What words to excite a man?

Wildly arousing words to a man that he wants to hear

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The expert – Victoria Fomina.

Highest-category sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples solve problems in sex life.

Modern technology allows you to stay in touch even when your loved one or chosen one is physically far away. But on the phone or in various messengers to discuss not only innocent things, but something hotter. We collected a list of the most frank hot phrases that will make your blood boil in your veins and make your body swelter with excitement.

Dirty phrases to create sexual tension

  • I really need to feel your cock inside.
  • No one has ever taken me like you did before!
  • I’m going to leave my mark on you tonight.
  • Once we’re home, I’m going to make you have a roof-top orgasm.
  • Just the thought of you being able to completely subdue me is wildly exhilarating.
  • Do you want to see me in a thong, panties or nothing?
  • I behaved badly, will you punish me?
  • I’m going to have a good time with you tonight.
  • If we were alone right now, your dick would have been in my mouth and I’d be on my knees by now.
  • It’s so hard for me to concentrate, all I can think about is you grabbing me by the hair and taking me roughly.
  • If you do it right, you can get your reward tonight.
  • Stop looking at me like that, it makes me flow.
  • Tonight is the night when things will only go my way. But don’t worry, it’s going to be fun!
  • I’m going to make you scream tonight.
  • It’s such a shame we’re away from the bed now, because all I’m able to think about right now is your body pressed up against mine.
  • This is the skirt I bought especially for you. Do you want to see me in it? Or would you rather not wear it?
  • Do you want to know what’s under my dress? Nothing.
  • Going to the gym together wasn’t the best idea. The sight of your body dripping with sweat was starting to make me wet.
  • Take a few steps forward so I can see your ass better!

Dirty phrases for hot sex

  • It turns me on to think of you using me as your personal sex doll.
  • Your dignity should be between my lips. Now.
  • I love it so much when you take me like I’m your whore.
  • Don’t think of me, take me to your taste!
  • Put it in deeper! (at the same time wrap all your limbs around him to force him even deeper inside)
  • My name should be on your lips when you cum.
  • Grab my hair tighter and spank me.
  • Harder, Daddy, harder.
  • I want to be your bitch tonight.
  • Pour it right on me.
  • Whisper my name in my ear.
  • Beg me.
  • Your voice makes my panties wet. Take responsibility for that.
  • It would be nice to have a copy of your cock under my pillow, since I can’t have you at my side all the time.

Dirty phrases that will make him think of you.

(Take note: most of these phrases are best used in text messages.)

  • I get so weak and small in your arms that I want to feel it as often as possible.

Highest-category sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples solve problems in sex life.

Every man wants his woman at least a couple of hours to stop being shy and turned into a real tigress. It is a fantasy of guys to be in the power of the beloved girl, who will forget about his own shyness and become a skilled lecher. Make periodic surprises like this to your partner – he will be absolutely delighted. And exciting words to a man that he is dreaming to hear, will only fuel interest. A couple of hot texts in the morning – and he will walk around all day in anticipation of an unforgettable evening. Show some imagination, muster up enough courage and tell a man a couple of dirty phrases!

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I dream of hearing such a phrase from a girl, but they have become something shy or prudish. Such openness is rare.

For me so the expression is what you need. The main thing is that it will attract the guy and if you send him a message in the morning, all day he will think only about these words.

I just want her to show some emotion after a rough night. Whether she liked it or something she didn’t like. It’s the silence that kills.

It’s normal when you want a guy and you tell him that. Guys can openly talk about it, why can’t we do the same?

Very open language, maybe if you say that to a guy who’s just starting a relationship, he’ll think the girl is easy.

Phrases are very provocative not every guy can say this, but if he even send a message to send such a phrase, he will definitely be yours!

Not all phrases are suitable for this, or rather a man can be pleased, but some put the girl in a bad light. From the series “you can use me as a sex doll”. This is an indicator that the girl does not think the best of herself and is willing to humiliate herself.

Every guy dreams of hearing such phrases from a girl. It’s a shame not all girls think of it, if only they could google it.

you can humiliate me. how? call me a cheap moth, piss on me after sex, and leave a couple of coppers on my nightstand?))) no, i would not like my lover to humiliate me!

don’t piss, just Yes you can, it’s even cool, I like it very much, I even come quicker from such, because you can see that your partner feels very good too)

damn, sometimes when i feel really good, i can’t help myself when orgasm, i can scream something like Daaaaaa. it’s awful, isn’t it? didn’t know((

ahahahah, sex with a dolphin, rjaka) i don’t like it when a man shows no signs of pleasure at all, unemotional is also bad, you need a golden mean!

there are a lot of great picks on this site, the top 100, by my opinion, are called, and there are really many different phrases, both lewd and dirty, and just love messages! you can keep them, they will last you a lifetime ;))

i need to leave a tab with this article, so my sweetheart will see, and besides the list of products that need to buy, in general she sends me nothing, and we are only a year together, like a passion should not pass yet! may understand the hint, and soon there will be no sex at all(((

So you should be the first to send her some kind of sexy text message, she will be happy and will make a reciprocal step! Why do we girls have to be the first to do something all the time?

I don’t really like the phrase I’ll make you scream tonight. first of all, it seems to me that when a man screams in bed, it is not particularly masculine, and secondly, the phrase is more threatening than sexual)))

yes, bliiiii, yes! i also do not like when men scream during sex, it’s just awful! especially when the voice becomes thin, like a dolphin, it’s just ridiculous! you can make some sounds, but not unpleasant screams!

I just do not have enough imagination to send something with spice to my beloved husband, and here is such a treasure, not a selection) you can send it several times a day, he will be glad)))

yes, it’s fun) i’ve been sending pics of it all so he can spend the rest of the day thinking of how he can get home and take me)

I constantly send my boyfriend dirty phrases when he’s not around) I like to imagine his reaction, especially if he is in a public place;)

Yo, you should think so, normal phrases, any normal guy would be very pleasant to receive such things from his beloved!

God, what a banality and vulgarity, my boyfriend would not appreciate it, on the contrary, he would think that I had something wrong with my head. or that I drank too much!

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73 Exciting words and phrases for men

Words have tremendous power not only in everyday life, but also in sexual life. Correctly chosen and most importantly in time said the word can excite and greatly enhance sexual desire. In this article I want to teach you the correct use of excitatory words and phrases for men. After all, how much he will be turned on will depend on the strength of his orgasm. We will share with you tips that will help you with the help of sexual phrases and words to create a special excitement in your partner. This skill will help every woman not only maintain sexual interest in themselves from the beloved man, but also make him feel his incredible sexuality.

You are now reading the first chapter of a guide on how to have sexy conversations and use slutty phrases to excite a man. On this page, you will learn 73 arousing phrases for men that you can use in the future.

3 groups of arousing words

Before proceeding to the other chapters of this guide, it is advisable to immediately get acquainted and “take on” some of the words and phrases. All of them are divided into three groups.

1. The words to excite men

  • If now there was no one around, I would have jumped on you!
  • Would you fuck me right now, huh?
  • I’m so hungry, I want your cock right now. You’ll learn about blowjob techniques and methods.
  • Today I’m going to squeeze everything out of your “balls”!
  • I can hardly contain myself, I want to undress and duck on your cock.
  • Mmm, I want to feel you inside me.
  • No one has ever fucked me like you have.
  • Even when you’re so angry, I still want you to fuck me.
  • Tonight I want to give you… me.
  • When we get home, I’ll saddle you up, my stallion.
  • The thought of being possessed by you makes me crazy.
  • I don’t know what to wear tonight, a thong or panties? Or should I wear nothing at all?
  • Will you punish me if I’m a bad girl?
  • I will tear you up tonight. You can learn about dominance from this guide.
  • Close their eyes all, I’ll get down on my knees and take your cock in my mouth.
  • I’m flowing, thinking of you grabbing me and pinning me against a wall in some nook and cranny.
  • And I have a surprise for you x (works great for texting, etc.) 43 more posts on this topic.
  • Don’t go away, let’s have sex all day Perfect for boosting your sex drive if he was suddenly going away.
  • I like it when you’re wearing tight clothes.
  • Guess what color my panties are?
  • Hurry home after work or my horniness will kill me.
  • I want to wrap my pussy around your cock.
  • You’ve been making me so horny this morning.
  • I wore these panties for you.
  • I get so turned on when you dominate.
  • Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun tonight.
  • If the cards are right, you’re gonna have mind-blowing sex tonight.
  • Don’t look at me like that, I’m all wet.
  • Tonight we’re going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!
  • Tonight I’m gonna make you squeal and roll around!
  • It’s a shame we’re not in bed, I want so much to feel your body on mine.

2. Exciting words for a man during sex

  • I want to be your little horny doll
  • I want to feel your cock in my mouth.
  • I like it when you fuck me like a slut.
  • Fuck me all you want!
  • Fuck me till I can’t believe it!
  • Cum in my mouth.
  • I want you to cum so hard.
  • Lick me.
  • Fuck me so that tomorrow I won’t be able to move.
  • Humiliate me.
  • Take advantage of me.
  • Don’t stop.
  • Fuck me harder.
  • I’m going to come.
  • I love your cock.
  • Fuck my pussy.
  • Fill me up.
  • I want your cum.
  • I want to fall asleep with your cock inside me.
  • Remember my breasts and squeeze my nipples.
  • I’m a bad girl and I need to be punished.
  • You’re not leaving here until I’ve sucked everything out of your dick.
  • Deeper! (make your partner go deeper with your hands and feet)
  • I want to hear you scream my name when you come.
  • Do you like fucking me?
  • Take me by the hair and spank my ass.
  • Oh, fuck me harder, Daddy.
  • Make me your bitch.
  • Cum in me.

3. Words to make him think only of you.

Note: Many of these arousing words work best when texted.

  • I feel like a little girl when you hold me Very much missed.
  • When you kiss me, my thighs flow.
  • Just thinking of you makes me wet!
  • I miss your cock.
  • What position would you rather have sex in for the rest of your life?
  • I masturbated tonight, imagining you fucking me. – Killer masturbation technique here and here.
  • I’m still recovering from last night.
  • You’re the only one who can make me both angry and satisfied.
  • The hottest memory of last night is your hot cum spilling inside me.
  • And I can still taste your cum.
  • I want to be a fantasy lady for you.
  • You turn me on so much.
  • I have to work, but all I can think about right now is how you’re fucking me.

Why it’s important to know how to use arousing words

The first thing every girl needs to understand is why arousing phrases are important. Many women think that their use is only appropriate in the bedroom. Naturally, this is the most appropriate place, but there are many other places where their sudden use could expand the horizons of your intimate relationships.

Creating sexual desire. The most obvious need for using arousing words is to increase sexual attraction between you and your partner. This attraction is one of the basic foundation blocks on which a happy relationship is built between a man and a woman who have deep feelings for each other.

I often get letters from desperate girls and they all paint the same picture Hmm, maybe you’ve been in a similar situation too. You’re in a long-term relationship or you’re even married. You love your man, but as the relationship progresses he becomes more of a friend or just a good buddy to you instead of someone who excites and excites you.

And now, instead of ripping each other’s clothes off (like before), you’re both fighting for “arousal” and the appropriate “mood” for sex. You may have even tried some “tricks” or “formulas” from the internet to rekindle the spark that was between you at the beginning of your relationship, but all of this more often than not doesn’t work.

Sexual attraction is the key to success.

It’s that magical feeling that makes you think of each other, makes you want to be around each other all the time and gets you excited when you are in an intimate setting. Using arousing words for men is the best way to create a sexual attraction for him towards you.

  • Intense sex. Using arousing phrases can strengthen and intensify your sex life. You can yell swear words during sex. For example, “Fuck me harder!”, “I love the taste of your cum!”, “I’m spoiling your cock!” But… You can also use other fancy and dirty words that make having sex more sensual and exciting. Whisper in his ear “Don’t stop, I feel so good” or “That’s incredible, honey” and you’ll get an intense response.
  • Make him think of you. Creating sexual attraction is the main goal of this guide. In addition to that, it will help you get your partner to think only about you all the time. There is nothing worse than a situation where your man is on his way to work, on a business trip, or worse, you suspect that he is flirting with female employees at work. Using the right approach and saying the right words at the right time, you can make sure that your man is constantly thinking only about you, dreaming of meeting you and looking forward to your next phone call or text message.

The combination of sexual attraction in a situation where your partner is constantly thinking about you, with intense sex can strengthen your relationship.

How to start and what arousing phrases to say to a man

Now that we’ve discussed why it’s important to use arousing words, it’s time to learn how to do it.

  • Start gradually. If you suddenly start saying such phrases to your man, there is a chance that he will be somewhat embarrassed, especially if it happens far from an intimate setting. It is much better to start such conversations with hints and half-hints, not too forcing the events.
  • We begin in the bedroom. This is the usual and most appropriate place to start when you are alone. In the bedroom, you can allow yourself to relax as much as possible. Once you get the hang of using arousing words for men in the bedroom, you can move on to experimenting in other places. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a man’s reaction when you whisper obscenities in his ear when you are both sitting, for example, in a crowded bar!
  • Adjusting to his preferences. Almost all men like women to say “obscenities” to them, but it’s important to know what your man likes best. Some prefer subtle and transparent hints, while others like a frank “dirty” words, sometimes, even mixed with swear words. For example, one man is excited by the phrase “I was waiting for you, go home,” while another feels the stirring in his pants at the words “I want to feel your cock in my mouth. The main point is to find out through trial and experimentation what your man likes and excites him the most.
  • Let’s not forget about yourself. Of course, speaking dirty and lewdly with your partner, you are trying to “turn on” him, first of all. However, we should not forget that you need it to the same extent! And many women forget this. If you feel uncomfortable or you don’t like the idea of such communication with your partner, don’t force yourself to do it! However, I highly recommend at least giving it a try before deciding if you need it or not. It’s perfectly natural to be shy and anxious when you first want to squeeze out some arousing phrase, especially if you’ve never said anything like that before. As you start practicing this kind of talk more often, your confidence will grow and your shyness and excitement will decrease.
  • Don’t force the issue! The advice you are reading here is just advice. They are not binding and do not work perfectly every time or in every situation. Don’t believe anyone who claims to have the secret “magic formula” for how, what and when to say it that works all the time and without fail. So if you have tried to use the arousing words from this article a few times and did not get the desired result, do not dwell on it! Just forget it and try something else. Through a process of trial and experimentation you will find what works for you and your partner. You will slowly create your own personal dirty talk strategy that will produce the desired results.

Some women find that blatantly dirty phrases are very effective in arousing a man, while others find that more subtle sexual words with hints and half hints work better. Some have great success with phone conversations, while others excel with intimate texting. The key to success is figuring out through trial and error what works best for your man.

Now that you have read the first chapter of this guide and learned many arousing phrases for men to use in intimate communication, you will be wondering how to say it to create sexual attraction, excite your partner and make him constantly think only about you. Our next article is devoted to this.

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