What kind of girls do Aquarius men like?

What kind of women do Aquarius men like, how to attract their attention, what can surprise them?

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Aquarius men are popular among the fair sex. Those born under this sign are intellectually developed, they like to engage in extreme sports, they know how to achieve financial well-being. So there is a natural question: what women like a man The Aquarius? After all, to achieve interest Aquarius and keep him, not easy, and applying advice from astrologers, you can do it much easier.

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What women like a Aquarius man?

For a man born under the constellation Aquarius, it is important that the lady was interesting. The beloved of this sign is an attractive woman with an unusual appearance, active and eager to try everything in life. The level of inner freedom and the similarity of life priorities with the values of the air man is important.

Aquarians do not accept monotony and drab. Mate of the ward Uranus will have to constantly invent, how to diversify joint existence, for example, to surprise her lover in bed. Aquarius will be glad if the other half will show initiative, arranging romantic dates and surprises, because the man of Air is attracted to active, active ladies.

7 out of 9 need freedom

The Aquarius man needs freedom and trust, so there is no need to limit the lover and demand that he is always around. Continuous messages and calls will anger the ward of Uranus. If the air sign has sincere feelings for a woman, he will devote all his free time to her, but on the condition that his chosen one will not force him into meetings and conversations.

Do not provoke Aquarius to jealousy, because competition is unacceptable for such a man. If the lady allows advances from other representatives of the stronger sex or flirts with men herself, the situation will only get worse. The air sign will be angry and nervous, so such behavior is better to exclude.

The underling of Uranus is a lover of travel, tourism, visiting new places. A woman should be prepared for the fact that she will have to accompany the other half. Aquarius likes active rest, such a man will give preference to a vacation in an exotic country or at a ski resort. If the representative of the weaker sex will show interest in such leisure, the airy sign will notice and appreciate it.

By appearance

To attract the attention of a man born under the constellation Aquarius, a woman only needs to be beautiful, but also have her own style. Most often, the air sign shows interest in ladies who have taste, not just following the latest trends in fashion.

Hair color, height, figure in this case does not play a decisive role. Much more important is the ability to present oneself in a favorable light, to look stylish and to be individual. It is these moments that attract the Uranus underling, not the physical data of the fair sex.

Get involved in sports. The airy man tries to watch his figure, so he expects the same from the woman. Go together to the gym or go hiking, this way you can interest Aquarius. In addition, a great figure and new sensations will never hurt.

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For the ward of Uranus in sexual relations in the first place is the spiritual connection with the partner, so in intimacy such a man can be cold. He needs a passionate companion who can ignite a bright flame inside Aquarius. Attractive, sensual blonde can awaken feelings in the chosen one, and observing the right tactics, the lady will capture the heart of Aquarius for a long time.


The air man is interested in the stylish representative of the fair sex. A lady who knows all the fashion trends, but does not know how to create her own unique image, will not attract the attention of Aquarius. Bright brunette knows how to stand out from the crowd, she attracts the attention of the opposite sex with her sophisticated taste and charm. Such a woman looks attractive and fashionable, intelligently emphasizing her virtues and skillfully hiding flaws. Therefore, a dark-haired beauty is a worthy match for the ward of Uranus.


A man born under the constellation Aquarius is a connoisseur of beauty. To win his favor, a woman should watch her appearance and be on top in all circumstances.

Unremarkable ladies are not interested in the airy sign. Create your own unique image that Aquarius will be attracted to you. The owner of red hair is able to intrigue and capture the attention of this man from the first minutes of acquaintance.

Obese or thin

According to statistics, most of the strong half of mankind prefers thin ladies. But when speaking about fat people, men mean obese people, and thin people mean women with normal weight.

110-80-110 cm.

If a representative of the fair sex weighs more than the norm, but knows how to present themselves properly, her figure is harmonious and proportional, then born under the constellation of Aquarius, she will like. The fat lady can surprise with a great appearance, and too thin, anorexic, makes a repulsive impression on men.


A woman will not achieve mutual understanding with a ward of Uranus if she is trying to limit a man by rigid frameworks and deprive the lover of the right to freedom. Dictating their terms, the companion repulses Aquarius, because this behavior is unacceptable to him. No matter how strong the feelings of the air sign, he will not sacrifice freedom for the sake of the beloved. Even in marriage, such a man will remain free and independent.

Not every representative of the weaker sex is ready to agree with such principles, that is why it is sometimes difficult to find a second half for a ward of Uranus. But if a man of Air meets a lady who accepts his position and agrees to such an order, Aquarius will make every effort to make his beloved happy and make their couple harmonious, reliable and strong.

For a man born under the constellation Aquarius, it is important that a woman shows him attention and care with full dedication. Such behavior is necessary for an airy man both in domestic matters and concerning his mental organization. To do this, the companion needs to support the lover, to appreciate him and not limit the freedom of Aquarius.

If the chosen one of Uranus’ ward will accept his position, this man will try to do everything that she wants, but at the same time, the air sign will be guided by the principle of reasonableness. With such a companion, a lady will feel protection, security, mental comfort and warmth.

Strong or weak

Born under the constellation Aquarius impressed by women with a soft character, feminine and defenseless, but they should not always be like that, but only in those circumstances where a representative of the stronger sex wants to demonstrate their masculinity and strength. The soft and submissive lady can capture the attention of the air sign for a long time.

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But you need to distinguish between softness and permissiveness. A compliant woman listens to her lover when he makes a decision, for example, to move. And when the spouse provokes his second half to commit a bad act, you can not be obediently unconditional request of the man, because this is permissiveness from the chosen one.

By refusing to participate in a dubious venture, the woman runs the risk of angering Uranus’ ward, but later Aquarius will probably realize his own wrongdoing and will be imbued with respect for the lady.

Powerful or gentle

Men born under the constellation Aquarius are usually reserved and closed. These traits do not prevent the air sign to communicate with others, but should the interlocutor try to get into the soul of Uranus, the Aquarius immediately closed.

The Air man has a lot of requirements for the beloved.

A woman should be able to show and convey any feelings and impressions to the companion. Build strong, lasting relationships with Aquarius will succeed emotional, sensitive lady, able to feel others, support and empathize.


The underling of Uranus likes to communicate, learn and create something new. The airy man is active, cheerful and charming. Not every Aquarius dare to marry, because born under this sign believe that family ties will restrict their freedom.

Choose second half such a man is desirable, taking into account its age:

  • Aquarius until the age of thirty needs constant communication, learning the unknown, comprehending new experiences and emotions. A man of this age fit one of the Air: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini;
  • After crossing the thirty-year mark, the Uranus underling becomes more practical and looks at the world realistically. Such a man needs a lady who has the qualities necessary for life – Virgo or Aries;
  • After forty years, the air sign seeks recognition and respect, so an excellent pair he will make a representative of the fair sex, born under the constellation of Leo.


Women’s forums on the subject say the following:

  • “Aquarius attracts the strange and slightly abnormal. At the same time, the other half of the air sign should be a partner for him and not limit the man’s freedom.”
  • “I am an earth sign. Entering into marriage with Aquarius I had no desire, but he was able to gain favor by showing courage and strength of character. Being married to this sign, I feel like a stone wall. And I earned his favor by demonstrating intelligence. Stupid women such men do not like;
  • “Aquarius companion should be his companion and accompany the man everywhere. Aquarius like to have fun, go to unusual places, to experience new emotions and feelings, and their girlfriend should also like it. In addition, a pair of sign of Air will choose a bright and interesting lady.

How to attract the attention of Aquarius men

The favor of the ward of Uranus does not indicate sublime feelings. Born under the constellation Aquarius is polite to everyone. And the air sign does not like to get used to people.

To draw his attention to yourself, it is worth examining more closely the following points:

  • The air sign initially seeks friendly relations: the representative of the weaker sex should become a pleasant conversationalist, and only after earning the favor of such a man, a woman can claim to be his lover;
  • Plans and ideas of Aquarius should be admired, because he dreams of recognition. In this way, the lady will interest the ward of Uranus;
  • Demonstrate your intellect next to the man of Air, because this sign adores intelligent, erudite ladies. However, do not overdo it by showing your superiority, because it can lead to misunderstanding and conflicts;
  • Unusual, eye-catching appearance, will attract the one born under the constellation Aquarius;
  • Air man sympathizes enterprising, creative women. Surprise him with unexpected ideas;
  • A ward of Uranus should be interesting, mysterious and unpredictable. Keep intrigue in the relationship, that way you will be able to keep your lover’s undying interest;
  • Aquarius will not ignore an established, goal-oriented, intelligent fairer sex, confident in the future.

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In correspondence

If you communicate with the air sign at a distance, correctly and competently formulate your thoughts, the ward of Uranus does not like short-sighted women who are unfamiliar with grammar. Demonstrate interest in the personality of the interlocutor and his aspirations, demonstrate a desire to achieve goals and personal growth. Demonstrate a great sense of humor.

How to surprise a Aquarius man

Interest born under the constellation Aquarius and continue communication will work if the lady will surprise this man. The ward of Uranus attracts unusual, extraordinary women. Invite the beloved not to a cafe or restaurant, but to a soccer competition, standing out against the background of other applicants for the heart of the air sign.

7 out of 8 like to be leaders.

Aquarians love to compete, because the pursuit of leadership is of lively interest to such men. Invite him to play a game of chance, and the ward of Uranus will certainly agree.

What kind of women they don’t like

To achieve location born under the constellation Aquarius, beautiful appearance is not enough. A woman should be interesting, intelligent, able to defend her point of view. Demonstrate self-sufficiency, tell a man about his hobbies, achievements in his career and plans for life.

Do not emphasize the marriage and the desire to become a housewife. This may discourage Aquarius.

If you are tired of the attention of air men, and you want to get rid of it, start watching every step of the chosen one. Thus, the feelings of Aquarius will quickly fade. Constant calls and messages with the demand to pay more attention and to spend time only with you will also help reduce the interest of a representative of Air.

Man Aquarius: a faithful and loyal friend or a free-spirited romantic

Men born under the sign of Aquarius, fate has gifted a bright intellect and sociability. They are convinced that the world can revolve around them, living according to their laws, just enough to implement their projects and ideas. For this reason, the Aquarius Man strives to make any thing much better than it really is. He will look at things realistically, while trying his best to improve the world around him. Aquarius is restrained and prudent, friendly and loves the increased attention to themselves, going against all.

Characteristics of male Aquarius on the zodiac sign

Man-Lodeo is trying to go through life alone because he is too fixated on his interests and himself, but it does not prevent him to be reliable and loyal friend, who in a difficult situation will always put up a strong male shoulder.

The Aquarius man tries to go through life alone, but it does not prevent him from being a reliable and loyal friend

To meet a rich man born under the sign of Aquarius, you can very rarely. And there is nothing surprising, because for him the material wealth – this is not something to strive for. But with money he treats quite sensibly, it is not typical to make empty and useless purchase. We must pay tribute: if loved ones or friends need financial help, then he did not hesitate to help.

Aquarius man is distinguished by a calm and composed character, but sometimes characterized by a meager display of emotion, and this despite the fact that his soul is raging in this “volcano” of passion.

Aquarius is romantic, in all tries to seek harmony and unity, can easily change their interests

He is constantly drawn to the unknown, and faced with him, he will definitely be able to solve any mystery.

The man-Vodole with special attention to people with worries and problems. He enjoys helping, taking an active part in solving the problems of another person. This reverent attitude will lead to the fact that in case of any problems, friends will turn to him. They will be confident that he will help not only in word but also in deed. As for their own problems, then Aquarius prefers to solve them on their own, hiding with their feelings.

Among friends, Aquarius is a lively and vivid interlocutor, who will not gossip, and with pleasure will discuss innovative ideas and current events. And in this there is nothing surprising, because he not only follows what is happening in the world, but also knows how to tell about it in a fascinating way.

A representative of this sign, in spite of all his wit and charm, does not know how to clarify relationships and defend his point of view. Instead of actively proving his case, he prefers to quietly withdraw, just to avoid a scandal. Subsequently, he simply starts to avoid people who caused trouble.

Aquarius, in spite of all his wit and charm, is not able to sort things out and defend their point of view

Men born under the sign of Aquarius – a subtle and vulnerable nature, with fantastic creative potential and natural artistry. If you draw a psychological portrait, you get a man who “gravitates” to the beautiful. Among the representatives of this sign, you can meet an incredibly talented people, but have not realized themselves, because they could not adapt to the rigors of the modern world.

Therefore, it is so important that a man was next to the Aquarius Man, who would care, would be there for him in a difficult situation and with understanding of the fact that Aquarius will systematically disappear for walks in the “proud” alone.

Aquarius relationships with women

If you carefully examine the compatibility of Aquarius in love, you can say with certainty that the best partner for him will be a Libra girl . That she will be able to intrigue him, because for him the main quality in women is inscrutability and mystery.

As a rule, the Aquarius man is not ready for marriage, his attitude is rather hostile. However, this does not prevent him at the most unexpected moment to make his partner a proposal.

If the Aquarius Man enters into marriage, he will put friendship as the defining moment in the relationship. He selflessly believes that to build a genuine relationship between spouses can only be if the spouses will be faithful friends.

A girl who decides to bind her life with the Aquarius Man, you should always agree with his point of view, try to share his interests and support his hobbies, calmly relate to the shortcomings of his man. It is also not necessary to make claims regarding the material side of life, and always be ready to rejoice in the success of his soul mate or support in the case of failure.

Signs of Aquarius falling in love: the distinctive features of the behavior of a man in love

The seriousness of the intentions of this sign will be immediately understandable by the way he courts and how he confesses his love. His every step will be permeated with tenderness and romance, this is what will help him to achieve the location of his chosen one.

How to understand that the Aquarius guy in love? It’s simple: his behavior will resemble an impenetrable tank

A man of this sign is distinguished by patience, so to attract a serious relationship with a girl, he will go, as they say, ahead of the curve and with enviable stubbornness. If his heart “woke up” sparks of initiative, then extinguish them simply impossible. Sympathy for Aquarius can be determined by the following signs:

  • If his ideal girl negatively refers to people who smoke, then he will definitely get rid of not only this addiction, but also bid farewell to others, just to reassure them.
  • If the Aquarius man really loves, he will start talking about the future together, about how wonderful their family life will be, he will jokingly start talking about having children. He will enjoy listening to the stories of couples who are already married.
  • Aquarius in love, if he is sure that the girl suits him, is able to lose his distinctive feature – irritability. Of course, this will not happen immediately, but gradually, which will make life much easier for his loved ones.
  • A man in love will behave differently. For example, he will try in every possible way to draw attention to himself and will do crazy things. The Aquarius man in love is ready to give up his own principles in order to compromise.
  • In love, the Aquarius man will be characterized by excessive jealousy, which he will show in every way. Jealous man quite sharply and aggressively will respond to rivals, as the Aquarius character traits of possessiveness.
  • Loving Aquarius will be embarrassed to look his girlfriend in the eye. He will find a thousand reasons not to meet her eyes. If this happens, he noticeably starts to get nervous, indicating that he has sincere feelings and certain sympathies.
  • The appearance of the girl does not matter to him. Even if she will be dazzlingly beautiful, Aquarius will not shower her with compliments. However, if he finds out that his girlfriend has run out of money, he will definitely replenish her account. He will start visiting social networks just to be with the object of his adoration more often.
  • The beginning of a relationship Aquarius may not notice, because to him not immediately comes the realization that he fell in love. Therefore, do not blame the man if he does not show his feelings.

The seriousness of Aquarius intentions can be understood immediately, because every step will be penetrated by tenderness and romance

What kind of women like Aquarius?

Not every person this sign of the zodiac is ready to show attention and care. Man-the Aquarius first of all appreciates in women:

  • Sincerity. Representatives of this sign – a sensual nature, which strongly against hypocrisy and lies. If only in his beloved, he will notice even the slightest manifestation of falsehood, it will lead to the rupture of the relationship.
  • Tolerance. The girl just must be tolerant to his every whim and desire to learn something new.
  • Condescension. A girl who decided to link her fate with a representative of this sign, should learn to forgive.
  • Friendliness. The man has a lot of friends and his chosen one will have to harmoniously fit into this circle.
  • Originality. Aquarius tend to everything and, therefore, a girl, in order not to bore his soul mate, will constantly have to come up with something.
  • Optimism. His girlfriend should “radiate” positive and appreciate life.
  • Inaccessibility. Despite the interest in the girl, Aquarius needs to “hunt” her. Therefore, the beauty should be moderately inaccessible.

How to fall in love with Aquarius?

On the one hand, to win a male Aquarius is simple, but if you dig deeper – everything is much more complicated. Therefore, it is better to know in advance how to behave with an Aquarius. It should be remembered that the Aquarius man is friendly and open to communication, it seems that he likes everyone.

He likes to share his thoughts, talk, lift someone’s spirits. But to enter his circle of friends is not for everyone.

To increase the chances, it is necessary to follow simple, but valuable advice:

  • Stay a mystery to Aquarius. Believe me, if everything will be too easy, the man will get bored. The main thing to remember that it’s easy to like Aquarius, but to fall in love with you is almost impossible;
  • Do not restrict Aquarius freedom. Any attempt to do so could turn him away from you;
  • Be honest with Aquarius man. He appreciates the confidential conversation and sincerity;
  • Be an interesting conversationalist. Remember that spending a night of communication instead of a night of passion and love is in the spirit of Aquarius. The girl should be ready for that.

Aquarius likes to share his thoughts, talk, lift someone’s spirits

Sex with Aquarius: ardent and at the same time gentle lover

As a rule, the Aquarius man is interested in a woman as a person, not as an object of lovemaking. In sex, he does not accept haste, so his actions are distinguished by thoughtfulness and laziness.

Aquarius likes in bed all kinds of long caresses, which for him are an important part of the intimacy process. Such tolerance allows Aquarius in the eyes of his chosen one look like a true knight, but too long foreplay can spoil the impression. Therefore, the girl should not hesitate to hurry her partner a little. But as soon as the lover “gets hot”, he will be able to give the girl an unearthly pleasure. The main thing for the girl is only to direct his action in the right direction.

In bed, Aquarius will easily experiment, agree to innovations. He enjoys to make intimate life something unusual.

For him, there are no inhibitions, he will respond positively, even at the suggestion of his partner to try a threesome. It tends to constantly change positions, sometimes going beyond the normal. For a male Aquarius is not the value of the intercourse itself, but the preliminary caresses. However, the partner should be careful, because her lover has a tendency to sadism.

How to return Aquarius if he is offended and ignores you?

To keep Aquarius or to get him back, a girl needs to be attentive to the peculiarities of his behavior. She should show her love, not accentuate the shortcomings and try to be creative in such a difficult task.

To keep Aquarius or to return him, a girl needs to show her love

A girl will not be able to return your loved one if she will not try to understand him deeply and do not study the psychology of his behavior. Aquarius is a very changeable nature, he may not know himself which decision to take in a minute. You need to try to be with your loved one on the same wave and to develop intuition. Here are some practical tips to win back Aquarius:

  1. Aquarius likes a girl who is easygoing and psychologically malleable – try to match this. Change, go along, as they say, with your lover.
  2. Do not stop him, do not try to reason with the representative of this sign. If you see that his actions will not lead to anything good, try to carefully help him find a way out of this situation, but the decision should not be yours but mutual.
  3. Try to be gentle and sincere, then in Aquarius, your actions will find a response, and he will understand that you are very difficult without him. If the relationship will resume, it will be filled with happiness for both.
  4. Do not blame him. Certainly, the Aquarius man is not a gift, but you should not put the entire burden of responsibility for the breakup on him alone. Remember that Aquarians are impressionable, which means that your constant rebukes and challenging his sympathy may bring a completely different result. He may offer to remain just friends, or he will patronize you like a big brother.
  5. In trying to win Aquarius back, start surprising him with new opportunities. Show how positive your energy can be, give him a bright and joyful experience. Just start all over again so that the Aquarius man does not have the slightest recollection of the breakup.
  6. If the Aquarius man is offended, it is quite normal, but if you want to win him back, you will have to forget about your resentment. Close this page of your life and try not to let it happen again in the future.

Try to show tenderness and sincerity, then your actions will resonate in the Aquarius soul

Aquarius and career: boss or a brilliant employee?

Aquarius is considered an excellent employee and a responsible boss. It is always easy and simple for him to settle in a new team. He finds a common language with almost everyone. If Aquarius male boss, he will do everything to ensure that his subordinates worked in pleasure. Moreover, employees will not even need to think about what to give Aquarius, because he cares about attention, but not the gift itself.

As for the professional characteristics of the Aquarius man, he is attracted to the work, in which the free flight of ideas is allowed.

It is not necessarily that the profession should have a creative orientation. Aquarius is able to dazzle with brilliant ideas in any area of interest to him

Representatives of this sign alien routine, he quickly gets tired of doing the same thing. If he is trusted to perform the same type of operations, then from such work, he will conscientiously shirk.

He is constantly drawn to something new and unexplored, which must have an impact on the work: it will often change. He could spend a lifetime in search of a favorite job, but never found his favorite thing.

Despite this, Aquarius rarely succeed in business. He has a lot of productive ideas, but bring the project to its logical conclusion Aquarius will be able to only if there is someone more consistent. Men of this sign is not peculiar chase for money, they are much more important psychological comfort and self-realization.

Aquarius men put intellectual communication in the first place, so a girl should be interesting to be with him, to be able to support any conversation, to give valuable advice.

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