Who is suitable for Taurus

Compatibility Horoscope: who is suitable for Taurus men and women

Two workers in the same harness. Two interlocutors who will always understand each other. Two companions who know what everyone needs – is this the partner every Taurus dreams of? Let’s list the zodiac signs that are suitable for Taurus according to the horoscope.

Zodiac signs suitable for Taurus and not suitable

What is the goal of Taurus? The ability to possess the material world without violating his own ideals. And what does a Taurus need to feel happy? A comfortable rear, a comfortable job, material prosperity. And feelings. Not passion, but feelings.

Traditionally it is believed that we get along better with either people of the same element with us, or with those whose elements are beneficial to our own (earth and water, for example).

Thus, Taurus suits other earth signs of the zodiac (Virgo and Capricorn) or water signs.

Taurus is often irresistibly attracted to Scorpio, which is its exact opposite. Although their elements, earth and water, should make them compatible, deep down they are likely to be enemies.

Zodiac signs suitable for Taurus

Zodiac Signs Unsuitable for Taurus

  • Aries,
  • Gemini,
  • Scorpio,
  • Sagittarius,
  • Aquarius.

Union of Taurus with other signs

Taurus – Aries

Taurus prefers to think long and does not like to make hasty decisions, Aries is hot and prefers to act “on the fly”. Because of this, the union of Aries and Taurus becomes problematic – they simply have completely different temperaments.

Taurus – Taurus.

Both are very reliable, practical, dedicated people. In addition, both are very stubborn and adamant people, prone to laziness and overeating. Over time, this union can become boring and both will want to look for something hotter on the side.

Taurus – Gemini.

An unsuccessful union, although the sparkling Gemini mesmerizes the slow-moving Taurus. But it is difficult to coexist under one roof – one cannot live without communication and brings crowds of friends into the house, the other likes solitude.

Considering the zodiac signs that are suitable for Taurus, the first place can be given to Cancer. Both are very homely people and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. The atmosphere in the couple is warm, friendly – the partners are caring and cherish their home. Both are very devoted parents.

Two strong-willed and stubborn people, the union between them is especially good if they have a business together. Longevity, stability and loyalty characterize this relationship.

Taurus and Virgo.

A very harmonious couple – both are very practical people, this union is especially good if the partners are colleagues. They can build a prosperous family, give their children a good education and always have money for any occasion.

Taurus – Libra.

Two lovers of silence and harmony, avoiding conflict and tension by all means. There is a cordial, soft relationship between them, which makes the environment in their home surprisingly pleasant. Libra is able to adjust to the stubborn Taurus.

Taurus – Scorpio.

Speaking of zodiac signs that are suitable for Taurus, one can’t help but mention Scorpio. There is a strong attraction between these two signs, and even if they have little in common intellectually and spiritually, their physical attraction to each other makes the rapprochement almost unavoidable. A complicated union, it won’t be easy.

Taurus – Sagittarius

Among the zodiac signs that are unsuitable for Taurus, Sagittarius stands out in particular. While Sagittarius thrives on sports, travel, socializing and dating, Taurus prefers to live in one place and grow vegetables and flowers in the vegetable garden. It is difficult for them to understand each other.

Taurus – Capricorn.

Both are very practical people, with common sense. In addition, the partners are compatible both philosophically and intellectually. However, over time, the union risks turning into a rather boring, burdensome relationship without a spark.

Taurus – Aquarius

While Taurus often chooses practical solutions, Aquarius is more prone to progressive or unconventional approaches. This causes them to quarrel constantly – from political and social issues to tastes in art, music and literature they differ like heaven and earth.

Taurus – Pisces.

Two tolerant people, mild and peaceful people, which makes for a fairly comfortable union for both. Nevertheless, there are also very fundamental differences between them: Taurus is too earthly person, while Pisces look for meaning, signs and connotations in everything.

Compatibility of Taurus with other Zodiac signs

If you have a Taurus in your environment, you know what the most stubborn people look like. They are practical, straightforward, say what they think and do not waste time on silly dreams, so compatibility with Taurus is not easy to achieve. At the same time they are easily offended, they are sensitive guys, this is the influence of Venus. Taurus people strive for beauty and live by the rules that they came up with, but they will try to make other people around them to live by them.

This sign is characterized by strict control, they are able to control not only themselves but also those around them.

Characteristics of the sign

♉ Taurus compatibility

Element of Taurus earth, calm and balanced, except that on earth there are volcanoes, and the consequences of the explosion could be devastating. So it is Taurus – to throw them off balance is difficult, but if it succeeds, it is better to run away without a backward glance, and all. You can always rely on Taurus, they are reliable and never betray.

Taurus will be comfortable if they surround themselves with representatives of their native element or water signs. The union of Taurus with Capricorn or Virgo promises many pleasant moments. But two Tauruses in one family are doomed to fight and clarify the relationship, and mutual concessions will have to wait a long time. Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces will be able to adjust to the Taurus and will have a favorable influence on their character, and water signs will enjoy this union. Taurus relations with air signs will be difficult, but with a certain amount of diplomacy and a lot of love you can try. Fire signs are better to bypass, in this pair the fire will scorch the earth or the earth will put out the flames, in any case, both sides will suffer.

Taurus is a very contradictory character, this is influenced by Venus. But that does not prevent them from finding joy in little things and enjoying life. Taurus is able to enjoy the pleasures of everyday life. They have the strength to withstand any difficult situation, and at the same time they will never betray their loved ones. Loyalty means a lot to a Taurus, and you can always rely on him.

Taurus compatibility with other zodiac signs

Taurus and Aries

Two stubborn people in one family, it’s scary to think what this could do to them. Will Taurus be furious at the combination of stubbornness and frivolity in Aries? And believe me, they will get back at them for their damaged nerves. Taurus may not show it, but they’ll be happy to see hot Aries lose their temper and beat their hooves. This couple can fight for a long time, figuring out who’s boss and stronger. It might be a way for them not to get bored in their marriage. Read more…

Taurus and Taurus

A common element and common zodiac sign does not mean that the couple is compatible. We are talking about Taurus people who are used to living by their own rules. And if one of the spouses likes to drink tea in the morning, then the second one will try to accustom this, despite the fact that he likes coffee. And if you remember that there are two Tauruses in this union, then it is clear why nothing will come out of this. You can direct this stubbornness to achieve common goals, then this union will not be afraid of any obstacles and the couple will be an ideal complement to each other. Read More…

Taurus and Gemini

This couple will reach compatibility with great difficulty. What they attracted to each other at first will be irritating later. The swiftness and ease of Gemini can be a disadvantage, slow Taurus will simply not keep up with their partner. And Taurus is not only reliable, but also very scrupulous in matters of order, and for Gemini it means so little. These guys should think before you run to the registry office, it is better to live a couple of years in a civil marriage and check feelings. Read more…

Taurus and Cancer

Cancers and Taurus can form a perfect union, water and land are perfectly compatible. Temperament of the wards of Venus and the Moon are the same, they will be comfortable together. It is comfort and convenience that these guys value the most. Their whole life will be planned, and they will follow that plan. The first child in two years, the second in four, and they will change the car in five years. No impulsiveness, it may seem boring to some, but it’s a matter of taste. Read more…

Taurus and Leo.

Bright and eccentric Leo used to easily conquer others and bend them to his will. Leo has an unpleasant surprise, they will have to meet the stubbornness of Taurus. Not only will they be unwilling to obey, but they will start making their own rules. Taurus will always be amazed at the Leo’s ability to succeed without making any effort. This couple can be friends for as long as they want, but it is not worth rushing into marriage. Read more…

Taurus and Virgo

Virgo women are independent and independent, but who wouldn’t want to have a loyal partner whom they can rely on? They will be able to find such a faithful ally of Taurus, which also arrange this relationship, besides they have just immunity to criticism of Virgo, it does not hurt them and they are stubborn enough to stick to their opinion. This couple will get along easily, they have a great compatibility. Marriage will be strong, the relationship is reliable, some would say that it is boring and dull, but Taurus and Virgo do not look for passions. Read more…

Taurus and Libra

Libra is very sensitive about their freedom, but there’s nothing they can do about the stubbornness of Taurus. They do not have time to blink as they find themselves in the cage under their care. But it is not as sad as it seems. This couple has a common patron, and Venus will take care of the union of her charges. They will love each other, and the mutual attraction will be so strong that the couple simply will not be able to separate. So they will have to get along and find a compromise. Read more…

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio have an excellent compatibility, their elements complement each other perfectly, and their characters are similar in many ways. The only problem is that both partners love power and strive for it. This is where serious fights can break out. The wards of Venus and Pluto will show wonders of ingenuity in the struggle for power. They will have to settle their relationship on a daily basis, and there will be no winner. These two will have to come to terms, only a compromise will allow to save relationship and nerves. Read more…

Taurus and Sagittarius

Compatibility is possible, but it will be difficult to achieve. Between these signs, sympathy arises from the moment of acquaintance, they just feel the mutual attraction. Despite this, the relationship will develop hard. Fire guys serve fun, and Taurus likes quiet evenings in the family circle. So Taurus will go crazy with their easygoing couple, and Sagittarius will think about the rightness of their choice. But it is worth a try, these guys have a chance to be happy together. Read more…

Taurus and Capricorn

Capricorn and Taurus share a common element, and even their characters are similar. They can become good friends, but becoming a good spouse will be more difficult. In this pair, both will be patient, stubborn, and vigorous. Saturn and Venus wards understand each other well and can use that in their daily struggles. If these guys do plan to create or maintain a marriage, they should learn to accept each other for who they are, but most likely the two stubborn people can change. Read more…

Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarians have a very positive character and they find out the pluses where others fail to see them. They will be able to see the positive aspects in Taurus. These guys will become friends, but you should not rush into marriage. If the couple does go to the registry office, it will be thanks to Taurus, who will be able to convince Aquarius that it will be better for both. Aquarius guys are freedom-loving and independent, if the Taurus is not overdoing the rules and restrictions, perhaps something will come out of it. Read more…

Taurus and Pisces

Pisces will intuitively understand that Taurus is the perfect life partner for them. Pisces doesn’t like unnecessary worry, and the reliability and honesty of Taurus promises a stable future. For Taurus Pisces can remain a mystery behind the seven seals, logical mind just can not comprehend all the mystery and mysticism of Pisces. But if Taurus will turn a blind eye to the excessive reverie and sentimentality of the partner, then all will be fine. Read more…

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