What zodiac sign is suitable for Capricorn man?

Capricorn man compatibility with women of all zodiac signs

In this article we will tell you what kind of girl is suitable for a guy of the zodiac sign Capricorn. We have prepared for you a table of compatibility with women of all zodiac signs, as well as characteristics of the Capricorn man’s relationship with each of them.

What kind of woman is suitable for a Capricorn man

Capricorn is a goal-oriented, pragmatic, decent and principled man. He has a high intellect and ambition, seeks wealth and power. What zodiac sign suits a Capricorn man is influenced by the peculiarities of his character and temperament.

He cannot be called a sensitive or impulsive person. He is guided by reason, not feelings, so he needs the same restrained and sensible woman. It will not suit a girl who does not know how to control emotions, wants passion in a relationship or often arranges scandals.

The ideal choice of Capricorn is a calm, sincere and hardworking woman who honors family traditions, likes to take care of the house, respects her man and does not try to compete with him. He can be too straightforward and critical, but does not forgive remarks to his address.

It is important that the girl is not a supporter of abrupt changes, does not make him suddenly change his plans and does not give reasons for jealousy. Below we will talk in detail about the compatibility of the Capricorn man with other zodiac signs.

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Compatibility chart for love, relationships and marriage

Compatibility of zodiac signs in love and marriage largely depends on whether the partners have common ground, common interests and coincidence in their views on life. In the table we have indicated which women are suitable according to the horoscope Capricorn male for love and family relationships, and also prepared brief comments.

Female zodiac sign Compatibility level
Aries Average. There is passion and attraction, but not enough mutual concessions.
Taurus High. Full agreement in views on relationships, family and finances.
Gemini Low. Too much difference in interests and lifestyles.
Cancer High. Stable, harmonious and comfortable relationships.
Leo Low. Frequent quarrels because of Leo’s high ambitions and Capricorn’s criticism.
Virgo High. Full understanding, harmony and love, but without passion.
Libra Average. There are chances to create a friendly family if jealousy does not interfere.
Scorpio Medium. Bright and passionate relationships are hindered by mutual stubbornness.
Sagittarius Low. No match in character, temperament, interests and goals.
Capricorn High. A good combination to create a strong and friendly family.
Aquarius Low. Different views on what a relationship should be.
Pisces Medium. Capricorn’s penchant for criticism can lead to problems.

Capricorn man compatibility with women of other signs

Capricorn man is compatible with women of the Earth element. Calm, sensible and pragmatic girls of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn zodiac signs share his views on family, household and finances. They also do not like waste and abrupt changes.

Sensitive and perceptive women of the Water element are also suitable for him. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces can soften his rigid character and make him more flexible and compliant.

Capricorn does not have a good compatibility with the Fire element. His straightforwardness often becomes a problem in relations with a fiery girl: stubborn Aries can argue for a long time, Leo does not accept criticism in his address at all, and Sagittarius will not miss a chance to make a backhanded remark.

Airy Gemini and Aquarius are also difficult to call suitable options. Capricorn male seems to them too boring and conservative, and they seem to him too frivolous and irresponsible.

Capricorn man and Aries woman

Two self-confident, assertive and stubborn partners can’t agree even on small things. The active and courageous girl does not like to waste time thinking, and the sensible and rational man takes his time. Their relationship often resembles the struggle of two irreconcilable rivals.

Capricorn stubbornly tries to impose family values on the Aries woman, but she has little interest in everyday life. They can live peacefully if they both show patience and focus their energy on achieving common ambitious goals.

Male Capricorn and female Taurus

Taurus is one of the best zodiac signs for a Capricorn man. This woman knows how to gently but persistently and persuasively defend her point of view, so she is one of the few girls whose opinion can be listened to by the self-assured and stubborn Capricorn.

Both partners strive for a stable, comfortable life and prosperity. The Taurus woman guides and supports her chosen one, but she does not try to take the place of the head of the family. She can create a reliable rear for the man.

Male Capricorn and female Gemini

The Gemini girl attracts the Capricorn man with her energy and optimism, but does not suit his zodiac sign. Usually the couple’s romantic relationship is filled with vivid emotions and passion, and the family relationship is filled with reproaches from the Capricorn man: for unreasonable purchases, impulsive actions and unwillingness to take care of the house.

A Gemini woman who likes an active, busy life, socializing with friends and spontaneous trips finds the grounded Capricorn man too conservative, nerdy and boring.

Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

A courageous, responsible, reliable man and a kind, caring, responsive woman can be the perfect couple. The Cancer girl is one of the few who meets the demands of the picky Capricorn.

Being an emotional nature with a high level of empathy, she softens the character of her chosen one, fills their relationship with tenderness, intuitively understands whether he needs support or privacy. The Cancer woman feels comfortable and safe around her Capricorn partner.

Capricorn man and Leo woman

Leo is far from the most suitable zodiac sign for the Capricorn man. The girl loves attention, compliments, generous gifts and expensive establishments, so it is difficult for her to live with a reserved and frugal man. They can have passion, but often there is no intimacy and tenderness.

They have disputes in everyday life, for example, if he counts on a home-cooked dinner and she counts on going to a restaurant. But thanks to Leo’s ingenuity and Capricorn’s industriousness, they are able to create a successful couple.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman

Female Virgo and male Capricorn sign coincide in views, interests and lifestyles. They successfully complement each other – he is responsible for wealth and stability, and she creates home comfort and convenience.

Their relationship is built on respect, trust and mutual understanding, and often even on calculation, which, however, only strengthens this union. The sensible and calm Virgo woman is one of the few who sees the Capricorn as a practical, responsible, reliable partner rather than a nerd and pedant.

Capricorn man and Libra woman

The Libra girl is most suited to the Capricorn man of the air element signs. Unlike others, she has a sense of tact, so she behaves diplomatically and wisely in communication with the straightforward and stubborn Capricorn.

She sees potential in him – this is the kind of person who can provide her with a stable and comfortable life. The Libra woman easily finds an approach to her partner, so he almost never refuses her. Problems arise only because of jealousy on the part of the man.

Male Capricorn and female Scorpio

Capricorn and Scorpio zodiac signs are not always compatible. Only the charismatic, bold and temperamental Scorpio girl can ignite feelings and passion in this unemotional man. Both are intelligent, goal-oriented and hardworking people who can achieve ambitious goals together.

But the couple’s relationship often spoils because of Capricorn’s stubbornness and Scorpio’s sarcastic nature. The insulting, vindictive woman may torment him with jealousy and provoke quarrels.

Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman

Compatibility of the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Capricorn is rarely good. Sociable, energetic girl leads an active lifestyle and often tries to impose it on his conservative homebody Capricorn.

It is difficult for them to find a compromise even in little things. She wants motion, he wants stability. She likes to spend money and have fun, and he disposes of the finances rationally, does not like risk and excitement. The female Sagittarius lacks passion, tenderness and romance in this relationship.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman

Female and male Capricorn sign perfectly understand each other. Their relationship develops consistently, without haste, so they enter into marriage consciously. Two hardworking, responsible and sensible Capricorns work for the benefit of the family.

Both try to combine work and household duties, always finding time for loved ones. The couple has arguments, but they almost never end in separation. The Capricorn union is always stable, although it lacks care or affection.

Capricorn man and Aquarius woman

Capricorn guy and Aquarius girl can be friends, but they are too different to create a strong and harmonious family. A close and lasting relationship with this couple is very rare.

A romantic, dreamy woman and a serious, pragmatic man find it difficult to understand each other. He tries to show that each partner must have responsibilities, while she strives for freedom. A relationship is possible if Capricorn shows patience and puts up with the lifestyle of his chosen one.

Capricorn man and Pisces woman

You can’t say that Pisces is the ideal zodiac sign for Capricorn, but this couple has every chance of building a stable family union. The female Pisces can surround her partner with love and care. She admires his intelligence and courage, and he appreciates her for kindness, pliability and responsiveness.

In this relationship, the man needs to become less straightforward and critical. The Pisces woman reacts painfully to comments, so her tendency to dejection and apathy can develop into depression.

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Signs suitable for Capricorn man

Capricorn man – compatibility with women of other signs

Those who are not interested in astrology know about the difficult character of men born under the sign of Capricorn. There are many arguments and conditions for building a relationship with the strong sex of this sign. The behavior of the Capricorn man (zodiac sign): characteristic, compatibility with other signs – see the article below.

What is he like by character

Capricorn men choose stable, stable, long-term relationships. Changes are not given to them easily, and they rarely dramatically change their lives. This character trait makes men hostage to a union that has no future. Men wait for their partners to propose divorce.

  • Increased self-discipline management
  • Jealousy.
  • Don’t give in to anyone.

In a romantic relationship, the Capricorn man is kind, loving, and faithful. He strives to build a mutual relationship. He has a clear idea and knows who he wants to see in his environment. The right attitude towards love and marriage is an obstacle to a happy life.

  • He chooses his friends once in a lifetime. Communication skills allow him to make business and useful connections.
  • Demonstrates diligence and persistence in work. Gradually achieves his goals. Think several times before making a responsible and decisive step. They are great leaders and entrepreneurs. They can work for themselves.
  • Young Capricorns are bright and sharp in everything they do. They can offend loved ones and family members with their words and actions. Men are too sensitive to tolerate hurtful words and criticism in their speech. This is the cause of disrespect and revenge.

For the sake of history! In time, they can recognize his personal mistakes. They teach him to see life, love, and family relationships in members of the stronger sex. Over the years, members of the stronger sex become wiser, more prudent, and more loyal to their significant other.

Symbols according to the oriental calendar

Hard character. With a man who is difficult to solve problems. He does not give up at all.

Morally free man. Devotes a lot of time to health.

A strong and wise young man.

He likes to think. In relationships, he prefers to get physical satisfaction rather than moral satisfaction.

An irresistible personality, an egoistic person. He believes he is the center of the universe.

Favorable disposition, full of optimism.

Reliability. You can always count on him.

How he behaves in relationships and marriage.

He likes representatives of the weaker sex and complex relationships. She likes to be independent. It is difficult to control and manipulate. It can give the impression that he is boring and unconscious. He attracts women with his calm and balanced character.

Important: In a relationship, the emphasis is on physical intimacy and spiritual peace. He falls in love with a woman and tries to make her happy.

A good presenter and father at weddings. The wife does not have to worry about her financial situation. The man continues to manage the family finances, but his family does not need anything. However, there is often a lack of emotional interaction, which affects the psychological aspect of the family.

Because of their high potential for intimacy, women may experience a lack of sex in marriage. Basically, a representative of the stronger sex belonging to the Capricorn sign prefers to satisfy his sexual needs on the side. Nevertheless, he will continue to love, appreciate and protect his wife.

When she raises her children, she tries to instill in them respect for family traditions, discipline and hard work. He doesn’t experiment with new teaching methods and tries to stick to their rigor. In fact, it helps to find answers. Capricorn men Capricorns can screw up a lot of things and make them possible.

Capricorn and air signs.

Possessing beautiful air element sex, the Capricorn man falls in love lightning fast. She involuntarily attracts him, but in time he quickly gets bored. Change the frivolous woman will not work.

Relationship with a Capricorn man.

Competitive relationship. Both are leaders. If no one succumbs to the union, they will suppress coldness, callousness and cruelty toward each other.

Comfortable relationship. The members of the couple have different perspectives on life. They may enjoy falling in love, but begin to disagree enough to deal with domestic nuances.

Successful relationship. Representatives of the coalition are similar to each other. They spend their free time together and love to socialize. Together, they like to be the center of attention. This can create a strong and reliable union. The main thing is that men and women should accept each other’s mistakes; they should be willing to admit that they are not the only ones who make mistakes.

Partnership with Fire signs.

Capricorn is not easy with fire signs. The main reason is that they exhibit similar qualities to men in problematic situations.

They are similar to a large extent. Below is the compatibility with other Capricorn sign men.

Relationship with a Capricorn man.

A loving, caring relationship that eventually grows into a family relationship. Problems arise when members of the stronger sex want to tame a wise and independent woman. Women’s reactions to this gesture are mostly negative.

Alliances are favorable. The woman is gentle and patient, the man is loving and a true knight. It is worth remembering that if the parties can find a compromise at the right time, the relationship will be successful.

Favorable union. The goals and desires are the same. There are no obstacles in the way for the arrested. Men must control their emotions, especially in the case of jealous impulses. In the case of mistrust, the woman should keep in mind that the relationship may close and the relationship will come to a standstill.

Capricorn male: compatibility with Earth signs

Compatibility with the earth element is very easy. The symbol itself refers to the Earth. What kind of relationship should we expect from the couple?

  • Taurus. The man and woman dream of a cozy home and a happy life. The partner judges his optimism and tries to support him in all his endeavors. It is not clear who leads whom. In a union, everyone is friendly and equal. There can be a lot of infidelity in a relationship. Scandals often arise as a result.
  • Virginity. Although outwardly this relationship seems boring, the man and woman feel very comfortable with each other. They do not show strong passions and feelings. From the beginning of the relationship, they understand that they live together and try to organize their home. If there is a cooling of emotions, there may be a breakdown in the relationship.

NB! A common goal or having children can save the union with the attitude of an Earth element woman and a Capricorn man.

Compatibility of Capricorn men with Water signs

Capricorn man, thanks to his strong personality, has a positive influence on a woman of the element of Water. They perfectly complement each other’s qualities.

Relationship with a Capricorn man.

Representatives of the union perfectly understand each other. Mutual respect and love between a man and a woman create a good relationship.

They complement each other. Women are deeply involved in the home and family, while men earn and support the family. Compatibility is considered ideal.

Alliances are beneficial. The relationship is based on trust. The wife always tries to support her husband. Trust in each other is important to all members of the couple.

Relationship with one’s sign

Capricorn men are fully compatible with Capricorn women. They have the same outlook on life. Nevertheless, conflicts may arise because of the desire to take the leading role in the relationship.

Everyone tries to fulfill family responsibilities. If the man and woman are happy, they are ready to compromise. In their personal life, they have everything perfect, because the representative of the association likes to experiment.

What kind of girl does a Capricorn guy need.

He is seriously looking for the woman he loves. She is looking for a partner who can look after the house, the household and children in the future.

The ideal Capricorn woman is.

  • Kind
  • Loyal
  • Educated
  • Decent.
  • Kind
  • Patient, patient.
  • Easy-going, malleable.
  • Unique.

It’s important to him that a woman respect and consider his opinion. Beauty doesn’t matter to a man. The main thing is that his girlfriend is educated, clean, well-groomed and neat. He avoids relationships with hardworking women.

Who is compatible with in work and friendship

Capricorn and Virgo are very good friends in work matters. These signs love money and a responsible approach to work. Libras like to work hard, but they have a hard time getting along with other signs in work and friendships. Other signs can only hurt the work environment.

Scorpio and Capricorn build professional relationships at work, but not friendships. It is not advisable to build a professional relationship with an Aquarius, as they are talkers who don’t always think about their work. If you trust such a sign in your work, expect disaster.

Therefore, the personality of Capricorn cannot be called pleasant, but you can find approaches both in romantic relationships and in work. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to cause anger in men of this sign.

Capricorn Zodiac sign compatibility.

Ruled by harsh Saturn and the element of earth, Capricorn does not expect love to be just a holiday. He approaches the search for a soulmate as a serious matter, preferring to be on his own rather than compromise with casual relationships. Capricorn is not a fatalist, but he is not inclined to see his partner through rose-colored glasses either.

Representatives of this sign are reserved and cautious and are not capable of making a positive impression at the first meeting. Young Capricorns unconsciously create psychological barriers in communication. Therefore, they are not very lucky to fall in love when they are young. Their inner confidence and success in matters of the heart come when they gain fame, material possessions and experience.

A Capricorn man’s strategy for winning his other half is based on showing off wealth. The Capricorn man tries to impress with expensive suits, cars, and a very promising job. The Capricorn woman tries to win sympathy with her admirable appearance, her desire to start a family, and her promise to be a faithful husband.

Capricorn cannot intuitively determine if he is compatible with the person he likes. First he succumbs to physical attraction, and then he ponders whether a life companion is right for him.

The Capricorn in love never loses his common sense. Even in the early stages of a relationship, he doesn’t do anything stupid. He does not “taste” the object of his love for faith, does not spend half of his salary on expensive gifts and does not say kind words. Instead, he backs up his feelings with actions. For example, he may go to the airport to meet his love, even if his flight arrives late at night and he doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow. Capricorn insists on classic forms of flirting and strictly follows family traditions. He tries to think through all the details of a first date to make it unforgettable. If he trusts his partner, he will not put off a visit to the registry office. Capricorn is able to get married within the first year of the relationship.

Marriage for Capricorn is a commitment that he takes very seriously. He understands that even faithful lovers have relationship problems and are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome them. When there are crises in family life, he tries to overcome them with the least loss to himself and his loved ones.

Material prosperity, career and social status are the main priorities for representatives of the Earth element. Capricorn is ready to do anything to achieve the desired goals, including he sees nothing wrong with marriages of convenience.

Disadvantages of a Capricorn partner

  • Stinginess. In its extreme manifestations, Capricorn can turn into a pathologically greedy person. Not petty, but petty to the point of absurdity. They feel extremely uncomfortable when they have to share their possessions. This peculiarity can only be understood by those who tend to be hard on themselves. Everyone else jokingly teases his pettiness: “I changed my mind about marrying you, pettiness! Give me your ring back! -Where’s the box?”
  • Disbelief. Tell Capricorn directly that you love him, and he may be wary. He tries to open up to everyone. A representative of this zodiac sign prefers to build relationships based on mutual interests, considering a sincere and practical connection rather than emotional dependence. You will have to work hard to convince Capricorn of his unselfishness and emotional integrity.
  • Closure. Capricorn can be a very aloof person who watches his personal space from outside intrusion. Emotional involvement does not come easily to him. Outwardly, it may seem cold and painless. Representatives of this point do not want to show their emotions, their inner world, that is a secret behind the seven seals.
  • The Benjamin Button effect. Astrologers say about Capricorns that they become younger as they age. Like the characters of famous movies, in childhood, they are very serious and look like old men. But as they age, it’s as if they begin to catch up with the young. While their peers are getting older and losing interest in pleasures, Capricorns are just beginning to get a taste of life. In their old age, they can enjoy every moment and spend a lot of money. The “gray goatee, white on the forehead” is for them. The mismatch between outward and inward age is often misunderstood by fellow Capricorns and interferes with a satisfying personal life.

Signs with which Capricorn is perfectly compatible

The best compatibility is observed between Capricorn and its friendly water elements (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). In spite of their opposite characters, the stars favor these combinations. The romance and emotion of the water element can awaken the most tender emotional buds in the down-to-earth Capricorn.

In the Capricorn-Oichton union, partners appreciate each other’s natural flaws. Capricorn admires Pisces’ kindness and loyalty, and he is attracted to Capricorn’s intelligence and perseverance. Their shared love of a comfortable and affluent life ensures that this couple is headed in the same direction. Capricorn’s dedication and diligence make for an economically prosperous union, while Pisces creates a reliable family atmosphere.

Capricorn and Scorpio thrive because they share each other’s ambitions. Their twins are characterized by a shared focus on progress. This couple has clear goals for their lives together, and there is little that can stop them. At their best, they combine practical logic with intuition and insight to create a dynamic team.

The Cancer mentality helps Cerami break through the outer armor and emphasize the purest and most beautiful sides of their nature. Cancer feels safe thanks to the protection of a successful and reliable Capricorn.

Signs with which Capricorn has a neutral compatibility

If his love may seem down-to-earth, he’s not for his Earth mates, Taurus and Virgo. This is a union of equal partners who care about each other. Their lives may be considered monotonous and boring, but only for love at first sight.

They belong to the same element, but each person is different from the other. There are moments of passion, experiences and real happiness in their relationship. Most importantly, do not spoil it with your dignity and stubbornness. However, the Earth has the wisdom not to push mountains head-on.

Taurus, like the other constellations, is familiar with rumors, so they are able to accept and share Capricorn’s qualities of possession and asceticism. Each is amazed at the patience, perseverance and neatness of their partner.

The Capricorn-Companion union is an opportunity for a dream group. Hard-working and determined partners have never heard the phrase “I can’t do it.” Together they can move mountains, create a thriving family and have a great career.

Capricorn women and men date for one reason or another. They have the opportunity to see themselves from the outside. They give credit to their strengths and struggle with their flaws. Astrologers advise such couples to clearly distribute family responsibilities, so that they are the main figures in the family and do not quarrel over how to divide income.

Signs with which Capricorn gets along hard

The fire signs of Mars (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and the Capricorn-Air conjunction (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) have proven controversial. The duration of these compounds is questionable, because the conflict of unfriendly elements creates a confrontation and disagreement on completely different approaches to life. Aries acts quickly without thinking about what he will do, and Capricorn acts because he gets certain benefits. Leo seeks success through his charm and social ability, while Capricorn relies on hard work and diligence. Such opposite companions as Capricorn and Sagittarius are hard to find in the entire Zodiac. The former is introverted and prefers to stay in the shadows, the latter is extroverted and loves company and adventure.

The combination of Capricorn and air signs is not so problematic. Here materialism clashes with idealism, and business acumen suffers from a lack of practicality. As a rule, a mutual pairing is created when the ebullient young man acts on a whim and does not give much thought to the consequences of his actions. As they mature, however, contradictions manifest themselves in irreconcilable forces, and such couplings tend to spontaneously disintegrate. Capricorn is especially difficult to find common ground with Gemini and Aquarius. However, a Capricorn man can be happily married to a Libra woman (although “gender reassignment surgery” characterizes the unions as less compatible).

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