Why do men hide their feelings?

15 signs that a man is hiding his feelings for you

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Most men find it easiest to stay out of the relationship, play little games and fool around.

However, it’s not easy to admit to yourself and others that you have real feelings for someone.

Whether they admit it or not, the mere thought of telling them how you feel and starting a relationship that could end in heartbreak can sometimes be scary.

For this reason, many men begin to struggle with their feelings. First and foremost, it’s a struggle with themselves because for many, falling in love makes them vulnerable.

They take their time getting into a relationship and assess the situation before they do anything.

If you think a man is falling in love with you, but something is holding him back, check out these 15 signs that he’s struggling with his feelings for you.

This will certainly allow you to see the picture more clearly.

A man’s hidden feelings.

1. At first he is very attentive to you, but then he suddenly withdraws

You don’t have to worry about him suddenly disappearing. Most likely, he will start sending you messages, though not every day.

He’ll probably be friends with you for a while and not commit to you, but once he gets to know you better and gets up the courage, there’s a chance you’ll start a relationship.

Nevertheless, be careful: the “friendship” phase should not last too long. If you feel that he has had enough time to sort out his feelings, but there is no progress, most likely there are no feelings. He just likes to have an interesting time.

2. he pays attention to what you say and remembers a lot about you

He absorbs every word you say. He remembers things you may have mentioned in passing, days and even weeks ago. You may even be surprised at some of the details he remembers.

Also, he has definitely studied your social media pages. Even if you haven’t seen “likes” from him, chances are he’s following your posts and other social media activities.

3. a man is hiding his feelings if his questions are too personal

He wants to know a lot of different things about you.

In addition to questions designed to keep the conversation going, he will ask you other, much deeper questions.

He will want to know your opinion, what you like and don’t like, your past in the relationship, and the like.

It may not always be pleasant, but he just wants to minimize the risk of getting burned in the relationship.

4- He goes to great lengths to impress you.

He wants you to see only the best in him and will go to great lengths to do so.

So be sure to pay attention to changes in his appearance or a new perfume scent.

He will also talk a lot about his strengths, professional successes and everything he is proud of – not out of vanity, but because consciously or subconsciously wants to impress you.

5. He has an (inexplicable) need to justify himself to you.

For example, whenever he starts talking about a woman he knows, the man will insist that she’s just a friend so you won’t think he’s unavailable.

6. He only looks at you

You will probably get the feeling that he is looking at you, but as soon as you turn around, he will turn away.

He doesn’t want his gaze in your direction to be too obvious. Your friends will also notice and let you know.

But when you find yourself standing next to him and talking to him, he will no doubt enjoy eye contact with you. In turn, you will enjoy his attention.

7. His gestures and facial expressions will speak for him

He will try to look relaxed, but his body and mind will say otherwise.

His occasionally shaking hands and maybe even sweaty palms will be the clearest sign that you are making him nervous (in a good way).

He will also stand very close to you when you are talking. While you are talking, he will subconsciously lean toward you.

He also won’t miss an opportunity to put his hand on your shoulder or discreetly touch your arm.

If he’s already worked up the courage, he might even kiss you on the cheek or hug you longer than just a friend.

Signs of hidden feelings in a man.

8. He likes to help you.

He usually offers to help you. For example, to listen, give advice, or help you move furniture.

He lets you know that you can count on him for everything.

9. He admires you (but will never say it out loud).

When you speak, he looks at you as the most wonderful creature in the world.

He understands that you have been through a lot, and he admires your accomplishments. Every victory you have had is huge in his eyes, even though he doesn’t make it clear.

He will listen to you and compliment you – an obvious sign that he has feelings for you.

10. Once he’s with you, he goes into protective mode.

Even though a man may tease you, it will never seem mean, inappropriate or rude.

But, every time someone else does the same thing, a man will disapprove and even admonish the prankster to protect you.

He will also make sure that you get home safely and are safe.

Whether he admits it or not, the man cares about you, and these small signs of attention indicate hidden feelings for you.

11. he shows signs of reserved jealousy

He doesn’t like it when you are in the company of other men. And this is natural, because he reacts according to his feelings and is afraid that someone else will be your mate.

You will see his face turn pale and his attitude towards you become a little strange. He is clearly uncomfortable and jealous when another man approaches you.

Not to mention the fact that he will certainly ask you questions about your relationships with other men.

12 He’s thoughtful.

Being thoughtful is one of the most common signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you.

As mentioned earlier, he wants you to see him in a better light, so he will behave like a gentleman. He will open the door in front of you, for example, and even if he doesn’t overwhelm you with gifts, the little presents he gives you will come from the heart.

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, like your favorite chocolates.

13. He shares personal information with you.

Most men are reluctant to open up or do so slowly and somewhat reluctantly. But, if a man starts to trust you, that’s always a good sign.

People can talk to each other about the weather, but sharing personal details is a much more intimate thing.

He’ll want your opinion on what’s going on with him now, or his plans for the future.

In general, he will have an inexplicable need to tell you everything at every opportunity.

14. There are cooling down moments.

He may not even realize that he is struggling with his feelings. Although it is difficult for him to confront them or explain how he feels, it will be even harder for you to understand him.

In those moments, it may seem like he’s playing with you.

You will have to trust your intuition to see if his actions are unintentional, or if it is just a game.

15. You will feel a chemistry and some tension between you

Every time you walk into a room, he can’t help but smile.

He will stare at you and will always find a way to compliment you indirectly by telling you how beautiful you are.

He can also convey to you all the tension built up inside in slightly rude words or remarks.

The magnetism between you is hard to explain, but it can be felt nonetheless.

The key to understanding why he struggles with his feelings for you is that men don’t experience their feelings the same way women do.

They will trust their reason first, preferring logical thinking to emotion, while women tend to follow their heart.

If he is struggling with his feelings, give him time to deal with them. He’s struggling with his amim, and it’s better if he does it alone. Once he figures it all out, he’ll take over your life.

Why does a man hide his feelings?

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Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years I save the “family unit” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Probably every girl at least once in her life wondered: “How to understand that a man is hiding his feelings? And no matter, whether it’s a regular guy at school, winked at you at recess, but you’ve already managed to think that he was really in love with you up to his ears. Or a friend at university who helped you solve a difficult problem and asked nothing in return.

Or maybe it’s a colleague at work who goes out for coffee every time you do. And every time in any of these situations a girl asks herself – “how do you know if he really likes me or it’s all an accident, and if he does, how do you know. that he’s hiding this feeling?”

Why won’t a man admit it?

In order to understand a man’s feelings and why he won’t admit his feelings for you right away, you have to understand why he doesn’t do it in principle.

Perhaps modern girls, after watching beautiful movies about love, expect the same beautiful, extraordinary and courageous deeds from men in the real world. But real life is not a movie or a book, with prescribed characters and the storyline in which at the end all will be well. In real life all is not so rosy and no one can say with absolute certainty that this man is your destiny and you should make a lot of efforts to reach him. This will be one of the main reasons why a man hides his feelings.

As much as a man doesn’t deny it or hide it, he can also be afraid. Sometimes he’s afraid that his feelings are just unrequited, to say the least, and if he opens them up, he’ll just be shunned or even ridiculed. Or it could be that it just won’t work out in the end.

The second possible reason why men do not express their feelings may be that they are afraid to look weak. It is difficult to say why, but in the minds of modern men firmly entrenched idea that only women can express strong emotions. Men need to be restrained and balanced.

So if a girl can scream, hysterical, jumping for joy or crying in public, it will not embarrass anyone. But if a man should show tenderness, sensuality, show offence, or to shed a tear, it will be regarded as weakness. By the way, for the same reason many men are less tolerant of stress and tension. If a girl can find someone to talk it out, cry and release accumulated stress, the man himself often have to cope with it all, experiencing all the stress on their own.

Another reason could be that a man learned by bitter experience wants to get to know the girl better, before entering into a relationship with her. The fact is that as soon as a man falls in love, he may simply not notice the negative features of his chosen one. For him it will seem sweet, even the way she disgustingly loudly chews and laughs during meals. Of course, soon the crush will disappear, and he will see her in a real light, but then it may be too late to think whether you want to be with her or not.

By the way, for the same reason some men in love may specifically look for flaws in girls. They, though they do not realize it, will purposely argue with her all the time, quarrel and lead her on. This is the syndrome of the schoolboy, pulling pigtails. This way he shows his signs of attention, and thus wants to understand what kind of girl he really is. Another reason why he does not show his feelings, but waits until the feeling of a man in love passes, may be his own bitter experience.

The fact is that sometimes women can also be insidious and cruel. It happens that a man confesses his feelings, and the girl decides to take advantage of it. So the poor guy becomes dependent on the girl who does not care about him. She can manipulate him as she wants, demanding all she wants from him.

Another reason why a man may not show his feelings can be the fact that he is no longer single or that you have a significant other. Of course, everything happens, a girl can like a married man (let’s not discuss the reasons why this happens, maybe he’s not happy in his marriage, maybe his feelings for his soul mate have faded, maybe it’s a marriage of convenience, or maybe he just likes you). Or the girl herself already has a soul mate and then the man will not show his feelings, so as not to break the existing union and not to spoil the relationship.

A possible reason could be that the man has not yet decided on the degree of his feelings. He wants to think it over and understand if it is true love or just a little crush, which will soon pass. In that case, the girl should just wait, because in the end, when he figures it out, he will definitely express his feelings.

What are the signs that he has feelings?

So, here we have figured out why. Now let’s consider how to understand that a man is hiding his feelings, and what are the signs of a man in love. In fact, there are a lot of signs that a man is hiding his feelings, there are universal characteristic of almost all men, there are individual, that is, those that are manifested in people of a certain psychological type, a certain training, and life baggage. But in any case at least a couple of signs can easily give away hidden feelings, so:

It is not for nothing they say, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The thing is that the eyes are very difficult to control, and some moments are even impossible.

As many have probably heard the girls are very well developed intuition and empathy, or as they say, the emotional intelligence. Because of this, women can understand a child at a very young age, when he can not yet express his feelings and needs in words.

Here the situation can be similar. It is worth it for a woman to look into a man’s eyes and his real desire is no longer hidden from her, his eyes will literally tell her that he is in love and wanted to be the development of this relationship. Other signs may be a very long gaze of a man on the object of his desire, sometimes it is as if he goes into the astral, continuing to look at the woman.

Of course, there are also those who understand that it is indecent to devour a girl with his eyes for a long time and this may cause some questions. Then a man will often, briefly, and as if stealthily, cast a glance. Well, perhaps the most true sign that can be read in the eyes that he likes her, will dilate the pupils. Of course, this sign can not be taken into account if you are in a dark room, in the sun, or shine a lamp in his eyes and ask uncomfortable questions.

The second sign, which can be very difficult to control will be gestures. A great deal of research has been done and dozens of books have been written on the subject of emotions and gestures. Without a doubt, we can say that emotions and gestures, most often manifested without the control of consciousness, and directly related to the subconscious, and can express exactly what a person so wants to say or do.

And if a person can somehow learn to control emotions (although again, there are studies that have proven that no matter how a person controls himself, a real emotion will slip on his face, even if just for a split second), then with gestures everything is much more complicated. For example, you can determine that a man likes you if he tries to copy your pose, of course if it happens subconsciously.

During the conversation he is turned with his whole body. The toes of his feet are in your direction, he may hold his hands open palms up. Or he may show his masculine strength and representativeness by putting his hands behind his belt. He will try to keep his posture straight and his abdomen taut. Also, at such moments the body contact is important. For a man will be characterized by bodily contact, light touches on the arms or shoulders of the girl.

It is characteristic for a man not only to show closeness in his emotions, but also a desire not to devote others in personal matters and experiences. But if he likes the girl, you can be sure that sooner or later he may ask her for advice on what he should do in some life situation, have a heart-to-heart talk, or even help with clothing choices.

One of the most obvious signs that a man is not indifferent to someone will be a change in his appearance. To make an impression, the man will want to look as good as possible, perhaps buy a few new things in his closet, buy an expensive accessory. Also, a new haircut, and a smoothly shaved face may be indicative. Perhaps he will decide to join a gym and improve his appearance in this way. One of the obvious signs that the man feels sympathy for you will be that he suddenly began to smell nice perfume, if he has not used it before, of course.

It so happens that nowadays a man’s point of view is valued above that of a woman. But if in some situation a man agrees with you, supports your point of view, or even concedes, then most likely he cares about you. The same is observed during any game, he may deliberately succumb and lose to you. By the way, this is also found in animals, such as dogs.

If a man sympathizes with you, but he does not say so, the way to understand that the man is in love, but hides his feelings, will be jealousy, its true secret will not work. As soon as he sees the girl with another guy, or feels a hint of the possibility of this, then you can be sure to show aggression on his part against his opponent.

It also happens that a man likes the girl, but he sees her very rarely. In this case, he may try to get acquainted with her through a social networking site. Here everything is much easier. Although a woman can’t see his eyes or his pose, but if he has viewed your page a few times, appreciated at least a few of your photos, he almost certainly has some feelings. Well, if he’s brave enough to write and continues to write, even after the girl gives one-word answers and does not support the conversation, you can almost hundred percent sure he likes her. Although there may be a variant that he needs something from her.

And finally, girls, do not look for hidden hints where there are none in fact. If you have seen a manifestation of some signs of a man, it does not mean that he really likes you or that they were addressed specifically to you.

If you are sure that the man to you is not indifferent, it is worth looking closely at him and decide for yourself whether you want a relationship with him. It happens that you just have not noticed it before, and maybe you did not like him because he was shy and quiet and did not show himself.

But believe me, sometimes you need to give a man a chance to see who he really is, maybe getting to know him better, you will realize that he is the prince on a white horse, you’ve waited all your life. If you are firmly decided with the fact that he is not suitable for you, it should hint at it, but not subtly, so that he is still a week breaks his head over what you wanted to say.

It is better to say it as gently and delicately as possible, trying not to offend. There is no need to break his heart, just because you do not like him. In the end, in his person you can even get a very good and loyal friend, and maybe even help in the end to find him a better half, who will be crazy about him.

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