What to give a girl after a quarrel?

What to give after a quarrel and what gift to make up for it

In a fit of anger, a bad mood and frustration is very easy to say hurtful words to a loved one. But for a mean action comes remorse.

What to give after a quarrel? How to return the favor of an offended person? The main thing – to repent for his actions, to be persistent in apologizing and give something nice.

This can be a box of favorite chocolates or a new bike, a huge stuffed toy or a modest set of spices – any gift should be a symbol of the kindest intentions to renew a good relationship.

Beautiful things

When thinking about what to give a girl after a fight, choose elegant, bright, beautiful gifts. How nice in these situations is a bouquet of fresh flowers – an obligatory addition to any gift as a sign of apology:

  1. Gold jewelry – a sign of how dear to you the girl and the relationship with her. Earrings, a ring or a sparkling stone bracelet have melted the hearts of many women.
  2. Perfume is a decent gift for your wife after a fight, especially if it will be her favorite fragrance of expensive and real toilet water.
  3. Portrait. Ask a talented artist to draw a picture of your husband or a friend whom you inadvertently offended.

Beautiful things should be accompanied by pleasant words of love or memories of joint friendly stories, sincere apologies. Do not be stingy with affectionate phrases with your beloved and honest remorse for the past disagreement.

What to give your girlfriend as a sign of reconciliation

At first glance, it may seem that to make up with his girlfriend through a gift is much easier, because you can just buy her favorite flowers. But in fact the bouquet of flowers is not always able to make up for your guilt. But also bouquets can be different. Pick up an unusual bouquet of your girlfriend’s favorite flowers. In addition, choose something of sweets and forward to reconciliation! But this option will be successful only in the case of a non-serious quarrel. If the conflict went too far, you should consider the following options:

  • a piece of jewelry;
  • travel;
  • The realization of long-held desires;
  • A romantic evening.

A classic and the most win-win variant of a gift is considered jewelry. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of money, but the result is very likely to be worth the wait. These can be earrings, a pendant or a beautiful bracelet. The main thing is to understand at least approximately the tastes of your significant other and know her size.

How to present your girlfriend with flowers as an original gift

Run away together in another city or country

A great gift is a trip just the two of us to another country or just for a weekend in another city. The trip will definitely melt the ice in your relationship and leave a lot of pleasant impressions. Or maybe your loved one has previously shared her desires to go somewhere. In that case, now is the time to make her wish come true. Pre-book a hotel, think about your leisure. In addition, such trips do not always require a lot of money. It is possible to have a great time in a nearby town.

Or maybe it’s time to fulfill your significant other’s long-standing desires? Remember what desires she told you about. This can be anything – and shooting at a shooting range, and an evening of procedures in a beauty salon, and a master class on making chocolates, and flying on a plane. Attention men will not leave a lady indifferent and the quarrel will quickly be forgotten.

Candlelight dinner on the roof

If you can not come up with anything original, then organize a romantic evening. It is not necessary to book the most expensive restaurant in town. You can just cook a delicious meal, buy champagne and arrange a dinner on the roof of a high-rise. Romantic natures can sing a song, compose a verse, buy a lot of balloons, to remember the story of dating. In fact, there are a lot of options.

Unexpected surprise

One ugly act can ruin the relationship between two longtime friends and girlfriends. To make up for it, give pleasant and unexpected presents:

  1. A ticket to a concert of your favorite musical group is a real treat for a person whose heart is filled with resentment after a disagreement. Favorite play, disco, concert – the best ways to forget about the troubles.
  2. Desirable things – those surprises that a person has dreamed of for a long time. A pedigree cat, a trip to the mountains, a professional cosmetics kit or a foreign language course are excellent options for what to give a girlfriend after a fight.
  3. Handmade is always highly appreciated among sincere and kind friends. Tie your husband a set of cap and mittens. Give a colleague a gift of a beaded photo frame or a vase for flowers.
  4. Spending time together. They say that there is no better excuse than spending time together in carefree walks and heartfelt conversations. Dinner at a cozy restaurant with your favorite dishes and drinks is an option of what to give your husband after an argument. In addition to the restaurant, there can be trips to a water park, nature or bowling.

Common Mistakes

There are three common mistakes.

The first mistake is to beg forgiveness at all costs. You can, to achieve forgiveness, but you will lose the most important thing – her respect. A girl will not respect someone who arouses pity and sympathy.

Never use:

  • pleading for forgiveness;
  • any attempt to evoke pity for yourself;
  • Complaints about difficulties in her fate;
  • phrases like “I don’t deserve you,” “My deed is unforgivable,” “I’m so unlucky in my fate…”

Remember! Do not humiliate yourself in front of the girl under any circumstances.

The second mistake is to find someone to blame. By shifting responsibility to other people or circumstances, you will show the girl that you are dependent on circumstances, unable to manage your own life and control your behavior.

No matter what you have done, no matter what insult you have caused, never use excuses:

  • “I was drunk…” (“my friends got me drunk…”);
  • “I got held up at a meeting…”;
  • “I couldn’t get away from…”
  • “I had to take him…”
  • “I was advised by a friend…”
  • “a friend persuaded me to come…”

Remember! You and only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

The third mistake is to ask for forgiveness by texting or sending some poem in a social networking message. You should only ask for forgiveness in person. No texting, no poetry, no high-flown, beautiful phrases – you need to look her in the eye with your own words, the simpler the better.

Responsibility for your life is not the only quality women want to see in their men. The rest of the qualities are here.Beautiful compliments can help achieve forgiveness. Learn more about this link.

Unforgettable emotions

What to give his wife after a quarrel, but a burst of joy and happy moments? The offended person deserves it.

Do you want your spouse to quickly forget the unpleasant or sad events? Serenade her under the windows, making arrangements with musicians. Arrange a romantic date in the bedroom with a bottle of sweet wine, juicy grapes and rose petals.

Don’t deny your guilt, but tell your beloved about your feelings and plans for the future. You don’t have to give an expensive fur coat or a new car – it’s like you’re buying your apology.

Try to express his remorse pleasant, but necessary gifts – a set of beautiful lingerie, a set of hair care.

There are situations when, in a fit of anger, the guy takes away gifts after a quarrel. Do not repeat such mistakes, if you care about the girl, and you again want to be with her.

What should not be done in a reconciliation?

In no case do not try to appeal to justice and return to the past disputes, resentments and arguments. This is likely to get you nowhere. Maybe someone else (with a lot of experience and wisdom) can look at the situation from the outside, but you are, unfortunately, unlikely to succeed.

It’s also not recommended to call your girlfriend at night. Even in a rush of feelings and emotions, with a strong desire to ask for forgiveness at 3 am, it is better to wait until morning. If your beloved has already fallen asleep, it is unlikely that she will be glad about your sudden call and will listen to your words. And vice versa, she may become angry and not even pick up the phone.

Do not call immediately after a quarrel, if you do not know what you say. Awkward silence may interrupt the accusations in your direction, and you will not find what to say, and a woman’s resentment will be even deeper.

Kinship ties.

When disagreements with relatives leave a very unpleasant residue, because these people are the closest. When quarreling with a brother, father, daughter, do not insult the person with hurtful words, but if the scandal has already occurred, make amends:

  • a family dinner with homemade pastries;
  • Cozy things – a shawl for mom or a soft pillow for your sister.

It can be teddy bears, board games, or even a big armful of balloons. The gift in any variant should be given with the sincere intention to reconcile.

How do you learn not to quarrel with your girlfriend?

To begin with, learn not to lose your temper over small matters and not to allow the fight, when it’s only just brewing. But if it can not be prevented, get over yourself and be courageous. It is better to smile once in a while and go out alone. After a short walk you and your loved one will cool down, and the quarrel may disappear on its own or take another form.

Do not say things you’ll regret later. After all, close people need to appreciate and do not throw words to the wind, so as not to hurt the feelings of another, if there is no good reason for it. If at some point you realized that the girl, in fact, right, just go along with it and do not argue further.

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For a girlfriend.

Quarrels often occur between cronies, but their frequency does not simplify the situation, because the faithful friend is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, girls want to know how to improve the relationship with a close friend.

  1. As a gift, a visit to your girlfriend with wine or champagne would be perfect, you can add a box of chocolates or other favorite sweets.
  2. Lip gloss or any other cosmetic product of the brand she uses will help dispel the trace of former quarrels.
  3. Maybe she collects something? In that case, replenishing her collection from your hands will be a pleasant surprise.

It is not necessary to spend fabulous sums on the purchase of a gift for reconciliation, because a large number of them can be made by hand, which will be even more valuable. But, in any case, the most important thing is to live in peace with your loved one, which will give peace and lift your spirits.

It should be remembered that the offense caused by relatives is always perceived much more painful, because such actions are expected of them in the last place.

A good gift will help earn forgiveness

Flowers given as a sign of reconciliation is a must.

A great idea is a small gift. Make sure it is:

  • Is chosen with love and care;
  • Have a symbolic meaning.

Such gifts include all paired figurines or figurines: doves, bunnies, dogs. Another gift option is figurines symbolizing a remorseful offender (a sad bear).

Tickets to the theater, concert or disco will help to demonstrate their serious intentions. Bright emotional event will add new colors.

Expensive gift will be associated with a desire to pay off for the guilt inflicted. But elegant bijouterie, chosen with taste and love, women of all ages have at all times perceived favorably.

An ordinary quarrel

It is not so important who the real culprit of the conflict. More often than not, the first step to make up is the guy. How to reconcile with his wife? First it is necessary to sustain a pause. For the setting of priorities, awareness of reality takes time. About the time-out it is better to announce openly:

“We now need to cool down, when I get back, we’ll discuss everything”, “Honey, the last thing I want to fight with you, I guess I was wrong about something. All I want to say is that I love you.”

From a distance you both put your thoughts in order. Let the wait be a few minutes, even hours. Too long a pause will make things worse.

Next is a discussion. Listen to your partner, speak sincerely. If she has a temper, set up a feud, you have to make a great effort to avoid a scandal. Make it clear: you understand her, ready for compromise. What to say to your wife to reconcile?

“Honey, I realized everything, let’s not cut it short.

My act is motivated by fear of losing you forever and jealousy. I care deeply for you. I’m sorry for the insulting words. I love it when you smile, so let’s not be harsh.

I’m sorry for what happened, please forgive me. I sincerely hope that there will be no more such unpleasant incidents and stories. Forgive me and don’t be angry, dear.

Speak up, be persuasive, be persistent. Keep your excessive emotionality, impulsiveness, temper tantrums to yourself. Patience plus judgment is the best “healing” scheme. Tactile contact will be a lasting fix for peace. A hug, a kiss, or passionate sex? The main thing that the initiative was appropriate, mutual, sincere.

What to give your girlfriend as a sign of reconciliation

During a quarrel, it is very easy to offend your beloved. Gradually calming down, the man understands that he did wrong and he should ask for forgiveness. Return the location of the beloved can be returned, repenting of his deed, and giving the girl something to make her forgive.


↑ Reconciliation gift for a girl

If you have a lot of guilt before your beloved, you should give a gift as a sign of reconciliation. It is not necessary to give expensive things. Just show that the woman is very important to you. Good presentations would be the following:

  • A plush toy.
  • A box of chocolates.
  • Flowers.
  • Something from home appliances.

↑ Impression Gifts.

Surprise impressions are the best way to reconcile with an offended person. You can:

  1. Hire musicians and sing a serenade under her windows.
  2. Set up a romantic date.
  3. Sprinkle rose petals in the bedroom.
  4. Buy her a trip abroad or to another city.

Tip: Be sure to tell a woman that you admit your guilt, tell her how you feel and what you are going to do next.

↑ Original surprise

Original gifts can help make up, too. Choose one of the following unexpected ones:

  • A ticket to your favorite movie. Go together with your girlfriend. This will help with disagreements. Instead of a movie, you can choose a play at the theater, a disco, a concert of your favorite music band (which the woman loves).
  • Something she has been dreaming about. For example, a pet, a trip abroad, a cosmetics kit, or something else.
  • Make something with her own hands. The girl will definitely appreciate it. Try to cook a delicious dinner, make a beautiful vase, draw her a portrait or sing for her.
  • Arrange a dinner together. If you spend time together, there will definitely be an opportunity to ask for forgiveness. In addition to dinner at a restaurant, you can choose to go to her favorite store or to nature.
  • Present a pet (cat, dog).

↑ Exclusive gifts

In most cases, exclusive gifts involve solid, luxurious and expensive things. They are suitable if after the quarrel you want to give something really worthwhile. It is necessary to buy something expensive to cause the girl’s enthusiasm. For example:

  1. A car that she has always dreamed of.
  2. A new fur coat.
  3. A stylish phone.
  4. An expensive watch.
  • $Chocolates in different shapes.
  • $A set of dishes.
  • A big basket of fruit and flowers.
  • $A beautiful piece of jewelry.

Such surprises show that you agree to do anything for her to forgive you.

↑ Pretty things.

Creative and colorful things would be a good offering. For example:

  1. Jewelry made of precious metals. A bracelet, ring or earrings made of gold can melt the heart of many women.
  2. Perfume. Another good gift after an argument, especially if it is her favorite fragrance.
  3. Portrait. You can order her portrait from an artist.
  4. A woman’s wristwatch.
  5. A beautiful piece of decoration for the home.

↑ Flowers.

This is a standard gift as an apology. There are no restrictions here. Just buy the ones that the girl likes the most. Pay special attention to the color. Choose her favorite. It is also advisable to buy a large bouquet, at least seven flowers. Do not choose cheap options. As a rule, the following flowers are most suitable for reconciliation:

Tip! The most common color is red. It is also believed that you should not give yellow flowers, as they symbolize separation. It is best to choose the girl’s favorite color.

You can also give her flowers in pots. A great gift if the woman likes gardening.

To apologize, you should give the girl a gift, showing how dear she is to you. The woman will definitely appreciate the gift, especially if you really realized your guilt.

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