What questions to ask a guy to find out if he loves me?

100 super questions to a guy about relationships and love

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How to talk to the guy on the subject of your relationship so that it was a trusting and sincere dialogue between two people who love each other, not an interrogation? How to take your relationship to the next level and strengthen your emotional connection with the help of a couple or three questions?

The answer is one: take advantage of the questions on our list.

You’ll take the romantic setting, okay?

100 questions for him.

  • What did you think of when you first saw me?
  • What memories do you have from our first date/first day together/first night?
  • What is it about our relationship that makes you happy?
  • When we first started dating, what kind of future did you predict for our relationship? Did you think we would be together for a long time?
  • What is one word to describe our relationship?
  • What’s one word to describe our love?
  • What do you fear most about our relationship?
  • Do you believe there are “soulmates” meant for everyone?
  • Do you believe in destiny?
  • How are we similar to each other?
  • How are we different in your opinion?
  • What is your favorite place to date me?
  • What have you always been afraid to ask me, but really wanted to ask me?
  • What is lacking in our relationship?
  • What do you like most about me?
  • What part of my body do you like best?
  • If our relationship ended, what would you miss the most?
  • Have you ever felt vulnerable in our relationship?
  • A moment when you felt weak and defenseless in our relationship?
  • How do you think the relationship has affected me?
  • Funniest episode in our relationship?
  • Is there a quality about me that I think is a flaw that you really love?
  • What was something you wanted to tell me but never got around to?
  • Do you think we’re perfect for each other?
  • Do opposites attract?
  • If I told you that you could date others, would you do it?
  • What quality of yours do you think I find most attractive about you?
  • How do you show your love?
  • What is my love language?
  • What makes our relationship unique?
  • What would you change about our relationship?
  • Where would you like to go with me right now?
  • Has our relationship made you stronger?
  • Has our relationship made you weaker?
  • Who is the gentlest in our couple?
  • Which one of us has changed since the beginning of our relationship? How, exactly?
  • What has remained the same about each of us?
  • When I do that, you just love it. You want me to do it more often. What’s that?
  • What in your life would you never change, even for me?
  • What keeps our relationship in balance?
  • How do you feel around me?
  • Are you happy to be in a relationship with me?
  • Could you forgive betrayal?
  • What did you see in me that made you fall in love?
  • What are you afraid to face in our relationship?
  • What is one day we shared that you will always remember?
  • What did you think of me the first minute we met?
  • At the beginning of our relationship, did you think it would be serious?
  • Do you believe we were meant for each other?
  • Are you willing to fight for our relationship if things get tough?
  • Do you ever doubt whether we should continue to see each other?
  • Are there words you’re afraid to say to me?
  • What quality about me immediately hooked you?
  • Are there things you resent me for?
  • Do you believe that random encounters are not random?
  • Does the thought of us breaking up scare you?
  • What are your plans for our future together?
  • Would you like to diversify our relationship in some way?
  • What unusual places would you like to take me?
  • How do you feel when we fight?
  • If we decided to break up, what would you miss the most?
  • At what point did you clearly realize you loved me?
  • What is the funniest thing you remember about our relationship?
  • If presented with a choice of family or friends, which would you choose?
  • How many times in your life have you fallen in love?
  • How would you handle unrequited love?
  • What did you notice immediately when you met me?
  • Do you agree that a person only loves once in life?
  • Have you ever doubted your feelings about me?
  • Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
  • What quality do you think there is in me that is the opposite of you?
  • Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me?
  • Does it hurt to love?
  • If we broke up, would you make any attempt to get back together?
  • Do you believe in the saying, “Your man won’t leave you?”

P.S. Start the conversation in a calm environment when he is relaxed. If you try to make him talk at the very moment when he’s driving and making a difficult maneuver on the road or is annoyed and starving after a hard day… The conversation won’t work out. Most likely.

How to figure out with just one question whether a man really loves you

True love – is when you are taken with all the guts and flaws, with which you can, of course, somehow fight and improve yourself, but at the same time, you will understand that you are loved and accepted as you are.

A woman always wants to know and understand, and whether she really loves the man with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time? And in fact there is one question that is able to help you with this. Posing it to your man you will understand how he really feels about you and what he feels – unconditional true love or just the comfort of what you are, how he wants to see you.

Does your man love you – just ask him one question.

Just ask him one simple question: “What do you think I should be?” and then listen very carefully to his answer, because this is what determines how the man really perceives and treats you.

Of course, there may be many variants of his answers, but mostly they still come down to one of two.

The first option: this is when your question a man begins to tell very actively that in his opinion you have to be well-groomed and trim, feminine, feminine, gentle, caring, loving, sexy and also nice, and also interested in everything that he, like his friends and relatives, well, and much more from his list of requirements for the ideal woman of his dreams.

Or it will be the second option: then he will tell you that you just have to be you, because that is how he has fallen in love with you. And if you want to change or improve something in yourself, he will of course support you and will be glad to help you, if it really makes you happier, but, in his opinion, you are already beautiful and you just need to be… just be happy – that is the most important thing for him.

I think you have already understood, based on these answers, when a man really loves his woman and sincerely wishes her happiness, and when he just wants to “mold” his ideal of her and will be with her exactly as long as she can maintain this “ideal image”.

So make the right conclusions and remember that true love is when you are accepted with all your guts and flaws, with which you, of course, can somehow fight and improve yourself, but at the same time, you will understand that you are loved and accepted as you already are.

That is, you are already enough and do not need every day to jump over head in order to somehow impress and keep your loved one near. After all, he appreciates the first thing that you are a person, not just your “wrapping”, appreciates your uniqueness – that’s what makes you different from hundreds of others and that’s why he once loved you.

Of course, not only the answer to this question matters, but also how the man treats you, that is, whether he backs up his words with his actions and efforts, because this is really very important.

But, in my opinion, it is how the man perceives you – as an object for improvement, which you still need to work on, or as a living person with its own pluses and minuses, but such a beloved and native – is of key importance in building a truly harmonious and happy relationship. This is the kind of relationship I sincerely wish you!

Author Victoria Kirsta

P.S. And remember, just changing our consciousness – together we change the world! © econet

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