What kind of girl should be in a relationship?

How to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend

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Being a good girlfriend isn’t easy, especially at the beginning of a relationship. However, whether you met last week or celebrated the 5th anniversary of your relationship, there is something any girl should stick to so that the relationship doesn’t fade away at the root. To be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend, you need to love and support him, while still maintaining your independence. And if you want to know how this can be achieved – read this article.

  • Don’t make him call you “his girlfriend” after just a couple of dates. There is every chance that the imposed decision will not be to the guy’s liking. Have patience and let him decide for himself when to say the cherished words. If you are suited to each other, then it so-and-so will happen soon.
  • Do not start talking about marriage, children, and growing old together if you don’t even know his parents or friends. If you bring up these topics too early, there will be some tension in your relationship, fraught in the long run even a breakup.
  • The saying states that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It doesn’t say that you have to cook a three-course dinner on the first date! You don’t have to do any of that, just be attentive, listen, and talk about your interests. That will do for a first date.

  • The most important thing in this case is to be as open as possible about your own feelings. For example, if the guy says something unpleasant to you, do not hide it in yourself, admit it – but do not scold him and do not ask him to change.
  • If you were able to reach a good understanding in the beginning, you will soon realize whether or not the relationship will work.

  • Remember that all of this should be expressed in such a way as not to hurt or offend anyone. You can express yourself, but do it modestly, as long as you do not forget about the great power of self-confidence, and do not lose sight of the feelings of the guy himself.

  • If you’re constantly being picked on, it’s not love, it’s trying to control you.
  • Don’t pretend to share the guy’s interests if you don’t really care about them. Yes, it may be “harmless” at first, but if later the guy realizes how you really feel about his hobbies, the resentment can be very, very serious. Who knows, what if he has already started planning your future together with all of this in mind, and you have such a “surprise”?

  • Do not be interested in all of his interests. If he likes watching soccer, and you are disgusted with it, then don’t watch it, that’s all.
  • Just asking “What are your hobbies?” and talking about the subject may already be enough.

  • In difficult times, it’s the team approach that will help you deal with problems in a relatively uncluttered, emotionless way where you both correct mistakes rather than waiting for someone else to do all the work.
  • Avoid monotony, and especially if your relationship as such is built around one thing. Bring variety into your relationship and, in doing so, you will strengthen it! Learn something new together, try something unusual together. A relationship is when you learn together, have fun and grow as individuals.

  • Yes, if the occasion is right, then you can criticize – but do not forget to pour honey on this spoon of tar and say at least four nice things for every unpleasant thing you said.
  • Don’t take it out on a guy if things aren’t going as perfectly as you’d like them to.

  • Don’t be the girl who always gets what she wants just because your guy prefers to give in one more time and not listen to your tantrums about things not going the way you wanted them to again.

  • If the guy wants to spend the evening with his buddies – support him and let him go, but don’t impose and go with him. You do not want to have a reputation for your boyfriend, who lurks everywhere with his girlfriend?
  • If you think he should spend all his time with you, it’s time to learn to be less intrusive. Don’t get defensive, don’t follow him!
  • Don’t forget that your boyfriend doesn’t need you to live. You are two separate people, even if you are a couple. If he needs his personal space, don’t take it as a grudge. Just understand that he needs to socialize with other people, too. Just let him know that you are always waiting for him and miss him.

  • Some men like it when a girl refers to them with the words “baby” or “honey. However, do not go too far and do not damage the reputation of the guy, calling him something like this in public. On the other hand, communication is an important part of a relationship, so let him know how much you like him.
  • Regular cute texts and emails are nice, of course. But not when you get several hundred of them a day! Yes, so you express your feelings about the guy, you want it to last, but still do not lose sight of the boundaries, or else scare him inadvertently!

Be seductive. Do not be afraid of this. Many men simply can not resist if a girl is sexy, confident and cool-looking. Confidence in this case is when you are happy with your own appearance. If you accept yourself for who you are and your self-esteem is okay, you won’t have a problem with confidence. Don’t try to be popular, try to be someone you’re not, and so on. It’s better to focus on taking care of yourself and believe that you are worthy of your boyfriend’s attention.

What the perfect girl should be. If your girl has these 20 qualities, hold her tight!

There are plenty of beautiful, smart, interesting girls out there. But you want the perfect one, the one that will be right for you in everything. And what makes her different from everyone else?

I say at once: a universal ideal woman who is suitable for any man, does not exist. Because each of us is looking for something different, everyone needs a different set of qualities and character traits, and this is normal. It’s impossible to please everyone, no matter what kind of girl.

What the perfect girl should be. If your girl has these 20 qualities, hold her tight!

Especially since everyone has different tastes and preferences. But still there are some qualities of the ideal woman, which conquer any man. This is the kind of girl every guy wants to see next to him.

1. She has a sense of humor.

Any girl will tell you that she likes guys with a sense of humor. That said, few people think that it works both ways. A girl with a cool sense of humor is rare. And the more valuable and attractive she is.

What should be the perfect girl? For starters, one that knows how to joke and understands jokes. She can laugh at herself, so she has no complexes.

A good sense of humor is a sign of a lively and original mind. Such a woman knows how to defuse the situation and can reduce a problem or conflict to a joke.

So if you come across a cheerful girl, don’t pass her by.

She Respects Your Friends.

The perfect girl for a guy is not the one who controls all of his communication, but the one who understands how much you need your friends. I bet you definitely have a mate who started dating a new girl and completely fucked up all his friends.

It’s not because he became uninterested, it’s because she thinks his friends are a bad influence on him. Like, they’ll take him to hookers and shit. That’s bullshit!

A girl can’t and shouldn’t forbid you anything. You’re in control of your own life and if you want to hang out with your friends, the perfect girl understands and respects your position.

If she puts the choice^ “Either me or your friends” – run away from her. A normal man finds time for his girlfriend and his friends. An adequate woman understands this, so she respects your friends and has no problem communicating with them.

3. she respects your mood.

When you’re doing great, she’s happy. When you have some problems at work, and you come home angry and tired, she doesn’t nag you or harass you with all sorts of claims. She understands that you need to rest.

The qualities of the perfect woman can vary, but if she can be empathic, appreciate her. A girl like that is worth a lot.

4. she says nice things to you

Women think that compliments need to be said only to them, and men do not need pleasant words. But this is completely wrong.

Every man is pleased to hear that he is smart, interesting, that he looks great. Because it’s not just recognition of your achievements – this is an incentive to become even better and to move forward.

If a woman can unobtrusively and beautifully praise you, thank you for something, do not let her go. This is a rare and very valuable quality.

5. She is not afraid to show you her love

Some people think that the description of the ideal woman is a modest innocent young lady, meek and submissive. But modesty in anything and everything is always boring.

Much cooler when a girl knows how to show her love – both in private and in public. When it looks sincere and appropriate. We all enjoy feeling loved. The perfect girl knows how to warm you up with her display of love, and is not afraid to do so. On the contrary, she does it with joy.

6. She possesses sexuality.

And it’s not about mini skirts or deep cleavage. Some even in a tracksuit look very sexy. The main thing here – know how to present themselves.

When a girl just reeks of sex, it is impossible to tear yourself away from her. She knows her own value, she understands her own merits, but she does not show them off, but always presents them in a charming way. These girls are interesting to talk to, because they are not stupid. She knows how to be passionate and knows how to add fire to your relationship.

Sexy doesn’t equal vulgar, it’s a completely different thing. If you meet a really sexy girl, make her yours.

7. She respects your feelings.

The perfect girl respects you, your attitude and your feelings.

If you ask her not to do something you don’t like, she listens to your opinion. Not because she’s afraid, but because she understands that it’s important to you and appreciates you. She will never spit on your feelings, but will act in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

8. She’s ambitious.

Being able to set goals for herself and achieve them are the hallmarks of the perfect woman. She has a healthy ambition, strives for something more, works on herself and wants to be the best. She works and earns, even if it’s not much.

This means that she is smart and driven. Such a girl is much more valuable than the one who is watching idly and waiting for handouts from you.

9. She supports you in a difficult time.

A nice, caring woman by your side is a good thing, of course. But it’s much better when your beloved becomes your partner.

Every man wants his woman to always be supportive and on his side. Yes, she will not always agree with you, but will express it only in private, and in public will defend your rights.

And no, the ideal girl-partner does not take on itself to solve your problems. She helps you find a way to solve them.

10. She takes care of her health.

A self-respecting girl takes care of herself and her health. Because one day she will want to give you healthy children.

Proper nutrition, sports, self-care are very important pluses when choosing a girl. Because if she prefers not to care about herself, then you are not that important to her either.

11. she’s loyal.

You can get laid with anyone you want. But for a serious relationship, would you pick a girl who hangs out with everyone else? I don’t think so.

A woman has to be faithful. And that doesn’t mean you have to be her first and only have sex with her after marriage. That’s ridiculous. You just have to make sure she doesn’t go out with you if you just turn your back.

12. She inspires you.

Nothing motivates a man like his woman. For the sake of her want to evolve, to move on, to achieve more.

And when your girlfriend doesn’t care about all your achievements, she doesn’t notice them and doesn’t praise you, the desire to grow up disappears. Why, if she thinks you are a loser?

Ideal girl encourages you, supports you and motivates you. For her, you want to move mountains and put the whole world at her feet, because she appreciates it and knows how to be grateful.

13. She is intellectually developed.

Silicone boobs and pumped up lips you may like purely visually. And if you have nothing to talk about with their owner? Empty girls very quickly get bored.

If a girl can not hold a conversation and can not talk to you about something important, long with her you will not last. Because any pretty silly girl is no different from the same pacifier. Why waste your time on them?

14. She has taste.

Having a sense of style is a must. A normal girl wouldn’t stumble to a picnic in stilettos and show up at your parents’ house in shorts that barely cover her ass.

The criteria of an ideal woman are taste, sexuality and femininity.

15. She’s good in bed.

You can’t build a strong relationship without good sex.

If she constantly comes up with excuses, does not show initiative and categorically does not accept anything but the missionary position under the blanket with the lights off, think.

The ideal woman is the one who wants you. She shares your preferences and loves to have sex with you.

16. She is financially independent.

And I’m not saying she has to earn more than you. But a self-respecting smart girl won’t sit on your neck and ask for money for little things – she has her own finances, albeit small.

When a girl depends on you financially, she behaves differently. She will be submissive and afraid to lose you because you are the only source of money. And it looks pathetic.

Of course, the main expenses should be on you. But a girl should be able to earn her own money for a new lipstick or to meet her girlfriends.

17. She takes care of herself.

Ever notice that a lot of people, once they get in a relationship, they just give up on themselves and stop taking care of their appearance? Well, she found a couple, so you can not try.

The ideal woman will never wear a dirty bathrobe and stretchy sweatpants. She wants to look beautiful for you, so she will take care of herself.

18. She is feminine.

All the signs of the ideal woman is that she should be feminine. So that when you look at her you want to take her in your arms and shelter her from the world. So she was a girl-girl, and you could feel like her faithful knight.

And let her not walk every day in fancy dresses and heels, but her feminine energy you should feel.

19. she doesn’t take on male responsibilities

Women who take it upon themselves to solve all problems and boss everyone around are repulsive. Because that’s what men are supposed to do. The ideal girl knows you need support, but will not take the reins from you.

And if a woman decides everything for you, runs everything in your family, takes responsibility for your financial situation, check to see if you have balls. She may have taken them from you, too.

20. She is patient.

Patience is a quality without which you can’t build a strong relationship. The perfect girl knows that sometimes you have to put up with and back down in an argument, rather than making a scandal and being cranky. Because one day you’re going to get tired of it.

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