What kind of text message to write a girl after a first date?

What is the best way to write a girl after a date?

A first date is always exciting. If the meeting went well and you decide it makes sense to see each other again and it could all be the beginning of the long-term relationship you’ve been waiting for, then you arrange to call or text. Traditionally, it’s the man who does this. Do not spend too much time on the detailed analysis of your texts and thinking about what to write a girl after the first date . Just believe: if you both had a good time together, you will spend it again in the same way.

When to write?

There is no hard rule when to write to a girl after a first date. However, you shouldn’t procrastinate too long – a day or two. After the meeting, you can wait a few hours to give yourself and your date time to think about how it went. Writing a text message the same evening or the next morning to thank the girl for meeting you and tell her you enjoyed the date is not only polite, but also a way to find out if she’s interested in further communication.

If she wowed you by writing first, don’t worry – respond.

This means you managed to get her to like you. If you had a good time together, do not play games about when to call or send a reply – just text as soon as you get the message.

What to write right after the date?

Regardless of what text you decide to send, be polite and tactful.

Ask a provocative question.

Provocative means to provoke something, in your case, to start a conversation and spark interest in you. Write, for example:

  1. What do you like to do when no one can see you?
  2. If you could choose any talent in the world, what would it be?
  3. What would you do if tomorrow were the last day on Earth?
  4. How would your best friend describe you?

It’s hardly a good idea to text a girl about sexual topics after a first date . A man who immediately talks about physical intimacy risks offending her and making himself look bad – as if he only wants sex.

Compliment her elegantly

Say nice words about her taste, interests, or mention anything impressive she’s done (found the perfect coffee, quoted Shakespeare, etc.). For example: “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I’m still impressed by how great your grasp of ancient philosophy is.” A compliment can not only boost her self-esteem, but also make you stand out, showing that you are interested in her life and mind, not just her physical features.

Ask if she got home safely

An old but good tradition. Send her a quick text asking if she got home okay. This shows you care and concern, and it invites you to text back and continue the conversation to extend the fun of your date.

Tell her you enjoyed her company.

Let her know how much you enjoyed being with her, “Thank you for a wonderful evening!” Show that it wasn’t just the food, drinks or activity you enjoyed that was good, but the conversations between you as well. This will boost the girl’s self-esteem and make her breathe a sigh of relief if she hopes to see you again.

What to write the day after the date?

Write briefly, on a pleasant and easy subject. Don’t send “Hi” and “How are you?” messages. – these are texts without meaning.

Recall a moment from the meeting

Let the girl know that you had fun with her, recall a carefree moment during the date. Perhaps you talked about your fervent love for animals. Write, for example: “Let’s go to the zoo! The birds will make me seem less noisy!” You were made fun of by a funny skit in the street or happened to pass a ridiculous billboard – remember that. Don’t write about embarrassing moments (like her spilling a drink on you or screaming funny while you were riding a roller coaster), because the effect can be reversed.

About the topic of your date conversation

Mention what your date said – so you show that you listened to her carefully. If the girl stated her love of photography, you can say you want to see some of her best shots or jokingly ask when she’s going to take your portrait. Your date has recommended watching a movie or reading a book – take the time to familiarize yourself with the piece and let her know what you think. Write, for example: “I listened to the band on your advice, you’re right – it’s great dance music!”

Arrange for the next appointment.

Use the topics of your conversation on the first date as a bridge to the second. For example, offer to do something together that the girl showed obvious interest in during the meeting. This will show that you listened to your date and want to see her again. If she mentioned, for example, an exhibition in a museum that she didn’t mind visiting, or a movie she was going to see, write that you would like to keep her company. Say, “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I’d love to go to a concert, too. Why don’t we go together?”

If the first date went well, you may be tempted to schedule a new one just for another day.

The girl might think, “The guy is rushing things too fast. There is no need to take her to breakfast the next morning. Write, for example: “I have a lot to do this week, but we had a great time and I want to see you again. How about we get together next weekend?” That way you show that there’s room in your life for more than just dates.

Offer to teach something.

If you have a skill or talent: you can draw, you can play the guitar, you know architecture, offer to give the girl some lessons. If you’re a tennis player, ask, “Do you want me to teach you how to play tennis this weekend?” That’s how you show your interest in seeing her again.

If you failed on a first date.

Write that you’re uncomfortable. For example: “I’m sorry if I seemed a little clumsy. There was so much on my mind, but you helped me have a pleasant evening. Would you mind getting together again?” Let the girl know that you acknowledge your awkwardness, and if your date wants to see you again, she’ll say so.

Should you text a girl after your first date?

Some dates may feel like a polite meeting with a colleague or client at work. Others are a simple conversation with a buddy at a party. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they don’t fill you with energy and excitement. If you see each other once and do not see further development of the relationship, the question of what to write a girl after the first meeting, disappears. However, even this acquaintance should end with a polite expression: “Thank you, I had a nice time.

What to write after the first date: 20 options


Your first date went well. There was incredible chemistry between you and your partner. You laughed and chatted.

However, one good date may not be enough if you want to continue the relationship. Dating is like a game where you have to be on your guard to succeed.

What message should you send after your first date? When to write, what to write and how to hint at a second date – these thoughts make you overanalyze different situations.

We’ll tell you when it’s appropriate to write messages after a first date and how to write a beautiful message for the person you’re interested in.

When to write first/first after a date?

Texting right after a date might be a sign of annoyance, but you shouldn’t wait three days either – the person will think you’re ignoring them.

Wait a couple of hours before sending a message. This gives you time to think about the date.

Over the next few hours, send a simple message to check on the person to see how they got home, or tell them you had fun . These simple messages show that you are polite and interested in furthering the relationship.

After the first message, give your partner time to respond, there’s no need to be inundated with messages.

What if your partner texted first?

There is a chance that your significant other will text you first. In this case, respond to the text as soon as possible. Do not wait too long, because no one wants to stay suspended, especially if you are interested in the person you are talking to.

Communicating and planning your next date

You can wait another two or three days after your first message to start a long text conversation. When you finally start texting, express your interest in a second date.

Since you’ve only been on one date, avoid excessive flirting, getting personal or expressing your love.

What to write first/first after the first date?

1. How did/did you get home? Is everything okay?

2. Hi, I enjoyed your company tonight. I’d like to see you again.

3. Did I manage to charm you on my date or should I try again?

4. I’m trying to concentrate on work, but I’m distracted by thoughts of your smile.

5. Hi, I watched the show you recommended. I have a lot to discuss with you! 🙂

6. Thanks for suggesting the lasagna. It’s the best thing I’ve tried in a long time.

7. I laugh every time I remember your first travel story. Our date was amazing.

8. If there was a prize for best date, do you think we would have a chance to win it?

9. I was nervous at first, but I didn’t feel the slightest bit awkward while talking to you.

10. You know, something interesting happened. I want to share it with you! We should definitely get together sometime.

11. 11. Hi, how’s your day going? Have you done anything interesting yet?

12. Today is a hectic day, but I can’t help thinking about the interesting conversation we had recently.

13. You seemed to like the wine on our date. Have you tried the wine at [name of place]? It’s probably the best in town.

14. I know it will be hard to top this amazing first date, but I’d like to try it. How about Saturday?

15. I forgot to ask one important question during our meeting – are you a Harry Potter fan by any chance? 🙂

16. I found out where your favorite standup comedian/artist will be performing. Shall we go?

17. Want to learn how to skate/rollerblade? If you’re free/unavailable this Sunday, I can teach you. I promise I won’t let you fall.

18. Hi, came across a cool article – it does a great job of explaining what we were discussing – which is about the history of this restaurant.

19. I’m sorry if I seemed lost. My mind got confused. Can we try to get together again – I promise to get my thoughts together?

20. I was wondering what prompted you to take up psychology [another profession or hobby]?

Key points

If your significant other texts you first, respond as soon as possible. Replying too long can be perceived as a lack of interest.

Tell your partner how you feel (not too openly) and ask open-ended questions to continue the conversation and connect with him or her.

Don’t think too long, sending a text message after a first date – swim with the flow.

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