What to say to a man to make him flow?

How to flirt with a guy by correspondence: TOP 100 phrases that will hook him

Let’s imagine that you decided to write to a guy first, chose one of the working phrases, but then the conversation does not develop or continues in a friendly manner. What to do? To translate the dialogue into a romantic track, you need to properly flirt.

And here is another situation: you wrote to a guy who has long liked you. It is important not only to answer the question “what are you doing? , but also to continue the conversation with flirting.

100+ phrases for flirting in correspondence with a guy/man

We tell you what phrases will help to interest the guy / man in correspondence, awaken in him a desire to ask him out, to make a compliment, to call and offer to meet.

If a guy wrote first

As psychologists and sexologists say: flirting should be correct. Sometimes wrongly expressed thoughts lead the interlocutor down a winding road, or confuse him at all.

In order not to confuse the guy you like, and hint transparently about your sympathy, you need to be open, to write with emoticons and ellipses. The exclamation point has nothing to do with flirting in correspondence.

Try to show embarrassment, praise your opponent for his humor, support his point of view and, of course, compliment him. Yes, guys love that, too. Here are phrases to flirt in correspondence:

  • I didn’t expect you to text me so soon…
  • Just thinking about you and you write…
  • The only thing I’m wondering now is why you’re not around
  • Can you make a beautiful girl’s wish come true?
  • Tell me something nice.
  • I finally understand what the phrase “real man” means.
  • I thought gentlemen didn’t exist anymore. It’s nice to know I was wrong…
  • You can’t read minds, can you? I can go on thinking my own thoughts without being embarrassed…
  • I agree with the expression: “If you can’t, but you really want to, you can”?
  • I think I’m in love, do you know who it could be?
  • Handsome, interesting, and you make good jokes. Too much to be true.
  • I already agree on everything…
  • I think I know who I want to spend the evening with.
  • Are you always this nice, or is it just me?
  • Any thoughts I should know about?
  • Can you tell me what you wish for?
  • And why didn’t you write me before, so much time wasted.
  • You just drew your lucky ticket for a date with me
  • With eyes like yours, you don’t even have to say anything. Just look…
  • You make me feel embarrassed, it’s an atypical feeling for me…
  • Are all handsome guys so cocky, or are you one of a kind?
  • My heart’s free, but it won’t be for long
  • If you say a few more compliments, we’ll go to the movies.
  • # Will you say it again in my ear?
  • # Are you only that brave in your correspondence? #
  • I have a confession to make. I’m embarrassed…
  • I think I know who I want to have coffee with tomorrow.
  • Three more jokes like that and you’ll be the lucky winner of a date with me.
  • It’s not a new compliment, but you make it sound especially nice.
  • Do you always get girls into the red, or was this performance tailor-made for me?
  • Your new photo also looks very attractive.
  • It was boring, but I’m in a much better mood because of you.
  • And I was already under no illusions about tonight.
  • Do you know why my heart beat faster when I saw that I got a message from you?
  • Maybe it’s time to move on from texting to real conversations.
  • Are you only that brave on the Internet?
  • I think I’m fascinated by you.
  • If all men were that attractive, there wouldn’t be sad, angry women left on earth.
  • When such a handsome man writes to you, things can’t help but be wonderful.
  • From such a handsome man to receive compliments is especially beautiful.
  • And if I tell you I’m totally free, what would you suggest?
  • How long do I have to wait for a coffee invitation?
  • What’s stopping you from being outside my door right now?
  • Why don’t you ask me out?
  • You could tell me a little more about yourself, if you know what I mean.
  • You’ve already struck me down with your eloquence, what other trumps are there?
  • It seems to me that there is no point in staying on a dating site. I’ve already found the best.
  • I just saw a shooting star, so I’m gonna wish for you…
  • You know I’m talking to you for a reason.
  • I have high hopes for you, especially for tonight
  • Just know that I’m completely free tonight.

# If a girl writes first

Flirting with a guy you know or have just seen in the dating site is even easier than with someone who already appears in the list of friends. And all because there is an opportunity to make a first impression. Do not miss the chance to initially start a conversation so as to win the interlocutor.

We tell you how to flirt in correspondence with a guy or man, if you decide to write him first.

60 messages to a man to make him dream about you from the morning

Your man will definitely appreciate the fact that his morning came with your romantic confessions and attention to his personality.

If you want to demonstrate to your chosen one that he is the one you have been dreaming about all night long, start his morning off right with these 60 messages.

A course in cognitive psychology.

You’ll learn why our brains trick us. Get rid of the attitudes that are ruining your life. You’ll understand how to boost your self-esteem, recognize depression and deal with anxiety.

After all, there’s something special about waking up to the beautiful words of your loved one. It’s the kind that brings a smile to your face, and that’s what you expect from your closest ones. Your man is sure to appreciate the fact that his morning came with your romantic recognition and attention to his personality. And all because it is inherent in the male nature to want to feel loved and the only important for his partner.

Therefore it is necessary from the morning to show your partner how you thought about him last night, emphasizing this prepared especially for him morning greetings.

Words, pictures, various links, voice recordings and emails are all good ways to make the beginning of your man’s day meaningful. These methods are great not only for those couples who have been happy in their relationship for a long time, but also for building a new awesome and harmonious love.

If it’s important for you to get the title of the dearest and most beloved woman for your lover and make him happy at the same time, we offer you 60 ready-made text messages for the morning.

Messages that will inspire him in the morning and instill the belief that he really loves you:

Of course, if you figure out what and how to write your man yourself, it will have a greater effect. After all, this way you add your own feelings, experiences and even your own unique humor to the words. But sometimes even the most creative woman needs a little advice.

Here are 60 lines that will make your man feel special.

Even if he doesn’t like getting up early, such messages will encourage him to change his attitude about it. Emphasize your attitude toward him by brightening his mornings with simple, gentle words about how he brightens up your every day.

1. “Good morning :).”

2. “It’s a ‘happy morning’ day. And I wish it to the most important person to me.”

3. “It’s so wonderful to wake up next to you. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!”

4. “Good morning, love, I hope you slept well!”

5. “Good morning! How is your work day going?”

6. “I miss you every morning as soon as you leave the house. Have a good day, love.”

7. “Good morning, my love.”

8. “Waking up and knowing I’m in your arms is like being in Paradise for me :)”.

9. “I wanted you to know: my thoughts have been occupied with you all morning.

10. “It’s time for text hugs and kisses. XOXOXOXOXOXOX.”

11. “I hope you’re having a wonderful morning. Have some of my coffee too, honey.”

12. “Waking you up with a virtual smile *kiss emoji*.”

13. “Good morning :). I am so proud of you and how hard you are working for us. Love you, my one and only.”

14. “I think in a past life you were the tastiest coffee, because I can’t start the day without you!”

15. “Joyful thoughts are the best medicine for a Monday morning, and I’m always happy when you’re in my head!”

16. “Just want to wish you a good morning to express how much I love, love, love you!”

17. “Good morning, my man! I can’t wait to squeeze you in my arms.”

18. “May there be no morning when I don’t wake up with you :). Already since morning I miss you.”

19. “It’s funny: you’re the first person I think of when I wake up. Just wanted to tell you I love you!”

20. “Good morning, my love! I hope you’re having a great day today and that you’re thinking about me as much as I’m thinking about you :)”.

21. “Good morning to the man who makes the sun brighter and the days happier! You are the best man for me ;)”.

22. “This is just a shock! I just woke up with the most wonderful man in the world!”.

23. “My pillow is definitely jealous of you because it knows I’d rather sleep on you than on it!”

24. “Hello, hello, good morning *along with an adorable picture of your face glowing with joy*!”

25. “You’re like ham to my omelet, peanut butter to my sandwich and delicate French toast. Just wanted to wish you a good morning and also to let you know that I am very hungry right now.”

26. “I can’t wait for the day when I wake up with you every morning.

27. “I wish you a magical morning, an incredible day, and a better night *because that’s when you’ll see me *!”

28. “You are my motivation that makes me wake up every day :). I hope you are having an amazing day, my love.”

29. “Do you know how happy you make me? No? Then I’m happy to let you know so you can face your day knowing how much I love you.”

30. “Good morning, my wonderful

Morning messages for him with a touch of flirtation.

No doubt you want the man you love to think you’re the most adorable, so adding some spice to your messages never hurts anyone’s morning! If you’re contemplating waking him up in more varied ways, these alluringly seductive morning messages will come to your rescue.

31. “Good morning, honey, were you dreaming about me last night?”

32. “Tell me what you dreamt about last night, and I’ll tell you about my fantasies…”.

33. “Hi, love. Text me when you’re going to take a shower, and we’ll do it together.”

34. “Good morning, my love *add a picture of yourself in bed*.”

35. “Good morning, lover. How did you shower? You thought of me, because I thought of you while I took mine ;).”

36. “Good morning, my beloved.”

37. “I had a very naughty dream last night where you were in the lead …”

38. “Good morning, my dream. I wish I could wake up, cuddled up with you … but I realize that there is always tonight ;).”

39. “Good morning, my beautiful one. I wish I could be there in your arms. If that happens, what would you wish me to do with you?”

41. “Too bad your morning started without me, otherwise I would have had a chance to wake you up properly ;).”

42. “Hey, pretty girl! I think I’ll send you a gentle morning kiss to get your day started with a smile *insert picture of your lips / lip smiley faces*.”

43. “Good morning to the best partner in the world *We can test how true that is tonight!”.

44. “My beautiful man is finally awake. Wishing you the most optimistic day!”.

45. “Would you like us to shower together? *insert a quality picture of you in a towel/in the shower/underwear on the bathroom floor*.”

46. “Good morning, it’s your triumphant awakening from Cupid! Today you will fall immensely in love with *your name*. Oh, it’s late!”.

47. “Has anyone ever told you that mornings are made for getting naked? Well, now you know! Just keeping you informed ;).”

48. “Good morning! I hope your coffee is just right and the day is as warm as my smile when we meet :)”.

49. “Hi handsome, just thought I’d write you this morning and share how I can’t stop thinking about you!”

50. “I wish I could be by your side right now to kiss you and give you the best morning ever!”.

51. “Good morning, my chosen one.

52. “I can’t wait to meet you so I can show you everything I learned this morning ;).”

53. “Have I ever told you that the best pleasure I get in the morning? I wish you were here ;).”

54. “Good morning, my hot man. I can’t wait for us to get down and snuggle up to each other as soon as possible!”

55. “Good morning, lover. Just thought I’d send you a little thank you for flaunting your great body ;).”

56. “Hope you had a good rest, because I have big plans for you later ;).”

57. “Feeling insanely happy that this morning you were mine. I can’t wait to see you.

58. “Good morning to the most attractive man alive!”

59. “I wish I could make you breakfast and bring it to bed … so, by the way;)”

60. “Good morning, honey. I hope your coffee is as hot as you are ;).”

If you want to show your man/husband/lover how much you care about him, these good morning messages will be the most gentle and sensual for him, and most importantly, will surely help you stay in his thoughts throughout the day.

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