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Ex-husband in bed

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Dreamer – Ex-boyfriend, husband

An ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who appeared in a dream symbolizes your excessive preoccupation with the past.

It is this that prevents you from going forward, from developing as a person; former love does not want to give up the place of real love in your heart.

A dream in which you parted with this man, suggests that the time has come to change priorities, the collapse of previous ideals.

After this internal revision, things will go much better for you, and in all areas of life.

Dream – Bed

A dream in which you find a strange man in your bed is a sign of discord between spouses. If you yourself are dragged into bed a lover – a dream suggests that a holiday in your home will turn into sorrow.

If in the dream you get out of bed, getting ready for work – it portends illness for the healthy and recovery for the sick. If you lie in bed until almost noon – it foreshadows someone’s death.

If you are paralyzed and can’t get out of bed – it’s bad luck from an accident.

If you fall out of bed, you will experience mortal fear.

A bed thrown open foreshadows a visit to your apartment by burglars.

A described, wet as you squeeze it out, bed means that you’ll have to look after an old, infirm person.

A clean bed with freshly starched linen suggests that something is being plotted against you by the male half of your workforce.

Make bed with a blanket – you will make a number of mistakes under the influence of those who are extremely interested in this.

To take apart the bed when preparing to go to sleep – to be involved in a discussion of some issue in which no consensus will be reached.

To go to bed – a bad omen, which portends great trouble in the home or unhappiness with someone close to you.

Lie in bed naked – to joy.

Dream – Bed

Bed – a symbol of marriage, friendship, love, illness.

Cleaned bed – marriage, wealth, children.

Very wide – great marital happiness.

High bed – marriage will bring honor, help to make a career.

Under a canopy – some kind of special honor.

To clean one’s bed – marital happiness.

To decorate one’s bed – sickness.

To dismantle one’s bed – to nurture thorough hopes of prosperity.

To sleep on a wide bed with your husband – unexpected unpleasantness.

Turned over bed – danger to life, death.

To make a bed on the floor – to enter into a shameful relationship, which will not bring honor or end in marriage.

A badly made bed – your sinful secret will be found out.

A bed in disarray – failure in love, difficulty in family relationships, infidelity of a friend.

Bed carried away – unfulfilled desires.

Empty, disassembled – danger to life of your relatives.

To lie in bed alone – a slight indisposition.

To lie in it with a person of your own sex – deterioration of friendly relations, bad moods, irritation.

To see a stranger in one’s bed – disagreement in marriage.

Lying in another’s bed, suffering insomnia – illness.

Dream – Bed

See his bed or lie on it in a dream – to illness.

A dirty bed in a dream means that soon you will hear that one of your family or friends is sick.

To see someone else’s bed empty in a dream means that you will soon receive news of death.

If you dream that someone is making (making) your bed, you will be welcomed.

Being in bed with someone in a dream means that you should worry about your reputation, because there are all kinds of gossip about you.

A beautifully made bed in a dream is a sign of family happiness and well-being.

Crumpled, crumpled bed in a dream – the portent of anxiety, worry, insomnia due to confusion or trouble. Sometimes such a dream portends money losses.

If you dream that you make your bed, you will soon visit a dear friend.

Sick to see himself in bed in a dream – a sign that his illness will be complicated.

In a dream, to wet the bed – the portent of bad news, unexpected events, distress or humiliation.

Dream – Bed

If you dream that you’re sick and does not leave your bed – the dream promises good health, but only if the linen was clean and fresh. If the linen was dirty, you’re really at risk of malaise.

If you dream that you are lying on bad linen, imagine that you are making a clean, snow-white bed.

Making your bed is for the road. If you are making a double bed, it means that you will travel with your spouse (if married). If you are not yet married, the dream foretells you a romantic adventure on the road.

A well made, smooth bed – your peace of mind is not threatened.

See your bed in disarray, rumpled, disheveled – your intimate secrets will become public. Prevent the execution of such a dream can be imagined that you carefully make your bed and cover it with a thick woolen blanket.

Lie in bed with a loved one – in reality your relationship will improve.

See unmade bed – to loneliness. Imagine that you make your bed with beautiful new linen.

Dream – Ex-girlfriend, wife

A dream in which your former lover appeared indicates that the past still lives in your heart, although you may be diligently avoiding the memories of it.

You are waiting for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of bygone bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

The dream suggests: stop waiting under the sea of weather, be more active, and good luck is sure to smile to you.

If you dreamed that your ex died, it means that your life will soon begin a new period.

It’s difficult to say yet how favorable it will be.

However, it’s certain that you won’t be bored; you will simply have no time to indulge in memories, whatever they were – nice or vice versa.

Dream – Bed

A clean and white bed means a peaceful cessation of worries and cares. For a woman to see in a dream that she is making her bed is a portent of a new heartfelt friend and a pleasant occupation.

To see yourself in bed in a strange room in a dream means that you will be visited unexpectedly by friends.

If a sick person sees himself in bed, you should expect new complications of his illness.

To see in a dream that you are sleeping in a bed outdoors portends delightful activities and opportunities to improve your situation.

To see a friend lying in bed and very pale means that strange circumstances will affect your friends, bringing dissatisfaction.

For a mother to see in a dream that her child peed in bed, portends unusual worry, concern for the sick who will not soon get better.

Anyone who sees in a dream that he peed in bed should expect illness or a tragic accident that will break the usual course of life.

Dream – Bed

To see a disassembled bed with clean white linen: portends you rest and relaxation.

Sometimes such dreams suggest that some slight indisposition will allow you to give yourself an extra weekend.

Colored linen on the bed is a sign of sensual pleasures.

A crumpled bed in your dream means that you have relaxed too much in some matter, because of which your life may come to a mess.

A dirty bed warns that some conflict will deprive you of peace.

To wet the bed is a sign of powerlessness. Such dreams indicate that some difficulties may deprive you of strength for a long time.

A sick person’s dream about a bed foreshadows that his illness will linger.

Dream – Bed

To see someone in your bed with you – disagreement in your marriage;

a bed with curtains – marriage;

exposed to the sun – prosperity in the home;

to see an empty one – death;

to lie in bed – sickness;

to see a dirty – sickness in the family;

To see a luxurious – happiness in matrimony;

to be well lined – confidence and peace;

to lose money, given in credit;

Get out of bed – for the sick – to get health.

Dream – Bed

A clean and white bed dreams of cessation of worries and cares.

A woman who makes her bed in a dream will have a new heartfelt friend.

Dreamed that you’re sleeping in bed in the open air – there are interesting activities and great prospects ahead.

Saw yourself in someone else’s bed in an unfamiliar room – prepare for a visit from friends.

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What do you dream about your ex-husband

Ex-husband in a dream hints. that there is a certain invisible connection that unites you apart from desire (common children. friends, affairs, etc.). What else this character warns about, popular dreambooks will tell you.

Ex-spouse by Miller’s Dream

If in a dream you have a close relationship with your ex-husband, with feelings flaring up between you again – to the approach of the side effects of the past. Kissing him – to soon surprise. Making love – to an aggravation of an old conflict.

To quarrel in a dream with your ex-husband – to good changes in your life. Parting with him symbolizes a new meeting, which may end in bad luck. Seeing your ex-spouse as ugly and gloomy, promises you many disappointments and obstacles. If, on the contrary, he is cheerful, handsome and well-groomed symbolizes fame.

If you saw your ex and at the same time frightened of his ridiculous appearance – to hard feelings about a close friend, who after a while will become your enemy. See him not covered by anything, namely naked, such a dream promises you an obscene job in which you will find yourself in a very difficult and hopeless situation.

You should be very wary of a dream in which a former spouse plays the guitar. This dream symbolizes that you have a serious illness. If your ex-husband is shouting loudly in your dream, then in reality he feels very bad.

Most likely, he has a difficult depression or he is sick. A dream in which, your ex is unceremoniously swearing and you can hear it, promises you huge problems. Perhaps through your own fault you will get into a difficult situation, but you will not admit it yourself.

Wangi’s dream – ex-husband

Seeing your past love in a dream means that you want to bring back the past associated with him. If you dream that you are together and not even parted, it means that in reality you finally managed to overcome yourself, and your heart let go all thoughts of your former spouse.

A dream in which your ex-husband does not look completely sober, which means that he needs your support and longs for you. If you dreamed of your mother-in-law with your ex-husband, perhaps in reality she is very sorry that the marriage with her son fell apart and thus asks for your forgiveness.

Freud’s Dream

A meeting with an ex-spouse in reality symbolizes a strong quarrel between the sleeper and her current other half. In addition, such a dream displays her jealous fantasies and petty suspicions.

Dream about the ex – by Nostradamus dream

After a dream in which you saw your ex-spouse, you need to be wary of witches and magicians, especially if the dream was about the ex having great feelings for you again. If in the dream you had a close intimate relationship with him, then in the near future you will answer for the deeds of your past.

If you dreamed of a dead ex-husband, this dream is a warning that in the near future you will be in only danger.

Tsvetkov’s dream – ex-spouse

A dream in which a woman saw her former spouse, in reality, foreshadows her frivolous actions that lead to sad consequences. If such a dream is dreamed of a married or divorced lady, then in reality she expects frustrating hassles, forced travel and illness of the current husband.

What do you dream about an ex-male according to an esoteric dream book?

To have a sexual relationship with an ex-spouse and at the same time have passionate feelings for him, symbolize your long-standing consequences and unsolvable problems. Kissing him – to great surprise.

Making love – to the aggravation of an old conflict. Break up – to a meeting that may end in failure. To quarrel and quarrel with an ex-spouse – to happy changes in your life.

Loff’s Dream – ex-husband

A dream in which an ex-spouse married another woman symbolizes forgiveness soon. You will be able to forgive the person on whom you have had a grudge for a very long period of time. If you dreamed that the former married you again, this dream promises you a lot of trouble.

A dream in which he treated you with incredible tenderness and love – to unexpected surprises, which can be both pleasant and not very nice. The death of an ex-spouse dreams about family well-being, namely about your speedy marriage and the birth of a child.

Meneghetti’s dream – ex-spouse

A conversation with an ex-husband, symbolizes the illness of your current spouse. If an ex-husband smiles at you in a dream, it means your unjustified doubts about the merits of your current beloved.

Why do you dream of an ex-husband – by Longo’s dream book

Dreams about an ex-husband symbolizes your excessive interest in the past. Such concentration on the past does not allow you to move forward and develop as a single person. Past love does not want to give way to your new relationship.

Hassé’s Dream

A dream in which you parted with your former spouse indicates that a new period has come for you, and you will completely change, all your priorities and look at the world with different eyes. After such a dream, your affairs in all spheres will instantly improve and stabilize.

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