What to do if you like a guy?

What to do if you like a man and how to get his attention

What to do if you like a man but you don’t know how to get his attention? Definitely, you have to think of something! After all, when our heart flutters, life plays with bright colors and takes on a new meaning.

It is not just for nothing they say that you have to fight for love. But what if the object of sympathy is your destiny? In order not to miss a chance for happiness, read our article. We will tell you how to attract the eye of your chosen one and enchant him forever.

The first actions if you like a man

Certainly everyone knows the feeling of the first crush: you want to talk to the object of affection more often, to look at him; his thoughts over and over again come back to him during the day. This wonderful feeling makes the heart flutter and beat faster. Naturally, we are now talking about cases where falling in love is not a problem, and the feeling does not need to be crushed at the root. Now we are looking at a situation where you can safely wish for reciprocal sympathy. So, what to do if you like a man?

First of all, you should analyze some important aspects, so that in the future you will not be left with a broken heart:

A man is not free. Know how to control your emotions and don’t be tempted to start a relationship with a married man. Forget about all his positive qualities: intelligence, sense of humor, looks, etc. An affair with such a man will not bring you happiness. Take your time, look around – for sure there are more worthy candidates for the role of loving and faithful life partner in your environment.

The man should be a representative of traditional orientation. Take a sober look at things – if he does not like women in principle, it is unlikely you have a rare exception that will change his sexual preferences. He will be deaf to the signals you send.

A man doesn’t want a relationship. Why would you try to catch air with a butterfly net? If your chosen one does not want to tie himself to the bonds of love, then eventually you and only you will suffer from unrequited love. Such a man will be pleased with your attention, but to reciprocate he will not.

Man sees you as a friend only. This situation can not be called a hopeless stalemate. Sometimes out of a strong friendship can grow true love, and there are many examples of this in life. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, have patience and let the relationship in the direction you have chosen.

When you have analyzed your chosen one and realized that the first three points listed above are not relevant for you, you can think about the following steps. Hint a man about his sympathy is not difficult, but often afraid. To be misunderstood or rejected – these are the main fears that prevent women to make the first step. Below you will find detailed information about what to do if you like a man.

What to do if you like a man?

Guerrilla action

Well, you have decided to win the heart of your beloved. A favorable outcome of any battle depends on the accuracy of intelligence. So first of all, start collecting information about your object of affection: hobbies, hobbies, music/movie preferences – everything down to your favorite color. This data will help you get to know the person better and share their outlook on life. As you know, the strongest relationships are formed between people with similar interests. On the other hand, this information will help you better understand – do you need this man at all?

Casting a fishing rod

If your chosen one was a colleague, neighbor, or he attends the same fitness club as you, then luck is on your side! You have the opportunity to be in his sight more often, and therefore you have a better chance to get sympathy in return.

Men like to help the fairer sex, so they increase their self-esteem. Neighborly help to nail up a shelf in the kitchen, or suggest a cute co-worker the correctness of the report – you’d be surprised, but men fulfill your request with readiness. For you, these situations will be a great excuse to make an acquaintance closer.

I can do anything.

What to do, if a man does not respond to your hints and take your time to ask on a date? Do not be afraid to take control of the situation in their own hands. Moreover, you can pull everything in such a way that the gentleman will consider himself to be the initiator. Remember the folk wisdom: “A man is the head, and a woman is the neck; where the neck will turn, there and the head looks”? It’s really true.

If you are confident in yourself to the point that you are not afraid to be the first to openly ask out – go ahead. The city takes courage. These days, there are a lot of ways to express their sympathy: you can find a man in social networks and write him there, leave his phone number. If you already communicate, you can offer to go to an exhibition or to the theater, cinema. Imagine if your chosen one has long dreamed of inviting you on a date, but was too shy to get a refusal? Your courage he will appreciate and will only be grateful.

The contact is established – the visual image beckons.

In our emancipated age, do not forget that a man loves with his eyes. It is not necessary to be a gorgeous seductress on the cover of magazines. Cute, feminine, romantic images more often draw the attention of the stronger sex. Make sure that your chosen one would like to see you again and again.

Naturally, everyone has different tastes. Try to understand what image he considers more attractive and try to look accordingly. Note for yourself what kind of girls he looks at. Perhaps you know which of the actresses or singers he considers ideal? Great! Take everything into account!


If you are wondering what to do if you like a man, here is your answer – praise him, compliment him. An affectionate word to everyone is nice, right? Especially nice if the word is deserved. Be able to acknowledge the merits of another person – in general, a good skill that helps to establish communication. So don’t be stingy.

You may meet a cavalier who is not very bright. He may not realize that the lady has a soft spot for him. One of the decisive hints for such “slow thinkers” will be a compliment. His praise you will be able to direct the thoughts of his chosen one in the right direction, and the subsequent behavior to understand whether your feelings are mutual. Perhaps nothing will change, and in this case you will remain friends. But what if this serves as the impetus for a more serious relationship?

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How to behave with the guy you like

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Sometimes it’s really hard to be yourself or keep your cool when there’s a guy you like around. As soon as you see him, you start to sweat, your legs start to shake, you start to talk slurred or say some stupid stuff (like about Winnie the Pooh), just to keep your mouth shut. Don’t worry, almost all of us experience such feelings from time to time. Try to calm down and understand that the guy worries just the same when he’s near you! Only then will you be able to impress him.

Make eye contact. In order not to scare the guy away, look at him only occasionally, doing it as if by chance. If you stare at him all the time, he may find your behavior too intrusive. When communicating with this guy, don’t look at the floor and hide your gaze, look him straight in the eyes. Believe me, the guy will definitely appreciate your courage and self-confidence!

  • During the conversation it is perfectly normal to look away sometimes, because if you will look him in the eyes during the entire conversation, he may strain such behavior.

  • If his friends pay attention to you and they can like you, believe me, they will definitely tell the guy you like about you.
  • If you manage to make friends with his friends, they might even invite you to parties together where you can chat with the guy you like.
  • Don’t make the popular mistake of asking his friends if he likes you. He will think you want a relationship with him. It’s too easy and boring for a guy. Keep in mind, if you often ask his friends how he’s doing, guys will know you like him.

  • If you show him that you’re fun and lots of people want to hang out with you, he’ll want to get to know you better himself.
  • Guys like sociable, fun girls. He’d rather see you laughing your ass off than binge-watching on social media.

  • You probably think guys like giggling girls who are always smiling and fixing their hair. Or girls who always want to please a guy. This is far from it! Guys like girls who are sincere and confident, who can be themselves, who don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

  • Try to create a fun atmosphere and evoke positive emotions in your boyfriend. You want the guy to be interested and have fun with you, not that he wants to get away from you as soon as possible.

  • If your mutual acquaintance or just a beautiful girl appears in the company, surprise the guy: give her a compliment! Let him see that you’re such a confident girl that you don’t compare yourself to others.

  • Some guys are pretty shy and don’t like to talk about themselves much. If you ask a guy, and he modestly denies, do not insist. In that case, it’s better to talk about your plans for the weekend.

  • If a guy is thinking about going out with you, he’ll realize that it will be quite interesting and enjoyable, because you’re an outgoing and friendly girl who gets along with everyone. No guy would want to date a girl who flirts with everyone or treats other people rudely for no reason.

  • Another way to flirt is to be more playful. Don’t always have to act serious.

  • Don’t go overboard with compliments. You can say 1-2 compliments in one conversation, but you shouldn’t put them in every one of your lines, otherwise the guy will feel uncomfortable.

Now is the time to try to create physical contact. If a guy jokingly teases you, playfully push him away or punch him in the shoulder with your fist. It’s important that the guy touches you back. If you touch him and he doesn’t respond to you, he may just be shy. If you are sitting or standing next to him, try making your knees or hands “accidentally” touch. Observe his reaction to a simple light touch. He may even want more.

When talking to him, mention his name. People love to hear their name, so this is a great way to get his attention. Don’t call him by his name more than twice during a conversation. In general, a couple of times is enough to make him feel that he is interested in you.

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