What to write to the guy so that he asked you out?

How to make a guy to propose dating

There may be several reasons for this, and most of them are quite obvious:

1. He already has a girlfriend.

It is possible that the young man you liked is single, although he does not advertise it. It is also possible that he likes another person and hopes to win her favor.

2. He does not like you.

Unfortunately, this option is also possible. It may not be that there is something wrong with you – just that this particular young man likes a completely different type of girl, and it is not your fault. Some people prefer to date only tall brunettes as a matter of principle, some people like just petite blondes, and there may be a lot of such “clauses”.

3. he is not sure of himself.

The young man does not believe that he can attract your attention as your potential lover. Perhaps he does not see any obvious interest on your part, and he does not dare to express his sympathy.

4. repulsive behavior

Guys usually look for a certain type of girl for a relationship. If your chosen one likes fun and active girls who are always in the center of events, and you, in turn, a modest homebody, then it’s not surprising that he does not offer you a relationship. This does not mean that you have to drastically change yourself for this guy – you need to wait for someone for whom you will be perfect.

5. He’s been in a complicated relationship

Perhaps the young man has just recently finished a relationship in which his chosen one hurt him a lot – she cheated on him, blatantly used him for mercantile purposes, betrayed him, cheated him, and so on. Now he is wary of other girls, and he needs a lot of time to learn trust again.

6. He doesn’t want a relationship.

He does not want a relationship, not specifically with you, but in general. The reasons for this can be quite a few – the last relationship was very painful, he likes the freedom, he has little personal time because he is busy at work or school.

How to make a guy your own

If a guy writes, but does not propose

If he frequently enters into correspondence with you, then surely you are at least arousing his interest. There may be many reasons why he does not dare to switch to a different format of communication. It is possible that your companion is simply shy and is waiting for you to offer to meet or call him.

By correspondence you will have no difficulty in guessing your emotions. He often writes first, supports the dialogue, interested in your affairs? You clearly like you, but some circumstances prevent him from telling you directly.

You can test how attractive you are to a guy by making him slightly jealous of you. Let him know that an old acquaintance has invited you to the movies or theater and you don’t know whether to accept the invitation. Wait for his response – you’re likely to be able to tell how he feels about us.

However, before you conclude that the young man doesn’t like you, make sure he recognizes your sympathy. Try to find out what he’s into and share it with him. If he likes soccer, ask him about his favorite soccer team. A fan of fishing will be interested to talk about the peculiarities of his own hobby, and music lovers can talk endlessly about his musical preferences. Sincere interest can bribe anyone, and your chosen one is probably no exception.

Whether or not to make the first step to a meeting

If you feel sincere sympathy for the guy, there will be nothing wrong with your initiative. However, note that we are talking about a “step towards” – this means that you should just help the young man, not “run” after him.

Write to him about some interesting event that’s about to happen in town. You can also mention the release of some exciting movie or the opening of a fashion exhibition. After reporting the upcoming event, just ask the guy, “Would you like to go out with me?” If the guy starts “flirting” or “flirting,” wondering why you’re making such a suggestion to him, answer that you’ve been talking for a long time, and under similar circumstances, see nothing weird about going to an event together.

Did the person find a reason not to go with you, and not offer an alternative? Stop communicating with him for a while until he’s interested in a relationship with you.

How to hint to a guy about a relationship

First of all, a young man needs to understand that you like him. There are several ways you can show your sympathy for him.

1. Demonstrate interest in the guy, flirt with him. Write to him saying you enjoy hanging out with him, complimenting his sense of humor and physical appearance. And, of course, do not forget about your own appearance. You should always have a well-groomed appearance – a neat manicure, clean hair, healthy skin, neat clothes. Wear something that best emphasizes your advantageous features, but at the same time does not look vulgar.

2. Ask the guy – whether he has a lover, find out – whether he wants a serious relationship, whether he likes someone. In addition clarify the type of girls he likes, whether his chosen one must have certain qualities.

3. Show him that communication with him is very important to you. Write to him often, call, ask about his affairs and his mood. In your own words, tell him how your day is going, tell him jokes, encourage him in all his endeavors. However, no matter how trusting your relationship is, don’t focus the guy’s attention on his own shortcomings or insecurities.

4. If you are tired of communicating with your boyfriend through hints, and you think that this is just a waste of time, you can take the situation into your own hands. Ask the young man straight out – whether he likes you or not. Also, find out if he sees you as his potential girlfriend. If you are unable to ask such a question in person, try to clarify the situation by correspondence.

Love magic and prayers

Many girls get discouraged and decide to resort to the power of magic, hoping that it can help them in love affairs. If you have tried all available ways to influence a guy, but he still did not pay attention to you, then, of course, you can attract one of the following plots.

Conspiracy to ask a guy on a date

For this ritual, you will need a picture of your beloved. If you want to get a picture of your beloved in a social network, you will need a picture of him or her. If you will not be able to do it, you will not be able to do it. Put a picture on a flat surface and close to it light a candle.

Look at the image of your beloved through the flame of the candle and say these words:

“I appeal to the Slave of God (own name) to the Slave of God (name of the guy) to come to my house on the threshold and find his heart here. I want his thoughts to call out to me, I want his heart to speak about me, I want his feet to carry him to me obediently. Let him come to me, let him not knock, but let him enter at once. Let it be as I said. Amen.”

In general, there are many similar incantations on the net, and if you believe in the power of such rituals, you can use any of them.

Conspiracy for male reciprocity and love

There is a lot of information on this topic as well. One very remarkable ritual is popular among some women. To begin with, you need to buy an apple, cut it and take out its core, in place of which should be put a small piece of paper. On this small piece of paper, write the name of your beloved and draw a heart with an arrow through it. After that, connect the two halves of the fruit (the paper should remain inside of it). Put the apple under the sun (on a windowsill, on a balcony, etc.). Now all you have to do is to wait. If your beloved will think of you more and more often as the fruit will change, you will have more and more thoughts about you.

Periodically approach the apple and say these words:

“In this case, you should always remember that your beloved will be always thinking about you and your beloved.

Prayers for the return of a loved one

Some women sincerely believe in the power of a prayer, thanks to which you can return the beloved. The Internet abounds with such conspiracies, and you can easily find the one that will attract you the most.

This time, the main thing is that you do not need to look for a mirror mirror in order to remove all unnecessary obstacles. As a rule, in order to have a loved one, in the first place you need to work on yourself and your relationship.

Ex suggested dating, is it worth it to give it a chance

There is a statement that “you can’t enter the same river twice”, but many couples who once resumed their romance are willing to argue with similar words. So, is it worth it to date someone who has already been broken up with once?

The arguments “Against.”

1. You are simply lonely and bored, and you have not yet found a more suitable candidate than your ex. Also, do not exclude the force of habit – you have a common circle of acquaintances, you know all the features of each other.

2. If you believe that you can come to terms with your ex-boyfriend’s shortcomings, you are probably deeply mistaken. Maybe for a while you’ll hold back and convince yourself that you’re ready to tolerate unreasonable jealousy, aloofness, greed or something like that, but sooner or later your irritation will show with renewed force.

3. If you’ve had serious problems with the young person’s environment (friends or relatives) before, they won’t go anywhere. Yes, these people, at the request of a young man, for a while may pretend that the misunderstanding is in the past, but eventually the true attitude will still make itself felt.

Arguments “For”

1. In this case, there can only be one valid argument – your feelings for him have not gone away. You still love this guy, and you realize that the breakup was a huge mistake.

How to behave with an ex-boyfriend

If you do decide to give your ex-boyfriend a second chance, then you will have to consider some nuances.

Do not reproach the guy for what he was doing during your breakup. Perhaps during this time he managed to meet other girls, often went out to clubs with friends, spent a lot of money on some stupid things. Understand that then he was a completely free man, and he had no obligations to you. By rebuking the young man for such things, you will simply lose his trust. Fearing your reaction, he will prefer to hide from you some details of his life.

Do not bring up the past. We are talking specifically about the negative moments. All resentments should remain in the relationship, which has already been ended once. By agreeing to date the guy again, you start to write your love story from scratch, taking into account all the previous mistakes.

Possible mistakes girls make when communicating with guys

It seems to you that you did everything possible in order to seduce the chosen one, but he still does not offer to meet you? It’s possible that you’ve made some fairly common mistakes that can still be corrected.

1 – Intrusiveness.

You have been excessively active, and now the guy has no doubt that you like him. He is in no hurry to ask you out, realizing that you’re not going anywhere from him anyway. In addition, he may just amuse his ego, watching what you come up with new ways to attract his attention.

He understands that you only want a relationship to get rid of your boredom. And the fact that you are bored, he does not even doubt, and you yourself have confirmed it in this thought. If you spend all day sitting in VK, post that you do not know what to do, watch soap operas and not really into anything special, it may play against you.

3 – Vulgarity.

You wanted to seduce the guy so much that you crossed a certain important line: you started making vulgar jokes, sending vulgar photos, enthusiastically communicating on intimate topics. Most likely, the young man has ceased to consider you as a girl with whom he would like a serious relationship. In addition, he may suspect that you communicate similarly with others, and this is likely to be disliked by any guy.

What to write a man to ask him to meet you

Flirting by correspondence is interesting and exciting. But how to make a guy or a man more quickly ripe for a date, because not everyone has the patience for a long exchange of messages in chat. The majority of times women want to go on a date and see the applicant for the hand and heart with their own eyes.

Collected a collection of phrases and expressions that will help encourage a guy to ask you out. Good luck hunting, girls!

Method 1: pay a compliment

One of the easiest ways to interest a guy / man you like and awaken in him a desire to ask you out – give him a compliment. Representatives of the stronger sex melt from pleasant and polite words, no less than girls. You can highlight the physical data, mental abilities, something of the latest achievements – buying a car, getting a new job, etc.

  • You have a beautiful figure, you could be my trainer…
  • Where do they give out those magnificent abs? Your abs are mesmerizing.
  • Such a guy is perfect for this luxury car.
  • Your thoughts in your last post are very close to my heart. I share this point of view.
  • For a long time I didn’t dare to write to you, I was embarrassed.
  • If a guy takes care of his appearance, it shows he’s not married…
  • The color of your eyes captivated me. I can’t flip through your picture.
  • Do you always look this gorgeous?
  • A man who can cook is particularly admirable.
  • I’d like to take some private fitness lessons from you…
  • Everything suits a handsome man, especially the suit.
  • Aren’t you tired of conquering women here yet?
  • I thought all the good-looking men were long gone. It’s good to know I was wrong.
  • I’ll dream about you…
  • This image emphasizes your athletic physique.
  • Smile more often, it suits you.
  • I don’t usually compliment men, but there are always exceptions…
  • You have such strong arms…
  • A man with such principles inspires confidence and admiration.
  • Who will get such beauty?

Mode 2: Hint at a non-boring meeting

If you have a long correspondence with a man or a guy, and he never dared to ask you out, take everything into your own hands. Hint to the person you are talking to that the meeting will not be boring.

  • At home it is so boring, and the soul demands adventure…
  • I do not understand those who after a first date decide to get married. There’s so much to do in life.
  • I’m all alone at home…
  • After 8 p.m. I’m completely free…
  • A fitness instructor like that, I’d take a few classes…
  • I don’t believe it, are you as charming in real life as you are in the picture?
  • Can I offer you a cup of coffee? In the morning…
  • I downloaded an erotic movie, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to watch it alone…
  • I spent half the day at the lingerie store today trying on the new collection…
  • After a glass of champagne, I’m not myself.
  • It’s a great day to have fun…
  • I don’t like greedy and boring men, if you know what I mean…
  • Beautiful car, I’ll look gorgeous in it…
  • Winter is my least favorite time of year. It’s impossible to show a tan…
  • They don’t call Friday “the dirty girl” for nothing…
  • Saturday night is home to married people or extremely boring people…
  • I’m planning a fun night out…
  • I’m going to a party but it’s canceled… I’m in the mood…
  • My soul’s dancing and I’m thinking about how to please the old lady…
  • Does this chef work with a house call?

Method 3: Fake helplessness

To encourage a guy to ask you out on a date or a meeting, let him know in correspondence that you need his help physically or mentally. Most have lifeguard syndrome and it’s bound to strigger them.

  • Hi, I think only you can help me in my current situation.
  • Today the computer stopped responding to any of my requests. Can you tell me what to do about it?
  • I don’t know a more professional car mechanic than you.
  • I am planning to buy a new car, but can’t figure out which brand to look at.
  • I wanted to send you a photo, but I can’t figure out the functionality of this app. I think I need expert advice.
  • I was on my way back from work today and almost became a victim of hooligans.
  • They are promising heavy snowfalls and I still haven’t installed winter tires on my car.
  • I just need a distraction from work, or my head will explode.
  • Today I had to get into a not-so-pleasant discussion with a man in a store, who behaved inappropriately.
  • Bought a new TV, but can’t figure out the channel settings.
  • A little busy, I plan on nailing down the shelf myself.
  • Didn’t think I’d have to do the men’s chores around the house.
  • I hurt my leg at practice, so I think I’ll be home for the next two weeks.
  • I can’t move my arm, I may have to call a doctor at home.
  • Don’t know what to do unless I have electricity in my apartment?
  • I have a little cold, so I haven’t been answering you.
  • I have a lot of things to do at home, not enough time for the internet.
  • My car was making weird noises today. I don’t know how to describe it.
  • If restarting the computer didn’t help, what should I do?
  • I wanted to fix the cabinet door and accidentally messed it up permanently. Can you give me the number of a good repairman?

Method 4: take the initiative from the beginning

Sometimes it is enough not to be banal during the greeting to get a man to make the first move. Psychologists assure that the desire to meet the strong half occurs during the first 5 seconds after communication, therefore, try to snag it at once.

  • And I like you…
  • Just the man I was looking for…
  • What muscles…
  • You got it…
  • I’m killed by the sight of you…
  • Disarmed…
  • It’s a good thing I didn’t pass by…
  • What a lucky little stroll I made…
  • Your shirt matches my shoes perfectly.
  • And we’d get along…
  • Such a specimen and one…
  • Today is definitely my day…
  • There’s no such thing as a coincidence…
  • What a look…
  • Men with strong arms, you can’t help but be attracted…
  • I’ve always admired athletes…
  • You make me worry…
  • It’s been a long time since I blushed with a man…
  • I’m not naturally embarrassed, but you’ve managed to do it.
  • I think this dialogue is beyond friendly…

Method 5: There’s a joke in every joke.

There is a theory that men do not take hints. Therefore, in order not to waste time and not to get upset because of the lack of initiative of a potential suitor, say directly what you want from it, or joke. It is known that in every joke there is only a doya joke. Examples of these phrases:

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