Where to Find Love

How and where to find your love?

True strong love for many years is the sincere desire of almost every person. Many people make mistakes and burn themselves more than once and more than twice before they manage to meet each other.

In this article, let’s talk about how to find love. What to do and what not to do to meet your soul mate as soon as possible.

Don’t neglect the experience of past relationships, it’s thanks to them that you figured out who and what suits you, and what kind of person you want to live the rest of your life with. But don’t dwell on failures either – if something didn’t work out before, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail in the future.

Appreciate your past, live in the present and look to the future with hope. And if you are still single, very soon everything can change, to bring that time closer, follow our advice.

Love is not crazy. Is the word “mind” even appropriate here? It is both light and darkness, with no end in sight. And no one can escape this mysterious power.

Carl Gustav Jung.

15 tips on how to find your love.

In order to find your soul mate as soon as possible, you need to follow some simple rules, if you are truly ready for a change in your personal life, then finding a couple will not be very difficult. So be open, work on yourself, believe in luck.

If you have had a negative experience, you may feel afraid to open up to a new person, but it has to be done. You will have to take a risk, but if you take into account all of our recommendations, the risk will not be so great, and the rewards will exceed your expectations.

When you walk away, walk away. Learn to let go.

The first thing you need to do is let go of past relationships. Maybe you’re living with the wrong person. And you know in your heart that it’s not your love, but reason and rationality keep you from getting out of the unpromising relationship.

Or maybe you broke up long ago, but your soul is still with this person. Learn to let go, don’t cling to an unsuitable relationship, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Especially if it is not that comfortable.

Staying in a loveless relationship is a bad idea. It lowers your self-esteem, you are in constant dissatisfaction, stress and despair. And you end up losing faith in love.

Widen your social circle.

If you don’t like to do this or have a fear of dating, you have to learn. Water won’t run beneath a rolling stone. If you do not get acquainted and do not communicate with people, then how will you meet your soul mate?

Luckily for introverts, sociophobes and just beeks, there are now plenty of ways to connect with people from the comfort of your own home and without having to overcome embarrassment.

Go to the Internet: social networks, hobby clubs – these are places where you are sure to meet people close in spirit, one of which may become your soul mate.

Let love happen. Do not reject the “wrong” person.

Love at first sight is great. But it’s much more reliable to grow love from friendship. Don’t reject the person right away if he doesn’t fit your type or didn’t like something right away.

Give both yourself and the relationship a chance, get to know the person better before you finally decide that you’re not going your way.

This applies to friendship as well as to love. At a certain age, we stop being flexible and ready for adventures. Look at the world with open eyes and try to discern in each person his true essence.

There is no duty to love. There is only freedom to love, and that freedom can be rediscovered again and again.

Vladimir Levy

Reveal yourself to the world. Yes, the older we get, the more skeptical and distrustful we become, but still try not to crush your inner child. Enjoy life, fill yourself with vivid experiences, have fun, have fun, be easygoing.

Take away the fear of the unknown.

The world is huge and amazing, our 20; 30; 40; 50 years of experience cannot accommodate even a fraction of what it offers us. Something new: information, feelings, experiences, people can only come to someone who is open to it.

Don’t get hung up on type.

There is a widespread belief that a man is looking for a copy of his mother and a girl is looking for a copy of her father. So, do not blindly adhere to the stereotypes of the search. If you’re only attracted to tall brunettes, don’t deny yourself to medium-sized redheaded guys. Appearance is an important, but far from the main component of a person.

If an individual loves only one person and is indifferent to others, his love is not love, but a symbiotic attachment or an overgrown narcissism.

Erich Fromm

Don’t write people off from your familiar surroundings

Why don’t you talk to that cute neighbor you meet in the elevator every morning. Or there’s that cute gas station attendant.

A lot of the same people we meet every day, and they’re not even our buddies or friends. Neighbors, coworkers, salespeople, bank managers, etc. But because of our shortsightedness and lack of curiosity, we may miss out on the love of our lives.

No one makes the first move because everyone thinks it’s not mutual.

F.M. Dostoevsky

Loneliness on the Net

If you’re still skeptical of dating sites for some reason, it’s time to stop. About a third of all lovers have met on such services.

There is an incredible number of dating sites, for all tastes and for all purposes. Dive into this world, there have long been dating, falling in love, finding a soulmate and getting married. Statistically, those who have met online make the decision to get married faster, unlike couples formed the traditional way.

There are about 8,000 online dating services in the world today, and the number increases by a thousand every year.

There are no mistakes.

If you’ve recently broken up, be sure to analyze your relationship after the pain has subsided:

How it all started,

what went wrong,

what you could have changed,

and what wasn’t your fault,

what you could have done after the breakup to make it less painful.

This will help you in building your next relationship, and it’s much more likely to be successful if you get your favorite rake out of the way.

And one day you’ll have a new name in your life that will turn the previous one to dust.

F.M. Dostoevsky

We choose, we are chosen.

At times you may experience despair, and the feeling that everyone around you is paired up, I’m alone again. Don’t feel that way. If you are looking for someone, that someone is also looking for you. There are 7 billion people on earth, and among them there is absolutely someone who is right for you, and you are perfect for him.

Beware of exclusive and reckless attachment to another; it is not, as it often seems to be, an example of absolute love. Such self-centered and self-feeding love, not needing or giving anything to others, is doomed to self-destruction.

Irvin Yalom

Learn to think positively.

In order not to despair learn to think positively. Yes, while you are alone, but find the upside of what you have. Here’s how it works: our brain is built like a lens, what you focus on, that’s what it shows you, just like a contextual advertising.

Remember, if you’re passionate about something, or you’re afraid of something, it’s as if the object of your interest is following you. That’s because your brain is working to find as much as it can in the environment that confirms your picture of the world.

If you are fixated on loneliness, despair and hopelessness, believe me, you will find it, you will sink into negativity and it will be impossible to get out on your own afterwards.

No matter how difficult, no matter how despair overwhelms you, learn to think positively, find and consciously amplify the positives in your life.

Give up looking for shortcomings, focus only on the positive, and the brain will begin to look for it around you: new information, new opportunities, which for a person in despair are simply invisible. It will help you:

practice gratitude. Every day thank yourself, the universe, other people, mom and dad for at least 5 things.

All these practices calm the mind, relieve stress, reduce stress hormones and increase serotonin and endorphins.

Find new hobbies and passions

New hobbies mean new people, new acquaintances.

If you’re looking for your love, it’s great to build a relationship on a strong foundation of shared interests. Demonstrate genuine interest, and then it won’t be difficult to find new friends.

Be open and grateful. Sincerely enjoy every minute of your life. Don’t fall into a mindset of lack, “Boy, am I miserable, not having this, this and this. Tune into the mindset of abundance: “How happy I am, because I have this, this, and this.

For whoever has will be given, and whoever does not have will have that which he has taken away.

Get rid of illusions. Be realistic.

Don’t idealize the relationship and future partner. This is the most tenacious trap we fall into.

I’ll meet the right guy, and I’ll be happy;

I’ll have a baby and my life will be full;

I’ll get a new job, and then I’ll live.

To find your true and sincere love, you have to remove all expectations and idealizations. It will be as it will be, and for it to be good, you need to look at things realistically and soberly, not placing unrealistic expectations and not shifting responsibility for your happiness and joy onto others.

The greatest obstacle to love is a sense of grandeur that causes people to end a marriage relationship because they “deserve” the perfect partner.

John Gottman

Don’t waste your time.

And another trap that stems from the previous one is hanging out in unpromising relationships. After all, there is so much invested in them, but if you look closely, there is a lot of expectation and hope invested in them. That’s what it hurts so much to give up, because you’ve already planned a little house, a nursery for three kids and a cat.

Look at things soberly and don’t waste your time if it is clear that the man is not the one you want and you are not the one he wants.

How do you know if you are wasting your time?

Your loved one doesn’t want to spend time with you.

You are not in his/her plans that he/she voices.

He/she doesn’t want to be with you when you feel bad.

He/she constantly criticizes you, always in a negative way.

He/she easily quarrels with you and even looks for excuses.

He/she doesn’t invest time, resources, emotions, money in you.

He/she tells you directly that he/she doesn’t love you.

It’s much easier to be terribly businesslike, doing a million things for you, than to sit down quietly next to you and talk truthfully about myself, about how I really am, how I really feel about you, talk about myself, about you, about our past, present and future.

Because that’s the thing, until I bring you this gift, I give you nothing. And there is no other secret to keeping love and growing in it.

John Powell.

Don’t interfere in other people’s relationships.

If you like someone who is unavailable, then no matter how that person behaves, no matter what the best option seems to be, you should not enter into that relationship. Not until the person stops the previous ones.

You can get hung up in such a triangle for a long time, losing self-respect, bringing your self-esteem to a plinth and getting nothing in return.

Listen to your intuition.

When you open up to the world, your intuition will speak to you, and we advise you to listen to its voice. In our rational world, we underestimate the inner voice, but it is our “child” who speaks to us. It is he who chooses his partner.

But this voice is truthful only when we are free and there are no obstacles in the form of attitudes of society, the voice of mom, a neighbor, ticking clock and other trash in your head.

Help of a psychologist

Start working with a psychologist right now.

To free yourself from negative attitudes, to reconsider painful experiences of past relationships, seek psychological help. People can go around in circles for years, stepping on the same rake, and a few sessions with a psychologist give them the opportunity to take a fresh look at their life and start behaving differently, attracting new, appropriate people.

Here are signs that without a psychologist, you will have a hard time finding true love:

You have extremely negative family experiences. Violence in your parental family.

You are rigidly attached to one type and cannot even try to build relationships with other people.

You regularly meet similar partners and it doesn’t work out with them.

All of your relationship scenarios are very similar and all end in failure in the same way.

Each of your partners, no matter how different they may be, applies humiliating, abusive, violent acts to you.

You repel all of your partners with unreasonable demands and humiliating, abusive, and violent actions.

In every relationship you have, you do something that destroys it. You do this as if unknowingly, not on purpose.

If any of this applies to you, don’t delay in seeing a psychologist, he knows how to help you.


Finding your man can be difficult, but if you listen to our advice, you will succeed. Nothing is impossible for a person who truly desires, dreams and has love and gratitude in their heart.

If a person is able to love fully, he loves himself; if he is only able to love others, he cannot love at all.

How to find love that will not burn out over time like a match, but will fill your heart for life

True love is not easy to find. Sometimes it seems that the long-awaited moment has arrived, and the one you have met is your soulmate. But as time passes, the passion gradually fades, and feelings begin to dissolve. The romance disappears, the tenderness disappears. And what happens next? The emptiness? How to find a soul mate, and not be content with a quickly passing sexual attraction? Let’s think together about universal ways to meet his love.

Do not look for a relationship among colleagues

If you are tired of the fleeting, meaningless relationship, firmly tell yourself: “I want to meet love! And at this very moment, make a fateful decision – stop looking for a life partner among colleagues. Yes, you have many common interests and topics for discussion. But psychologists say that such unity can play a cruel joke. Couples who share a common profession, it is difficult to find a balance between work and home.

At the very beginning of the novel, still at the stage of falling in love, everything will be really quite good. You will have a lot of lively conversations, joint goals and aspirations. But later you will not notice how you will gradually start to drift away from each other. The fact is that couples who work together, most often do not have common interests outside the office walls. Free time they prefer to spend separately, which is not the best reflected on the relationship.

Choose professions that will complement each other

Experts in relationships conducted research to understand which professions can be more than just friends. The results showed that, for example, employees of law enforcement agencies get along perfectly with employees of the banking sector, and experts in the advertising business easily find common ground with musicians, cultural figures and artists. This suggests that true love should be sought among the representatives of professions that will complement each other.

Plan your working hours in advance.

How often do you hear from friends that their significant other literally sleeps at work? Regular overtime has a negative impact on personal life. And psychologists have proven that unstable work schedule affects the close relationship much worse than the predictable long shift. But this is understandable: no one wants to give up a romantic dinner in a restaurant because of the unexpected rush at work partner.

The conclusion is simple: do not sacrifice the close relationship, otherwise the question of how to get love, will always be on the agenda. Immediately accustom yourself to planning your workday and, if possible, warn your partner in advance of the need to delay or postpone the meeting.

Don’t plan the “wedding of the century.”

The amount of money that you want to spend on the wedding, in general, has no impact on our future life together. Psychologists are closely involved in these issues and derived the following consistent pattern: the more were the costs of celebration, the less the couple lived together. Yes, it is logically impossible to explain why this happens, but statistics speak for themselves. More often than not, this happens because newlyweds find themselves in a lot of debt from the very beginning of family life because of a lavish wedding. The financial burden immediately begins to test the strength of the relationship, but not everyone passes this stage with dignity.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Imagine – you met a person, one look at whom takes your breath away, your heart is pounding, butterflies are fluttering in your stomach. It seems that you fell in love at first sight and found true love. But psychologists advise not to jump to conclusions. In their opinion, there is no such thing as love at first sight. Many people confuse their feelings with a simple sexual attraction.

Be more attentive to your feelings – listen to yourself. The person to whom you are attracted, like a magnet, and may not become your soul mate, and the one to whom you feel sincere affection, may be the love of your life.

Where to find your love?

First of all, do not get hung up and do not live only thinking about how to meet love . Let the situation go, enjoy life, and you’re sure to find a companion – he, after all, is also in search! But don’t just sit around, either. Visit places where there is a chance to meet your soul mate, where it will be easier to find true love.

On the Internet

If you don’t have time to hit the clubs, take a leisurely stroll in a park or sit down to dinner at a cozy cafe, try the internet. You can meet new people day or night – there’s no time limit for online dating.

Online dating apps and sites

One of the most effective ways to find mutual love is to register on a dating site. You won’t need a lot of time or specific knowledge to do this. And the most important advantage is that even the most shy and timid people can meet their other half. Thanks to the detailed filters on the site, you can start corresponding with like-minded people right away, without wasting time on meaningless conversations about nothing. You simply choose among the users whose profiles show the same hobbies as yours and start chatting. A simple correspondence can turn into something more!

Social networks

Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte are social networks where it’s as realistic to meet love as it is on dating sites. Start your search with thematic groups, where people with common interests, views, hobbies gather. Before you start chatting, check out the member’s profile page. This way, you can find out what the person’s hobbies are and who they are friends with.

The most difficult thing about dating through social networks is starting a correspondence. It is important not to spoil the first impression. Do not immediately flirt openly or talk about too personal topics. After all, until you start communicating, it is impossible to determine whether the person is looking for a relationship. In this regard, communication on a dating site is much more effective – registered users as well as you, in search, so they are open to dialogue.

Dating in Real Life

In parallel with the search for a soulmate on the Internet, continue to communicate in everyday life as well. This way your chances of success increase many times.

Having mutual friends

Very often relationships begin in mutual companies. Almost 30% of couples are formed from friends. And it can happen at any time – even before you have time to think about how to find true love. You can already communicate for a long time, not showing any romantic feelings. But at some point, a spark may slip between you that will grow into a lasting alliance.

In a cafe, bar or restaurant

According to statistics, almost 20% of couples met here. Romantic impulses are promoted by a pleasant atmosphere: relaxed atmosphere, good music. But some psychologists believe that this is not the best way to find love, as such acquaintances often end up in short-term romances.

At work

Despite the fact that psychologists do not approve of relationships that begin at work, many couples are formed in offices. You have to be prepared for the fact that your romance can be hindered by gossip among colleagues, questions from management. But you can not deny the fact that common work brings together. You have common interests, tasks. You go to work together, together spend your lunch break. Only it can lead to the fact that you will not have personal space. You just start to get tired of each other.

At interest meetings.

One of the proven ways to find love is to start dating at theme nights, sporting events, exhibitions, concerts. Choose events that you are really interested in, then you are sure to find a person with similar views and you can easily connect!

On Quick Dates

If the question of how to find love has become one of the most important for you, you should try it. These events bring together participants who, like you, are just as much in search of a relationship as you are. The rules are simple – two people talk for a few minutes, then there is an exchange of pairs. The task is within a short time to make an impression on the interlocutor. If there is sympathy between people, they exchange contacts.

In your usual places.

You can get acquainted with the other half in any place. This can be a supermarket, where you go to buy groceries every day, or a favorite bookstore or public transportation. Your fate may be sitting at a nearby table in a cafe, or may be standing at a traffic light across the street. Do not be timid – look around and take a step towards your happiness!

Confidently say to yourself, “I want to find my love. Take action and you are sure to find a soul mate, with whom you will spend a long and happy life!

How do I find my love?

Love can find us completely by accident. In an unexpected situation when you have no idea. Maybe your future chosen one is already standing next to you at the bus stop, or today you were separated by only a few people in line for groceries. Don’t be shy when chatting with strangers! Sign up for a dating site and start corresponding with interesting people. Try to strike up a conversation at a cafe or club. The main thing is to overcome your fear of communication, and soon you will meet the love of your life.

Where to Find Love?

Many people think that you can get acquainted anywhere. But here you need to understand what your goals are. If you are interested in a serious relationship, do not pay special attention to random meetings on the street. Before you decide that this is true love, get to know the person. Similar is the case with dating in public transport. The conversationalist may not be who he says he is. Certainly, do not refuse a pleasant dialogue, but do not rush into a maelstrom!

Dating in fitness centers, sports clubs, and other public places, where people with common interests gather, is more trustworthy. If you don’t plan to talk to everyone who goes to work out with you at the same time, use an online dating site. Here, there’s an even better chance of finding people with common interests beyond just a love of sports.

How do I find first love?

To experience the long-awaited feeling, go for your dreams. Meet new people in every way you can! Especially since with the development of the Internet, finding a lover has become much easier. For this, there are dating sites that bring together thousands of users who want to get acquainted. The main thing is to choose reputable resources, with constantly updated profiles, with the protection of confidential information.

How to find love at 30?

After 30, when there are clear principles of life, it is more difficult to find a companion than before. But that doesn’t mean that you just don’t get a soul mate. No, it doesn’t! On the contrary, marriages concluded after 30, the most solid! Make the decision to find true love, and you will succeed. Just decide in advance where to start your search. Guys under 25 years old are too young, they are interested in younger girls. And at the age of 30 to 40 there are a lot of career men, who never created a family, because they are completely immersed in their careers, as well as those who are already divorced. To meet your man, go out “in the world” more and register on a dating site.

Where can I find true love?

It’s important not just to find a partner for a fling, but a life partner with common interests, hobbies and views. If you get acquainted in a public place, it’s unlikely it’s easy to determine whether your preferences match. Dating sites are another matter. Here it is much easier and faster to find like-minded people.

How to find a mutual love?

To find a life partner, you need to look for him! Be open to new relationships and remember that mutual love is not only the happiness of having each other. This is also a certain amount of work that requires a common effort. Having met your loved one, do not waste time on arguments, complaints and clarifications. Remember how recently you dreamed of finding mutual love – now you have it. Enjoy every minute you spend together!

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