What to Write to a Girl I Like?

What to write a girl so that she will definitely respond

Have you been thinking for hours about what to write a girl so that she responds? You think up original jokes, play dialogues in your head, and she has already gone to hang out with her friends. Write to her, but she doesn’t answer at all or writes some bullshit?

What to write a girl so that she will definitely respond

To correspond with a girl also need to know how to do it. The Akloni team has put together for you some algorithms and rules to help you learn how to master correspondence with a girl.

Correspondence on dating sites and messengers: the features and the difference

How do you correctly write to a girl on a dating site or to a girl you already know? These are two completely different algorithms of action. And here’s why:

The goal is the same – date and sex, but the ways to achieve it will be completely different.

On a dating site, the algorithm looks something like this:

Get interested → Like → Get a phone number → Date.

In any messenger, the scheme is completely different.

If you have her phone number, it means you already know each other. That is, you have already made your first impression on the girl. Therefore, your further communication is based on common interests, taking into account:

  • Your desires. What do you want to get in the end?
  • Your employment. How quickly can you see each other?
  • Her residence. Does she live in your city or not?

Maintaining contact → Date.

Keeping in touch → Date.

Stirring up interest → Date.

Naturally, when you already know each other, it’s easier to establish communication. On a dating site, you have to try harder to get what you want.

But there are advantages to communicating on websites, too:

  • You can think through every word in the conversation.
  • Describe yourself only on the best side.
  • Create the right impression.

In a Vyber/Telegram correspondence, you’ll get to the date faster, but:

  • You can’t overplay your first impression. And if you’ve shown yourself to be a dodo, getting a rendezvous will be as difficult as possible.
  • At the same time, if you already have the coveted RIGHT number, it means that the girl likes you.
  • Chatting in messenger adds instant pluses to your karma, that is, it removes the stranger barrier and increases the chance of hooking up on the first date.

I, Anton Glomozda, will tell you how to write to a girl first in order to get her to like you further.

Dating site and social networks: what to write a girl to get acquainted.

The first thing girls pay attention to is a man’s profile. Many do so even before they read messages from him.

Let me show you clearly: look at my Instagram page and your own. Is there a difference?

After looking at it, answer some questions for yourself:

  • What might a girl think when she looks at my instagram or dating profile?
  • Would a guy like me make a girl want to respond to a message?
  • Would she want to flirt with a guy who has two pictures of me in front of her mother’s carpet and one of someone else’s car and that one is blurry?
  • Does she get turned on by pictures of me with beer in the garage?
  • Would she really like these pics from 2007 or should I Photoshop in an eagle?

Just like in person, your profile should tell you a lot about you. Remember, yes, one meets the clothes and has sex with the interesting. But you need to get past that first stage-the initial impression. So it’s extremely important what you write about, what you take pictures of, and how you show yourself on social media.

So before you pick up a girl, get your profile up and running. Here are some tips for you.


From a picture you can tell a lot about a person. And girls make these conclusions like no one better.

So your avatar should be bright and high quality. Nothing should distract attention from you. It’s best to choose one where you’re wearing normal quality clothes with decent accessories. Also, keep in mind that you should be clearly visible in the picture.

No staged photos and cryptic glances into the distance. It’s a girl’s picture that works. A man needs to show his adequacy in the first place. Your avatar should make you social, not make women block your profile.

Your social networking and dating profile

Let me be clear: Your profile has to present you. Before you think about what to write a girl on facebook to get her interested in you, take care of the right design.

No need to describe in detail your hobbies, occupation or favorite movies and music. This is boring. Better briefly talk about your values. You can add a couple of jokes, they always attract the interest of girls.

And emotions, as you know, are a straight shot to the panties!

And we get to the point: what to write a girl when dating online.

What to write a girl when you meet her?

If a girl has created a profile on a dating site, then there are two good news for you:

  • She is in search of a man. And it’s unlikely that the girl will be looking for a guy to “just fuck around,” so her dating goal is also sex. But no one will ever tell you that directly.
  • If she’s on a dating site, it means she hasn’t been able to find a decent man in real life.

So you just need to be a normal man to get to know her. Communicate as usual, joke a little and the girl will definitely enter into correspondence with you. The main thing – be adequate. She has to understand that you’re not some nerd.

Do not go overboard with the original phrases. That kind of nonsense will not show your best side. Keep it simple and girls will come to you.

Your communication should be open and interesting, then girls will be more likely to respond to your messages.

How not to:

  • Give birth to your first message for a long time. There’s a high risk of writing bullshit. So keep it simple.
  • Overestimate her importance. It’s just a beautiful girl and she knows it. So leave the goddesses alone.
  • Sagging. In communication, the bottom position immediately demonstrates your worthlessness. “You probably won’t answer me…”. Definitely won’t respond. Dickheads like you text her in droves.


  1. Reasonable. “I like you. Let’s go for coffee tomorrow.”
  2. Situational. Offer something that will be relevant at the moment: “So much snow is disappearing. Let’s go make snowmen?” or “Have you been to the beach today? Come with me?”
  3. Compliment. It’s a win-win if you omit unnecessary drooling: “I really like you. I want to meet you.”
  4. Thrash. Yeah, yeah, thrash works, too. But it has to be dosed and original. “You’re so skinny, we need to feed you delicious carbs right away!”.
  5. Confident. That’s the alpha position. “Saw your pictures, wanted to hug you.”
  6. Original Pitching. Such messages are sure to attract attention and also scan a girl’s sense of humor. “That’s it, now we’re a couple (if your profiles match on the dating site)” or “Let’s go rob banks, I’m all set!”.

I gave you some templates, but I recommend spelling out your own. At least you’re not the only one who reads this article, and one girl might get several of the same messages.

Lifehack: write more than one message, just not one word each. When a girl sees several unread messages from one user, she’s more interested in opening your chat.

Messengers: how to write to a girl in an original way. 7 tips for the perfect correspondence

The Akloni team gathered for you some tips that will make you achieve the main thing – a girl wants to reply to you.

Original messages.

Do not piss to be original. Believe me, there is a lot of information on the Internet on the topic “what to write a girl in the first message,” respectively, enough templates to be used by different nerds.

Start your communication not with the standard “Hi! How are you?”, but with a joke or a joke, for example. Let it be a meme from the Internet or a funny cat video.

SMS to a strange girl should be as neutral as possible. That is, do not touch the topic of relationships, politics, and all sorts of fucked up shit. “Did you dream about pink penguins today?” – Perfect. And funny, and original, and immediately weed out the strange individuals who do not understand humor.

2. The right questions.

I mean those for which she will be able to give a detailed answer, that is open. For example .

  • “What are you doing tonight?”
  • “What show did you watch? What do you like about it?”
  • “Were you at the gym tonight? How did you work out?”

This is a guarantee that your communication will not end on the first phrase. Girls love to talk, especially about how they feel, so periodically ask questions about her feelings.

What to write to a girl for the first time to get an accurate response? Ask about her mood, not how she’s doing.

3. game between the lines

All girls like to fantasize. You tell her, “I’m going to be late for work today,” she: “Are you gonna hang out with your whores again?”

But it’s a quality you can use to your advantage. Write ambiguous messages so she can make up her own meaning:

  • “Thinking of you makes me feel better.”
  • “It’s cold today. You must be freezing everywhere? We need to warm you up.”

Naturally, this kind of communication should not be shoved into a girl’s first message, but take note of it in the future.

A normal girl is happy to play along.


What to write a girl in the first message? The ideal solution is humor. It can be a joke, a meme or a funny video. But remember that everything should be in moderation. Your correspondence shouldn’t become a meaningless flip-flop of funny pictures.

Humor is also a good way to rekindle a girl’s stale interest. She hasn’t written to you in a while? Okay. Write, “Are you alive in there?” Trust me, she’ll definitely want to respond in an original way, so your chat will be her priority.

5. Don’t jerk her around.

Remember. There has to be a measure to everything. Girls are equally annoyed by men who don’t write shit for weeks and write 50 messages a day.

Even if your pussy is on fire, don’t shower her with compliments and smiley faces, go to the gym instead.

Remember, you have to show yourself to be an adequate conversationalist. She must understand that the girl will not be the center of your universe. You’re busy doing your own thing, but your communication is important to you.

The main thing is that you should be able to get the best out of your relationship with your girlfriend. But your further communication should not go over the line. From round-the-clock correspondence a girl will quickly lose interest in you.

6. You’re in charge of your correspondence.

You start the correspondence and you end it. That’s not to say that you have to say “good night” to each other a million times until she gets fucked up by your stupidity. No, but the girl should have a little communication deficit with you.

Learn to sense the moment when it’s time to stop hooking up so there’s a little bit of understatement left. Then the girl will respond to your messages faster and better.

Don’t let her decide when to start and end the correspondence. You’re the one who should be steering the process. An alpha at heart is an alpha in everything.

7. Ask to meet in person.

No online conversation can replace a full-fledged conversation over a cup of coffee. So don’t procrastinate.

If you see that the girl responds well to your messages, invite her to meet. That’s exactly what an alpha male does. After all, while you’re texting her pages of confessions and sending roses to VK, the other man is already fucking her. Is that a good deal? No? Then go for it.

Message structure. What, about what, and how to write?

What to write to a girl to get acquainted? More precisely, what should the first message to a girl look like?

1. Greeting .

This should be an original beginning. Believe me, there are a lot of morons who write to a girl, “Hi. How are you?”. So come up with something of your own, moderately light and interesting. You can interpret the examples above to suit you.

2. Remind her who is writing to her.

What to write a girl in the first message? Who you are. This is if you already know each other.

“Hi. This is Valera. We met in a cafe yesterday.” She’s not clairvoyant and won’t be able to recognize you through your message.

3. establish a connection.

So you don’t have to wonder what to write when you’re dating, make yourself a small selection of topics and jokes you can drop into a chat if you’re feeling stumped.

Learn to ask the right questions, make jokes and communicate easily and openly. Your job is to bring out her emotions and a smile. So that she will long remember your correspondence and waiting for you to write to her again.

Don’t be stupid, communicate as if you’ve known her for a long time. You can ask her for advice on choosing a shirt, for example. Naturally, with a picture from the fitting room.

She’ll like that you’re interested in her opinion. And she will quickly get the feeling that you know each other for a long time.

4. Take the conversation to the real world.

If you already know you live in the same city and you generally like talking to her, ask her out. Don’t drag out your conversations for weeks unless you’re saving the girl for better times. Believe me, the interest in correspondence is much less than in real life.

How to write a girl correctly? Main topics

Here everything is simple. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Sure, you can start getting fucked up and shooting facts about chimpanzees. But it’s best to write about something everyday. A person has something going on every day. That’s what you should write about. Just don’t write, “I fucked up so badly today,” but pick interesting moments and write about them easily.
  • Jokes and jokes from the Internet. You can scroll through your instagram feed or subscribe to a couple of telegram and vk publishers. You can tell a lot about yourself with memes these days. So choose jokes that are relevant and interesting to you first.
  • But I can offer you something more interesting. In my “Wyber Warfare” course, I give you many working templates and teach you how to adjust them to any situation. So I look forward to seeing you at Akloni Academy.

How often do you text a girl?

There is no clear pattern for posting messages to girls. I can tell you what to write to a girl in facebook when dating, but how often and when – it’s up to you to decide.

It’s important to keep two aspects in mind:

  • There should be an easy slip effect in your communication. Yours, naturally. That is, you end the conversation at the height of emotion or with an understatement. Then she’s more than happy to jump on a date with you.
  • She’s not sitting by the window with her phone hanging out, waiting for a message from you. And you should do the same. Text and forget. Did she text you back? Great. No? Well, whatever. You can, of course, remind yourself in 1-2 days. But don’t flood her with sadness and angry letters.

But just write when you feel like it. In general, I’m for doing what you want. But only from a position of strength, not a “what if she forgets me if I don’t text her every half hour?” position.

I’m sure you can see the difference between: writing because you want to and writing because you’re afraid to.

I think you have fewer questions like, “How do I meet a girl online? What to write in the first message?” And if not, then I look forward to seeing you on the course.

Hi, my name is Anton Glomozda!

I help men believe in themselves, realize their potential and live the life of their dreams. To this end, in 2016 I founded the Academy of Integrated Male Personality Development, in which I give the tools to achieve goals and success in all areas of life. To date, the academy has more than 10,000 graduates.

What to write to the girl you like?

It often happens that a young man finds it difficult to continue communicating with the girl he liked when he met her. In such situations usually hinders excessive modesty and shyness, the guy is not confident in his abilities, so he is shy to talk to the girl about his feelings and in general maintain contact with her. Sometimes, on the contrary, a man is so narcissistic that he behaves too assertively toward the opposite sex. Let’s figure out what and how to write a girl not only to please her but also to keep her attention.

Basic principles of communication with a girl


Girls do not accept banality. It is absolutely boring when a seemingly cute young man writes some trivial things. For example, “Hi, how are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “How did you sleep today?” and the like. Obviously, when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it can look like you care. But if you just met recently, then such turns of phrase are not appropriate.

It is important to “hook” the person, so he again would like to communicate with you, go to social networks, always be in touch. Be original. Do not write platitudes, think of something unusual. Let’s say, “Today you will definitely conquer the universe, have a good day!” or “May you dream of lilac rhinos in Africa.” Let it be silly, but it will be from the heart.

Questions and Answers

Forget the one-word questions. Push the girl to communicate. Don’t ask things that you can answer “Yes” or “No” or just “Okay”. You need to entice the girl, to get her into a dialogue, so someone has to start, let it be the young man.

Try to ask something that can be answered in a detailed way. For example, “What emotions did this movie evoke in you?” or “What did you think of the last event at school/institution?”

Sense of humor

This is even more important. What else is there to get attention if not a good joke? Of course, you can find interesting and uplifting jokes on the Internet. But it is much more effective to show your own sense of humor in time. There is no need to think in templates, just look at the situation from the outside, think of some situations and act, but always with humor.

For example, if a girl is out of the network or does not answer for a long time, it is better not to use the banal “Where are you? Try writing “What well have you fallen into there?” or “Are you alive?”

A sense of proportion.

You don’t have to be a nerd. Yes, literally. Don’t write too often, too much, and for no particular reason. It’s certainly important to keep in constant contact, but any patient person will become very stressed when correspondence lasts all day and night. In the end, you will be left out of the loop. Therefore, you need to leave both yourself and the girl time for personal thoughts, space for personal space.


It is very important to understand what kind of person you are dealing with. Suppose you have never seen this girl, so you do not have anything to talk about. To start a dialogue, you need to find any similarities, her or your hobbies that may attract attention. To do this, carefully examine her social network page. There you can find, for example, the woman’s musical preferences or maybe her hobbies by the groups she is a member of.


For many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, the most important factor is the ability of a young man to handle the word. That is, his literacy, the correct and appropriate use of certain words and concepts. You make a positive impression on a worthy and educated girl, if your messages will be in compliance with the norms of spelling, punctuation marks are put where it is necessary, and the words are used in the right context.

How do I keep her attention?

In addition to being a great conversationalist, you need to be able to keep the girl’s attention towards you, to make her want to communicate with you, not only online but also in real life. Not enough to like her by correspondence, you need to be on top and in person.

  • First of all, you need to find common interests. This can be anything from movies to fishing, from skiing to collecting antique books. Try to find a hobby that unites you, this will take your relationship to the next level. And then together try something new, risk to try some unusual food or together to watch a horror movie that you are so afraid of.
  • Flirt! When she sees that you want to continue dating, surely will not be indifferent to your efforts. Always write her compliments, but remember the measure and know your worth. It’s important that the payoff is from both of you.
  • Let her know that you are always thinking of her. Even a late night text message will make her think that thoughts of her visit you around the clock. Of course, that will please every girl.
  • In any case it is important to know the measure, and in communication with a girl – especially. Don’t go overboard with constant texting, it’s depressing for anyone. In addition, the endless exchange of messages can’t lead to a successful pairing. Try to be unobtrusive and try to get your girlfriend to write to you first. This will definitely indicate the fact that your relationship has a future.

Successful examples

Of course, beautiful words can entice a lot of women. However, it is much more important not just to throw compliments in different directions, but to tell the truth, to write a truly sincere and meaningful text message. Especially if you do not want to linger at this stage of the relationship. Let’s look at some examples of original letters.

A message to get acquainted with the girl you like

  • “Today is a perfect day for new dating. Don’t you think it’s happening right now?”
  • “Good afternoon, my name is Alexander. You and I are in the same group, I think we have a lot in common. Would you like to meet?”
  • “Hello! You probably don’t remember me, but I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “Good evening! You moved beautifully at the party tonight, would you like to keep me company at tomorrow’s party?”

Complimentary messages

  • “There is a beautiful picture on your page today. I really like it. How did you manage to get a picture like that?”
  • “I rush to go online daily to enjoy chatting with you.”
  • “I’m interested in chatting with you online. I look forward to meeting you in person.”

Messages that make you smile

  • “My most enjoyable thing is thinking about you.”
  • “The best woman in the universe spent tonight with me.”
  • “I don’t want my moments with you to end.”

Apology messages

  • “I want to make up for what happened. I promise you’ll like the edits.”
  • “I understand my temper is making you nervous right now. I promise you’ll be calm now.”
  • “I don’t want to lose you over something so stupid. I’m sorry.”

How to replace “Hello.”

  • “You’re so charming today, I completely forgot to say hello.”
  • “Do you have a string? I’d love to make a friendship with you!”
  • Greetings in foreign languages will emphasize your personality. For example, “Hello!”
  • “Hello.” A seemingly simple word, but it’s usually received more appreciatively than the banal “Hello.”

Messages before bedtime

  • “Don’t forget your alarm clock! Work won’t wait.”
  • “Off to bed so that the day we meet will come sooner.”
  • “Sleep tight. I’ll guard your sleep.”

Messages in the morning

  • “Have a good day, and I’ll look forward to the evening so I can hug you sooner.”
  • “I have guarded your sleep, and now I will provide you with a good day.”
  • “Good morning! Thought about you all night.”

Typical mistakes

Many girls note that they are put off by phrases in a message like “Hi. How are you?” They think it’s hackneyed and doesn’t attract attention at all. Most likely, after this message a girl will break up all contacts with you.

Some women are especially embarrassed when young men make all sorts of vulgar jokes and hints of a sexual nature. Of course, this makes you think about the seriousness of the guy’s intentions.

Using different slang and foul language also does not lead to anything good. At least, it is unacceptable in the first days of communication, when people can judge each other only by appearance or style of writing.

No less important factor is the observance of spelling and grammatical norms of the Russian language. Your poor vocabulary will definitely not lead to anything good, but will only aggravate the situation of continuing to meet the girl.

Misleading information about your personality will definitely not get a woman excited when the deception is uncovered and it becomes clear who you really are. If you want to get serious with a woman, don’t try to deceive her with false information or fake photos.

Girls always pay attention to the details that are invisible to the male eye. So it is important to clean up your page: add truthful information about yourself, put a photo in a sober state, with a good mood. For a proper representation of you in the eyes of others, indicate your interests, hobbies.

“Hi, let’s get acquainted!” – It’s better not to write so, because this form does not imply the word “No” in response. Consequently, this will put the girl in a predicament, which will instantly distract her directly from you.

“Most likely my message will remain unread, but…” – such phrases demonstrate a man’s strongest insecurity and, as a consequence, drop his importance in the eyes of a woman.

“Maybe I’m not your type at all” – this will probably make the girl very wary, because how does she know who is behind the screen of the monitor. Moreover, you are in the same situation, because there is not much information about the interlocutor.

In any case, in correspondence with the girl you like, it’s important to be yourself. After all, who knows, maybe it is with her you will be able to build a beautiful family.

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