? Think about it, was there an argument or jealousy scene the night before this happened? Maybe it’s just his reaction to a certain situation. You may not have given it much thought; it may not seem obvious. Try to look at the situation through his eyes. What feelings did he have? What experiences did he have?

If there was a conflict after all, put yourself in the man’s shoes. Is his claim fair? Analyze your behavior. Were you right? No need to apologize to the man, if you’re sure you did the right thing. It is important to be honest in the relationship.

What to do if the beloved does not want to communicate and blocked everywhere?

After a fight, he usually “cools down” and comes back into your life. It is important to talk about what happened. Don’t bombard him with claims or try to “make it up to him,” but to be honest about your feelings and thoughts. Try to hear his point of view and get into it. Solve the problem together, so that it no longer affects your relationship.

But there are times when the fight didn’t happen at all. You thought everything was fine. Then you need to analyze the relationship as a whole. Think about whether you were too restrictive on his freedom? Have you been jealous for no reason? Didn’t you bombard him with constant messages asking where he was and who he was with? The reason is clear, you love him and are afraid of losing him. You want to show him your feelings. But everyone has a different need for intimacy.

The man may have thought you were too intrusive, and your love caused him to fear losing his freedom and independence. That’s okay. He doesn’t have to be in fusion with you, he can have his own life and needs. It’s just that your degree of affection for each other didn’t match up. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

If that’s the reason for the blockage, then give him time to rest and think things through, to miss you. It’s important to think about whether it’s worth it to keep expressing your love this way. After all, when he comes back, if the relationship does not change, the problem will not be solved.

What not to do

When you’ve been blocked, girlfriends are more than happy to give you advice. Because you’re overwhelmed with emotion, you may not think critically enough and make a not-so-conscious decision yourself.

To prevent this from happening, here are a few things you shouldn’t do under any circumstances:

  • Try to get back at him;
  • Call him from someone else’s phone number;
  • tell him through mutual friends that you’re doing fine and that you’re already communicating with someone else;
  • “stalking” him and trying to figure things out in person;
  • tell mutual friends about what he did, so that he “feels ashamed”;
  • start apologizing and making excuses when he does unblock you;
  • If you do unblock him, immediately flood him with messages or phone calls.

Not only does all of this not help, but it makes the situation even worse. The most important thing you have to do is to understand the reasons for what he did. Understand how this can be changed, but without infringing on his needs and desires. And whether it is possible at all. Moreover, it is important to decide for yourself – are you ready to continue this relationship, if he gets in touch.

How to behave if he’s blocked

If trying to “get through” to him, that is, make contact, is useless, what can you do? The best thing you can do is use this pause to understand yourself. Think about whether your life began to dwell on him, not on you? Analyze yourself, your attitude toward him. Aren’t you breaking psychological boundaries, aren’t you becoming dependent?

Think about what good can you get out of this situation? You have more free time and energy. So it’s time to do self-development, sports, find a new hobby. Interact with friends you haven’t seen for a long time, find new ones.

If you want to learn how to build an equal healthy relationship, without emotional swings and sudden breakups, the most important quality that you need to acquire – the ability to be happy outside of the relationship with him. You don’t need a man to be happy and live a vibrant life.

The paradox is that as soon as you realize this, a man will show up right away. Positive, upbeat people who value their freedom are always more attractive. They attract people to them, you want to communicate with them. You want to be a part of their life.

When you gain positive thinking, self-confidence, ease and openness, you can avoid many problems in relationships. If the man comes back, you will already be building a relationship differently. If he still won’t get in touch, it’s time for a new phase in your life and new men. Think of it as a useful, albeit unpleasant experience that was a boost to your self-development and positive changes that only made you stronger and wiser.

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