What kind of women do Taurus men like?

Characteristics of a Taurus man by zodiac sign

Taurus man is a practical, thorough and hardworking man. The planets have a different effect on representatives of this earthly zodiac sign. Venus gives them a taste for art, material possessions and carnal pleasures . From Uranus, Taurus men got a little fear of changes in life.

Under the influence of Mars, representatives of this sign tend to hide feelings from others

To others, the Taurus man appears as a callous, emotionless person. This man is really difficult to open up to people, so that his hidden desires are guessed only by the chosen ones.

Character traits of a man-Taurus: the main advantages and disadvantages

Appearing in an unfamiliar society, a man born under the sign of Taurus is little manifested. He behaves quietly and practically does not talk. His character is revealed in the society of proven surroundings, where the Taurus becomes the soul of the company.

The main value in the life of such people is family, tried and tested friends. For them, he will show attention at any time of day or night. The doors of the house for loved ones of Taurus are always open, he will help in any difficult situation. From his relatives, the representative of this sign draws moral and physical strength, the ability to cope with any situations and turmoil. The care and understanding of loved ones is important to him.

The main value in the life of a Taurus man is the family

Taurus has a calm temperament and is non-conflictual. It is difficult for him to understand hints, so the man prefers to speak directly and openly. He will gladly have intimate conversations with his buddies, but he is quite rare meetings. Taurus is comfortable alone with himself, as he will always find something to his liking.

His main shortcomings are unwillingness to change, even if it is really necessary. Excessive caution deprives him of great joy and does not allow full enjoyment of life. The description of characteristics does not end only with negative qualities. Taurus male has tremendous patience and is rarely subjected to panic. It is he who is approached in a difficult situation.

After all, the representative of such a zodiac sign will direct all his forces to eliminate the problem. He will not waste energy on worries that do not make sense

Married Taurus man will rarely go for treason, as he values constancy. He will definitely show jealousy if his companion pays attention to other men. Respect and deference await a loving, thrifty woman. He will make every effort to create a comfortable life and a decent material base.

Taurus man has tremendous patience and is rarely subjected to panic

At work, Taurus shows reliability and punctuality . As a boss it is an ambitious and diligent person who is capable of showing some fanaticism. He needs to rest regularly to gain the moral strength to overcome new challenges. At this time it is better to leave him alone.

What kind of women the Taurus guy likes the most

The Taurus guy is very choosy in his relationships with women and is guided by conservative mindset. Before rushing into a whirlwind of love experiences, he will look closely at his chosen one and only after careful deliberation will he make his choice.

A well-developed intuition allows the Taurus guy to accurately capture the mood and desires of a girl. He knows how to give the impression of a reliable and balanced person.

If a Taurus man likes a girl, he will not hide their sympathy. According to astrologers, Taurus is compatible with many signs, but the main thing for him in a woman is the presence of courage and determination. Taurus is shy in love, so will be grateful to the chosen one, which will be able to unobtrusively intercept the initiative in an affair.

Many of the fair sex wonder what kind of appearance the girl likes Taurus? He will be interested in a well-groomed, beautiful woman who has charm. It is easy to attract his interest, but not everyone can keep him around. He has a list of qualities by which the Taurus man determines who is suitable for him and who is not.

Ideal girl, in his opinion, should be confident and calm. Taurus is verbose and expects from the woman he lives with the same calm and lack of mood swings.

Taurus expects from his beloved calm and lack of mood swings

He needs a woman who will be the heart of the home. She should be able to cook, clean and create a cozy atmosphere. Above all, the Taurus man looks through the eyes of the future father, so he needs a faithful wife, not a party girl.

For him, marriage is the natural conclusion of a love relationship, so he will enter into it only after careful choice. Family life with Taurus is subject to his laws. He is the head and will not tolerate control and instructions . Only a girl who will agree and support her chosen one can overcome such a conservative.

Table of compatibility of the Taurus man with other representatives of the Western horoscope in friendship, work and love:

Taurus man and woman: Compatibility in love Marriage Compatibility Friendship and Work Compatibility
Aries Low Low Low
Taurus High High High
Gemini Medium Medium Medium
Cancer High High High
Leo Medium Medium Medium
Virgo High High High
Libra Medium Medium Medium
Scorpio High High High
Sagittarius Low Low Low
Capricorn High High High
Aquarius Low Low Low
Pisces High High Medium

Sex with a Taurus man: what is a bull in bed?

The intimate aspect of love is very important for Taurus. He can look for a long time for a companion who is able to satisfy his needs.

We can not say that the representative of this sign is an excellent lover, but he conquers his lady with a whirlwind of tenderness, strength and passion

The Taurus man conquers his chosen one by a whirlwind of tenderness, strength and passion.

The psychology of the Taurus man is that he likes to watch his partner in bed, noticing the moments that bring her pleasure. He is not characterized by vulgarity or rudeness. Horoscopic Taurus will not give up role-playing games, but he will not tolerate domination. Rude, insistent manifestations of the partner can not just cool him down, but even scare him.

How to win a male Taurus: some tips

To win a Taurus man and start a relationship, a woman will have to really enjoy communicating with him. He loves compliments and hates aggression, so you should keep the line and not bring him to anger.

In a relationship with a Taurus, you should not be impatient and rushed

If you like him, let him know about it with hints and give him the freedom to act. Taurus does not like too active young ladies. His interest and admiration is caused by unapproachable girls. He will gladly appreciate your initiative in the home affairs. Try to please him by diversifying his surroundings, cook delicious meals more often and create comfort during meetings.

According to the Taurus man, keeping the home comfort for his companion is a constant duty. If a woman shows that she can keep order, knows how to surprise with cooking abilities and shows sensuality during caressing, she will be able to fall in love and attract for a serious relationship the most conservative Taurus.

How to recognize the signs of a Taurus guy falling in love?

Taurus approaches the choice of a life partner carefully. He stays calm, judicious and does not seek to take unjustified risks. How do you know if a Taurus man is in love and how does he take care of the lady he likes? When he is young, he shows his love with charm, tenderness and understanding. In older age Taurus shows his feelings with romantic dates, material support.

Often the Taurus man shows his feelings with romantic dates

He will certainly give his beloved woman confidence and emotional stability

The more a man becomes attached to his chosen one, the more prominent is the behavior of a Taurus man in love. He will definitely show jealousy and control . His woman should minimally communicate with members of the stronger sex. All her attention belongs to the Taurus, as he is very jealous and possessive by nature.

If such a man truly loves, he will give full confidence in the future and will show tenderness, caring, attention and very soon confess his love.

How to behave correctly and incorrectly with a man Taurus

In a relationship a Taurus man will always be the leader , so overly independent individuals are able to extinguish even sympathy. You can surprise him by supporting practical topics. He will gladly talk to his chosen one about technology innovations, business events and finances.

Figurative, romantic topics related to the emotional sphere will quickly bore him. It is important for Taurus to have a girlfriend who is goal-oriented and practical in her household and life. If you see that he is offended, find out the reason and show your interest and ability to support your partner in any situation.

Taurus will choose the girl who is practical in the economy and life

Taurus man will be offended if the girl is disrespectful to his relatives, does not take his lover seriously and does not care about household chores. With such a man, he will quickly terminate the relationship and will not go further to reconciliation.

How to get a Taurus man back after a breakup

Beloved man-Taurus offended, and you do not know how to get him back? The main thing – do not hesitate to reconcile, otherwise he will decide that the relationship does not make sense. A man born under this sign of the zodiac does not tolerate pride in a girl .

To keep him, you will have to show patience and respect for the man

He is a conservative, so he does not like changes in his life . Try to surround him with care and attention. Give him a forgotten feeling of comfort so he will again find himself in a familiar atmosphere.

If a male Taurus does not call you, then his patience really ran out. But the chances of returning remain, because his feelings are controlled by his habits. When you meet him, take an interest in his work, his affairs, his well-being. Only without pressure and unnecessary emotions.

It is a patient sign according to zodiacal characteristics, but all patience comes to an end. Therefore, when a man ignores your attempts at reconciliation, it is a serious reason to reflect on your behavior. If he goes back and realizes that he was cheated, the rupture of the relationship will be final.

Try to surround Taurus with care and attention.

If your loved one is dear to you, don’t let him disappear for long. Take a pause, let a little boredom, so you love the man realized what he lost. Then be patient, systematically create a familiar environment to Taurus, which was at the beginning of the relationship.

What to get the Taurus man: the rules for choosing a gift

A celebration is planned, but you do not know what gift to present your Taurus man? The best gift for him will be a thing that will come in handy in reality. This practical man will be happy to use a gift that will add comfort to everyday life.

Such an item can be a bag-refrigerator, a comfortable chair for the workplace

The practicality of the gift depends on the preferences of Taurus. If he likes beautiful things, give him a painting by a popular artist or a book in a chic binding. In any case the gift should look solid. If it is a sweet gift or alcohol, then only prestigious brands.

The gift should look solid, for example, beautifully packaged alcohol.

If your Taurus is a workaholic, please please please him with a massage certificate or organize a picnic in nature. He’ll be happy to relax and consider that you’re attentive to his life.

Taurus men: the characteristics, what kind of women they like

An interesting zodiac sign is Taurus, because the man who represents him is calm, the characteristic creates an image of an ideal family man, and it is not difficult to find out which women he really likes. The guy does not know how to hint and does not understand from half a word, so he is able to speak directly and honestly about the qualities that he is looking for in a girl. But some features the young man implies without talking about them. Guess what the young man wants to get, then the relationship will last more than one month.

Women who like Taurus.

Representatives of the sign choose hostess ladies who are able to cope with household tasks. In the understanding of the young man, the family is patriarchal, so he takes the responsibility for the extraction of money. Requires femininity from his spouse in everything: behavior, appearance and character. Favorites long chooses, but to develop relationships is not in a hurry – even an ideal in all respects a girl looks closely, long doubts.

Character Traits

The Taurus Boy is picky in his choice of a girlfriend. Since he perceives marriage as a union for life, he assesses all aspects of the applicant for the title of a wife. In the first place he looks at the character. A representative of the sign is practical and pragmatic, so he understands that the appearance is a temporary product, and invest in a more promising direction. To be liked by men representing the sign, a girl needs to have a number of qualities:

  1. Initiative. Taurus men are slow, hardly relate to changes. The inertness of a pair of such people is impossible to endure, so choose representatives of the zodiac sign of active women who can bring new habits to a boring lifestyle.
  2. Femininity. It was mentioned earlier that it should be present in all aspects, but character is the main one. The representative of the sign does not tolerate rudeness, aggression, foul language. At a hint of such, he leaves without warning or conversation.
  3. Willingness to compromise. A man will like it if the chosen woman behaves in a friendly way. He is able to stand up for the interests of his lover or couple, but he prefers not to waste his energy on it.

Also, the young man will appreciate the willingness to get to know and befriend his family, especially his mother. The value of relatives is great, so a woman should not refuse.

How she should look

A young lady should always watch her appearance. To dwell on it, you can not, but ignore it, too, will not work: because of the straightforwardness of the young man will express dissatisfaction with the attitude towards himself. In this case, of the natural beauty, inherited through genetics, and purposeful work on himself, he chooses the latter. The young man is inclined to a healthy diet, likes fitness classes, so such hobbies in his beloved will appreciate and share.

A girl who has decided to conquer a man of this zodiac sign should choose:

  • Modest outfits that emphasize the figure, but not frank;
  • light makeup in natural colors;
  • comfortable shoes and clothing.

Create a festive image for a meeting with friends should not be created, as this will put the young man in a state of incomprehension. Seeing full readiness, he will think that the beauty has found someone else. Such surprises are better saved until dates in private, where he will understand that all the splendor was done for him.

Behavior and communication

Determine whether a man’s behavior, if he suddenly likes a girl, it is difficult, because the changes are unlikely to catch. External restraint in unfamiliar company, sociability and looseness among friends are always peculiar to a young man. When seeing a woman who likes it, there will be felt inertness – at first there should be time to get used to the new person. During subsequent meetings Taurus will decide for himself whether it is possible to continue to communicate and get closer, but the process will be long.

The help of the chosen one will be needed to speed it up. If a Taurus man hesitates to approach, show initiative or show interest in his company. Understanding that he is sympathetic to the opposite sex will give him confidence.

Young people of this sign like it when a girl shows:

  • friendliness to his friends – his social circle includes proven people with whom he has a lot to do;
  • calmness – hysterics, scandals, fights are unacceptable in the relationship, Taurus will not waste energy on it, and just silently leave;
  • Housekeeping, especially in the material aspect, although he can spend his last money to help a friend.

Sexual temperament and preferences in bed

In matters of sex man is conservative. Sticks to the traditional notion of the process. At the same time has a great potential that realizes it in marriage. Young men are not traded in numerous relationships, may remain innocent until marriage or limit themselves to one permanent girlfriend.

The classic view of the family does not allow for infidelity, so fidelity is a mandatory criterion of the Taurus relationship. Guys do not understand the motives for such actions, because usually a couple of nights a week is enough to satisfy their needs. The spouse must also have a calm temperament, so talk in advance about how such issues will be resolved.

What repels in Taurus girls

Young men, representing the sign, are not inherently ambiguous. Practical mindset suggests that you should not choose flippant and creative people – they are fickle. A man will like being educated but will be repulsed:

  • Independent – supports the idea of patriarchy, but will appreciate the desire to work in a team with him;
  • Non-seriousness – relationships for him are not a topic for jokes or ridicule, as well as family;
  • Negligence to the household – the most important aspect, because the wife is obliged to take care of her husband with a delicious meal and cleaned apartment;
  • Unpreparedness for dialogue – it is difficult for a man to compromise, stubbornness on the part of the girl, manifested in moments of misunderstanding in the couple will be unnecessary.

The young man has no clear idea of the ready image of his future wife. But when he meets the girl, he tries her on all the patterns of family life. If she confirms that she is suitable for each, then the couple is formed.

How to arouse his sympathy

The beloved girl Taurus long and hard checks for a match, but to start this stage, you need to interest the young man. To do this, act according to a pattern:

  • appear in the company of Taurus friends, ask in advance to introduce you to each other;
  • socialize, show intelligence;
  • be sure to exchange numbers, but it is better by necessity or as if by accident;
  • When saying goodbye, say directly that you are waiting for a call, but don’t act first.

Working according to the scheme, a woman will interest, cause trust, take the initiative, leaving room for the realization of the man’s ambitions. Otherwise, the beginning of communication will drag on for several months. A loving Taurus is a loyal and devoted family man who will never betray his spouse. This is a candidate for the title of the ideal man, who is ready to support, requiring in return the performance of simple household tasks. His patriarchal view of the world hints at an outdated view of life, but he cannot do otherwise. His mistress understands this, supporting him in everything.

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