What kind of girls like Taurus?

Taurus men: characteristic, what women they like

An interesting zodiac sign is Taurus, because the man who represents him is calm, the characteristic creates an image of an ideal family man, and it is not difficult to find out which women he really likes. The guy does not know how to hint and does not understand from half a word, so he is able to be direct and honest about the qualities he is looking for in a girl. But some features the young man implies without talking about them. Guess what the young man wants to get, then the relationship will last more than one month.

Women who like Taurus

Representatives of the sign choose hostess ladies who are able to cope with household tasks. In the understanding of the young man, the family is patriarchal, so he takes the responsibility for the extraction of money. Demands femininity from his spouse in everything: behavior, appearance and character. Chosen long chooses, but to develop relationships in no hurry – even an ideal in all respects a girl looks closely, long doubts.

Character Traits

The Taurus Boy is picky in his choice of a girlfriend. Since he perceives marriage as a union for life, he assesses all aspects of the applicant for the title of a wife. In the first place he looks at the character. A representative of the sign is practical and pragmatic, so he understands that the appearance is a temporary product, and invest in a more promising direction. To be liked by men representing the sign, a girl needs to have a number of qualities:

  1. Initiative. Taurus men are slow, hardly relate to changes. The inertness of a pair of such people is impossible to endure, so choose representatives of the zodiac sign of active women who can bring new habits to a boring lifestyle.
  2. Femininity. It was mentioned earlier that it should be present in all aspects, but character is the main one. The representative of the sign does not tolerate rudeness, aggression, foul language. At a hint of such, he leaves without warning or conversation.
  3. Willingness to compromise. The man will like it if the selected woman will behave in a friendly way. He is able to stand up for the interests of the beloved or couple, but prefers not to waste his energy on it.

Also, the young man will appreciate the willingness to get to know and befriend his family, especially his mother. The value of relatives is great, so a woman should not refuse.

How she should look

A young lady should always watch her appearance. To dwell on it, you can not, but ignore it, too, will not work: because of the straightforwardness of the young man will express dissatisfaction with the attitude towards himself. In this case, of the natural beauty, inherited through genetics, and purposeful work on himself, he chooses the latter. The young man is inclined to a healthy diet, likes fitness classes, so such hobbies in his beloved will appreciate and share.

A girl who has decided to conquer a man of this zodiac sign should choose:

  • Modest outfits that emphasize the figure, but not frank;
  • light makeup in natural colors;
  • comfortable shoes and clothing.

Create a festive image for a meeting with friends should not be created, as this will put the young man in a state of incomprehension. Seeing full readiness, he will think that the beauty has found someone else. Such surprises are better saved until dates in private, where he will understand that all the splendor was done for him.

Behavior and communication

Determine whether a man’s behavior if he suddenly likes a girl is difficult, because the changes are unlikely to catch. Outward restraint in unfamiliar company, sociability and looseness among friends is always peculiar to a young man. When seeing a woman who likes it, there will be felt inertness – at first there should be time to get used to the new person. During further meetings Taurus will decide for himself whether it is possible to continue to communicate and get closer, but the process will be long.

The help of the chosen one will be needed to speed it up. If a Taurus man hesitates to approach, show initiative or show interest in his company. Understanding that he is sympathetic to the opposite sex will give him confidence.

Young men of this sign like it when a girl shows:

  • friendliness to his friends – his circle of communication includes proven people with whom he has a lot to do;
  • calmness – hysterics, scandals, fights are unacceptable in the relationship, Taurus will not waste energy on it, and just silently leave;
  • Housekeeping, especially in the material aspect, although he can spend his last money to help a friend.

Sexual temperament and preferences in bed

In matters of sex man is conservative. Sticks to the traditional notion of the process. At the same time has a great potential that realizes it in marriage. Young men are not traded in numerous relationships, may remain innocent until marriage or limit themselves to one permanent girlfriend.

The classic view of the family does not allow for infidelity, so fidelity is a mandatory criterion of the Taurus relationship. Guys do not understand the motives for such actions, because usually a couple of nights a week is enough to satisfy their needs. The spouse must also have a calm temperament, so talk in advance about how such issues will be resolved.

What repels in Taurus girls

Young men, representing the sign, are not inherently ambiguous. Practical mindset suggests that you should not choose flippant and creative people – they are fickle. A man will like the educated, but repulsed:

  • Independence – supports the idea of patriarchy, but will appreciate the desire to work in a team with him;
  • Non-seriousness – relationships are not a topic for jokes or mockery for him, and neither is family;
  • Negligence to the household – the most important aspect, because the wife is obliged to take care of her husband with a delicious meal and cleaned apartment;
  • Unpreparedness for dialogue – it is difficult for a man to compromise, stubbornness on the part of the girl, manifested in moments of misunderstanding in the couple will be unnecessary.

The young man has no clear idea of the ready image of his future wife. But when he meets the girl, he tries her on all the patterns of family life. If she confirms that she is suitable for each, then the couple is formed.

How to arouse his sympathy

The beloved girl Taurus long and hard checks for a match, but to start this stage, you need to interest the young man. To do this, act according to a pattern:

  • appear in the company of Taurus friends, ask in advance to introduce you to each other;
  • socialize, show intelligence;
  • be sure to exchange numbers, but it is better by necessity or as if by accident;
  • When saying goodbye, say directly that you are waiting for a call, but don’t act first.

Working according to the scheme, the woman will interest, cause trust, take the initiative, leaving room for the realization of the man’s ambitions. Otherwise, the beginning of communication will drag on for several months. A loving Taurus is a loyal and devoted family man who will never betray his spouse. This is a candidate for the title of the ideal man, who is ready to support, requiring in return the performance of simple household tasks. His patriarchal view of the world hints at an outdated view of life, but he cannot do otherwise. His mistress understands this, supporting him in everything.

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Taurus man: the characteristic, what women he likes

The topic we are going to talk about today: “Taurus man: the characteristic, what women he likes” is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is easy to assume that the Taurus man wants superficial beauty and elegance from a girl, but in fact there is much more going on with this guy than just physical attraction. He likes harmony and femininity, as well as a caring character and these are not all the characteristics of the women he likes.

A woman who is a flower.

She is completely feminine in nature and character, and the Taurus man finds this type of women attractive, this type he likes. She is romantic, sweet, gentle, peaceful, receptive and knowledgeable. She is sensitive, has excellent manners and has no problem allowing a man to behave. She is a gentle rose, an innocent girl looking for a strong shoulder to lean on.

This type of woman really likes a strong and masculine, but sensitive and romantic protector of the Taurus man.

Nature Girl

The nature girl is fresh, fragrant and pure. She has a natural beauty, she is cheerful and has a cheerful character, and she has many plans for the future. In addition, she has brains, thoughtfulness, strength of character, courage, patience and practicality. The Taurus man will like her strength without aggression, beauty without deception, practicality and disarming naturalness.

Pet lover

The Taurus man loves pets and finds them extremely soothing. He will have an immediate rapport with a woman who also loves and is passionate about animals.

A woman who loves pets is naturally affectionate. She wants to love and be loved in return. She is gentle, caring, fully committed, open-minded and ready for a long term commitment. This is what Taurus men like about the character of women.

Goddess of the Garden.

A woman who is a gardener at heart is a unique combination of insight, thoroughness, serenity, creativity, wisdom and kindness. She has an endless tendency to love, understand and wait patiently.

She is a caring woman who does not make constant demands, and because of her natural tendency to care for her partner, the earthy Taurus man can easily imagine having the stable and happy relationship with her that he longs for.


Taurus man: what other women does he like?

The Taurus guy is attracted to educated, ambitious, financially independent and confident women, but at the same time feminine. He likes competent women who can easily and without much stress deal with their career, family and leisure.

He knows that when both he and his beloved will work hard to achieve material success, his life will become easier, his stress level will be lower, and life in general will be more stable and comfortable. Such women like a Taurus man.

Refined Lady.

An elegant, refined lady, loves affluence and prosperity. She treats herself first class and appreciates all the traditional things in life: food, music, clothes and everything else. She is always amiable, has pleasant manners and speaks calmly and generally has a mild character.

She is very pleased with herself and, among other things, with her flaws. A Taurus man, who is an extremely confident, subtle connoisseur of the good life, will be charmed by such a sophisticated woman.

Urban Prima

What kind of girls do Taurus guys like yet? Urban prima is bright, elegant, fashionable and stylish. What distinguishes her from the “sophisticated lady” is her knowledge of social life, fashion, music, etiquette and epicurean extravagance.

She is always “in the know”, smart, educated and well known to all the “right” people. When she enters a room, everyone turns around, and when she speaks, everyone listens. An urban prima would definitely appeal to the Taurus man and excite his imagination. After all, he is a man of strong character and a desire to succeed and make a name for himself in society.


The artiste is a creative, imaginative and playful woman. She has a wealth of ideas and the ability to be dedicated. She is goal-oriented, progressive, though not always practical.

If a woman has some talent, for example, in painting, singing, literature, playing instruments, or even if she is just a fan or lover of the arts, the Taurus Man with the soul of an artist will certainly want to know more about her. Go to the Home Page of the Land of Advice for more interesting stories.

The Happy Housewife

The happy housewife is focused on marriage and family. Her greatest happiness in life is having children to take care of, a comfortable home, and a man who focuses on his work while she provides comfort and manages his home life. A loving, caring, loyal and hardworking Taurus man will want to share his life with a woman who is happy to take care of his basic needs.

Domestic Goddess

The domestic goddess does not have to be married and have children to be happy. She keeps her home clean, uncluttered and tastefully decorated.

She is a brilliant cook and a brilliant cook, and she always looks beautiful and sexy. As if that weren’t enough, she also gracefully satisfies all of her partner’s needs. It is said that the way to a Taurus man’s heart is through his stomach, so it is safe to say that a Taurus man will like a woman of this character.

A woman for a man

Feeling cared for is more than just good for the “energy-saving” (even lazy) Taurus man. A woman of this type is attentive to a man’s needs. She is very compliant, eager to help the man in whatever he is doing.

She is a comfortable woman for a man because he can just lay back and let her do most of the work. This is her characteristic.

In addition, she wants her man to be happy, so she will put a lot of effort into trying to realize this.


The girl next door has a healthy and unassuming femininity. She is a kind, honest and loyal friend: a cheerful and shy cutie. She makes you want to get to know her better.

A Taurus guy will feel that he has known this friendly, good-natured girl all his life and will be able to trust and communicate with her on many levels. In addition, she is the perfect girl to invite home and introduce to her parents.

Characteristics of the personality of a Taurus man

A man is a Taurus man if he was born between April 20 and May 20. The following is a comprehensive assessment of the main features of the character of a Taurus and his personality characteristics.

Positive traits

  • Generous
  • Purposeful
  • Faithful
  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Prefers simplicity
  • Stable
  • Business
  • Likes the nature

Negative traits

  • Materialist
  • Stubborn
  • Indulges his whims
  • Lazy
  • Burnout prone

Male Taurus as a friend

Representatives of this zodiac sign, care about who they bond with, and think hard before committing to another person.

Taurus is a super loyal friend who will protect you to the very end. Because they are known for their somewhat wasteful lifestyle, they usually invite those around them to join them in the fun. Not a bad character trait, if you think about it.

Career and Money

Because Taurus is a goal-oriented sign, he naturally has strong career and financial skills. He knows which career to pursue and which path to take. Because this sign is very practical, he doesn’t like to waste money.

Taurus enjoys a good lifestyle, but it is never at the expense of things that must be paid for first – utilities, loans, and so on. Again, the main character trait of a Taurus is practicality.

General temperament.

Representatives of the Taurus sign are stable. They don’t experience a bunch of mood swings like other Zodiac signs like Cancer or Pisces. They can be very charming and alluring when they first meet. This is partly due to their competitive nature, which makes them try to win people over. Once that happens, however, their charm dulls a bit.

Because Taurus is a stationary sign (the others are Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius), he doesn’t like change. In fact, he prefers things to stay the same. If Taurus senses that a change in everyday life is about to happen or that something is about to change as part of a regular ritual, he gets anxious.

To summarize, Taurus is a sign of leadership. Determination, extreme focus in achieving a goal are all personal characteristics of the sign.

A side effect of determination, however, can be stubbornness. As a result, this ultra-focused approach to achieving a certain goal can lead Taurus to conflicts with other people. Here we are talking about employees, bosses and loved ones.

Taurus sign personalities like their daily routine and ritualization. This sign also pays special attention to its environment with an emphasis on home.

They are homely people who enjoy lounging on the couch. It is for this reason that they are often considered boring. While others may see this as a negative character trait, Taurus signs find inner peace and harmony in everyday life.


Continuing the theme “Taurus man: characteristic, what women he likes” it is important to note that they are usually very practical in their approach to choosing a woman.

Remember that one of the key traits of a Taurus man is simplicity and a love of everyday life. Forming a relationship with him is often a long strategy game.

However, if a Taurus likes you, know that he won’t be leaving anytime soon. Loyalty is one of his main traits. It is unlikely that he will leave you during your relationship. Taurus guys love a long connection and romance!

How to like Taurus guys

Keep the key characteristics of this Zodiac sign in mind.

It will take some time for them to become attached. Don’t expect instant results. They move at a much slower pace than other signs when it comes to love for women and romance. It’s that “chip” of practicality that they struggle with.

Taurus men are simple in nature. Although they like certain traits in a woman, they do not have strict requirements for a relationship, except that they should be relaxed. If a woman loves him and shows his love with gentle words and behavior , he will usually be satisfied.

These guys like to feel that they are important, controlling and providing. They are not attracted to a woman who knows everything and takes care of everything. However, they do not seek to dominate, as they want to be loved and appreciated.

These guys can be shy, so they may be attracted to energetic and talkative women. Conversely, they can also get along well with reserved, good-natured partners who are flexible and understanding.

  • Taurus men like to be in love.

The most important thing for a Taurus man is to find a woman who gives him that feeling of love. …

They love physical contact, so don’t be afraid to touch him. A Taurus man likes it when a woman gently puts her hand on his shoulder, touches his cheek or puts her hand in his palm.

What Zodiac signs the Taurus man is most compatible with?

Let us now explore the topic “Taurus man: characteristics, what women he likes” in terms of astrology and learn about the best compatibility of the main character of our article with the zodiac signs.

The Taurus man is attracted to beautiful women, feminine, who dress stylishly and know how to communicate. But perhaps most of all he is attracted to a woman who is calm, straightforward, natural and true to herself.

However, to win his heart, a woman must first become his friend who he can trust.

Taurus is an earth sign, and his zodiacal symbol is the bull. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) all have in common the trait of being grounded and focused on the here and now. This sets them apart from other signs, such as Pisces (the water sign), who lives in a bifurcated world of fantasy and the past.

Best Compatibility.

  • Taurus / Pisces = Excellent
  • Taurus / Cancer = Excellent
  • Taurus / Capricorn = Good

Worst Compatibility

  • Taurus / Gemini = Terrible
  • Taurus / Sagittarius = Bad
  • Taurus / Aquarius = So-so

Doubtful compatibility

  • Taurus/Scorpio (could be very good or very bad)
  • Taurus / Taurus (could be a perfect match or a bad idea)

A Taurus man can be compatible with many types of women, but what type of women does he prefer the most? A woman can be any of the above, but in the eyes of a Taurus man the most desirable traits of a woman are femininity, practicality, patience and reliability. If a woman possesses all of these qualities, then the Taurus man will know that he has hit the jackpot.

What traits Taurus men value in women

Ruled by Venus, Taurus men love good food and anything that tantalizes the senses. When it comes to their ideal woman, they love loyalty, friendship and warmth.

Taurus man, what kind of women does he like? As a rule, he is not looking for a certain type of partner. He equally likes talkative and energetic women, as well as flexible, easy-going partners. If you feed him a nice home-cooked meal, that’s a very good start.

He wants to be consulted on everything and has a desire for control. The Taurus man appreciates a calm and thoughtful woman, as he likes it when you can be patient and wait for him to take charge of important matters.


You don’t need to be a supermodel to win the heart of a Taurus man, but paying attention to your appearance is essential, as he likes femininity. Fine and expensive perfume and natural textures, as well as high-quality handmade products and tailored clothes are what he will notice in you.

  • Beauty and comfort are the shrines that the Taurus Man worships. If your home is clean and you have taken care to decorate and make it cozy, he will feel right at home.
  • He will love it if you love art and notice his taste in works of art, and he will be charmed if you are confident in your appearance and easily express your inner beauty.


They can be simple guys who like home cooking, but the best way to ruin a relationship with a Taurus man is to give him a reason to doubt you. Loyalty and loyalty are what he likes in a woman, so flirting with other men to make him jealous will never work.

  • Even if you are faithful, he should feel at ease, as his ego is fragile. When he feels threatened, he can be your worst nightmare.


By keeping your finances in order and giving the impression of being organized and stable, you won’t give the Taurus man anything to complain about. He has a pragmatic nature, and that makes him a stable and reliable partner. He wants to be a leader, he likes to talk about money, and he needs to know that his woman supports him and appreciates his leadership.

These men need to feel important, in control, and valued. If you are ambitious and career-minded, or just know what you want, the Taurus man will stand behind you and help you achieve what you want. It’s important for him to know that he can count on you for his turn. These are the basic characteristics of qualities that attract him.

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