What to write to a guy to make him fall in love?

We figure out what to write to the guy you like, who you want to interest and make him feel good


Usually girls post photos in order to attract the attention of guys. But sometimes that’s not enough, and the girl has to be the first to start a dialogue with her lover. In this article a girl will learn what to write to a guy so that he will have a desire to date and spend time with her in the future. Our tips will be useful to everyone without exception – go ahead and read!

What to write to a guy who likes

Before you fall in love with a prince, you need to know what to write to a guy you like. Basically, the goal is the same – to make the guy fall in love. In the process of correspondence, it is recommended to communicate only from the heart, showing your naturalness, because young men are good at sensing insecurity and panic. There are many topics on what you can write to a guy, but in order not to spoil the conversation, the girl must respond correctly to the situation.

To get him interested.

Most guys like to talk about topics they are passionate about. It is much better when there are common interests, because later there will be an opportunity to support the conversation with your own statements and advice.

In order to get a guy interested, a girl should:

  1. Go to the lover’s page and see what he is into.
  2. The review can take audio recordings, groups, photos and posts.
  3. After analysis, you need to think and decide what to write to the guy to interest him.

To get him to respond.

To make a girl different from her competitors, you need to be creative and friendly when you need to write to a guy when dating.

If you look deeper, there are several types of guys.

  • Some just need to write “Hi!” with a smiley face, and they’re ready to reciprocate, and then the dialogue begins;
  • other guys are more arrogant, so after a banal greeting they may ignore the girl.

When there is a question of what to write to a guy so that he responds, the young lady must apply cunning. It is this method that trumps the representatives of the stronger sex. You can write about the fact that he looks like your girlfriend’s brother. Or ask if he has a sister who goes to a certain school. The guy is sure to fall for this, and the active correspondence will begin quickly enough.

To make him feel good

Young men love to be praised for their talent or achievements. Nice words play a huge role not only at the beginning of dating, but throughout the relationship.

When a female person thinks about what to write to a guy to make him feel good, it is not necessary to find out about his hobbies and awards for months. To make a guy feel enjoyed, look for opportunities to praise him:

  • if you look at the avatar, you can write something nice to the guy, such as about his appearance;
  • Provided that the young man listens to popular music, it is recommended to note his modernity;
  • posts with various interesting information show a wide outlook and curiosity.

To make him smile

Some claim that women laugh much more often than men, but that’s not true. It all depends on a person’s character and emotional disposition. It is also noted that men are considered more successful humorists and more often perform at entertainment events.

To make a guy laugh will not be difficult for young beauties, who have long studied the character of the partner. When a stranger is caught, it is necessary to come up with creative with a sense of humor phrases.

When you think about what to write to the guy to make him smile, you should not overdo it and come up with ridiculous jokes.

Getting a smile from a guy you don’t know can be done in many ways:

  1. Encourage him: “You’re as strong as a lion, you have no obstacles in life!”
  2. Compliment: “Your body is stronger than a wall, and you can drown in your eyes, help me to surface!”
  3. Make a joke: Send a funny picture or life story.
  4. Flirt: “If you behave well, you’ll get a present tonight!”

To get him excited

Enjoying passionate correspondence is part of a love relationship. What to write to a guy to get him excited will know a girl who has long studied the desires of her other half. When first dating, you should not switch to you and build a storm of emotions, because the partner will think that you are easy-going.

The following methods are suitable for seduction:

  1. Send an intimate photo.
  2. Write that you need him: “I can’t wait to be alone with you.
  3. Tender words serve as a sure start: “your arms are so strong, but a hug would be the gentlest.”

To make him fall in love

There is no one-size-fits-all magic word. Only after a week of communication can you come to a conclusion.

If you need to write to a guy to make him fall in love, it is recommended to apply simple tips:

  1. Show the value of the girl. Sometimes it is worth hinting to the partner that he has competitors.
  2. Vitality. Many people like open and optimistic girls.
  3. Information about the lover. It is necessary to know more about the young men’s interests in girls.

Young men prefer girls who have their own secret or mystery. Try to intrigue the other half, sometimes by not answering the messages or interrupting them at an interesting moment.

Examples of cute messages in VKontakte

There are times in life when you need to show concern, apologize or trivialize.

If a girl does not know what cute to write a guy, you can come up with a message that expresses maximum sincerity and care. The man will immediately recognize the banal pattern that he might have received from other girls.

Consider what you can write to a guy in VK to get what you want.

To get acquainted

Many girls think what to write in VKontakte to a guy who likes, but do not know where to start. All gentlemen like creative and unusual women.

When deciding what to write to a guy to get acquainted, you need to surprise.

A few examples of how to arouse interest:

  1. “Yesterday in my dream I saw a guy who looked like you. Only he was on a white horse. Can you tell me who it is?”
  2. “I’ve rarely met people with such a gentle look. I’m surprised.”
  3. “I think you were in a movie…”

If he ignores and doesn’t write himself

There are many reasons why a guy doesn’t write or ignores, such as being busy, sick or tired. Also, the lover ignores if he is not interested in communication or tired of it.

If you need to write to a guy when he ignores, you need to know the essence of the problem directly:

  • “It’s another morning and I miss you so much, why are you silent?”
  • “I noticed a long time ago that you ignore me, but why?”

When you do not know what to write to a guy, if he does not write, you need to remember his favorite topics of conversation and take the initiative.

If he is offended

Sometimes girls manage to hurt the feelings of a young man, because of which there are many breakups. If you need to write to the guy when he is offended, it is recommended to discard all pride and make the first step to restore harmony between lovers.

It is necessary to follow a short instruction:

  1. Acknowledge your guilt to the man.
  2. Apologize for rudeness or ugly actions.

When writing you need to be creative, for example: “I did not know how dear you are to me. I’m sorry, I realized everything.”

To make up after a fight

A guy will be able to forgive if his soulmate helps in this. When a girl wants to write to a guy after a quarrel, it is necessary to put the idea as briefly and sincerely as possible. You need to promise that this will not happen again and at the end ask if her boyfriend forgives her.

An example of what to write to a guy to make up:

  • “I’m sorry. I promise not to do it again. Will you forgive me?”
  • “I’m really sorry for the way I acted. A day without you is like a big wound on my soul. You don’t hold much grudge against me, do you?”

Good examples of a text for your loved one in your own words

The message should be as sincere and real as possible. Therefore, a girl needs to write something nice to the guy in her own words, so that it reflects all the care and love for his other half. Young guys like it best when they are praised or caressed.

A few sentences that your lover will enjoy:

  • “Kitty, I remember every day the days we’re together, and it makes me happy.”
  • “My sunshine was on fire today! You tried so hard for so long and it paid off. I was worried.”

What are the best messages to send before bedtime

At any stage of a relationship, pleasant messages before bedtime play an important role. A caring girl can write a nice bedtime message to her boyfriend to show her tenderness and care. Before going to bed, the chosen ones often dream and like to imagine their beloved, so the words should express love.

A few examples that are recommended for guys to write before bedtime are:

  • “I would climb into your dreams to make them more beautiful and pleasant.”
  • “I can’t sleep because of the moon and thoughts of my beloved.”

In the morning it is necessary to show cheerfulness and with a good mood to write to the chosen one. To begin with, to write to the guy in the morning, a simple and good phrase “Good morning!” will do. It is recommended to add a nickname or nickname of the guy that will be associated specifically with you.

A list of questions that are appropriate for correspondence

Correspondence is different from conversations in real life, so topics can be inappropriate in situations. It’s better to keep a middle ground and ask standard questions that will make sense.

To keep your loved one from getting embarrassed, the following kinds of questions will often be appropriate:

  • “How was your day today?”
  • “What did you do today?”
  • “What are your plans for tonight?”
  • “How’s your health?”
  • “Do you miss me?”

What to talk to your boyfriend about

The lover is not only the other half, but also a good friend. A girl should intrigue, so write in VKontakte to a guy you like should be after the range of interests of the young man is studied. The world is full of colors and entertainment, so often the conversation arises from nothing. Before you write a nice thing to a guy in a text message, it is recommended to think about easy and interesting topics.

Examples of different ideas about what you can write to a guy you like:

  • about nature;
  • about school;
  • about parents;
  • about hobbies;
  • about health.

The best topics of conversation

For the relationship to be special, you need to highlight certain topics that show feelings and concern for the young man. Sometimes it’s worth writing to your favorite guy to talk about his interests. Favorites love to tell anyone about their hobbies, as long as they are listened to and supported. It is also necessary to keep the passion in the relationship and be sure to write about love to the guy you love.

There are a total of 2 mandatory topics you need to keep your love strong:

  • Talking about his hobbies;
  • Remind him that you love and appreciate him.

What you can ask a guy

Asking your lover questions is very useful especially at the beginning of the relationship. So you can find out about his hobbies or how he likes to spend his free time. A girl should write a nice and interesting message to the guy, then develop her topic and ask additional questions.

A few examples of relevant questions:

  • “What are your talents?”
  • “What’s your favorite book?”
  • “What do you like to cook?”
  • “Do you like to dance?”

Naughty questions

Ordinary communication sometimes gets boring and you want something new and unforgettable. Naughty questions can heat up the passion between a couple and create a good atmosphere. It is enough to write only a couple of naughty messages, and the man will immediately start thinking about sex with his beloved.

Write-short: how to make a guy fall in love with you by correspondence

You met a guy at a friend’s party, you added each other on VK, watched playlists, and liked the photos. And now it’s another weeknight, and there’s free time to correspond. How to communicate with a guy on social networks so that he wants to not only continue online conversations, but also to go into real mode?

Social networks give you the opportunity to communicate on completely different topics. And if you’re wondering how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, we’ll give you some tips that really work.

To start with a warning: don’t be afraid that with these tips, your written speech will become boring and similar to the speech of everyone who reads these tips. When we make breakfast, we use the same ingredients and tools, but everyone’s breakfast is different. It’s the same with texting: technical tips can help you show your personality more clearly in your correspondence. And that’s what we need! Correspondence is one of the opportunities to get to know each other better, and a guy in love, as you know, can write a lot of interesting things about himself in messages. This is enough to successfully start a further love relationship.

How to write?

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence? First of all, do not burden him with a stream of your messages with hearts, emoticons and gifs. For starters, observe how he writes. In one long message, or does he send a new one every sentence? Does he start with a capital letter or a small letter? Smiley faces or post-it notes? It is not difficult to notice such features, and there is an effect of imitating his textual habits: who writes the same way, thinks the same way – you become closer.

How do you know if a guy is in love by correspondence, if you have been communicating online for some time? Count the words. Not literally, of course, but watch out: the volume of your response shouldn’t be bigger than his message. There will be a time for long stories when you meet him in person, and you can keep some things to yourself in correspondence. The reticence will fuel his interest in you.

The pen pal phrases you get from a guy in love can be different – funny, questioning, sincere. When replying to him, watch what you say. Trust, but verify. Literate speech is as important as clean skin. Look for literate speech in a personal correspondence is no less important than in business letters. After all, a decent man is looking for a pair to match. And the correct speech is the easiest way to match.

And if in doubt about the spelling of the word from his hobbies, do not hesitate to ask him again! A great excuse for him to show you in a better light. This is one of the most effective ways if you’re wondering how to fall in love with a man by correspondence. Show interest in him and he will feel your attention.

A subscriber is not a subscriber. Of course, you want to instantly respond to all of his messages, but do not hurry. You’ll always have time to talk, but it will be difficult for him to get used to the fact that you are always on the phone, so do not rush things. Ask your pen pal questions to make him fall in love with you. He’ll find it interesting and he’ll probably ask all kinds of questions about you too. Answers can be delayed for a while. And in real life you probably have things to do that don’t wait.

Hot is cold. One-word answers, “yeah, probably,” sent by voicemail, don’t motivate a young man to keep talking. It’s better to have a pleasant conversation at your convenience than on the run and with typos. But if he finds time to correspond with you even in his busy work schedule, take it as a sign that the guy is already in love by correspondence.

What to write?

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence “in “vKontakte”, because it is one of the most popular social networks? And what can you talk to him about in letters? Be bold, write him about anything. The weather, nature. You set the topics of conversation, because guys get a stupor when communicating with a girl they like. We, on the other hand, can’t be stopped. It is better to direct this energy to the choice of topics that are interesting to him and to you.

Leave the boring news topics alone. How did you meet? At a friend’s house, a bar, a concert? How long has he been listening to this band? What’s your favorite song? Oh, I have a different one, here, listen to it. How to fall in love with a guy through correspondence? Be attentive to his messages, find common interests, ask him different questions, discuss interesting topics. Seeing you as a friend, he’s sure to want to continue communicating offline.

Address him by his name! So what if it is marked in the dialog box. So you let him know that you pay attention to the man. Correspondence between a guy and a girl in love may contain diminutive forms of names. In a face-to-face conversation, this would be tantamount to eye contact. But in correspondence, did the guy call you “bunny”? This shows his reverent attitude towards you.

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence? Pay attention to other people’s examples, because there are a lot of them. In some cases, girls present themselves as a defenseless child who needs help and support, and it works. Ask for advice or help! “Do you know where to find this book, I couldn’t find it in bookstores?”, “Listen, have you been to an indoor ice rink, tell me the address, I can’t find it on the Net?”. Being needed is the nicest thing a young man feels around a girl. Just don’t use it instead of Yandex.

How was your day? If a reprimand at work, a fight with your girlfriend, a coffee stain on your favorite sweater, and a traffic jam all happened on the same day, it’s better to say something like, “You know, I had a varied day today. But here I was this weekend. “. You want to have a nice conversation, right? How do you fall in love with a pen pal? Try not to overload him with problematic situations that can be resolved without his involvement. You can wash your own sweater, right? So why does he need to know about it. Be more positive in your communication, and you’ll get the same in return.

Young Specialist. Find out he’s DJing? Stop reading articles and be bold enough to ask him about his hobby! Show that you’re interested in his hobby by being interested, not by juggling terms and names in an issue you’ve just studied. How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, if he has already given you his phone number and you communicate in watsap? Don’t forget to wish him a good morning. Such attention will be very nice.

It’s written on the fence. Foul language definitely will not help you to make a young man fall in love with you by correspondence. Fact! Immediately change the vocabulary. Fill it up with sophisticated turns of phrase, but without fanaticism.

You remember why you need to correspond in social networks, right? To get closer to the time of the real meeting! If you live in the same city, don’t turn your online correspondence into an online romance. Once you know enough about each other, propose a date. Just meet up and then it’s up to you.

There are 10 ways to get extra attention and interest in the correspondence, which may grow into a crush. Take advantage of them, and the result will not be long in coming.

  1. Occasionally disappear from your social network. A few hours or one night will be enough to intrigue the guy with your mystery.
  2. Occasionally text him that you have male friends. This will give birth to a slight jealousy and encourage him to take action. How to fall in love with a pen pal guy? A jealousy shot is a great way.
  3. Write a post on your page about your new warm feelings for someone. He’ll read it and be sure to wonder if it’s about him, automatically introducing you as a couple.
  4. When starting a new day with a pen pal, ask about him first, and then tell him what’s new. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention.
  5. Post your new photos on your page in beautiful outfits and flawless makeup. How to fall in love with a pen pal? Let him pay attention to your beauty.
  6. Subtly hint that you are free from the relationship and do not mind starting an affair. But do it in a veiled, humorous way.
  7. Write that you’re excited about his favorite movie or track because you love them, too. Shared interests always bring you closer together.
  8. Let his friends tell him what kind of girls he likes. Try to meet the requirements, but at the same time do not lose your own individuality.
  9. Be erudite. Let him understand that you are interested in different directions, ready to attend courses and constantly learn something new.
  10. Always praise his appearance, his behavior and his attitude toward others.

No matter how much we think that the printed word on social media is not that important (and they will understand it, right?), the written text means more to us than we think. How do you fall in love with a pen pal? Be sincere, friendly. And not just in social networking, but in real life too.

Total Dictation and VOICE are sure: it is the letters and punctuation marks that paint our portrait online. Now you know how to become more charming when they don’t see you, but only read you. Have a beautiful romance in your letters!

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