What kind of woman do men want?

What do men want? Says Mikhail Labkovsky.

Men want to conquer the world. Sleep with as many women as possible. Constantly compete with someone and win in this struggle. To all women who met them automatically showed them their breasts. In fact, every man has his own dreams and goals, fears and complexes, addictions, intelligence quotient and talents. They want very different things, and besides, these desires change over the course of life dozens of times.

How does a man feel?

Boys, overwhelmingly, are raised differently than girls. For example, in the U.S. there have been studies on infants. Subjects were shown babies of different genders and told quite arbitrarily, “that’s a boy” or “that’s a girl.” When a participant in the experiment heard “girl,” he immediately began to show affection: hugging, kissing and teasing.

It did not work with the “boys. They were touched much less, they were not “cuddled”. That is, from the very birth of a boy, something begins to happen that he assimilates for himself as a “norm”.

In many cultures, such as in Russia, it is common in families to encourage boys for aggression. Mom and Dad, standing in front of the class, will cluck their tongues and ostentatiously slap their fingers, and clap them on the shoulder after they leave the PTA meeting: “You punched him in the eye, good for you! A real man!”

But for a display of emotion they will scold: “Why are you fussing?!” and the proverbial “boys don’t cry.” Most victims of domestic violence are, would you believe, male children. Statistically, their parents are much more willing to take the belt than those who have daughters growing up. Boys, in addition, are scolded for any display of vulnerability. By the way, in many ways, this “glorious tradition” becomes the root of domestic violence when it comes to a battering husband.

That said, there is such a concept in psychology as basic emotions: sadness and joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear. No matter how you try to suppress them, they will never disappear. Even if you have been indoctrinated since childhood that it is “impossible” to experience them.

There was an experiment where men and women were hooked up to a machine that scanned their brains. This allowed to determine what emotions the subject is really experiencing. Men and women were shown pictures and text with different statements, deciphering not only their feelings, but also their facial expressions. The experiment proved what psychologists already knew: men were more likely to express anger and much less likely to smile than women. But their emotions were almost identical.

What does this tell us? Men have the same feelings as women. But society even divides emotions by gender: women are more sensitive, and men are more determined, they are not characterized by such qualities as compassion or fear. The truth is that because of the nature of education, many men simply do not show outwardly that experiencing in reality.

What is a man thinking about?

Another feature of boys’ upbringing: they are more likely than girls to develop unhealthy ambitions.

The boys are told from every newspaper about the millions they must earn. They are told that an impressive bank account makes them a man and that a brilliant career is their only way to fulfill themselves.

Remember all those bloggers in the mid-teens who said that you shouldn’t date anyone who earns less than a certain amount? Now imagine if something like that was instilled in your son not by a stranger in a red dress, but by your own parents.

The problem is that not every profession can succeed financially. And what to do if a particular man wants to devote himself, for example, not to IT, but to neurobiology.

Just like many women are complexed because of their “non-ideal” appearance, there are men who are ashamed of their career, salary and achievements. And the real indicators of their success do not play any role here. Among the wealthiest men, I have rarely met an exemplary healthy man. You can recognize these men immediately: they boast of their cars and positions, and instead of trying to get acquainted with you on a date, they talk only about themselves. And yes – these are the very men who sing the song about “a woman in business has no place. Because there’s no better way to boost your self-esteem than to humiliate your neighbor.

What women like men: the qualities that drive the stronger sex crazy.

I do not write beautiful texts in order to get paid. I get paid for writing beautiful texts.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I save “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Ladies with confidence ready to give an answer to the question – what women love men? It is necessary to be beautiful and nothing else. But, as it turned out by American scientists, that only those gentlemen pay attention to the appearance, who are not ready for a serious relationship. A man who is interested in creating a family, it is important completely other things.

Smart Woman

It’s a lie that men aren’t attracted to smart women. Surveys of sociologists in 35 countries around the world are ready to confirm the opposite. They found that one in two men are interested in a woman’s intelligence rather than her appearance. Men with higher education aspire to meet the same lady. But they do not like too abstruse ladies. Still it is important for men to feel like a leader.

Charming woman

Flawless beauty is certainly good, but not for men. They are wary of perfect women “from the cover”. These women are selfish, narcissistic and forever engaged in narcissism, which is what most of the opposite sex believes. For family comfort, they choose nice, pretty girls as their ideal wife, but not cold handsome women.

Soulful woman

Gentleness, kindness, caring – character traits that are simply necessary in a woman. The older a man is, the more he wants to meet a “soulful opposite” who is able to listen and support.

Active woman

According to men, with an active and liberated women, they do not know boredom. These women are constantly doing something, it is very difficult to sit still. And this entices male curiosity.

A confident woman.

As it turned out, self-confident women are not perceived by men, but they welcome ladies who are confident in their beauty, even if they are not. If a woman from day to day asks her partner if she is fat. Then the partner will start noticing more and more flaws in her figure. Therefore, it is not recommended for women to discuss their appearance with men.

Proportional woman

Not everyone likes ladies with 90×60×90 proportions. As a rule, men of more mature age prefer ladies with appetizing forms. Excessive thinness interests almost no one. It is worth giving up dieting and starting to eat normally.

Fragrant woman

A person’s nose can tell in a few seconds whether this is “our” person or not. If the nose does not like something, then no one will be able to change his mind. In the human body in sympathy pheromones are produced. They are responsible for the sexual attraction to the opposite sex. So do not abuse perfumes, otherwise they may interfere with the natural smell.

The ideal appearance of the woman

A man decides for himself which woman to love, but the survey of 1000 respondents described the appearance of the ideal woman.

The strong half of humanity wants to see a pleasant smelling woman next to them. Woman’s perfume fragrance should suit him in spirit, as well as the natural aroma of the skin. Creative perfume brands have caught on to this and are now releasing perfumes for her, and for him. As if these scents can bring people closer together.

60% of the three thousand respondents confirmed that they like women with “meat”, when there is something to hold and look at. They are aroused by the sexual curves of a denser body rather than the straight lines of skinny women. By the way, 25% prefer skinny women and 15%, women with more than 10-15 extra pounds.

A woman in tights can only excite 10% of men, while a woman in heels in a tight skirt excites over 50%. The rest like both.

A dimple on the chin or cheeks when smiling drives over 42% crazy. Freckles on the face excite 23% and moles only 21%.

In their sexual fantasies, men imagine a woman with long loose hair next to her. This is the opinion of 58%.

But the color of hair prefer to choose dark, they are convinced that the blonde is not brilliant mind, and redheads are capable of betrayal.

For details on what appearance men like, you can learn in our article further on the link.

What kind of women men can’t stand

Whatever men do not care about sex or borscht, they are important for the character of his partner.

When a man meets a female teacher, it seems to him that she gives him good advice, takes care of him. But such women do not have a point of extremity, they are always telling him how to do the right thing and then the man feels like a schoolboy in class who did not learn his homework in time. Men have one mommy-teacher, why does he need another one?

A female teacher can only be surpassed by a woman who can skillfully play with her feelings. At first, such a woman beckons a man, but when from day to day she provokes him to be jealous and tries to make him feel guilty. No man will tolerate such an attitude.

A woman who tries to set a man up for herself. Of course she says she loves him just the way he is. But over time, she tries to master him completely, she insists on the musical preferences that she likes, sets up friends who in her opinion are not suitable for a man.

Some are even able to turn men against their own mothers. Every man is different in his own way and if a lover tries to make things right, they will never marry her.

Jealous Madam. Of course jealousy adds to the deprivation of passion, but not when there is too much of it. To be rebuked, to feel mistrust, who would like that? Certainly not a man…

An overly amorous lady. She educates her man all her free time, she always has free time for him. She thinks she is doing everything right and demands the same from the opposite sex. Men like individuals who, on the contrary, try to find free time to spend together. Such people get married right away.

Mom-girl. She discusses with her mother every little thing, every sigh, every fart. At the beginning of the relationship, a man is happy with such a warm relationship with his family. But afterwards, when he wants to find a family, he is tormented by the idea that his mother-in-law will be more important in their family than him.

Gossip Girl. At first he is interested in such a lady, she jokes spectacularly, knows everything about everyone. But then he begins to think that she can also gossip about him.

Female Comparisonist. A guy won’t want to live with a wife who compares him to her friend’s husband in the evening. He has a bigger salary and a car. The man begins to remember his childhood, where his mother’s girlfriend’s son was always better than him.

Woman Diet. When a man meets a lady on a healthy diet he is happy that she will always look good. But they can’t stand it when the girl throws another 300 gram weight gain tantrum. They immediately begin to torment themselves with a strict diet and starvation. In this way she can get to the man.

What kind of women does the average man like?

In May 2008, a research center conducted a social survey of the strong sex of the population, “What kind of women do men choose?”

Most Russian men stopped at choosing an intelligent and beautiful woman, when they appreciate kinder ladies more. They noticed that the ideal girl should have a flexible mind, so believe 63% of respondents, and only 29% of them prefer to marry smart women.

The ideal wife should have perfect looks, from the shape of her nails to her heels. 38% of men noted that girls of pleasant appearance resonate with them more than ungroomed coulemas. And 21% are convinced that beauty is important to a spouse.

An ideal woman should be good, so believe 20% of respondents. But only 14% out of 100% would choose a good woman for marriage.

Only 16% of men, choose a faithful lady for a relationship. And 20% consider fidelity to be the main quality of a spouse.

Femininity is important for men; they do not want to see their own likeness near them. This is the opinion of 12%.

10% of respondents want to see sexy and liberated ladies. This applies to wives as well as just an ideal woman.

The ideal wife should be able to love and support, so believe 17%. For an ideal woman, only 5% think this is a good quality.

Not all men seem to prefer honesty; only 9% and 6% chose this character trait.

18% of respondents found it difficult to answer the questions, they believe that if they are already in love, no other qualities are important.

Ideal women in different countries

One can argue for a long time about what women attract men, but still each country has its own ideals and standards of female beauty and character.

In Japan they value in the spouses: modesty, honesty, fidelity. A calm wife will not nag the spouse that he came late. Japanese women have been taught since childhood that the first thing she must be able to tolerate. To put up with everything, from socks to fornication. That’s the kind of woman the Japanese like best.

In Brazil, one chooses a companion by beauty. For a Brazilian, it is important that his spouse has a perfectly pumped butt and breasts. Despite the fact that Brazil is a poor country, almost every 3 of them have implants in their breasts.

Women in Algeria are completely disrespected, she has to be malleable and compliant in everything. The husband is always right. Also, the wife must be a religious and chaste woman.

Men in Turkey value their wives for their husbandliness, responsibility, and for being their best friend in the first place. Everything else is not important to them. Germans, on the contrary, love their wives as hostesses. But for them the most important thing is that all the family expenses should be shared equally. And she must have a higher education, a good sense of humor, to support any conversation.

Men in China prefer obedient and self-loving wives. She must not only obey her husband, but also have her own self.

In India, everyone lives as one big family, which is why the wife-to-be must obey her mother-in-law. Also in India they do not like skinny women, for the continuation of the family men choose women “in body”.

For the Italians in the first place is the niceness of the girl, she is always friendly, always flaps her eyelashes and starts to be shy at the first opportunity. It is strange, but they like this theater.

Everyone assumes that the most beautiful French women are perfect in everything. In fact, they are just like all women go home in tights and with a bundle of hair on their heads. The French just love it. Cute and masculine in one body.

A girl in Yemen.

In Yemen they do not like smart women, many parents purposely do not send their daughters to school in order to marry well. Girls are given at the age of 14-20 years, after that she is considered an old maid. Their husbands are 10 or even 30 years older than them.

In Polynesia men stop at choosing already experienced ladies, preferably she already has two children. They believe that the more a woman gets married, the more faithful she will be in family life.

And yet all countries have their preferences, it all depends on religion and mentality. But still no woman is not left without the attention of men, if she does not want this.

And here’s why men like women, you can learn in detail in our next article, follow this link!

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