What kind of people don’t you like?

What kind of people do you like and what kind of people don’t you like?

I don’t like dull-witted, shallow and aggressive ones. True, such I have not come across for a long time. Well, except on wuman.)

I do not like when they pry into their affairs, give advice when they do not ask for it, join in a conversation when they hear ringing but do not know where it is, ask very personal questions without a problem, with a different opinion on something, they say – No, you’re wrong! And those who like to argue and constantly persist in proving something, without understanding that others simply do not care, I do not like self-obsessed, opinionated, fussy and grumpy.

I like interesting people, sociable, but unobtrusive, cheerful and positive, with a lot of hobbies and interests, I like those who are not whining, not capricious and not persuading and not dragging another person behind him if he needs somewhere, and that person with him does not want to go… I love people who are understanding and non-abusive, beautiful, with a sense of humor, who are easy to laugh with, and “easy on the eyes”. I also like tactful and polite

I also do not like whiners, although I myself love to whine).

Koshshka, yes on wuman some maniacs and maniacs)

Cheerful, cheerful and active people are good in moderation. In large quantities, they tire. Better slow-moving: they reek of peace and tranquility.

What kind of men do girls like?

What kind of porn do you like to watch?

People like those who prefer to love themselves.

Why do you think many people love and spoil their daughters? А.

Have you noticed any patterns in what type of people like a certain type of person?

I don’t know why, but I like introverts, and I also like mysterious people who tell little about themselves and so they seem more interesting. And I don’t like boorish and irascible people, or irresponsible and unpunctual people. Here. )

Jo 5…exactly) How I would smack once to make him bleed))))))))))))

I, on the contrary, do not like impudent, abrupt, shouty people, and I appreciate quiet and reserved people, because they are rare these days.

11, nothing from them reeks…only delay)

Wow, Zaraza, did you get infected? Vasya bit you. ))))))

13, no, no blood))))

I also don’t like people who are, like, “perpetually in character.”

And I do not like those who have a desire to hit somebody in the head or beat him, they are malicious))

12 – I agree. I, like Mueller, love the silent ones.

16 Koshshka)) just kidding)) Jo, well, I figuratively) I have a girlfriend like this … I give her something that it is so hesitant looks me in the eye, the handle can barely pull … I even twitch)

Cheerful and active doesn’t mean tiring the other person.

Not just like a frying pan.

19, come here.)

15 – it blows. Not from everyone, of course.

Steven Seagal, what’s wrong with him? He’s got that, uh, peaceful vibe to him.

21 Bitch, don’t give her anything.)

The daily torture of homework.

Is there a boomerang?

How do philanderers end up?

Divorce, filing for alimony, getting the kids registered.

How do I get married so I can be a housewife and not have to work?

I don’t like jealous and cunning. I like talented and sociable.

I don’t like women who are beaten by their husbands and they complain, whine and live with them anyway…I’d take them to the firing squad as well)

I do not like chicken brains. And vice versa.

I like beautiful women more than ugly. I like the old more than the young.

I don’t like Russian immigrants in general, but I like my colleagues.

But stupidity is my disease.

(I can still smell peace in Tom Hanks and Richard Gere)

31, don’t confuse old age with peace.)

I don’t like stupid people.

I especially hate people who think they are the center of the world and do not accept anybody else’s opinion but their own.

I don’t like cattle and rude people, unfortunately, there are more and more of them now.

I appreciate responsibility, sincerity and benevolence in people.

You are evil!))) Something in life is not so … at her.

34, I am very kind…honestly)) But I do not like brakes)

Little dick.

I think I’ve fallen out of love.

We got a kitten, two weeks later we realized we were cheated.

Have you been punched for extra product in the store?

What’s happening to higher education in Russia?

28, it’s their fetish, without a beating, they’ll run away in a week and find someone who’ll beat them anyway)

I sympathize very much with people who have “what’s on their mind is on their tongue” (if they’re not imbeciles, of course)). Very few people nowadays who say what they think – a rare breed.

And I don’t like stupid men…or illiterate people…like 3rd graders in education…

I don’t like outright stupid people. I also don’t like arrogant people. The rest are all with a beer)

I don’t like it when people I know kiss me… I don’t like strangers touching me. Or talk to me and come close to me. I move away, and they come…breathe in my face…yuck!)

40, and I like beer without people…with fish)

I don’t like nationalists and the playfulness in people. When a person says something stupid emotionally with humor and thinks what they said is clever. For example: “Katya, it’s not enough to kiss you!” – And yet he had no intention of kissing her at all, but only said it to impress her.

I don’t like the boorish and boorish streetcar people, but the rest are all right.

I like impudent, loud-mouthed and disloyal to another point of view. I like the rest of them (except criminals), regardless of their psycho-type.

I like kind, non-maleficent and well-mannered people with a sense of humor and high intelligence. I do not like ***, racists, people with a huge ego without self-irony, boring, “correct”, overly feminine girls who are constantly whining).

46 “overly feminine girls who whine all the time”… yeah, like… “oops, I pricked my finger with a spindle”…princesses…)

I love people who are open, easy to talk to, friendly. I don’t like whiners, envious, hypocritical people, I hate it when they show off and brag.

46,47 yes, I don’t like that kind of jerk either… “Oh, I broke a nail, that’s it, depression for two months. “Or “I have nothing to wear, I updated my closet 2 weeks ago, I can’t go in this old thing. “Funny, a, prvda a lot of these recently

Zaraza, “I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m thirsty. And why do you look so sad? Did I hurt you? No? Then what happened? Tell me right away, no need to sulk. Well, if you’re so, then I’m not talking to you too”-I had a friend like that, her hanging on to her not to hit her on the head.


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What kind of people don’t you like?

I always tried to convince them without fighting, but it was useless – I assure you, now I hit him in the nose right away – he gets lost, I tell him nicely “go to work” and leave. Not nice to communicate with stupid people. Recently I realized the most important – if I’m on the street to meet someone like me, I do not like him – I realized it then. when he met a copy of my character – guys – it’s a nightmare. as I people tolerate do not know (

Ha ha . and all those who disagreed with me yesterday and voted against my answer, it was probably – “boor” )))

Oh, I not only hate them, I black out in the distance, I’ll soon go to kill, probably! I’m sick of them. I’m glad I’m not a “bully” today!))

Very annoying not punctual and not obliging people. They often think it’s quite normal to make myself wait. On occasion, do not miss the opportunity to bring these clowns down to earth with phrases like “You made me wait for you. This time I waited for you, but next time I’ll just go away and you can decide for yourself.

This kind of behavior is certainly appropriate when that person is dependent on you at that moment.

I try not to do any real business with such people. I have this cockroach in my head: not a punctual person = not a serious person.

Someone from this contingent gave me a minus)) Well yes, such people are also usually shallow in nature.

I don’t like people who are hypocritical. Smiles in the eyes, but hates in the heart. Or just quietly shits and sets up, so, not with malice. If we go to extremes, it is better for a person to be rude and straightforward, but honest and open. But you won’t wait for meanness and lies from such a person.

It’s strange, I went over the options in my mind and didn’t find anything. That’s too bad. There are no people I don’t like. And there are very few people I like. Most people I have no feelings for at all. Disturbing signal.

It’s a normal signal and a normal reaction. I also try to communicate evenly with everyone. Even with those who I do not like. I only put them down when they’re getting on my neck.

It’s kind of hard to answer that question. Sometimes even a boor can make a person feel good about himself, don’t you think?

I know that the most disliked are hypocritical people: they can’t say a word in the eyes, but they can say their bile behind the eyes.)

I want to point out the fact that what your attitude is to any type of person, so is your sympathy for them. Without exaggerating this, with confidence I will say that among each person is a different type of people: the redneck, hypocritical, totally positive, kind, funny, foul-mouthed (man, I can not remember the characteristics of man at once). And we like them, and there are people who pissed us off in some way and we strongly dislike them! Here)))

I can’t stand those who have high self-esteem, and they don’t see anyone higher than their nose. I just want to flog people like that. I hate liars – “Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie.” Well, I can’t stand hypocritical people.

All good in moderation. A man without emotion can not like, he is like inanimate nature, harsh and silent, but I can not stand hysterics, when a man on any occasion shoots emotions in others. So, let a person be moderately emotional, then it is easy and pleasant to live next to him.

I do not like arrogant people who belittle others, who insult others. Do not like selfish people. I don’t particularly like greedy people either. I also don’t like jealous people who get nasty because they are jealous. I also don’t like energy vampires.

There are no absolutely disgusting people, even criminals can have positive features. And if a man behaves inappropriately, for sure there are reasons for it: he was late, had to return, the greedy, saving on something more important or felt the need, and there are many other reasons. Confident, self-sufficient person does not focus on others’ shortcomings (especially it is such a thankless task), and tries to eradicate their own, justify other people’s and happily go on. And if you suddenly do not like someone, just do not communicate.

Well, I mean the same biologically, according to the same scheme. And so, people are different, but behavioral reactions in certain situations are so similar that involuntarily there are exclamations that they are all the same, the same world, etc. We live in the same society, in the same cauldron of life. If you want to pay a compliment, tell the person that he is not like everyone else.

And we are the same for the Chinese. And vice versa:)

What for one person is an advantage, virtue in character, for another may be the most unpleasant disadvantage.

We are all very different and everyone has different preferences. One and in the ugly can see something worthy of attention, and the other does not have this ability.

As the saying goes: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So it all depends on the “beholder”, on his preferences and tastes.

For one person, another person can be a standard in all senses, and another person will come and look at this “standard” and find a flaw in it.

So everything is purely personal.

A job you love is a good thing. But work often requires a lot of nerves. My mother is a teacher, a speech therapist and a psychologist. Now she is considered to provide educational services. She works with children, but also has to work with parents. Also in the team, where most of the women. Yes, she has to be flexible, she demonstrates professionalism, even receives certificates and awards, verbal praise from the boss, but how much health spends.

And the need to speak out. Here I am telling me how and what. The salary, I think, does not correspond to these forces and nerves. But until retirement still have to work for several years. And does not want to retire. So she toned, well-groomed, a dress and suit to buy, makeup will do, help relatives (there are such). At home would not be able to sit. Nervous. But she’s always emotional. I work on her calmness, giving her care and love.

A man has to be:

Talkative – otherwise why are we given language? It was possible to communicate with gestures without coming out of the Stone Age.

Harmful, to induce others to be foolishness, which leads to rudeness.

Greedy and Envious – to increase productivity.

The Bored – for the craving to know the truth.

All in all, no matter how bad it is, it will be good. It’s development. These are the little bricks of personality and individualism. Not everything that is bad for one is bad for others.

I would not say that people in the North are kinder – I remember the Vikings – they were very calm – they hacked up half the world with their axes. But more stubborn in achieving their goals – it’s true, perhaps with a more collectivist mindset with communist-communist thinking – I understand why. And on the temperament in no small measure also affects the ideology, imposed from childhood on the consciousness – compare the quiet Hindus and, say, the inhabitants of the Middle East.

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