What to write to the guy for one year of relationship?

Beautiful and funny congratulations for the year of the relationship to your loved one, boyfriend, beloved, girl in your own words

How insidious is this time – It flies by unnoticed Test of solutions, Anniversary of relationships. Anniversary … But not a wedding, Apparently, it’s too early. “We’ve known each other for a year, We’ve kissed each other passionately, We’ve kissed and we’ve had fun, And we’ve never seen the day. So good with you, So cozy and calm. One year the earthly sunshine As a witness of meeting you. You’re my soul mate, I can’t be without you. I love you very much, I cherish you like a value.

A year has flown by Like a day has passed, With you I do not notice the time. We’ve always felt good together And we always will, I know it.

I know That there’s so many years To come Just as bright, I know it too. But let us not forget this first year of the century. Happy anniversary to you.

We met a year ago And it was a fateful meeting. Just one look in your eyes, I fell in love – love came forever.

I remember the first taste of your kisses That was the pinnacle of my happiness For this year I thank you. To love I kiss you tenderly. Happy anniversary!

It’s been a year, Together we’ve been together. We have much in common, Everything is dear to us now.

Let’s celebrate it together Year after year. We’ll never forget The first day we met.

One year has passed and we’re still together. I hope that love will be starry.

So many bright days have passed, Beautiful feelings and smiles. I want to embrace you soon, For you and I are halves!

For a whole year we’ve been together, Let’s make love every day, And soon we’ll make a nest, Where our feelings are unforgettable.

Thank you for everything: For passion, for tenderness, for dreaming. I love you more than anyone! All my efforts for you…

Beautiful congratulations for one year of relationship

What, a whole year has passed? Wow! All this year we’ve lived a lot together And we’re not tired, honestly!

We’ve strengthened our union And learned the secrets, Big love has learned the taste – We’re together for a reason!

Every day is more precious to me Than the years of my life. I’m glad to hear It’s been a year without fail!

We met in a miraculous, magical moment, Like in a hundred thrilling books, The moment of milestones.

Our year has passed glorious, And joyful totals, Singular hearts and roads, And time’s steamy course.

In happiness as well as in sorrow, You are dearer to me Every moment, Without a trace of doubt or falsehood.

A whole year with you, We are together, I’m grateful to fate. On this day, Poems and songs Dedicated only to you!

With all my heart I greet you On our romantic day. We can rightfully say, We’re happy together!

For a year we’ve been close to you, Our feelings are fresh and bright, We understand without unnecessary words… It’s called love!

Let many years pass, Let us keep our feelings a secret, Let us live in peace and harmony, Let us cherish and love each other.

# We’ve been together for a year and everything’s fine Let’s never look ahead, I’ve got you and I know It’s so clear No one can take it away.

What’s gonna happen next? There will be love. Evenings and days and nights, every hour. We’re happy, the happy ones are not judged. Love you, now all life is for us.

SMS for one year of our relationship.

We’ve been together for a whole year, As before There’s a maelstrom of feelings, We give each other love and warmth, Let’s keep it, let’s multiply it!

I’ll build a home and a family together! I adore your tenderness so much… Let our happiness be overflowing, I’ll love you forever, you know!

One year to the day? What a date! It’s not without result – We’re each other: A faithful friend, a faithful friend.

There’s our merit in it – We can’t be without each other. Congratulations on our anniversary, Be with me – I pray!

Today is exactly one year since we made up our minds That we’ll be together forever, And I, like then today, am ready to tell You, so. I’ve regretted nothing for a year. It’s as if it all happened only yesterday Probably because feelings are eternal And the rest is just nonsense. ♪ You kept your word ♪

It’s been a year Since we tied our fate. # We never dreamed we’d be so good #

We never thought We could live in a fairy tale Giving each other Attention and affection Every day.

And though problems arise, But we solve them together. We don’t involve anybody, We keep our own peace and home.

We find time for each other, Together we live Like in heaven, The life that’s sweeter than cookies. We’ll never know our lives!

A year we’ve known each other, Wonderful and a little uneasy. The sun was shining, sometimes chalky and blizzardy, But all in all there was peace, joy and peace.

May happiness never leave us. Love is pure, obliging, humble. It bears all things and forgives, It thinks no envy or malice.

Let our union of love only blossom, And our bonds be stronger and stronger. And their faithfulness never leaves. Let each other only be more precious.

Poem for a year of relationship

¶ 12 months flew by like an hour, 12 months were a dream, I congratulate you now And I wish you happiness for us!

Today’s the year that we’ve been bound Together by our destiny. For twelve happy months we’ve been walking hand in hand.

When I’m with you, There’s no fuss in life, Love music plays in my soul, Nightingales sing of happiness.

It’s been a year since our first conversation. And on this day I’d like to say, I never dared to dream of such a thing.

My life has changed, And much has changed in the world. So I repeat again and again: May there be happiness and love.

I’ve been with you for a year, I love you more and more. I’ll always be faithful to you, Keeping you safe from hardship.

Flowers bloom on this day, It’s our holiday, Our dreams will come true, We’ll be together like now!

As long as the year goes by Our romance is Like a magic mist, We feel each other in our gut, Feelings are sincere and mutual!

“I’ll be in love for a long time to come! I need your eyes So much, Tenderness of your hands and your soul Beauty, Let it give light, warmth!

Congratulations on a year of relationship

You are a year as in a relationship, Serious such an anniversary, I wish you to cast away all doubts, Because together you are an unprecedented force.

And on your holiday, I wish you happiness, Don’t know obstacles and pain, Let the troubles pass you by, I wish to live in the future, in a big house!

We have been together a year – not much, not little. And time has gone by so fast. With you we have become very close, Then love has arisen, and mutually.

We’ve known each other for a year, but it’s enough time To know everything about each other And to tie our lives to your destiny!

Today is the year that your union has existed, And you are already an example for many, I want to congratulate you now, I wish you have no misfortune. I wish, that in future, two rings, You will be forever sincerely wedded. I wish you more warmth, On your first such anniversary, May your love never fade away, May you look for no reason to be happy!

We’ve been together for a whole year! We are as sincere and honest with each other, We are as happy as we are!

I know we are united by destiny, Love has given us wings, Let us both go to the dream, To live in prosperity and beauty!

Today it’s been exactly one year Since you first met. Since then, as lovebirds, you’ve been cooing every day.

And though you’ve only known each other for a short time, You’ve been in love with each other for a long time. Always one for the other And your feelings are a miracle.

We wish, so through the years, That you’ll be close together. And you at the wedding table All hurried to congratulate!

♪ Wishes for the year of your relationship ♪

Joy fills my soul, Our year of love is fulfilled, All barriers on the way I’ll destroy, To see your happy eyes!

# So deep in my heart, I’m filled with love, I’m filled with thoughts of you, I’ll be living my life together, I hope we’ll call each other family soon.

I hug you, my darling, And congratulate you on your anniversary. Exactly one year ago, You came to our summer garden.

We kissed beneath the cherry tree, And abstractly wedded. Very much I appreciate you, And I thank fate.

I want to tell you from my heart, That the gold sparkles in my soul, I was so lucky to meet you, I met you in my life once.

For me you are a gift of fate, I cherish you very, very much, In you I find only valuable features, my beautiful flower.

And the only reason you’re mine, To turn life only for good. We’ve spent with you the best year, There are many more to come, glorious ones.

I love you, I’ll tell you, The year has flown by so fast. I’ll take care of you From your problems And your troubles.

For exactly a year we’ve been together, Hand in hand, Without tears, treason or flattery, Cupid keep us safe.

Let the sun shine brightly, Let the nightingale sing, The best present from fate – We’ve been together for a year!

It’s so hard to find love in this world. But when we meet her, We don’t let her go.

And so you and I, here we are, Have found our love. And now we’re happy Every day and all year round.

The year has flown by so fast And love has brought us together. Anniversary now Celebrate the soap!

Beautiful poems for the year of the relationship

When two hearts are beating in unison They don’t fear any storm or obstacle. If you’ve only been together for a year, Today I’d like to say, Your love can be seen From afar, with the naked eye. Eyes sparkling, face shining, The soul sings at these two looking. So let love lead you through life And through many years with each other by your side.

A whole year has gone by And you and I are together. I’m glad you’re with me, That our life is like a song

Full of good moments, Full of happiness and joy. May it grow stronger every year.

I love you infinitely, And you love me.

Long kisses and sincere love, We almost became one family, You keep our attitudes with care!

One year is a responsible date, During this time we’ve passed many roads For me, you’re the best reward, I hope the wedding will be the result of the relationship!

One year we’ve lived happily. Exactly one year has passed since we met each other On the city boulevard.

And I congratulate you On the anniversary of love. And I wish that many, many years we’ll spend together.

Twelve months is quite a considerable term, And anniversary first meets on the threshold, Those who didn’t betray their love and walked, Shoulder to shoulder on the chosen road!

Let once again the months and years of your life, You won’t be tired to measure with each other, To swan your lively feelings, In the century wouldn’t be able to fade away!

Congratulations for the year of the relationship. Verses for a year of relations.

One year we’ve been living together, There’s no limit to our happiness. Today where life is streaming, A swallow has sung about it!

As no one else, I feel good, With you the days with great meaning. And so beautiful, so fresh, Living with you in magic numbers!

Time flies, it seems like yesterday We began to meet On a bench near the courtyard.

And today is the year that we are together, Time of caress and warmth, Time of sweet words and flattery, Of understanding and kindness.

The year of love and mad joy From what you are near me, From what all sorts of nastiness We have overcome together with you!

One year we meet each other, One year it seems like an hour! And when we say goodbye for a minute, Our hearts are fighting like hell!

Wake up, darling, it’s our one-year anniversary! And there’ll be many congratulations, We’ll sum it up with you.

# In the meantime, at the beginning of the morning, Take a cup of coffee, We’ve got one more minute To go on with our love!

Today we’ll go with you into space, To choose a star you’ll like. The whole year has been our common condition Not to stop loving each other passionately.

And I’ll tell you a little more: All year long we’ve been “inseparable.” I love you, I know it’s so easy, The whole year has been only for you!

We made it through the year happily, It flew by like a blink of an eye. We’ll always love fly – We’ll have many anniversaries.

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. # We’ll live on, keeping love alive Just breathe in time with me, Just love me the same way.

Today, sunshine, it’s our anniversary: It’s only a year, and we’re not apart. # We’re so good! # Soaked in spring

♪ Lilac haze in the sunset color ♪ To be with you all the time, Let heaven keep us always!

For a whole year we’ve been together, Fondling each other tenderly, passionately! We grow closer every day, And this time is so beautiful!

I love your eyes, Your smile, your facial expressions And your laughter! With you I believe in miracles, For know that you love everyone!

I want to congratulate my beloved on the anniversary of our relationship! My joy, you’re a wonderful man that I met. I wish you to be happy, healthy, impetuous and inspired! Let my love protect you from all adversities and give you a feeling of contentment and harmony, unity and peace in your soul. Love you!

A year of passion, tenderness and affection, Love crazy, bright days! All our life is like a fairy tale And how happy we are in it!

With you the whole world is filled with light, My heart is so warm! Thank you for all this, With you I’m very lucky!

What words to congratulate the guy with an anniversary of the relationship?

What are the best words to congratulate the guy with an anniversary of the relationship? On this page of our site you can find the texts that can be used as the basis for your own congratulations.

*** Dear, accept congratulations from me on the anniversary of our relationship! I want to thank you for the happy moments that became minutes, hours, days, weeks. There is no greater joy than to realize that the person dear to our heart is near… I believe that after many years we will still remember and celebrate the anniversary of our relationship along with other joint dates. I love you!

*** Beloved, it is so good that we met! I guess it is destiny, and everything had to be exactly this way and no other way. And I am happy that it happened that way. Sometimes it scares me to think that if something had gone wrong that day, we would never have known each other. I want to confess that I have loved you very much since the minute we met, and I’m glad it’s mutual.

*** Beloved, you and I have been together for a long time, but when you are near, the days fly by like seconds! On our anniversary I congratulate you and confess that I have never regretted my choice.

How to congratulate the guy with the anniversary of the relationship in your own words?

Tell him how much you care for him, how much you love him, and emphasize his positive qualities. Believe me, your efforts will not go in vain, and your beloved will make a wonderful holiday for both of you on this day.

*** My dear, beloved man! It has been exactly one year since you and I began to meet. It flew by like one moment, and it was the best moment of my life. During the year we had a lot, and we managed to get through everything, to cope with everything. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for giving me your attention and love every day. I also love you very much!

*** Beloved, congratulations on your holiday! Of course, you already know that I love you, but on this day I want to say these words as often as possible. You are the best person in the world, on whom I can always rely in difficult moments. You will always come to my aid, support me, and give me advice. Thank you for being in my life!

*** Thank you for being in the world, my love, for being in my life. I want to be with you forever! Besides you, I don’t need anyone else, sometimes I forget even about my friends, but I never forget about you! You’re always in my thoughts, you’re the dearest thing I have! You are very dear to me! Happy anniversary!

*** Beloved, I sincerely wish you to be happy with me. I am sure we will have enough understanding, patience and strength to overcome all difficulties together and keep the beautiful flower called Love blooming!

*** Dearest! I congratulate you on our holiday. I could list for a long time how smart, beautiful, kind and wonderful you are. I do not know what I like about you more, and who cares. The only thing that matters is that I love you. May all be well in our relationship for many, many years to come!

What should be a congratulation on the anniversary of the relationship for your boyfriend? Your declaration of love, warm and tender words will be the most important and desired gift for him on this day. Don’t be stingy with the expression of your feelings – and your relationship will last a long time.

*** Happy anniversary to you, my soulmate! You’re the most amazing miracle I’ve ever met. I thank fate for intertwining our life paths. You are my happiness, my stimulus, and my inspiration! Let our relationship be as bright and cloudless in the future! I love you very much!

*** There is no better person on earth than you. You are the nicest, the kindest and the most gentle, and you are mine! I congratulate you on the year of our serious relationship and wish it to become something more. I love you very, very much and I miss you already.

*** Beloved, from the first time we met, I realized that my happiness is you! All my love, tenderness, my soul and heart belong to you! It’s impossible to imagine that once we were complete strangers to each other. And now my whole universe is reduced to your presence near me… I wish you all the most wonderful things, and let our fairy tale never end. Happy Holidays, dear!

Words of congratulations to the guy on the anniversary of the relationship

How should a greeting for a guy on the anniversary of a relationship sound? He will be pleased to find a note with a declaration of love or receive a text message of similar content. Or you can accompany your gift to him with a postcard, where you will write your wishes.

*** I never thought it was possible to know someone well and at the same time realize that there is still so much unexplored about that person. I never guessed that the words “I love you” could sound like for the first time every time… I’ve never met someone with whom hours would fly by like minutes, and with whom I would never want to part… Honey, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. Happy anniversary, my love!

*** It’s been exactly one year since you and I started dating. And every one of those days I will remember for the rest of my life, because it was the best year of my life. I remember every time we parted in the evenings, I remember every time we kissed, I remember every moment we met. Congratulations on our anniversary, and I want you to know that I love you more than anyone else in the world.

*** What a wonderful day today! It was on this day exactly one year ago that we met each other. Now I have no doubt that the heavens made it so, because this meeting has brought unforgettable and exciting moments in my life, has transformed the world around me. Thank you for being with me!

*** My beloved, I am warmed by the rays of our love, which flashed once from a spark that slipped between us and became a fire that continues to warm us with its warmth. And I am sure, my dear one, that we will not let this fire go out, but will only let it burn up more. Thank you for being there!

*** Dear, congratulations on the anniversary of our acquaintance! Do you know what is amazing? The days of our meetings fly by quickly, and at the same time it seems that we are together forever. And I know for sure that even eternity with you will not be enough for me! I can’t predict exactly how our lives will turn out, but I know for a fact that we will be fine!

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