What to do if I’m a fool?

I am a fool – what should I do?

Always distinguished by retarded and inadequate reactions. As a child, everyone called me a stupid retard, and now they do. Acting like a child, saying stupid things. I laugh like a sick person at jokes, when normal people just smile. Difficulty in the simplest situations – in buying clothes, planning time. Poorly oriented in space. No femininity – angular, rough, I can not do anything about it. Naturally, no one likes me, there is no hope for a personal life or a serious job. The psychiatrist when I was a kid seemed to say there was no illness. I have a congenital encephalopathy, my parents refused to treat me with medication at that time, so it must be affecting me. At school I tried to improve my intelligence – I turned out to be the same fool, only well-read. It is clear that if a person is stupid, then it is forever. But how to live with it?

Do not lose hope that you will meet someone like you, and together you will feel very good. Can’t everyone be smart, right?

For starters, stop saying that! Reading your address to the nation, I beg to differ! with you! ) And excessive emotionality is not a sign of stupidity. Simply we are all different on our planet. Everyone is unique and has no repetition in the universe. )) love yourself! ))) and everything will be OK!

any inadequate reactions do not say that you are stupid … self-esteem and self-criticism speak of your normal perception … work on yourself and everything will be fine, do not hide in a shell.

Try to learn good makeup, and develop sexually at least theoretically. And a straightforward, attractive look. Because of those qualities – well such fools have so much!!!

Focus on what you’re good at. You have all the signs of genius, you just haven’t found your field. Read a book by Richard Branson, you can find a lot of examples like that. Dyslexia may not be such a terrible condition, but it’s also in the realm of retardation. Maybe you were misdiagnosed. I used to be one of the most retarded in school and uni myself. But I know for a fact that a certain state is important to get the brain working properly. I was just accumulating ummmm I don’t know how to describe a kind of true states, such a feeling, rather than happiness, but a sense of creativity, when you want to have a lot to do in life, you want to create. Plus the training of intuition.

Ksenia, I want to say at once, judging by the text, that you are not stupid. There is a question of the complex, which you have instilled all around you. Understand, in fact, you are rather brilliant and unique. The laws of society and the principles of interaction between people determine the identity of people’s behavior, and you are outside of this dependence on what everyone thinks is normal. And in this you should not see a complex, but an advantage. And now your task is to find strings to control people, using your uncommonness.

Well, it is very easy to live with this! you just have to accept it and do not take it personally) ! such people can even be very amusing. so just live your life to your satisfaction! yes, and with a private person he will find you sooner or later! ) good luck to you!

You need to change (re-create) your social circle, in the old one you will not be able to remove all the labels that you, with your active participation, have put on you. Change everything as much as possible: clothes, hairstyle, sign up for fitness. You do not look like a retard, on the contrary, impulsive to excess, the reason – terry insecurity. Get yourself a man at last, that’s all. (After 30, for example, men on feminine and nezhenzhenno-ugly no one divides – believe me!).

On the degree of maladjustment you look like a genius, you just need to find an area to apply energy. Good luck!

What do you think – stupid? As one movie character said, “Everyone has his faults. ” ;)))) And in general – “well-read fool” is a funny combination. ))) ) And you have a nice speech and a good sense of thought. Maybe you are a fool. But what intellectuals then? ;))))) Or maybe you’re just picking on yourself. In fact, you’re too self-absorbed. With a minus sign. Just let it go. Put a temporary moratorium on “debriefing.” Live your life with pleasure. :)))))

you can achieve something, that’s 100 percent, and ignore the rest! live your life and look for others like you.

Undervalued self-esteem is as bad as overvalued. Be kind, and the rest will come) Live a long time, learn a long time. Wisdom comes with the years. The main thing is not to give up) Never) Whatever happens, all will pass, we same mortal).

Don’t be like everyone else, break stereotypes, you’ll be insane and the world will be easier. Me and my fucked up friend, for instance, we pissed off the whole class.

Find out what an idiot you are. Regular, educated, clinical, or just stupid?

You can break something that can’t be broken, kill yourself in a chair, or drown yourself in a spoon!

D.N. Ushakov interprets foolishness as stupidity and a capricious whim. Everyone calls himself a fool at least once in his life. But more often women call themselves so. Why am I such a fool? Why did I say that, went there, and did that? Fool. Is it a clinical diagnosis, a way of thinking, or a transgression? What do you do when everyone around you thinks you’re a fool?

Variety of symptoms for one diagnosis

Far from always a fool in reality. Sometimes (very often, to be exact) women are unfair to themselves or those around them are unfair to them. Why am I a fool? When do we most often ask ourselves this question?

1) When we have lived with an alcoholic for more than ten years and haven’t found the strength to quit.

2) When we forgive cheating over and over again.

3) When we celebrate our fifth New Year’s Eve alone because the one we love is with his family.

4) When the tenth weekend in a row falls through the cracks because of a fair amount of drinking.

5) When we hit the gas instead of the brake.

6) When we spend the last of our money on a new outfit under the influence of herd instinct or in order to impress the next “jerk” on the first date.

7) When we wipe our tears for the girlfriend who slept with our own boyfriend.

When we fall in the dirt (literally) in front of a handsome man.

9) When we carry a shopping list instead of documents for the boss to sign.

10) When, under the salesman’s charm, we buy a vegetable peeler or an expensive water filter we don’t need.

In fact, the list is endless. But it is much scarier when it is not we who think we are fools, but those around us who call us such fools. Many men exclaim: “Why are women so stupid! But you should not believe them, because we have different perceptions of the world. Men are more straightforward. Of this situation, they find the easiest way out. Women also build in his head more intricate chains. This difference gives rise to misunderstandings.

If “stupid” we call not only her husband and boss, but also friends, parents, it is worth reflecting. Take a closer look at the following diagnoses:

An ordinary fool. This is nothing remarkable girl. She tries to be inconspicuous, never says her opinion out loud. Not because she finds topics of conversation uninteresting. But because she has nothing to say. The simplest logical connections for her are the highest mathematics. There is only emptiness in the eyes of this sweet creature. She is not seriously into anything. She lives simply because she lives. She doesn’t even have anything to talk about.

She’s just an idiot. It’s impossible to tell her age. Screaming clothes, horrible hair color that changes two or three times a week. Bright red lipstick and far-fetched habits. Pretentiousness in everything. She might be smoking a pipe, wistfully talking about trends in literature. She might show up at a youth club with a little dog in her arms.

An educated fool . She already has several college degrees, but it looks like she’s not going to stop. And this lady does not use her knowledge. There is a feeling that she is collecting diplomas. It is impossible to stop her. Her thirst for knowledge is very strong. Every time she enrolls in a new school, she is sure that this specialty it will come in handy in life.

Clinical fool. This one is not written laws. Manages to step on the same rake over and over again. Says foolish things at the top of her voice, not caring at all about the meaning of the statement and the impression made by her words. Worried about each new relationship as if it were her first time, not learning from previous affairs. She is suicidal and prone to self-injury.

In such situations, only a specialist can help. In all other cases, you can cope on your own.

Recommendations for curing foolishness

What to do if I am a fool? If awareness of your own stupidity prevents you from living, then not all is lost. Believe me, clinical fools do not realize themselves as such. So, specific recommendations for dealing with the problem.

1) Pay attention to those situations when people close to you call you “stupid.”

They say it in their hearts. They don’t mean it that way. It’s just that in a particular situation you surprised them with your stupidity, made them angry with your action. That kind of reaction indicates a mistake in your actions. Take it as a way to correct it.

2) If other people allow themselves such remarks, do not take their words to heart.

They are too far removed from you to comment on your actions in that way. Such a phrase is evidence of their lack of education. There is no need to respond to a stranger’s desire to deliberately insult you. By shouting an insult back, you will stoop to their level. In general, try to steer clear of prickly, mean-spirited people.

It is quite another thing when a complete stranger calls you a fool. For example, your line at the bank cashier’s desk is coming up. And then some woman runs up and says that she was standing here. The person who can confirm her words has already left. You get into a verbal altercation with this “cheeky woman”. How long can you stand in line! Why should you believe her and give in to her! The woman gets personal and calls you “stupid.

Or another situation. Turning where you need to go, you forget to yield the right of way to the person on your right. He barely has time to slow down. An indignant signal follows. But this is not enough for the offended driver. As he overtakes you, he yells profanities. The kindest word in his profanity is “stupid.

What should you do? Perhaps you should remember the rules of conduct in society. You shouldn’t argue with strangers at all. And as for situations where the safety of others depends on your actions, you need to be extremely careful.

3) Parents, uncles, aunts, neighbors – all the close environment can neither understand nor accept your choice of friends.

You feel like you’re hanging out with decent people, being friends with a great guy. But mom and dad don’t want to let him in the door. And the neighbors cannot understand how you, a clever girl and an excellent student, could get mixed up with girls like that. You must be an idiot!

Believe me, because of your age and your experience you can’t judge people correctly yet. When your inner circle is unanimous in their dislike of your choices, you need to listen to them. In this situation, obedience can save you from serious disappointment.

4) You have developed a bad habit of stepping on the same rake.

When you make a mistake once, you can still write it off on ignorance, too trusting. But when you make the same mistake over and over again, “stupid” is putting it mildly.

Office. End of the month. You have a pile of reports. But your friend asks you to write one report for her. She says she can’t do it. She doesn’t understand how to do it. You help her EVERY month! It’s no big deal that you have to work all weekend to write someone else’s report. She’s your friend! Your mom and your boyfriend will just give her the evil eye. And they’ll be right.

Here’s another situation. Two months ago you broke up with your boyfriend because of his constant cheating. All the stages of forced single: tears in the pillow, disappointment, acceptance, the decision to move on. You start to move on. But on the horizon again appears HE. Flowers, wine, dates, movies. He repents. All he wants is you. Your heart has melted, the shroud covers your eyes again. He will NEVER make that mistake again! After a month of happiness and oblivion, you see your boyfriend with another girl. He’s hugging her, kissing her tenderly in an expensive cafe. And now what?

Such stories in our lives a lot. And they happen because of our stupidity, and not guile surrounding people. We must learn to say “no”! You have to stand up to your abusers.

5) You are always forgetting something, because of which others in the heart called you “stupid.

Notebooks were invented to combat absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. It’s better to make fun of a bad memory than a lack of intelligence.

Learn to listen and hear others, carefully choose and weigh every word, read more classics, broaden your horizons, express only your own opinion – and then you are unlikely to be called a “fool.

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