What to write to a guy after a breakup to hurt him?

What to write to an ex-boyfriend to make him want to come back

Are you sure that’s what you really want? Then read my sample texts you can write to your ex-boyfriend to make him want to come back to you.

Be sure to pause in communication for about 2-3 weeks.

What you can write to an ex-boyfriend after a breakup

If you are to blame:

  • My happiness only has your face.
  • With our breakup for me all the stars in the sky are extinguished. Without you I wander in darkness.
  • I have only one wish left, to return to the past and undo what has happened. Alas, it will never come true.
  • In losing you, I lost a piece of myself.
  • Perfect people don’t exist. If you could forgive me, I would prove how strong my feelings for you are.
  • And remember how we….(walked in the park, liked to roll on the couch together, went roller skating). I really miss that.
  • Being separated from you is the worst punishment for my actions. I still hope you’ll come back.
  • I realized that I don’t want to do 3 things. 1) being separated from you; 2) falling asleep without you; 3) drinking coffee alone in the morning.

I thought the love in my heart for you would fade after the separation. But the opposite is true. The flame flared up so much that it became hard to breathe without you.

  • I wish I could take away all the pain I have caused you. After all, you are the dearest person in the world to me.

Here’s what else you can write to a guy to make him realize that you need him.

If it’s your ex-boyfriend’s fault, here’s what you can write to him after you break up:

  • Let’s start all over again? No fighting, no tears, no resentments, no misunderstandings, no recriminations.
  • I was going through my things the other day, and I saw a picture of us together. We’re so happy in it. Maybe we should try to find happiness together again.
  • I saw your favorite candy in the store. I thought of you, so I bought them. Would you like to come over for a cup of tea and discuss a truce?
  • I no longer have the strength to be offended, to be angry with you. I only have the strength for love or friendship. How do you feel about that?
  • It turns out that watching a movie alone lying on the couch is not as interesting as watching a movie with you. We need to make up right now!
  • Remember when we were kids? Make up, make up, and don’t fight anymore…let’s make up for the last time, and if you mess up, I’ll bite you?
  • I love myself the way I was with you: happy and loved. If there’s even a little chance of it happening again, let me know.
  • I made a truce dinner! I also bought a bottle of truce wine, and truce fruit! I suggest we bury the hatchet, and move on to table talks. Agreed?

If you feel as bad without me as I do without you, give me a call.

  • They say it’s one step from love to hate…But I only have love for you, no matter what.

As an option – try beautiful poems to touch his heart…

What To Write To An Ex-Boyfriend To Get Him Back

Hit the heart of your man with a word you can only yourself. You know what the guy will react immediately, right? If not, go through my list:

  • You owe me… My wounded heart back.
  • You forgot to give me…my soul.
  • What a fool you are (?)…if you think I’m still angry with you.
  • I know you’re still not seeing anyone. However, there’s a hottie who still has warm feelings for you. Guess what her name is?
  • I accidentally threw all your presents in the trash. Unfortunately, I can’t give them back to you. Maybe I should give you something in return.

I don’t feel sad at all after we broke up. I guess it wasn’t the right breakup. We need to get back together and break up again the right way.

Our breakup helped me rethink a lot of things in my life. Now I’m finally moving on, not looking back at the past. Nothing but positivity! Call me if you want to.

I don’t see any reason to see you except one. (What. ) To give each other back our photos (gifts, rings).

What to say to a man when breaking up and how to behave further to make him sorry and want to come back

Hello, readers of the blog bursin.ru , unfortunately, it happens that feelings cool down and people break up. Sometimes it goes painlessly for both, but often accompanied by excruciating suffering. And almost every girl, even by initiating the rupture, thinks about what to say to a man when he breaks up, so he felt sorry. This is normal, because the relationship does not stop just because. There are always good reasons for this, which is why you want the guy to understand his mistakes, even if it is too late to correct them.


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How to behave so that he regrets the breakup

Words are an effective tool, but not the main one. If you think how to make a young man regret that he left you, first of all raise your own self-esteem, tell yourself the following: “he just doesn’t deserve me, because I …” and mentally list all your virtues. Repeat to yourself every day, what a good, smart, beautiful, talented, caring, interesting, self-sufficient and unique person. Love yourself more than him – this is the first step to healing the wounds of the soul.

Man can definitely regret parting with you, but only if he sees that he lost a real treasure. Swollen from crying, crying and humiliating woman, begging him to come back, not like a treasure. Pull yourself together and forbid yourself to call him, write him, or look for a meeting. To make it easier, assign a specific period of silence, for example, two months. The longer the period you set aside, the better, because:

  1. He’ll have a better chance to miss and understand the difference in life with you and without you.
  2. Maybe the freedom will bring only joy, you will be able to breathe a full breath and do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.
  3. Or get yourself in order – lose weight, change your image, get your hair and nails done, change your closet, in general, do everything for which you did not have time, energy or finances (important for those whose partners are constantly saving money).

When you will be one hundred percent satisfied with yourself, then you can show yourself to him in all your glory. Only the meeting should be casual or business. For example, arrange to meet somewhere briefly, to pass some things. In the moment X, shine, enjoy life, look happy, happy and in no case do not show that you have suffered a breakup. His pain you will only feed the male egocentrism and increase his self-esteem, and dazzling looks and happy eyes – make him think about the correctness of his decision.

Here are a few more important points:

  1. Don’t rush right after the breakup to post pictures of you and another young man online. Your ex will definitely guess that this is a sham and understand how hurt you are. It is better to post photos where you are walking with friends or doing something interesting, for example, what he used to forbid you – he will surely be hurt by the fact that you are enjoying your freedom to the fullest.
  2. For the same reason, go to a “casual meeting” alone, but calling your cell phone at the right time and saying “sorry, I’m in a hurry” is a great move.
  3. Do not behave as a “bitch”, do not throw insults and accusations – it only makes him laugh or angry, but sorry for the breakup just do not make.
  4. Do not make life difficult for yourself, avoid going to those places where you were so well together.
  5. Change of scenery: go to your parents for a week or make repairs at home.
  6. Remove from prominent places anything that reminds you of him – pictures, his belongings or gifts.
  7. Don’t sit around doing nothing, take up every minute so you don’t have any free time for memories and worries.

Breaking up with your loved one – it’s mega hard, but the requests and self-destruction in it will not bring him back, but on the contrary, only push away. And certainly he will not regret parting with a “rag”, at best he will feel pity for you, and at worst – disgust.

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Parting words

The right words when breaking up – this is an opportunity to keep a warm friendly relationship with the ex or, conversely, to strike him to get revenge for the pain caused.

The initiator is a girl.

You want to break up with your boyfriend because he didn’t appreciate you, was inattentive, rude or something else. You want to say goodbye to him something so that he realized that he lost you through his own fault. In this case don’t make a scandal and don’t act hysterical and neurotic, otherwise he will only feel relief from the breakup. Smile sweetly and tell him one of the following phrases:

  1. Love is like a fire that constantly needs wood to be tossed in. Lately I’ve had to do it alone. I’m tired and I want to put out the fire. Goodbye.
  2. I fell in love with a smart, kind, considerate and caring man. You were like that before, but you have changed dramatically now. It’s very hard to love you now, so I’m leaving. I wish you happiness and don’t step on the same rake with the next girl.
  3. You are still dear to me, but I make the decision to break up because we have turned from two halves into enemies. I don’t understand you, you can’t hear me. It’s better to end it now than to hate each other later.
  4. I love you, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop being me. You wanted to change me, and I tried for your sake, but I guess you didn’t like the result. I no longer feel your admiration and love. I choose the real me, so goodbye.
  5. I don’t know if you’ll notice, but I’m leaving. You’re too busy with yourself, and you never have time for me. I don’t want to be a burden, and I don’t want to live in endless waiting for your attention. Be happy. Goodbye.

If you want to break up with the guy because you fell out of love with him or met someone else, then all the more reason not to be rude to him. Be extremely polite and apologize for the hurt you are causing, such as this:

  1. You are a good person and deserve honesty. I don’t love you anymore. I’m sorry. I’ll be glad if we can maintain our friendship.
  2. When you first kissed me, I thought I wanted to spend my life with you. But I was wrong; it was not love, but only passion, which faded with time. It’s not your fault, it’s just that we are not two halves of the same whole, and we have yet to find them. Forgive me for the pain I cause, but please let go without resentment or hatred.
  3. I am breaking off our relationship. It so happened that I met another man and felt that he is that other half. I’m sorry if you can, but it’s better to tell the truth right away than to lead to betrayal and cheating.

You don’t have to “memorize” these phrases. It is better to say something in your own words and from your heart, keeping the meaning of the examples.

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He decided so himself.

If the guy initiated the breakup of the relationship to make him regret it, make a goodbye pretend that you are only happy. For example, say the following:

  1. After your words, strangely enough, but I felt a great relief. It turns out that all this time you were smothering me with your love and jealousy. I’m so glad I can finally breathe.
  2. I imagined our family, the house, the children, the evening in the rocking chair by the fireplace under the same blanket, how I smoothed your gray hair, wished you good night for the millionth time, and fell asleep on your shoulder. Today, thanks to you, I realized that you are not worthy to share my life with me, and I am glad that it has come out now, not decades later.
  3. My love is too heavy a burden for your shoulders. I guessed it a long time ago, but I didn’t want to believe it. I’d rather find a strong man who can reciprocate and make me happy. Farewell.
  4. Yes, it hurts now, but I’ll get over it. Tomorrow I will begin to smile at the morning sun and open my heart to new feelings. Yes, I thought you were the closest person to me, but mistakes are experience and another stepping stone to true happiness.
  5. Goodbye and thank you for making room beside me for the dearest and most beloved man I will meet very soon, which you never became.
  6. You broke my heart with your betrayal, but I still want to say thank you. Now I will definitely find my other half, and a relationship with you is just a waste of time. And I’m really glad I found out now. Goodbye.

The general sense of these phrases is that on parting with him, life does not end, but rather begins from a clean slate. The main thing is to believe in this yourself. Then survive the breakup will be much easier.

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Hoping to get him back.

It also happens that the breakup is a mistake that was made because of misunderstandings, quarrels or the fault of third parties. If you want him to come back, sincerely tell or write him about it. For example, like this:

  1. Our love was so great. Are we going to let circumstances ruin it? Let’s try to start over.
  2. I’ve been trying to figure out why we broke up for a long time, but I haven’t found a single good reason. Do you think we still have a chance?
  3. I don’t know who’s to blame for the breakup, you or me? It doesn’t matter if we still love each other. Can’t we just forget everything that happened and try to be together again?
  4. I thought that time would pass and I would learn to live without you. But every day I feel more and more that I need you than I ever imagined.
  5. I miss you, don’t you?

When texting your lover in the hope of winning him back, stay neutral. Don’t grovel, don’t blame yourself, and don’t promise to do anything he wants. Otherwise, even if he comes back, he’ll feel like a winner and start taking advantage of it. And why would you want a relationship in which you will play the role of a tame animal, servant or a non-voting thing.

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Farewell texts in verse.

If, looking into the eyes of a man when parting, you find it very difficult to express your thoughts and feelings in words, then write him a farewell text message. Such messages are especially effective in verse. If you are far from being a poet, then choose something from the following ready-made works.

How to say it, I don’t even know,

For me was very important,

Every moment with you by my side.

I won’t forgive, I won’t ask.

You’re the one who ruined the world of love,

You broke your oath of fidelity

For the sake of a fleeting passion

You’ve trampled our happiness.

Go away, if that’s your decision,

You’ve sinned so often

I’ve forgiven you, my darling

But I’ve run out of strength.

Go away, thank you for it.

I’ll be happy without you.

Goodbye, though it hurts

I can’t bear to live with you on ice

I’ve loved you wholeheartedly

But you didn’t appreciate it!

You say you have no feelings

But I have so many…

I’m letting go, I’m suffocating with sadness.

# Let the road be bright

And I wish you happiness,

Though I am already without me,

I’m dying on the inside

Still loving you.

Happiness was so possible

Till you betrayed us.

♪ It’s hard to get over the betrayal ♪

You’ve shattered my dreams

My heart groans and sobs

# Saying goodbye to you

The day of reckoning will come

You’ll be sorry, you know it!

Well… it’s over, it happens…

You’ve fallen out of love, you’re free to go.

But the hope of happiness is fading,

Without you there’s nothing in front…

“Let’s stay friends…”

Easy to say, how’s that?

“Well, it’s better than enemies…”

It’s better than nothing at all!

I can’t be friends with you,

You’re leaving me for someone else.

I almost hate you,

I hope I never see you again.

Please forgive me.

You were good to me,

¶ but today you’ll let me go ¶

¶ You’ll find love again ¶

♪ Social networking statuses are an effective tool ♪

Another tool that will tell the guy more than you do is the statuses on social networks. Their text can hurt your ex, make him regret the breakup or tell him that you miss him:

  1. Now I’m finally free and happy.
  2. How good it feels to be free of the shackles of jealousy and constant resentment.
  3. I start to live with a clean slate – it’s easier to breathe.
  4. I consider applicants for the vacant place of a loved one.
  5. Try to make me happy, my ex failed.
  6. I am free as a bird in the sky, finally I can spread my wings.
  7. Looking for inspiration to write a new love story.
  8. Love is over, the tomatoes are wilted, but it’s only for the best.
  9. Everyone has his own limit of patience, mine burst, but I do not regret it one bit.
  10. No one is irreplaceable.
  11. “There was love without joy, separation will be without sorrow.” (M. Yu. Lermontov).
  12. Love is evil? No, I’m not a goat to love a goat!
  13. “If you can’t get close, people drift apart.” (Franz Kafka).
  14. I’m ready to forgive and start over, but I can’t say it, and you won’t guess it yourself.
  15. By the way, yes, by the way, there is your half of the bed… (Evgeniya Rybakova).
  16. Only when you break up with a person, you find out who he really is.

On the World Wide Web if you want you can find many more short but succinct quotes of famous personalities that will express your feelings better than you do. Finally, the same advice: love yourself more than anyone else, then the parting will not be so painful. Goodbye.

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