What to do if a girl does not give?

What to do if a girl does not give: the causes of female immunity

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Flowers, candy, going to the movies – a romantic tinsel, which is necessary at the beginning of the relationship. Man thus wins the attention and confidence of his chosen one. But it so happens that the time is passing, but the relationship is still not moving from the dead point.

You have long been ready for a more interesting pastime, but the lady of the heart is not in a hurry, and ignore all your hints. What to do if the girl does not give and whether to continue such a relationship?

Why a girl does not give? Reasons for refusal

Many men want to possess a girl already at the first meeting. But not all representatives of the weaker sex are ready for such a rapid development of relations and most often refuse to have sex.

And this is considered normal behavior of the girl, because no one has canceled the moral code. However, it so happens that the relationship lasts for a long time, but intimacy and stands under a ban. As a rule, there are several reasons why a girl does not give for a long time, or at all.

Yes, nowadays you can still find girls who take care of themselves before marriage. If you have decided to enter into a relationship with a virgin, you should clearly decide whether you are ready to marry her. After all, if the wedding is not in the plans, then there is no point in continuing to communicate. Do not revel in the idea that she will betray her principles. Especially since it won’t be too hard to find a more frivolous girl.

However, if you are sure that this innocent girl is the love of your life, you will have to observe the norms of decency and wait for the first wedding night. Most men are convinced that only virgins should be married. However, quite often it happens that intimate life disappoints the newlyweds. Most often this is due to incompatibility of temperament.

The girl may be an absolute log in bed, which lives perfectly well and without sex. Or vice versa – a fierce nymphomaniac, which is very difficult to satisfy in bed. And the two versions of the relationship is a failure, because in the first case the husband will cheat, and the second is the wife. So sometimes it is better to “try” each other before creating a family. Of course, this does not mean that you have to sleep with everyone you meet.

  • “Not my type”.

This reason is the most common – the girl does not want a relationship. As a rule, a girl is not ready to give herself to a man if he is not her type. At the same time she may well keep in touch with him, go for walks with him – that is to keep him firmly in the friendzone. Why does she do this? The answer is very simple – it improves her self-esteem. After all, it’s nice to know that somewhere there is a man who will come running at your first call.

The saddest thing is that in this case men do not understand how to act. What to do if a girl does not give, but still accepts your advances? All you have to do is pull yourself together and stop allowing yourself to be wiped off the floor. There are plenty of more deserving girls around, and they are the ones you should pay attention to. As long as you remain a toy in the hands of a woman – a man will not feel like one.

There are situations when it seems that just about to have sex. Kisses are filled with passion, a wave of excitement rolls up and … she stops everything, saying that not the time. And the man removes his hands, suppresses the excitement and that’s where it all ends.

As it turns out, in most cases, a man just does not understand his chosen one. More often than not, a woman’s “No” means “Yes.” Every girl wants to be conquered. And sex is no exception.

She wants to feel small and fragile, next to a big and strong man. If after a soft refusal, the lady still looks at you playfully, exposes the neck – it’s all a sign that she does not want you to stop. Sometimes it is worth to be persistent and then you will be rewarded with a gorgeous long-awaited sex.

Male behavior.

Of course, the reasons for a woman’s rejection vary. However, it is not uncommon when men themselves scare away the fair sex. Not following the rules of personal hygiene, slovenliness, not attractive enough appearance – all these factors are factors that become a serious barrier in relations with the opposite sex.

What to do if a girl does not give? Yes, it’s simple. It’s worth starting with yourself. Look carefully in the mirror and soberly assess your appearance. Do not hide behind the phrase: “And my grandmother says I’m beautiful. The modern world demands a perfect appearance not only from women, but also from the stronger sex.

No one says that it is necessary to spend six hours a day on manicures, pedicures. However, even a meter long dirty nails are not attractive. It is quite possible to bring themselves in order, without spending half a salary. And then, the girls themselves will start to pay attention to you.

Also, against the man plays his timidity. In a relationship between a man and a woman the same laws apply as in the wild – the prey goes to the stronger and faster. If you make unsure attempts to win the girl, then do not be surprised if she will pay attention to a more courageous and brazen candidate. Remember: it is you who must be the conqueror! And once this understanding comes – the problem of unavailability of girls will disappear forever.

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Reasons why a girl does not give you

In the last article I told you why and what a man needs a family. Today you will find out why a girl does not give you.

You’ve been courting her for a long time, but the relationship has not moved from the dead point? You shower her with flowers, give her gifts, take her to expensive restaurants and take her out of the house. She takes it all, but she doesn’t give it to you, right?

Why aren’t you getting sex from her? Ready to know the truth about why a broad wants it but won’t give it to you? She’s aroused and then she’s gone.

It’s simple: you’re a deer.

What did you think? That I’d tell you she’s got PMS or a problem with her head? Or maybe it’s the wrong phase of the moon.

She doesn’t give because she doesn’t see you as a man. And you’re not trying very hard to show off your balls.

How long are you going to keep begging a girl for sex and not taking it yourself? Understand, there is no such thing as “she didn’t give it” – there is “you didn’t take it. Period.

Reasons why a girl does not give you

You overestimate her importance.

This is a problem with most men. You don’t have a problem with girls who are lower than you, agree? You act naturally with them, you don’t care if she gives it to you or not. But as soon as you meet a girl who’s higher than you, you start having problems.

You feel like you have to be a super multimillionaire to get her interested. You indulge her every request and agree to everything.

And are you happy with the results? If you’re living in hope that her majesty will give it to you, I have bad news for you. She won’t. Because by overestimating someone’s worth, you’re underestimating yours – and why would a woman want to sleep with a low-ranking male? She’ll keep you on the sidelines for months and months offering to check your feelings.

2. you listen to her.

You feel like what she said is the way it should be. If she doesn’t like your choice of movie, you’ll go to a snotty melodrama. If she told you to pick her up, you’ll pick her up. If she doesn’t want to meet you today, you’ll call her tomorrow. And if she doesn’t want to see you tomorrow, you call her the day after that.

If you’re all so right and good, if you put other people’s desires and whims above your own – then why are you surprised that you are not given? People like you are simply being tricked.

The girl says one thing, but wants something else entirely. And by refusing you sex, she wants to see how you will behave. How you act towards her. How you’ll pursue her.

Don’t listen to a woman – look at her!

You’re too shy to show your true desires.

Many would like to sleep with her – but you are trying hard to prove that you are not. That you’re interested in her inner world and what she eats for breakfast. So you talk to her about work and the weather and clouds and movies and Bach opera. And at night, when you’re alone, you google “why isn’t the girl giving it up?”

Now answer the question: why do women take so long to get their makeup on? Why do they constantly visit beauty salons? Why do they spend so much money on shopping and plastic surgery?

To be in demand in the male world. And if she came to you on a date, it means she was interested in you as a man.

So don’t be afraid to show it! Give her compliments, flirt, be sure to touch, touch – every way to show that she is interesting to you as a woman. That you want her.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen. You’ll be like everyone else. At best, you’ll lead the cavalry of her idiot admirers.

You take a passive position.

Continuing the previous reason. Remember how often you sit on a date and wait for an opportunity to touch her arm?

Now remember, a man doesn’t wait for the right occasions. He creates them himself.

Or are you waiting for her to make the first move herself? Will she text you first, put your hand on her chest, take your car keys and drive you to her house?

You’re the man – you do everything! You say where and when to meet, what we’ll do, you entertain her, you seduce her, you kiss her, you take her home, you unhook her bra, you … In general, all you.

5. You don’t know how to recognize her SSS.

One of the reasons you don’t have sex is that you don’t know how to recognize the latent sexual cues of “your” bachelorette.

Women are like books, and it’s your job to learn to read them. Sometimes she doesn’t even realize that her gestures hint at a desire for sex. If she is not frigid – you will quickly see that she is interested in you.

6. You are good and right. In short, boring.

You are someone who is used to opening doors for a woman, giving her way, complimenting her and asking permission about everything. You’re good and right.

Who instilled these principles in you? As a child it was my mother, who gave me an understanding of the word “good”. Then the teachers, the girls at school, stomping away the last eggs.

You’re used to acting on command and not worrying about anything, because a woman will solve all problems. And what’s so sexy about that? What’s in it for the weaker sex?

You know who women sleep with? Who do they want during the day, at night and right after sex? Do they want in the bedroom, on the table, at the movies, in the bathroom and on the boardwalk?

Women reach for the bad guys. Because assholes are the alpha. It’s strength, it’s leadership, it’s masculinity and emotion. They give off a brutal energy.

This is the type of man that makes girls want to possess him, to tame and domesticate him like a wild beast. This is the scenario that every girl sees in her rosy dreams before going to bed.

The bad guy is unpredictable. The young lady is excited and spurred on by interest, intrigue, inner strength, and risk. Such a man is used to winning and achieving. It’s courage. It is action. It’s results.

7. There is no process of seduction.

You don’t seduce because you don’t know how to seduce.

Don’t you agree? You think you understand a lot? What makes you think that? What makes you a guru? How many women have you been with? What have they been like?

No one taught you how to position yourself properly. Your father didn’t – rather for everything, in your family your mother was in charge. You didn’t have the right male model of behavior in front of your eyes from childhood.

Complexes from childhood, unsuccessful first experience with the opposite sex – there could be many reasons, but the result is one. All you know about women is just the advice of your friends, who don’t understand anything about it themselves.

You have no step by step working model of behavior with the girl: how to meet her, how to call her out, how to date her, what to talk to her about on the date, how to start touching her, how to take her home and how to make her run after you with a mattress.

That’s why, at the 16-day workshop “How to turn a woman’s no to a woman’s yes. , I tell you what to do from A to Z, with what sequence and intensity – at each stage of your relationship.

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So, what should you do if a girl won’t let you?

  1. Don’t overestimate her importance. By overestimating someone else’s importance, you underestimate your own. A girl wants sex too – so get her!
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