Why do married men fall in love with other women?

Married man fell in love with another woman: why did it happen

One can argue about obligations, responsibility, honesty and morals endlessly, but if a man in a marriage has feelings on the side, these definitions are automatically devalued… Love is not a crime, but it is only when free people fall in love. If a married partner falls in love, however, it is censured by society. But can only one person be guilty in a couple?

What causes a married man to fall in love with another woman?

Family psychology says: the reasons married men fall in love with other women lie in both legal partners, as bitter as that may sound. Where does the failure occur?

Indifference in the relationship, loss of interest.

You can’t go far on love alone, it’s not for nothing that psychologists advise couples to work hard on their relationship. Even if a man and a woman married for love, the constant routine, monotony, predictability and everyday routine breaks the strongest relationship, prompting the spouse to go in search of new feelings.

There are women who after marriage are completely relaxed: they change their robes for stretchy T-shirts, stop looking after themselves, gain weight and become ugly predictable. But this problem is especially acute after the birth of children. There, feelings are replaced by lessons, household chores, and endless worries. This tires and depresses a married man, from which he begins to look for love, affection, attention and care on the side. This is what he misses at home.

When another woman understands a man who has been “abandoned” by his wife with half a glance, surprises him, takes care of him, he falls in love with her (as he thinks). After all, she is so fresh, mysterious, unpredictable, easy… Nevertheless, a married man rarely leaves the family for this reason, rather it is just a brief breath of fresh air!

Is it the end? No, psychologists recommend breaking free from the usual routine by changing the environment. Go on a trip, visit an unusual excursion, go to a concert, go on a picnic. You only need to change the scenery to look again at his wife as the most beautiful and charming companion!

Partner incompatibility

Married men often fall in love with other women because of incompatibility with their legitimate chosen ones. “Why was it necessary to get married if everything was known from the beginning,” women ask logical questions… How, after all, we are guided by love, not logic!

Usually men are interested in others in several scenarios:

  1. When he and his wife have different views on…everything! Different ideas about life, responsibilities, politics, parenting, recreation, fashion, diet, etc. And when a man finally meets his “soul mate,” he falls in love with her instinctively! Then the wife automatically moves into the background.
  2. A married man becomes infatuated with another when interest in his former pastime fades. It is a case of husband and wife ceasing to enjoy each other’s company, spending more and more weekends (or even vacations) apart.
  3. Because of male immaturity. One common reason why a married man falls in love with another is an early, immature marriage. The guy first lived with his mother, then migrated under the wing of another woman, never having had time to live an adult life. After a while, he grows wings and the chick finally decides to fly the nest. No, he loved his wife, but with a slightly different love. Now he is ready to fall in love with the one for whom he proves his worth, strength, courage, etc.

To help a married man fall in love with his own wife, psychologists recommend that spouses focus their attention on their joint hobbies. Find common ground, motivate each other, it unites!

Systematic recriminations, dissatisfaction with each other

Every man of his woman need to feel and hear words of admiration, gratitude, praise and respect. This is the linchpin of a happy union! When a partner hears systematic reproaches, accusations, humiliations in family life, his heart automatically opens to fall in love with another woman. One who will idolize him, motivate and encourage him.

Trouble usually begins with frequent relationship clarifications. “I asked you to come home from work early today, you let me down!”, “Why haven’t you congratulated my mother on March 8 yet?” Then come the accusations: “You still haven’t fixed the burner, even though you ask for food every day, and four times a day! As a rule, everything ends in mutual resentment: “You don’t give it to me, you rascal, and I’m for you…”. Problems accumulate like a snowball: a woman nags, shouts, demands, threats, why the married man goes to look for an outlet in another woman.

What does it take to make a man fall in love with his wife all over again? Turn back the clock! Think back to what the two of you fell in love for? Go on the same date as 10 years ago, cook the same meal, get the same suits. Go through old photos, discuss your past encounters. Refresh your feelings!

Sexual dissatisfaction.

Although they say that sex does not keep the relationship, but sexual dissatisfaction is one of the most common reasons why a married man falls in love with another woman. The fact is that members of the stronger sex really care about intimate compatibility. Wife can be a great hostess, a skilled cook, an excellent mother, an interesting conversationalist, but if she is a bad mistress, it will be a real disaster.

More often it happens that the sexual relationship is outdone. From the beginning everything was perfect, but over time, the passion cools down and love moves on to a new stage of development. Men need sex more, it’s a fact, and when he meets someone who physically attracts him, he confuses his feelings, thinking that he has fallen in love with another chosen one with no memory. It’s an illusion, a lust, an instinct; in fact, that flash is just as quick to pass.

How does a married couple want each other again? Re-ignite! Change the place of lovemaking, go to specialty stores for extra equipment, watch appropriate movies together, buy new underwear. Loosen up!

Unreasonable expectations from the marriage.

This reason, unfortunately or fortunately, does not depend on the wife. Here a married man falls in love with another woman simply because his expectations of his marriage (spouse) do not match the real reality.

Roughly it looks like this: “She was so smart, cheerful, charismatic, charming. She adored my parents, cleaned my apartment when she stayed overnight, surprised me with her cooking, shared my hobbies to rock music. Married, I thought we would live a perfect life! However, I was cruelly mistaken: she does not want to get a dog, grumbles, lazy! I thought we would go to work abroad, and she, having got a job nearby in a prestigious firm, now is not going to go anywhere. And unfulfilled desires with dreams begin to hover around the man, looking for the one in which these expectations can be invested more successfully. Once the chosen one finds a woman who by behavior, views and actions meets his expectations, he falls in love!

What to do? A man needs to abstract away from everyone and be alone with himself. Think about what he wants from life, what he is going for and who he would like to see by his side… For many couples, the separation gives them the opportunity to make good decisions!

In fact, married men don’t fall in love on the side as often as they think they do. They confuse falling in love with passion, euphoria, interest, respect, etc. But it’s not so much the rivalry that’s scary as the ignorance of the reasons for it! So if a married man is attracted to another, think about why he behaves that way! Find the strength to find out the reasons for what is happening before you make any further decisions!

Married man married woman friendship

Married man married woman friendship

Greetings my girlfriends. Let’s imagine a situation – a married man married woman friendship between them can be? What do you think? Your opinion, please express in the comments. Maybe you have already had the experience? Many women who are in the status of a spouse are looking for an answer to this question. People who ask themselves the question, but can there be friendship between opposite, married sexes think differently. Some believe that friendship just can not be, and some even, trying to prove otherwise. Let’s look into this question together.

Contents of the article:

Important! In truth, friendship between married – a man and a woman can be, but this meaning has different “connotations”. The reliability of one of the people is shown in the most difficult moments – only then we can say that friendship between people can be, who is a true friend. Male and female psychology and vision of friendship, is different, and always this meaning can flow differently. If they are in a free relationship, it will be easier for them to figure it out. So what about if they are married? What is the need to break up a relationship with their loved ones?

Married man married woman friendship

When these people get to know each other, the first thing they look at is each other as potential partners. The woman will see the opposite sex as a “strong shoulder,” hope, support and protection, without thinking about How to flirt with a man correctly when meeting him . And a man will perceive a woman, in the first place, as seductiveness, tenderness and sexuality. If these people decide, being married, that the line of friendship should not be crossed, only respect will remain between them.

Real friendship

Real friendship between people of the opposite sex has many positive aspects. A woman, being in the company of a true friend, can always relax and feel comfortable. She does not need to put on a mask and adjust to his emotional state, to watch his speech and catch the mood swings.

Friendship can all be like that?

A man having a friendship with a married woman as a friend will always feel like a leader in this relationship, boosting his self-esteem. When both people have unanimously decided that there can be no intimacy between them, much less intimate games in bed. Then the friendship will only grow stronger, and communication with each other become relaxed, easy and simple.

Friendship between a married man and a married woman

I think it is foolish to give up such friendships if they bring each other only pleasure, especially if they have their own personal lives. But if the friendship between them is amicable, then all flirting, hints of sex and displays of sympathy need to stop.

You have to understand that the other has a family. So being in a friendship, you have to observe the norms of decency. Do not try to call each other at night and discuss in front of your spouse’s any news for the day, do not try to “blanket” to his side.

True friendship will never be a stumbling block between the family, because if one spouse is angry, it shows that the situation has become more complicated and is about to get out of hand. Regardless of this, whether you like each other or not, you must treat the friendship relationship with respect.

Important! Do not, being in a friendly relationship, provoke scandals in the family and do not try to seem from the outside better than his wife. All because they sooner or later, even if they argue, they will be able to find a compromise, and you will certainly accuse of all the sins. Do not criticize your spouse and do not complain about him to your friend, especially discussing his character and appearance.

In human psychology the concept of “friendship” between people of the opposite sex – is disinterested, personal relationships which are “backed up” by affection, shared hobbies, trust and interests. Who just did not try to study the friendship between a man and a woman and philosophy, and sociology, but most of all, this concept was reviewed and disclosed in psychology. Science does not stand still, studying every day more and more friendship between the different sexes, and still considers it impossible.

A married man offers friendship to a woman why

It becomes very interesting married man married woman friendship between them is possible? Especially when it is first offered by the male sex. As a rule, such a proposal to a married woman should be wary and even offensive. But there are several developmental options, why would a married man offer friendship to a woman?

  • After breaking up with a loved one. It is possible to keep a good relationship for a long time. The man has spent a long time in a good relationship. Has been in the role of friend and lover. Then why would he refuse it again? There is only one nuance. How would you feel about it?
  • If a married man has spent the night with a married woman. He’s probably just trying to be polite or he likes her a lot and doesn’t want to hide it.
  • A married man’s interest in a woman can be established when he shows an intimate interest in her. If this has happened, you should know How to know if a man is flirting with you . Often when such a situation develops, a married man sees in a woman affection, care, warmth, softness which he lacked for a long time. If this is the case, it is allowed to complain to each other about their other halves and just ask for good advice, rather than seeking shelter from each other.

Unlike the male sex, the female sex is less likely to resort to the arguments I have listed above. A woman, unlike a man, will try to keep contact with her former man just in case she thinks of going back, but just to communicate with a guy to seem polite is really a rare case in my practice. Mutual interest in each other is possible, but it will be tested by friendship and years. Research in this area shows that the female sex will always subconsciously seek a partner, not a friend or mate.

Important! As one experienced psychologist said. A married man communicating with a married woman supposedly as a friend is definitely not looking for friendly intentions. He 100% wants to have a close relationship with her. But love or passion, attraction to her can only show the passage of time. So the conclusion is one. There is no friendship between opposite sexes.

Why is a married man friendship with another woman

Many men tend to hide under a mask of a friend in order to gain the trust of a woman and then launch a romantic attack. To prevent you from falling into this trap, I want to share with you the first signs of a cheater.

  • Hanging attention to your person. Frequent gifts, not something petty, but on the contrary, expensive, presentable type of jewelry or any appliances, including phones, watches, and other gadgets.
  • Help this second. No matter what time it is, he’s ready to come to your rescue at a moment’s notice. Even your real friends have things on their mind, and he’s willing to drop everything and rush over to you at lightning speed. No, it certainly is not bad, but certainly should alert you.
  • The constant desire for privacy. Spend as much time with you as possible and always to the maximum, that is, until the end. He is always and everywhere ready to replace your girlfriend. Devote more time per day than you and your family – ie, go shopping with you, pick you up in the evening from work, and even take your cat to the vet. A cheater will always want to give you more time by being in your space.
  • Provide rare but accurate romantic signs. Suddenly casually in a conversation will mention your similarity to some sexy woman, a model. In dealing with a couple of well-established model: first, adjust you, then pay, after the coat and only then “takes the wheel” in their hands.

The above signs are guaranteed that the married man does not want to communicate with you as a friend. Simply because he really likes you. Real friends don’t act like that 100% of the time, they can be much more modest.

Do you believe in friendship between opposite sexes?

Friendship between a married man and a woman

A true and lasting friendship between married people involves certain rules. If you can both follow them, then you are guaranteed to have fewer problems with friendship in the future.

Important! Love and friendship – it’s different concepts. The most important thing that the friendship between you did not slip romance or intimacy. Make sure that during communication between you there were no ill-considered gestures, not popping out of your mouth or some romantic gestures. If the male gender misunderstands what you’re up to, it can 100% affect his indecent actions.

  • Try to keep all meetings in private to a minimum, especially when your significant other is very unhappy about it. Try to communicate more in the presence of your loved ones or your acquaintances, so as not to cause unnecessary and unnecessary suspicions.
  • Do not start a conversation on an intimate subject in any case. Such topics to good things will not lead, but on the contrary, set you up for an intimate situation, which is absolutely impossible to do, while in a friendly relationship.
  • For your friendship to bring you pleasure, enjoyment and joy, try to always control your thoughts and everything that comes out of your mouth. If in your head from your sides will play violent imaginary sex games for three Your friend is sure to feel it and give weakness in your relationship.

If there is a true friendship between you, you have to respect each other’s family and personal life. In no case do not try to give advice and do not try to teach each other how to live, talking about how to build a relationship, especially when you’re not asked to.

  • Remember, you can not discuss your male friend with close friends. Because you have no idea how rumors can quickly escalate and, alas, not in a good way justice. If your friend has shared with you some problem from his family life or his immediate plans for the future, never tell anyone about it, just keep these thoughts in your head. The ability to keep friendship secrets is a real and valuable quality of a friend.
  • It is important to be able to separate friendship and love. Never pressure a man friend and especially do not even try to manipulate, control, and even more so, always control him. Otherwise, you will build a family relationship between you, and this can only lead to one thing – an underlying resentment towards your friend and other irreversible consequences. There is no ambiguity in a friendship between married people, much less any desire to be veiled.

The fundamental difference between a married man and a married woman is that there should be no intimacy in their friendship. Therefore, there should not be any hint of it at all in your live communication. Never talk to your friend about How to dress sexy for a guy What kind of underwear excites men more, why guys over 30 want sex the least, etc., in that vein. Because your friend is bound to think very primitive and straightforward. For this reason, he may think your conversation is about you trying to sleep with him. The friendship between you will grow stronger if you can stand that line.

There is a fine line between love and friendship, and you must maintain that distance. And after a while, you will be able to communicate well with the husband of your friend or acquaintance.

Do not look for an intimate connection.

Friendship with a married man colleague

Friendships at work between co-workers may be, but. Always know that at work a man is a real conniving villain and when it comes to the female field, he thinks very differently. His own woman or someone else’s is an object of desire for him, which will be wanted again and again, no matter what obstacles are in his way. And the excessive attention from his side to you, even the slightest, will be seen as a chance to get you. By calming yourself first of all. More often than not, a male colleague will see you as a desirable sexual object. And what to do if a married male colleague is trying to make friends with you?

While in society, everyone will view your friendship as an attraction to each other, because most people believe that friendship between a man and a woman does not exist, even if they are brought together by something similar – work, common interests in business, respect and constant mutual assistance. Friendship at work can only be between people of the same sex.

But what about this situation, when you want to reciprocate the proposed friendship, and he has a family. If this happens, then you can not think further about any close and intimate relationships. They are simply inappropriate. Friendship without all of this can be, but then you need to try to make friends with his other half, ie, wife. Your friend’s wife should feel for herself that you are not her rival and she shouldn’t feel bad about it. Otherwise it will be unfair of you to his family, including not only his wife but also his children, if any.

And maybe then you will be able to be friends.

Important! As strange as it may sound, you can be friends with anyone, the main thing is to approach the matter wisely and intelligently, to try not to cross the line and limits of friendly communication. If you are going to be friends with such a person, you must understand the final goal of this, they will lead you. And what goals will he hide, time will show whether he needs your friendship or just wants sex. If you are ready to start finding that out, then go ahead and only good riddance. Personally, I think there can be a friendship if there is not even the slightest hint of intimacy.

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