What to write to a guy about yourself?

How to get a guy interested in correspondence

Starting a dialogue in VK with a guy you like, for sure you want to attract his attention and arouse interest. There are a few simple rules that will help you easily start a conversation.

If he wrote first, how to respond

This option is the easiest. The only thing you need to do is be as friendly as possible. Do not answer dryly or unilaterally, but do not “overdo it” – no need to write a long memoir, responding to trivial questions. In general, the main thing is to know the measure.

What to write to him if you don’t know him

The first thing you need to do is to ask him to add you as a “friend”. However, if he has opened access to all users of the information on his page, and he can write him messages too people not present in his list of friends, you can just send him some message. He might be interested in the usual, “Hi. How are you?”.

But it’s better if your first message isn’t so impersonal – let him know why he’s the one who piqued your interest. You could write, “Hi. Stumbled across your page and just couldn’t take my eyes off your dog. If you don’t mind, tell me something about the breed.” If he doesn’t have a dog, you can point out that he has an awesome bike, you want one and are interested in its features. If you notice that he goes to the gym, write that you’ve been eyeing that particular facility for a long time, and want to know from a real customer how comfortable it is to work out there. You can play around with almost any notable detail you see on his page.

You are each other’s “friends.

It may be that you’ve crossed paths somewhere, and one of you added to the other’s “friends,” but then the correspondence never took place. Just wait for him to post a new one, and comment on it – praise the song, give your opinion on some philosophical quote, etc. You could write him a private message noting some change in his appearance. Perhaps you saw that the guy has been to some interesting place – just ask him about it.

Resume communication after a long pause

It is possible that at one time you communicated, but now it is in the past. In general, in this situation, it is also appropriate to start a relaxed conversation, ask about the affairs of the interlocutor. Although, if you interrupted communication because of a quarrel, you can gently raise the issue, admitting your wrongdoing and offering to make contact.

What you can tell about yourself to a guy in correspondence

Of course, you shouldn’t correspond with guys about things that don’t interest them much – which salon you had your nails done in, the advantages of one face mask over another and so on. Leave that kind of talk to your girlfriends.

Hobbies, hobbies.

Perhaps you’re fond of dancing, yoga, roller skating or fitness – all this will be useful to tell the young man about yourself. In addition, he’s likely to like the fact that you’re trying to keep in shape. Also, any guy would be interested to know about your creative hobbies – painting, photography, poetry. If you don’t have any hobbies, it’s time to find them!

Share your plans for the future

Surely you have some ideas that you would like to implement in the near future. It is possible that you would like to visit some European city, or you want to go to an interesting workshop. To support the conversation with a guy, you can also tell him what you are planning to do in the coming weekend.

A conversation about your favorite movie

Sometimes it’s a good idea to move on to neutral topics as well. Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t passionate about cinema. Ask what genre your interlocutor is closest to. Many young people are happy to watch movies based on Marvel or DC Comics, which recently reached the peak of popularity and collect a huge box office around the world. If you like “superhero movies,” and you know for sure that the guy has some idea about them too, then you can discuss famous heroes by sharing your opinions about them with each other.

There are also quite a few fans among the television projects “Game of Thrones,” “The Big Bang Theory” and others, which will also be very entertaining to discuss. Write about your favorite characters and theories about how the plot develops. If your tastes do not intersect, and you look very different movies, then just share with each other an opinion on these or other films. From this conversation, he, at least, will be able to find out what genres you are fond of and, perhaps, later you go to the cinema together for a picture, which had previously discussed.

Interesting Places for You

Tell us how you like to spend your time and what places you go to most often. This could be your favorite mall, movie theater, gym, bowling alley, cafe, and so on. It is possible that in the process of conversation it turns out that you often go to the same places, and this can serve as a good excuse to meet.

How and what to write to get a guy to like you

It happens that at first the correspondence goes quite briskly, but suddenly the interest of the interlocutor begins to fade. So how to communicate with a guy to get him to like you?

First of all, you need to show at least some interest in the young man. Ask him about how his day is going, what his plans are for today. Take note of what he told you earlier. Perhaps he was going somewhere – ask him how it went. If he told you about his pet, ask him how his four-legged friend is doing.

Don’t bombard the guy with endless messages, but it’s still a good idea to show him how friendly you are. Do not ignore his messages, imagining that he suffers from the fact that you are online, but do not respond to him. That way you won’t have a meaningful dialogue. If you don’t respond to most of his comments in a matter of days, hoping that you’ll intrigue him, you’ll make him not want to write to you at all.

If he asks you any questions, don’t answer them in a stingy, one-syllable way. Give a detailed answer – within reason, of course. It would also be good to ask him some questions as well, periodically not being afraid to take the lead in the conversation.

Even if you have a lot of free time, a guy doesn’t need to know that you have nothing to occupy yourself with – you shouldn’t stay “online” most of the day – that way you will gradually earn a reputation as a slacker. It’s quite another matter if you work or are really busy with something, listening to music and answering messages at intervals of a few minutes, even hours. But it’s still better to go online in the evenings for a couple of hours. This is enough for a full-fledged virtual communication and will not allow you to get bogged down in meaningless correspondence.

What questions you can ask a guy during the correspondence

There are many topics you can raise with your conversation partner. Avoid asking a lot of questions about your ex-girlfriend and don’t talk about anything too personal – it’s all acceptable to discuss in a more intimate relationship.

1. Ask about vacations with friends.

Ask how often he goes out with friends and if he likes company. It could be that the guy you like is an introvert who doesn’t enjoy spending much time with his buddies. In general, all of this you can find out from him.

2. Touch on your childhood.

Talk about childhood in an unobtrusive way. Find out where the young person liked to go as a preschooler, whether there were any funny situations in his childhood, whether he remembers that period well. Also remember to cover his more mature years – find out if he liked school, which subjects seemed more interesting to him than others, and whether he still has a connection with his school friends.

Discuss his musical tastes.

If he likes you, he’s likely to have certain musical tastes you can discuss as well. Ask him if he had any idols when he was a teenager and which artists he listens to most often. You can also ask if he has a favorite song.

4. Favorite places in your city

There are undoubtedly places in your interlocutor’s city that he prefers to visit more often than others – find out about these attractions. In addition, you can find out what makes a particular place special for him.

5. Talk about traveling.

Find out what interesting places the guy has been to. Perhaps the geography of his travels so far is limited to cities in his country – find out where he liked it the most, and where he would like to go again.

6. Ask about his job or school.

If you don’t know, ask what they do – where they go to school or work. Naturally, it’s completely inappropriate to specify the amount of his salary. Just ask if he likes his field of work and why he chose it.

How to communicate with a guy in VKC – rules for correspondence

  • Do not write a young man several messages per minute – especially if he is not distinguished by such a zeal in correspondence. He has not yet had time to respond to one message, and you write the next one right after? At this rate your dialogue is in danger of becoming a monologue.
  • Try to write without obvious grammatical errors – some users of the web is very annoying. Surely, in your browser you can find settings that will underline mistakes in your words (in VKB, e-mail, etc.) with a red line.
  • Some girls prefer to take signs of attention for granted, or not notice them at all. If a guy praises your photo and says you look great, don’t write, “I know!” or “You’re not the first person to tell me that. A humble, “Thanks for the compliment” will suffice. Most men avoid arrogant girls, and it won’t be good if the young man you like thinks you are.
  • If you have different opinions on something – do not try to change his mind, do not exacerbate the situation. You can just say that you have a different opinion on the subject, but his point of view is also interesting enough. You don’t have to prove to him that he is a fool who “doesn’t understand anything” about this issue.
  • Also, don’t try to make the guy jealous by telling him how many fans you have, how tired you are of them and so on. If we are talking about “virtual” admirers, then the interlocutor himself will notice the activity on your page, and discussing them will not make you look beautiful. The most you can do – correctly answer the question about this or that person, or about admirers in general, if the guy himself asks you about it.

How to get a pen pal to ask you out

Sometimes correspondence drags on significantly, but never leads to a real meeting. If a guy is in no hurry to ask you out, then you have the opportunity to push him to do so.

100 ideas of what you can tell a guy about yourself

When they first talk to a guy they like, many girls ask themselves the question, “What is appropriate to tell about yourself and what is better not to talk about?” After all, a lot depends on your story. So off with the rigidity and the quiet silence! Your story should interest the guy as much as possible, creating at the same time an aura of mystery around your image.

How to talk to a guy.

Not only the topics of conversation, but also the ability to have the right dialogue determines the course of further events. It’s in your best interest to make every effort to keep things more than positive.

Here’s why it’s important:

  • Be sure to ask the guy for his opinion on an issue;
  • Express your full interest in the conversation with all your appearance;
  • Speak with confidence;
  • Speak succinctly, but succinctly;
  • Do not mention your shortcomings;
  • Listen attentively and do not interrupt the interlocutor;
  • Learn to see the line between “slightly underestimate” and “outright lie.

What to tell a guy about yourself

Now let’s move on to the topics you can talk to this guy about. And, lifting the veil of mystery, tell him a little bit about yourself.

  • That literally took his breath away.
  • What he dreamed of becoming as a kid.
  • Describe your favorite longtime hobby, to which you devote every free minute.
  • Tell the story you remember most from your childhood.
  • What are the top three virtues you are incredibly proud of? And explain why.
  • You were in a dangerous life situation. How did you manage to cope with them?
  • You have many sisters/brothers. What kind of relationships do you have?
  • Describe your last trip and name the main attractions of the places you visited.

  • Which parent do you like best.
  • How many times have you been wrong about people. What conclusions I drew next.
  • What factors most often cause you stress.
  • Tell me about the most delicious dish you have ever tasted. Do you know how to make it.
  • List five facts that no one has ever heard of.
  • Tell me what you think an ideal relationship between a guy and a girl should be like.
  • Tell us which subjects at school you liked the most and which were very easy for you to study. Which ones, on the contrary, required an extra effort on your part.
  • Tell me about your favorite family traditions.
  • Name your three favorite holidays and tell me how you like to celebrate them.

  • State your opinion about what’s going on in the world right now.
  • Who have you been sitting at your table with. How do you come?
  • Tell us about your profession. What do you like about your job and what responsibilities cause you a little stress.
  • Tell me what your best friend’s name is. How many years you’ve been friends.
  • Find out the secret of your name. Why did you get that name?
  • Tell me about your place of study.
  • Do you have piercings or tattoos.
  • Where you can get together with your friends more often.
  • Tell us about mistakes from your youth that you regret and wish you could fix.
  • What talent you have. How it helps you in your daily life.
  • What funny things happened to you in school.
  • Why you chose this particular school.

  • Who in your life are you immensely grateful to.
  • What movie evoked a wide range of emotions for you.
  • By no means can you forgive your chosen one.
  • You have a pet. What nickname did you come up with. Why the cat / dog / fish / parrot.
  • What are you willing to “turn a blind eye” to in a relationship with a guy.
  • What do you usually dream about before you go to bed.
  • What would make you cry for joy?
  • What is the most valuable lesson life has taught you, under what circumstances did it happen.
  • Tell us about your most extravagant act.
  • Tell me what you are especially proud of.
  • Who would I like to be like.
  • Do you have a special ritual that you do every morning/evening.
  • What book you can reread over and over again.

  • What bothers you the most right now and why.
  • Always managing to resist temptation.
  • How do you usually behave when you are angry.
  • Do you have thoughts you are ashamed of?
  • What thoughts do you wake up with in the morning.
  • Since you are addicted to social media, can you give up the Internet completely, at least for a short period of time.
  • What kind of guys (internal and external) are you attracted to.
  • What celebrity you were lucky enough to once meet and get an autograph with.
  • What career plans do you have.
  • What are those choices based on.
  • School or workplace.
  • Future or present profession.

  • It’s a childhood dream come true. If not, why not.
  • Childhood dreams of a future profession.
  • Favorite holidays.
  • Little family: brothers, sisters, parents.
  • Family traditions.
  • A little bit about me: place of birth. If he is not native, briefly tells about his small homeland.
  • Which parent has more in common.
  • Briefly about family relationships. Only positive things.
  • Favorite teacher at school.
  • Favorite subject at school.
  • Fun stories from childhood.

  • The ability to understand people.
  • What makes people negative.
  • Positive character traits.
  • What subjects she did not like at school and why.
  • What conclusions were drawn.
  • They are often pitied.
  • Negative character traits.
  • Relationships with classmates.
  • Trustworthiness or suspiciousness of people.
  • Reasons for isolation.
  • What makes people respect you.
  • How do you try to eradicate negative traits in yourself, and if not, why not.
  • I believe in life.
  • The basic virtues of your personality.
  • Sociability or reticence.
  • The mistakes of adolescence and adolescence.

  • The ideal relationship between a man and a woman.
  • Love to travel: impressions of the last trip.
  • Hobbies and what interests this occupation.
  • Fears, phobias.
  • Conclusions from the experience.
  • Readiness for independent life.
  • Talents: art, dancing, singing and others.
  • Dangerous moments in life.
  • What is unforgivable in a relationship.
  • Having pets is the name and reason for choosing such a pet.
  • Favorite food.
  • Household skills: the ability to cook.
  • What situations in the relationship can be forgiven.
  • How he overcame danger.

  • There is a person in life that one wants to be equal to.
  • Best friend: what’s her name and what she holds dear.
  • Favorite movie genre and what images are the most interesting.
  • Favorite musical genre and why
  • Main goal in life.

And most importantly, remember, the worst thing you can do when talking about yourself is to speak according to a clearly prepared script template, carefully scrolling through each word in your head. Do not be afraid to improvise, move smoothly from one topic to another, constantly revealing a new side to the interlocutor.

Message from the editors

Did you like the article? We really hope so, because our goal is not just to write a dry text, but to help every reader nonetheless. And in conclusion, one more practical tip that will help in the cognitive stage. Scientists have proven that the most pleasing to everyone’s ears is their name. If you have feelings for your interlocutor and want to demonstrate that in communication, call him by his name as often as possible. Keep in mind that he will be very pleased – using your name clearly demonstrates respect and interest on your part. This is the easiest and highest quality way to charm your interlocutor.

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