What to wish your friend for his birthday in your own words?

50 birthday wishes to your best friend in your own words


Birthday wishes are a great way to show how much you appreciate your closest friends.

Friends are like a second family, they are important because they help us cope with many difficulties and share our joys.

If you have a best friend or girlfriend, there is a special bond between you.

A birthday is a good reason to get together with friends. It happens once a year, and at this time you can show him that you care about him by sending a special wish.

Beautiful wishes to a friend in your own words

1. Dear friend, today is your birthday and I just wanted to say how special you are to me. Stay the way you are and let time never leave an imprint on your beautiful soul. Happy Birthday!

2. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. I hope your birthday is as special as you are. May your wishes come true. Thank you for being a true friend. Happy Birthday!

3. Happy birthday to someone who remains my friend , even knowing all my skeletons in the closet. Happy birthday, my dearest and strangest friend!

4. Birthday is like a New Year, and I wish you a wonderful year full of happiness and warmth.

5. I am grateful to fate that I have a friend like you . I wish your birthday to be as inspiring and beautiful as you are. May all your dreams come true and one day, you can show them to us. Happy birthday, my friend!

6. Looking forward to many years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a terrific birthday, friend!

7. I look back now and look at our strong friendship . Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve kept our friendship alive, and that’s what matters. We have each other. I hope we have only the best years ahead of us. Happy birthday, my best friend!

8. I believe that no matter what condition you are in, when someone so close to you remembers your birthday, you feel happy.

9. My birthday wishes : a lifetime of laughter and smiles, fleeting encounters with life’s mishaps and the fulfillment of your most cherished dreams. May all your fantasies become reality, because you are worth it.

10. I am so grateful that you are my best friend! May you have a happy and unforgettable birthday!

11. Have a happy, incredible, full of laughter and unforgettable birthday to you, my friend!

12 Starting today, forget about your age, because it’s just a number. What’s important is how you feel.

13. Focus on what’s ahead. Live the life you want, because you deserve it. Happy birthday, my friend!

14. I am thankful that you are a part of my life . May you be my friend till the end of days. We’ll celebrate many more birthdays, including mine.

15. Eat your cake, have fun and say what you want, because today is your day. Happy birthday, dear friend!

16. I want to wish all the love and happiness in the world that you deserve . Happy birthday, my friend!

17. A friend is like family, because family is not chosen. I am grateful to fate that you are my best friend. I wish you a happy and hopeful birthday!

18. Happy Birthday to the one person I’m ready to run away with anywhere. Wishing us lots of fun and unforgettable adventures together.

19. Wishing my friend a beautiful day, hopes and dreams . May all good things come true on this special day. Happy birthday, my sweet friend!

20. Time passes, but our friendship does not change. You probably know this, but I wanted to remind you once again. Happy Birthday!

21. Today is a day of wishes, a day of hopes. Make three wishes, spend them wisely. Blow out the candles and celebrate the day. Happy birthday, amazing friend!

22. In good times and in hard times, I’ll always be there for you . Happy Birthday Wishing my friend a beautiful day, hopes and dreams, my friend! I will always love you.

Birthday greetings to your best friend from the heart

23. It’s hard to find words to explain what friendship means to me . You have played a very important role in my life, and you have been with me both in joy and in sorrow. On this day of your birthday I wish you happiness and a real celebration. Happy birthday, my friend!

24. Happy Birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, laughter and happiness today. I hug you and don’t go away. Enjoy this day because it’s your day.

25. Another year full of adventure awaits you. Celebrate it with a boisterous and cheerful celebration. Wishing you a fun and happy birthday, friend/friend!

26. Today is your birthday! Do what you want and enjoy what you have . Leave all obstacles behind, put the problems out of your mind. Happy birthday my cool friend!

27. Friendship is like a ship, it will go through many trials . You have to be strong and understanding to weather any storms. One rule: call me and I’ll always be there. Happy birthday, friend!

28. Another year has passed and I still remember all the silly things we did when we were young. It’s like it was yesterday. No matter how old we get, I’m still ready to do crazy things, just like in the good old days. Happy birthday, friend!

29. You’re getting older, but in my heart you’ll always be young . Happy birthday, friend, you’ve always been the best for me!

30. They say you are who you surround yourself with. In that case, I am an incredibly smart and beautiful person because you are my friend. Happy Birthday and I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

31. On your birthday I wish you the courage to live at least one dream and make at least one person happy. Happy birthday, my friend!

32. Be happy! Today is the day you came into this world . You are a wonderful man! May you have even more birthdays to fulfill your wishes. Happy birthday, my beautiful friend!

33. Today is someone’s special birthday . An incredibly kind, beautiful and cheerful person. Someone who lights up space with his bright smile. Could it be you, my friend? Happy Birthday!

34. No one knows where the years have gone, but it seems that not much time has passed. You haven’t aged a bit. Happy birthday, my friend, let time have no power over you!

35. You know what the best part of my life is? You! Without you, my days wouldn’t be so bright and my future wouldn’t be so hopeful. Thank you for your friendship! Happy Birthday!

36. You are a special friend who deserves a special day for being who you are and always bringing joy. You make me smile and laugh. Happy Birthday, I have a special gift for you!

37. How wonderful to have you in my world. Friends like you are rare. Happy birthday, dearest friend!

38. Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I don’t need to remind . I hope you have a special day today surrounded by friends and family. Now I want to cement our friendship by wishing you a happy birthday!

39. My best birthday wishes, dear friend ! I wish you never stop rejoicing in the little things in your life, because it is worth living for. I hope you find time to enjoy the present while working toward a better future. I hope your year is full of memories, happiness and adventure. Happy Birthday!

40. I am grateful for your true friendship . I hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you, my best friend.

41. Happy Birthday to the friend who has always been there for me. From the bottom of my heart I want to say, “Thank you for being you.”

42. I wish you love, hope, endless joy and happiness. Thank you for being my best friend.

43. I am proud to be your best friend . May you have a happy birthday!

44. I have three wishes for your birthday . First, I wish that you learn something new and interesting. Second, I wish that you will always remember this day with a smile. And thirdly, I wish that you have days like this every day. Happy Birthday!

45. Dear friend, let your special day be full of beautiful, magical and unforgettable moments.

46. You understand me like no one else . In you I have found my brother/sister . Happy Birthday, my best friend!

47. With a friend like you every day is like a holiday. Your birthday is probably the biggest event for me (after my birthday, of course). Happy birthday, friend!

48. You support me, listen to me, appreciate me, respect me, give me advice, rejoice and cry with me and most importantly, let me be your friend. I am willing to do all the same and more for you. Happy Birthday!

49. Happy birthday, my best friend! We’re getting older, but we can still have fun. I think we’ll still give it hell in retirement.

50. The best friend: the one you can be yourself with , the one you can have meaningless conversations with, the one who likes you even when you’re acting weird, the one who forgets to buy a birthday present – that’s why I made it all up. Happy birthday, friend!

Congratulations to a friend in your own words

Happy Birthday! I want to wish you to meet only sincere people on your way, to see in every day new opportunities for development, to realize every brilliant idea that appears, and to be happy every moment of your life.

My friend, happy birthday! I wish you many victories, good luck and happy occasions. May every day make you happy, bring a smile and a good mood. Love to you, health, development and achievement of all desired goals. Be happy and purposeful! May everything work out for you. Have a good time, so you’ll have something to remember!

Well, my friend, you have grown up for one more year. I wish you strength and patience to fulfill all your dreams and desires. May your life be happy and full of joy, and good luck never fails you. Congratulations on your birthday!

Happy Birthday! I wish you true best friends, genuine emotions, strong family, manly patience and luck, and bottomless love. Today you are a year older, wiser, old man. So stock up on health, take care of your friends and family, and spend your time doing the things you really care about. Maybe you’ve wanted to be a scuba diver all your life, huh? So breathe deep, believe in miracles, don’t get sick, live, love, enjoy life and share your experiences. Happy birthday!

Dear friend, on your birthday I would like to wish you many things. First of all, I wish you to always follow your dreams, because this is what gives us wings and inspiration to live. May luck always accompany you in this, and no obstacles prevent you from achieving what you want. May support, care and love always be there for you. Never rest on your achievements and remember that you are worthy of the best.

Birthday greetings to a friend in your own words

Happy birthday, dear one! Congratulating you on your birthday is always very pleasant and easy for me! After all, I want to wish you the same as I wish myself and my closest relatives! Be healthy – when a person is healthy, he can overcome everything and achieve everything. Be beloved – when there’s true love in life, we can move mountains! Be successful – may you succeed in everything you set your mind to! Be lucky – may Her Majesty Fortune always be favorable to you! Be rich – it’s so nice when your dreams come true! And most importantly, remain as cheerful, sincere, sincere man with a warm heart as I know and love you!

There is nothing in the world stronger than friendship. It is a great feeling of mutual trust and understanding, support and devotion. I am proud to have such a wonderful friend like you. Together we are strength! And today, friend, I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday. The years do not stand still, but they teach us to take a new look at such simple life values as love and friendship. May your most cherished dreams come true on this birthday, and may the Lord protect you from committing reckless acts. May there be no regrets in your life, but only a feeling of satisfaction and confidence in the future. Cherish every minute and let the spark of our friendship with you not fade throughout life. Happy Birthday!

The long-awaited holiday has arrived. At first I thought of opening the door with my foot. But after checking the means at my disposal, I immediately realized that my hands will not be particularly busy with gifts. You never cared about that. After all, I was lucky to be friends with a man who sees and appreciates in people the most important thing – the soul.

Today is a special day. I wish you only one thing. Inspiration. After all, that’s what pushes people to do something meaningful. No great accomplishment has come without it. Be proud of yourself. Go only forward. Happy birthday!

There is no time to waste words on nonsense. It’s time for congratulations and wishes. Happy Birthday! May your path be lit by the smiles of your family and friends. Adversity will bypass you. I wish you to be tired of joy, because there will be an incredible amount of it in your life.

Let no dark and bad event overshadow the bright and warm emotions of the experience. More progressive decisions and decisive actions. Fortune will favor the bold. Take up the cause with the firm confidence that everything will work out, because it will. Good luck.

On such a joyful day, you don’t want to be sprinkled with a huge number of wishes. After all, my dear friend, you already have almost everything. And what you do not have, I believe, with your persistence and zeal, it will be soon.

I wish you one thing. Good luck. After all, in every case, even the most humorous, it does not hurt. It’s such an interesting thing. Because if you think about it, its absence can turn everything into nothing. And vice versa. So get some support from that “capricious fiend” and just be yourself. Happy birthday! Happy birthday, buddy. Congratulations!

On this beautiful holiday. Your “birthday”. I’d like to congratulate you and wish you a lot of positivity and less negativity. Smiles. More joy on top. Lots of naughty things. Comfort in life. That everything becomes easier. For the soul or for work. Fewer bosses and higher wages. Let everything be so cozy and secure. Angry do not advise. Just chalk it up to silly misunderstandings. Let out a little more steam, and more often. In a good way, of course. You can go to the baths with me. Live on the bright side. Happy birthday.

A good friend is the most valuable treasure you can find in your life. With a friend you can always share your joy or sadness, ask him for help, share your problems. I think that if everyone had a friend like you, the world would be a much kinder and brighter place. And on this beautiful holiday, let me wish you family well-being, professional growth and longevity.

To congratulate a friend on his birthday with his own words

Movement is life. Our friend clearly proves it to us with his excellent physical form and flexibility of mind. So let’s wish him to be always the same active, cheerful and cheerful. Thank you for charging us with your energy and optimism.

Friendship is a round-the-clock concept, because any minute you may need advice or help! You are a real man and a great friend, together we can cope with anything! I shake your hand and heartily wish you health, happiness, a pleasant atmosphere in the house and a lot of luck!

On a beautiful day, happy birthday to a wonderful man and the best friend! I wish you never to give up, but always to reach your goal. May you be accompanied only by victories and the happiest moments. May your family and friends be by your side. I wish you constant faith, hope, confidence in your abilities. I wish you career growth.

My best friend, your cool birthday I will share with you! In spite of all the moments in which life has divorced us, we have maintained our relationship. You’re like a brother to me, and I wish you no other. I wish you to boldly follow your dream, believe in it, and then it will come true for sure. Let only success in work and happiness in love await you. Go through life with inspiration, come up with new ideas and don’t be afraid to implement them.

To you, my best friend, on your birthday I wish you a life as bright and exciting as a fantasy novel. Let every day of it be accompanied by bright moments and wonderful events. I wish you to finally meet your soul mate, a woman with whom you will live for many years in happiness and joy. May fortune smile upon you, and success always accompany you in your difficult undertakings. Congratulations!

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