What kind of text to write a man?

What to text a man to hook, make him think about you: real examples of the best messages and analysis of mistakes

Hello, dear female readers of the blog bursin.ru! Communicating in a virtual environment is a common way to be together in spite of any distance. But despite the apparent ease of correspondence, it is very easy to make annoying mistakes that discourage them, not only from unfamiliar people, but even from your husband. So every girl will not be superfluous to think in advance about what to write a man in a text message to hook, to think about me? Examples, by the way, you should also learn to properly remake yourself, rather than rushing templates, hoping for the experience and insight of bloggers.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we would like the ease, simplicity of communication, if you want more, you should follow the rules. Especially it concerns the initial stages of communication, when the interest of the opposite side is not yet completely determined. Often the reasons for communication breakdown are exactly the overflow of emotions, when the hands type the message too quickly, and the brain does not fully understand that in the end we get ambiguous calls, or unacceptable jokes. So rules first, then texting examples.


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The 4 basic rules of virtual communication

  1. Restrain yourself. You need to learn to control the bubbling emotions. Even if you want, and most importantly have the opportunity, not to take your eyes off the laptop or phone 24 hours a day, you need to stop yourself. No need to outline as a whole his day, to share experiences for insignificant, especially the day he occasion. It is necessary to take a break in replying, to disappear from the dialogue, to occupy yourself with anything, but to get out of online.
  2. Control the number of messages in a row. Self-sufficient people have personal space and are mostly busy during the day. If a reply to one message doesn’t come within hours, you shouldn’t send repeated ones, much less call multiple times. This causes irritation. Too persistent girls discourage interest, even if initially the guy felt warm feelings.
  3. No to long texts. Long stories are better left for a personal meeting. Messages should be short and succinct. In addition, you should adhere to the rule of balance, when a girl responds to three sentences in a text with one.
  4. The absence of messages is cause for excitement. But not your excitement, but his. You should not constantly be the initiator of messages, and even more so to finish them. It is useful to disappear for a while, and come back with an explanation in the form of, the relatives came, or a slam at work. When a girl disappears for twenty-four hours, the guy begins to realize how uncomfortable it is without her, begins to miss her, begins to appreciate correspondence time more.

Examples of messages

For each occasion there will be their own texts. So it is worth to systematize them somewhat for a specific situation.

Messages in a long-term relationship

When you wake up every day with a man, there is no reason to leave the romance zone. Even a 10-year marriage is worthy of tenderness and warmth. In addition, a compliment and affection, will give him confidence in the future. In addition to sending messages on the web, you can leave similar notes on the refrigerator, on the mirror or even in the mailbox.

  • “I feel so calm next to you, you can’t even imagine it…”;
  • “You are my best. I’ll always be there for you, in any situation.”
  • “I will always be at your side.”
  • “Without you I don’t exist. I always think only of you…”
  • “I look forward to the evening when your arms hold me and never let me go again.”
  • “I want to see your smile, feel your breath, bask in your arms.”
  • “I’m happy we’re together! May our love last forever!”
  • “I don’t know how I used to live without you, you’re the most dear and beloved person on the planet!”
  • “I finally woke up in a good mood. And all thanks to the fact that you were there.”
  • “You are my cosmos. You are my universe!”;
  • “You are my hero, forever!”.

Playful messages

To lift a guy’s spirits, to set him on the right wave for an evening meeting, or just to show how witty and interesting you are. Only the time should still choose the right one. If he said the day before that he has an important meeting, exam or deadline, you should not send him jokes. First, he will not appreciate, and secondly, most likely will not respond, or respond sharply. But if, on the other hand, he was going to be bored at his classes, or call clients in the office monotonously all day, then a similar fresh note from your beloved, will bring the right effect.

  • “I’d invite you over for the weekend, but I’m not sure I could keep my hands to myself.”
  • “Stop by my place tonight, I made your favorites – pizza, beer and myself.”
  • “I just want you, with all your negativity, dirty jokes, and love of iced tea.”
  • “I’m saving my granny panties for the next life, I’m wearing something completely different right now.”
  • “I’m going to a bachelorette party tonight, should I text you or wait until I’m sober?”
  • “I’m in my bed…you’re in yours. Someone’s kind of out of place…”
  • “I read that caffeine increases a woman’s libido… That’s why you’re pouring me coffee.”

Honest messages

When the connection from virtual communication has long grown into a sexual relationship, it’s time to pamper your loved one with frank texts. Their call is not ambiguous, so if in the morning started a similar game, be prepared for its evening continuation. Again, it is worth choosing the right time for such communication. If he has gone to meet his parents, has to stay in a public place in a crowd of people for a long time, or is working out in the pool, the excitement will be extremely inappropriate.

  • “Did you know that kissing burns 6.4 calories?… We need to check that out right away.”
  • “If you’re in a bad mood right now and you’re having a bad day, you’re in for a great night.”
  • “Don’t work too hard this afternoon. I’m going to need every drop of your energy tonight.”
  • “I went shopping and bought new underwear. It has so many zippers, I can’t figure it out. Can you help me?”
  • “I want to take you to breakfast in bed.”
  • “I want to make all your wildest dreams come true tonight.”
  • “Thoughts of you in my head are so vicious that I had to take a shower.”
  • “Don’t make any plans for tomorrow morning. I want you to stay late tonight.”
  • “I feel like your touch is still burning my body.”
  • “Let’s make a deal, no foreplay tonight, straight to the main course.”

Correspondence when first dating

When a love affair is not yet established and there is still a long way to go before you are fully in love, you should restrain yourself a little and carefully check the text before sending it. In this case, politeness, friendliness, friendliness and even warmth will allow you to understand that a man has feelings for him and it is worth taking the initiative. In addition, the right approach will make him think about you more and more often, and then even “get hooked” on correspondence.

  • “I admire you, you’re so attentive and caring!”
  • “You can make any day a holiday! You have a great sense of humor!”
  • “You have a great style, it accentuates your masculinity and strength!”
  • “You’re so smart and well-read, you’re interesting every minute with you!”
  • “You are so easy and comfortable to be with, one can bask in your presence.”
  • “I really enjoyed the walk, now I think about it all the time!”
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Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Even guided by patterns, there is a chance of getting into an unpleasant situation. Sometimes emotions make you do things faster than reason. But haste can be mitigated by embarrassment, but real mistakes will undoubtedly lead to discord. For example, there should be no grammatical, punctuation, spelling, or speech errors in correspondence. Yes, it is not a dictation on the flight, but no one will be pleasant to communicate with an uneducated and rude person. The modern world has given too many resources to check your speech, you should not neglect them. In addition, it is necessary to join the reading, it will improve not only literacy, but also expand the vocabulary.

The following taboo applies to profanity. Even for partners who have been together for years, to receive obscene messages (if it is not part of the joke) is unpleasant. Leave it at least outside of chat, or better yet, cut it out of your life. It’s also worth holding off on questions about intimate and personal things until you get to know her better. For example, many guys have a strained relationship with their parents, or they do not want to discuss past relationships. This last point, by the way, has a downside. Even if the communication is inclined to do so, don’t describe your exes, especially in a negative context.

And lastly, guys love to be called by their first names, even when chatting online. But you have to be careful with affectionate words. For example, the brutal alpha would not appreciate a kitten or a mouse. Not everyone likes the cowboy or superman. Before how to diminutive inflection of his name, too, is to look at the reaction.

The bottom line

Communicating on the Web, a whole science, which requires a competent attitude. You should always be tactful and respect the rules of politeness (say hello, goodbye). Also, you should be careful if the communication began the other day, and the guy is already asking for intimate photos or encouraging intimacy. It is necessary to treat such personalities with caution, and better to stop communicating with them altogether. By the way, a page on the social network can be a great help in finding out his interests and character. Do not rely on it completely, but still take the data from there is still not superfluous.

Catchy text message to a man who will make him think of you

I do not write beautiful texts in order to get paid. I get paid for writing beautiful texts.

The expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years I save “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Contrary to cynical opinion, men love tenderness and sentiment no less than romantic ladies. Whisper a tender word in his ear, show your concern and desire to wrap him with warmth. Lure a mystery or offer an indecipherable riddle – and the man will invite you to the next date to stay close forever.

Without torturing you more, we present 100 SMS that will be remembered by your future partner.

100 sms to your sweetheart

  • My day becomes special when you’re around;
  • It’s strange, but I remember you when it’s raining outside the window;
  • Coffee has never tasted so good;
  • Your words have comforted me, – Now I want to be your comfort;
  • You are the first person with whom I like to be silent;
  • Love or not, I want to watch movies only with you;
  • Without you the world turns into a black and white movie with subtitles;
  • You opened up a feeling in me that’s hard to define;
  • We haven’t known each other long, but I already trust you;
  • I like the peace I feel when I’m with you;
  • You can talk about your problems – I’m a good listener and counselor;
  • I didn’t know your smile would take me this far…
  • I love your texts, but only when I see you in person can I touch and see your eyes;
  • I dreamt of you, what will you do about it?
  • I’m in a good mood, and it’s all thanks to you;
  • You know, you’re far from gentle, but I like it;
  • You know, your lips are so…
  • You’re good in that suit, and my thoughts go out the wrong way…
  • You’re space. And we haven’t even gotten to bed yet;
  • You’ve helped me, and I want to grant your wish… any wish;
  • Your voice gives me the creeps; Stop parodying horror movie maniacs;
  • I like it when a fortress is stormed, instead of waiting in a siege…
  • I love our meetings. I’ll make the next one;
  • I’ll keep this memory for a long time, and I hope it has become important to you, too;
  • I admire your gallantry; only my father used to be so gentle with me;
  • You are incredibly attractive when you furrow your brow;
  • Your humor wins me over, and knocks me down at the same time;
  • You keep me warm on cold days, And I don’t mean a borrowed jacket I’ll never get back;
  • You have something in you that many men lack. I’ve been waiting for this…
  • I think I know who I’m going out with tonight. And who you’re going out with;
  • I want to kidnap you for an evening and maybe more than one;
  • There’s something I’ve been thinking about all day… and I should be thinking about work;
  • I know what to do to make you smile;
  • Suddenly I remember how tempting your big hands look;
  • I might get fired because one man won’t get out of my head;
  • Saw you in my dream…pervert;
  • Coffee doesn’t warm me up at all. Shall we meet?
  • The days before we meet are turning to hell. Is it because I work on weekdays?
  • I don’t want to share you with work, so promise me you’ll only come to my thoughts in the evening;
  • I’m jealous… How can you eat so much and not get fat?
  • Do you want me to tell you a secret? But you’ll have to ask nicely;
  • Your touch makes me tremble, Your hands are so cold;
  • I’m sure you’re a gift sent from on high to pull me out of work and take me to the sea;
  • I would not mind dining with someone every day. And supper;
  • I miss your company, I seem to be getting addicted to these silly jokes;
  • I don’t know why, but now I really want to hug you;
  • I like the way you overcome difficulties. I want to learn from you;
  • Think of me when you want a serious relationship… You know, beer, chicken and TV;
  • I didn’t think a night with you would do me so much good;
  • I almost believed you were a magician, for it was a wonderful day;
  • You make my life more fun, even from a distance… I keep remembering that stupid situation;
  • Thinking about you lately makes me feel like a pervert;
  • You can do it… You can snatch me out of the clutches of a fire-breathing deadline for a date tonight;
  • You’re the first person I’ve ever shown my favorite place. I hope you’ll love it as much as I once did;
  • Beside you I see a new meaning in life… another victim of my sarcasm;
  • It’s as if you can guess my desires. May I try?
  • Only you can make me laugh when I’m sad;
  • You’re so much like my ideal, I’d advise you to run away from me quickly;
  • You have a good heart, and with your soul I want to get to know you better;
  • You’re very charming, I’m already afraid to look at you;
  • I’m glad I met you. Life before you was pretty boring and predictable;
  • You make me feel weak. It’s dangerous for you…
  • Can I lean on your strong shoulder? I just want to lie down, take a break from the hustle and bustle;
  • You’re the only one around whom I don’t pretend to be different;
  • You thrill me… I’ve never yet chosen a dress for a date more than three hours;
  • I want you for myself–to pick good movies;
  • You have broad shoulders. I wonder if they’re comfortable to sleep on?
  • If I go to the sea, I’ll only take you with me… and a bottle of wine, of course;
  • Your guessing annoys me … but go on;
  • I didn’t know you had “such” talents;
  • I cannot forget our night together… the stars were as bright as your eyes;
  • Next to you, even an old café looks something new and mysterious;
  • If you go on a journey, where will you take me?
  • We both seem to love books. Do you want me to guess your favorite?
  • I bet you were a prankster as a kid…and you haven’t changed at all now;
  • You’re always fun to be with. Maybe I should kidnap you at my leisure.
  • When I see you, I get hot… or I want to laugh, and sometimes I want to hit you;
  • My day is better now that I see you. Show up in front of me more often;
  • When you smile, my worries fade into the background. I wonder what would happen if I looked at you all the time?
  • I’ve learned some unseemly things about you; I’ll sell the information for a big price;
  • It’s not easy for me to say this… but you owe me coffee, thief;
  • I’ve had a lot more urges since you came along, and not all of them are innocent;
  • When I eat something sweet, I always think of you;
  • I’m ready to get close to you right now… it’s so cold outside;
  • I was lucky to meet you… you’re a maniac at heart, of course, but you’re not so bad-looking;
  • Only you can quench my thirst For evening walks and ice cream;
  • It’s autumn, and without your humor I’m fading fast;
  • I want to grant your wish, so that you may grant mine. Dibs on the obscenity, I’m the only one who gets it;
  • I’ve been scolded at work. But here’s the strange thing, Remembering you, I’m reassured;
  • Let us meet to cheer each other up;
  • Spring has sprung, we must meet to rub the noses of these wussy couples.

The main thing to remember to always be yourself: talk about important things, even if they may seem silly to others, and do not be shy about the most immodest desires – most men will only be happy with a nice “tigress. In return for honesty, you’ll either get your man, or you’ll find someone even more valuable. Use our templates, combine with your own thoughts – and you’ll get the perfect texts that are 100% right for you.

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