Who is suitable for Virgo men

Virgo man: compatibility with the zodiac signs

Aries woman and Virgo man are a great team! Perhaps the story of their love will not form the basis of the movie – the plot promises nothing supernatural – however, this union is very stable and can bring its participants not only a lot of joy, but also a lot of practical benefits.

A female Taurus and a male Virgo is a romance in the classical style. There is not the usual lightness and superficiality. Perhaps, to someone, these two will seem old-fashioned, but secretly, almost everyone dreams of such a relationship filled with mutual respect and absolute confidence in each other.

The Gemini woman and the Virgo man are a wild jungle and a French garden. Her nature is unrestrained and chaotic, while he is the embodiment of rules and absolute self-control. They are very different people, which is why few pairs of Gemini and Virgo can stay together for long. Than this is not a reason to try your luck.

And ice is capable of burning. Cancer woman and Virgo man are a Nordic poem about pure love with an unpredictable ending. However, most likely all of them are waiting for a happy ending: despite the very unhurried development of this plot, the lovers are very close in temperament, and therefore the unhurried development of the relationship will only strengthen them.

Need proof that opposites converge? Leo woman and Virgo man are two different poles of a magnet; they are completely unlike each other and even antipodes in many ways, but at the same time they can simply be irresistibly drawn to each other.

As all truly close in spirit, the Virgo woman and the Virgo man do not look at each other – they look in the same direction. That’s why they can find each other, just by chance encounter, but to love the one they choose as easy as to love yourself.

Different ideas about the ideal relationship sometimes prevent the pair to connect. A Libra woman and a Virgo man talk about love in different languages: she whispers in hot Spanish or sings about her emotions in passionate Italian, while he reasoned in cold Finnish, only occasionally switching to German from adult films. Whether or not they will manage to overcome the difficulties of translation.

The union of the Scorpio woman and the Virgo man is more like a successful collaboration than a love affair. On the one hand, it gives its participants a sense of stability and confidence, on the other hand, it leaves them feeling emotionally starved. If both lovers are ready for such a diet, they will get along just fine.

The Sagittarius woman and the Virgo man are an example of absolute incompatibility, and if you are together, it means that someone in the Heavenly Office got something mixed up, or is running an experiment. Well, since your paths have converged, try to prove to the world that a Sagittarius woman and a Virgo man can be together.

In love, the Capricorn woman and the Virgo man resemble the quartet of the English aristocracy: the same restraint in showing emotions, the same dislike for public clarification of relations. It is all classy and noble. It may seem to some that the couple lacks fire. But believe me, these two are doing perfectly well without it.

Aquarius woman and Virgo man is a “priest and sinner” plot. Even if he is attracted to her, he will try to kill in himself the positive emotion towards such an unsuitable partner. Well, and she so and burrows to escape from his gloomy society.

The Pisces woman and the Virgo man are the cold Kai and his loyal Gerda, capable of warming the heart of the beloved. These two are true opposites, but together they can make a harmonious whole.

Relationship with the male Virgo

As a rule, the behavior of the male Virgo can serve as a vivid illustration of the phrase “The less a woman we love, the more she likes us. This may not apply to all females, but once a woman interested in Virgo, his unapproachability and a certain coldness can greatly inflame her interest.

Indeed, despite the fact that by nature Virgo is not inclined to pretend to the role of the hero-lover, his unusual restraint makes many beauties dream of a date with him. And in vain: the Virgo man is least of all in the world set up for fleeting novels. Love for him is primarily responsibility and care, and in his wife he is not so much looking for a passionate lover as for a life partner and loyal friend.

In addition, Virgo generally very inflated requirements for his future wife. She must have a whole set of qualities of a “real man”: honesty, intelligence, responsibility, loyalty. In search of his soul mate he is ready to spend almost his entire life, and therefore often gets married for the first (and usually the last) time at a fairly mature age. As for romances and affairs, the practical Virgo has neither the time nor the desire to change.

The Best Couple for Virgo

Compatibility Horoscope

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) is an earthly sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Set for themselves the highest standards, rules.

Intellectual accuracy, attention to detail makes representatives of the sign excellent project managers, problem solvers. These cautious thinkers are easy to find in the board of directors or behind the scenes of a non-profit organization.

They like to create an atmosphere of security, calm. The thoughtful Virgo is a patient parent, partner. Sees family as an endless opportunity to learn about the world through the eyes of others.

In this article, consider what zodiac sign would be the best couple for Virgo.

What character traits values in partners


One of the defining traits is a thirst for knowledge. This zodiac sign is a lifelong learner. The world is an exploratory playground. Virgo is drawn to people who share her insatiable curiosity.


The word “relax” is not in her vocabulary. A calmer partner will help her relax.

A friend or partner who can live in the present, laughing at life will prove that the world won’t crumble while on vacation.


As the Zodiac’s biggest helper, likes to surround himself with sensitive, caring people. The best friends and partners are people who love to care for others.


Can’t stand living in a state that resembles chaos. The less in control, the more this star sign tends to think the sky is falling. They are perfectionists, don’t handle change well.

A balanced partner will reassure, prove that panic is premature. You need someone who will provide perspective when things go wrong.


Representatives of the sign are sensitive, not too open to others. Such a loving heart is easy to hurt. This zodiac sign builds walls around for protection.

Often do not know how to express emotion, so the partner who is fluent in emotional communication will be the best couple.

Which sign will be the best couple for Virgo

Make a good couple with almost any sign of the Zodiac who is willing to work on the relationship, to compromise.

Best compatibility


One of the most harmonious couples in the zodiac. Equally pragmatic and passionate, these signs work side by side, taking care of loved ones and creating a welcoming home.

Enjoy a natural rapport that allows both signs to relax, to be themselves.

Both are hardworking, ambitious. Capricorn’s determination is something Virgo notices from the start.


Both signs are receptive, intelligent, and appreciate a well-planned life. They strategize about goals, make a plan, and execute it.

Scorpio brings out the best in Virgo. She is attracted to Scorpio’s confidence, desire to protect. Signs understand each other well, often do not need words to communicate. Read more in the article.


Two earthly signs that share similar tastes, inclinations. Virgo’s prudence will temper Taurus’ passion for luxury, Taurus will help Virgo relax a bit.

These two signs are caring parents, creating a safe world for children. Taurus is calm, enjoying the pleasures the material world has to offer. Will teach the other half to enjoy these pleasures as well.

Virgo will give Taurus motivation. Taurus’ calm, relaxed demeanor can sometimes degenerate into laziness, overindulgence. Virgo will make sure Taurus exercises and eats healthy foods.

They have so many qualities in common that it’s hard to spoil this couple. They appreciate simplicity, safety. Cancers like to plan, so they won’t surprise their partner with last-minute spontaneity.

Careful planning for the future in Cancer is accompanied by a desire to live at a slow pace, reveling in beautiful moments. This search for calm will resonate strongly with the partner.

Both are prone to fussiness, anxiety. But are tolerant, instinctively knowing how to soothe each other.

Worry about different things. The maiden is annoyed by minor imperfections.

Cancer is a natural caregiver, concerned about the safety, the needs of others. Sometimes Cancer’s imagination runs riot, causing potential danger to be exaggerated.

As the signs worry about different things, they balance each other out well.

Cancer helps Virgo relax, letting go of minor imperfections. Virgo helps her partner stay rational in the face of imagined dangers.

The balance they provide for each other will make them great parents.

Good Compatibility.

Despite their radically different natures, will make a passionate couple if they are willing to work at the relationship. These two experience a strong attraction.

Aries’ fiery, sensual nature melts their partner’s ice. Virgo gives Aries the rootedness he needs. Their opposing qualities are a source of fascination, these two won’t get bored.

But the fire of passion is easily trampled if the often chaotic lifestyle of Aries disrupts their partner’s plans. They need to learn to adapt to each other’s communication style.

Connecting with a perfectionist partner may seem like the way to take the path of least resistance. Both will appreciate neatness, intelligence, and responsibility.

But the couple may create more neuroses than the relationship will endure. Life is not always orderly, stable. When a storm comes, both partners become anxious and panicky.

The couple will not suffer from boredom. These earthly signs share mutual curiosity.


Sagittarius’ philosophizing will be an endless delight for the intellectual Virgo. These two will never run out of ideas to ponder. They will fill every quiet moment with cozy, intelligent chatter.

But they have different tastes, habits. The sociable Sagittarius will feel neglected when Virgo is particularly withdrawn.

Virgo takes Sagittarius’ insistence on pouring out his deepest feelings as an invasion of privacy. There is sexual chemistry between them, but they find it difficult to achieve anything together.

Virgo’s attention to detail tires Sagittarius. Sagittarius’ willingness to “cut corners” makes them nervous and insecure.

If Virgo learns to see the big picture and Sagittarius pays attention to the details, the couple’s relationship will be long-lasting.

Pisces’ patient empathy will help stoic Virgo open up and share their inner world, which creates a strong foundation of trust. In this partnership, both are confident that they will be cared for on a deep, meaningful level.

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But both are aware of their partner’s ability to “read minds,” so they can hide thoughts, feelings, experiences that they are ashamed of. If these two make the effort to communicate freely, form a strong couple.

Virgo focuses on the material, practical side of life, the details. Pisces focuses on the spiritual, emotional side, the big picture.

Both signs are humble, service-oriented, but they serve in different ways. Pisces serves through spiritual support and compassion, while Virgo serves through practical help.


Zodiac signs are ruled by Mercury, which endows them with a similar style of communication, an interest in learning new things. Endless curiosity will push for new adventures, will happily chat about their interests for hours.

But Gemini’s desire for knowledge manifests itself somewhat more chaotically. Gemini accumulates unfinished projects than irritate. Virgo’s need for order at home doesn’t make sense to Gemini, who prefers to control their relationship with others.

If these two can overcome their mutual need for absolute superiority and adjust to different levels of chaos, build a relationship full of curiosity, fun.

Signs hate confrontation, are sensitive, easily capture other people’s emotions, support each other in a difficult moment.

Endowed with intellectual insight, a shared love of art, culture, all things aesthetic. They admire each other’s intelligence, enjoy each other’s points of view.

Learn a lot from each other. Libra teaches the sincere and gentle Virgo to relax a little. Virgo admires the logic of Libra, and Libra will find in Virgo a reliable partner.

Trouble arises when Virgo’s analysis and criticism get in the way of Libra’s optimistic, upbeat nature. Virgo has a habit of nagging, no matter how hard Libra tries, they can never please.

Their means of achieving their goals are also different. This can cause quarrels in a relationship. Libras are impulsive, impatient, and indecisive. Virgo men are slow, thorough, confident in making decisions.

Will have to work.


Aquarius is independent at heart, friendly. The introspective Virgo will have a hard time accepting Aquarius’ extroverted lifestyle, and Aquarius scoffs at Virgo’s tendency to take life too seriously.

Both are intelligent, but they think very differently.

Virgo is practical, likes to analyze, classify. Aquarius tends to think outside the box.

Even with all their differences, these signs respect each other’s intelligence. But they don’t have much romantic attraction.

Aquarius will find Virgo fussy and picky, and Virgo will be nervous about Aquarius not following any rules.

Leo will soothe with strength, confidence. But Leo’s bold, dramatic style is too heavy for the reserved Virgo. Leo likes to be the center of attention, loves admiration, positive attention. Virgo is modest, preferring to stay away from prying eyes.

Virgo thinks Leo is pompous and arrogant and Leo is petty and critical.

Remember, you are more than your zodiac sign. Zodiac sign is just one way to understand yourself a little better. Don’t give up on a relationship just because of sign incompatibility. The heart is part of the relationship process too! Open it up to other people, you’ll be rewarded.

Best Couple for Virgo Men

Virgo men are practical, honest and easy going.

In order for a relationship to last, it must be built on a solid foundation of respect and understanding, this is especially important for the Virgo man.

A practical Virgo man complements the Cancer woman’s need for security as well as her depth of emotion.

The Cancer woman is loving, warm, loyal. Brings balance to the marriage. Helps the man become more sensitive. The man seeks to bring the stability that the Cancer woman craves.

Marriage is full of compassion, respect.


Great combination. They have a similar approach to life, share core values. Signs are sincere, honest.

The couple pays a lot of attention to material well-being, working hard to get it.

Both are introverts, prefer to stay in the house and watch a good movie rather than be in public places.


The mutual understanding, acceptance and love between them is something worth seeing. This gives the marital union a great chance of success.

The Virgo man and Capricorn woman are also diligent, hardworking. They appreciate a conservative, intellectual lifestyle.

Marriage will be strong, harmonious. Will be able to achieve everything they want as a couple. A strong ability to plan together will make the relationship even closer.

Both of these signs excel at work, know how to support each other on an intuitive level.

Likely to meet at work or at a work-related event, the relationship can easily turn into a romance.

Have an amazing sense of humor and will find ways to laugh together. This will help them relax.

How to understand a man’s feelings? The answer is in the article.

Best Couple for the Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman strives for perfection in almost everything around her. Spends a lot of time in introspection to understand how things happen and why. Independent, likes to do everything on her own. Restrained, obliging.

Completely devoted to her partner, whom she chooses after a critical analysis of all possible pros and cons of the relationship.


Determined, self-confident Taurus man achieves his goals, female Virgo supports him. She admires and loves her Taurus man for the security he brings to her life. He is attracted to her shy but charismatic nature, sense of humor, and common sense.

There is no power struggle or ego clash. The girl is happy to let the Taurus man lead.

Prefer a quiet romantic dinner together or relaxing at home, appreciate art, beauty, love luxury and beautiful things in life. But at the same time will strive for financial security together.

The Taurus man is sensual. He is able to calm his partner and bring out the best in her.

Man-Taurus is stubborn, confident, female Virgo is flexible, cautious. Each covers the weaknesses of the other. They form a great couple for marriage, friendship, as well as business.

A deep bond is formed in the couple. The male Pisces is a good listener, which makes the woman feel special, loved.

Opposite signs are attracted to each other like two poles of a magnet. Instantly share this magnetic vibration. These signs are sensitive, emotional, and understand each other well.

The male Pisces is kind, calm, reserved, treats everything with ease, patience. Sometimes too immersed in dreams, his spouse brings him back down to earth.

For the male Virgo woman is smart, witty, beautiful, strives for the best. He likes her frankness. The Virgo will provide a solid, stable foundation for the emotional, intuitive Pisces.

The union will be an exciting experience for both.


The Capricorn man is an extractor, won’t rest until he’s achieved what he’s been striving for. A natural-born leader, looks confidently in the face of the crowd. Takes his finances seriously and works hard to maintain a good financial standing.

When a Capricorn man falls in love with a woman, gives her time to get out of her insecurity shell and get comfortable with him to be open to new things he wants to share. They have a lot in common with each other.

Curious, ambitious, caring. They respect each other.

The Capricorn man is a serious business man, goal-oriented, forward-looking. Sometimes he neglects his own health and other important details.

Virgo can lose focus, become distracted. Virgo reminds Capricorn to remember the importance of health, and Capricorn helps her lover focus.

Compatibility chart

Zodiac sign Love Friendship Communication
Aries +++ ++ ++
Taurus +++ +++ +++
Gemini ++ ++ +
Cancer +++ ++ +++
Leo + ++ +
Virgo ++ + ++
Libra + ++ ++
Scorpio +++ +++ +++
Sagittarius ++ ++ ++
Capricorn +++ +++ ++
Aquarius + ++ ++
Pisces ++ +++ ++

Once again, let me remind you that the exact compatibility can only be known from a natal chart analysis. So do not take too literally what is written in the article.

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