What kind of caresses does the Cancer man like?

Cancer man in bed from A to Z!

The ideal mistress for a Cancer man can become any woman, if she is gentle, calm and romantic. Sometimes, once near him, it is difficult to figure out what to say and do, because mistakes can derail the relationship. He wants unity from intimacy, so it is worth knowing some rules and features of how to behave with this man. So, who has a Cancer man and you feel insecure around him, this article is written. So, let’s break things down in order.

The behavior in bed of this man is influenced by the surrounding environment. It is necessary to create a certain atmosphere, and to do this is simple – light scented candles, create an intimate penumbra, decorate the bed with rose petals. A woman should wear an unusual costume, not covering her dignity. Preparing a surprise, do not bore your partner, because waiting can cool his ardor.

Female activity and initiative!

The first and foremost advice is to be active! You must be proactive. Of course, you should not rush on a man as soon as he enters the house, but to demonstrate insensitivity is also unlikely to be the norm of behavior.

A Cancer man, despite his reticence and delicacy, will lose his head from an active woman who will do everything to provoke intimacy with him. It is worth remembering that here it is important to understand the difference between leadership and initiative. The leading should be left to a man, and you just actively respond to his caresses and desires. This is a powerful stimulant for him. If the partner will not be active, he will feel out of place. It can also lower his self-esteem.

Believe me, he is willing to put up with a fake orgasm than with a lazy woman who does not respond to his active actions. Worth the extra time to moan, cuddle to please him. It must be remembered that sex – it’s proof of feeling partners, and it is an interesting game, playing in which you can spend your time in an interesting way.

If you are active during intercourse, you will show your partner that he is loved and desired. He will understand that sex is a pleasure for him and for you.

Talk to him about your desires!

With this man you need to talk about your desires. The quality of your sex depends on your sincerity. You need to help him find your erogenous zones, and to do this, just say what you like and what you do not like. On your part, you need to be attentive to your partner, to learn about his desires. You can even make an instruction manual, in which you will prescribe all your desires, erogenous desires and preferences. He, despite his closeness, will support this idea. And the whole point is that it will help him better understand his partner, to do everything to get satisfaction.

However, many women refuse to have this conversation, preferring to leave things as they are. This is wrong. It’s much easier to talk about your desires, and ask about his. Believe me, he will appreciate it, because he is committed to sincerity and openness. And this will benefit both partners.

Self-confidence is sexy!

Many girls often worry about the imperfections of their appearance. An especially burning topic is the extra centimeters. And it is interesting that this man is unlikely to pay attention to these flaws and imperfections. In addition, it is worth remembering that every girl is perfect regardless of her features. This man in bed does not pay attention to flaws at all, because for him it is important just to enjoy the process. He is not at all interested in what color your underwear is, or whether there is cellulite on your hips. He just wants to be with you, enjoying himself.

Also, do not hold back, let alone be ashamed of your feelings. Intimacy is an area where it is important to express your emotions as they really are. Just pay attention to what your man likes.

Do not try to impress him!

Many girls try to impress their partner, doing everything for this – they choose beautiful lingerie, put themselves in order, buy special attributes for making love. However, if she does not experience passion, all this is useless. He would like to feel emotions when a woman follows her instincts and desires. He is sensitive enough to know when a woman is playing with feelings and when she is experiencing them. If she is natural, she has a chance to win him over forever. You should also forget about erotic stamps, as that won’t work with him.

Show some emotion!

Many women are so shy that they can’t show their feelings during intimacy. This may please him, but only in the beginning. Then the shy woman gets bored because of boredom and monotony, and he wants to make love with someone who will respond to his passion. To become desirable to him, it is enough to give up shyness, complexes and fears. In intimacy with him, she has every chance to show their vibrant feminine qualities. She should be relaxed, not overwhelming screams, moans. It is only worth remembering that bed is an expression of feelings, not a battlefield.

Have sex with full commitment!

Of course, it is important to have feelings for the man with whom you have sex. But you need to know how to do it right. This man is very romantic, as he likes the preparatory stage, foreplay, candles and other things. However, at some moments he just wants to have sex as a normal physiological process. And you as a real woman should understand this desire. In addition, remember that sex is a great substitute for exhausting exercise.

During the intimacy should not talk a lot, and to keep silent too. That is to find a kind of the golden mean, which is very simple: whisper nice things in your man’s ear. You can also tell him how to behave to get more pleasure. You can say that you really enjoy being with him – it’s easy, but the quality of intimacy will noticeably improve.

The love bed is not a place where you have to show your selfishness. Some women believe that the man should take the lead in intimacy. This is correct, but it does not mean that you have to put all the responsibility on him. It is worth remembering that he also likes long passionate kisses, caresses and so on. Giving him these emotions, you can noticeably strengthen your relationship in the future. And this is an opportunity to make the relationship and intimacy brighter, more fulfilling physically and mentally.

Touch him after intimacy!

Behavior after sex is just as important as behavior before and during sex. Psychologists note that this man is especially fond of touching. You can touch him not only with your lips, fingers, but also with your whole body. Such a touch removes fatigue. It should be noted that caresses before and after sex indicate a strong sexual attraction of the partners.

Have a conversation with him after intimacy!

For this man, bed is not just a place for physical satisfaction, but also a place where he can share the most intimate things with his chosen one. Thanks to the conversation, it is easy for him to tune in to psychological comfort. In addition, he is always ready to share his desires, goals and interests here. However, he will not like to talk about household problems, shopping and other things. If sex happens overnight, he will easily open up to you. Also, sex before bedtime is an opportunity for a good night’s sleep.

If you prefer tenderness during intimacy, you can achieve this by following a simple rule – talk about your desires to your partner, let him know that you have the warmest feelings for him. As a result, you will make the relationship more diverse.

Most importantly!

Follow all of these rules is not difficult. You just need to want to make sex brighter and the relationship stronger. It is important to show attention to him, as this is the key to good sex, and a strong relationship, so that your relationship will be happy.

Cancer man: what is he like in sex and what to surprise him with?

What kind of woman does a Cancer man lust after in sex and what is his role in intimacy? What are they like in bed? How to surprise them and what to avoid during lovemaking? These questions worry ladies who are flattered by the sensual Cancer. Study the theory before the practice and learn the hottest secrets about your chosen one right now.

Behavior of the Cancer man in bed

Each zodiac sign in bed behaves differently. The stars influence the intimate sphere quite strongly. With a high probability, you can assume one or another scenario in which your sexual relationship with a Cancer man will develop. Learn more about your partner and choose one or another behavior strategy to cement your union and improve intimacy.

How a Cancer man treats his partner

Cancer man in sex is not too picky. He has a taste for female beauty and prefers lush-chested ladies. His promiscuity is especially evident at a young age. Cancer is difficult to fall in love, so he rushes from bed to bed in search of the one and only. This man sooner or later stops and finds a suitable life companion.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are emotional, but they rarely show weakness to their woman. If they do not like something strongly in bed, they are ready to break up and look for a new mistress. Such principledness makes life difficult for both the men of Cancer and their women. After all, it is easier to explain, talk and solve the problem, but these guys are relentless. Of course, strong feelings can change the situation, but Cancers will still be silent about their unsatisfied needs. Therefore, their girlfriends have a hard time: you have to constantly guess the mood and tastes of your partner.

If the Cancer man is in love, he will literally carry his date in his arms. He is in charge, and this is a condition that a girl must always remember in order for everything to be good both in bed and in the relationship. The dominance of this sign of the zodiac should not be challenged. It is still impossible to remake him, so it is better to adapt to the role of a gentle weak woman and put the reins of power in the hands of his lord.

The Cancer man in bed can be both rude and gentle. His behavior depends on the mood and the day’s events. Partner important to give his desires wholly and completely, then he gives her unearthly bliss.

What a man likes to Cancer in an intimate way?

As already mentioned, the representative of this zodiac sign likes to dominate. A woman in his bed should understand that in this way he shows his subconscious complexes, and not resist him. Cancer does not happen to be excessively rude, so you should not be afraid of his bossiness at all. This man likes to feel as a teacher, even if he is not yet strong in the art of sex due to his youth. A wise girl will give him the opportunity to show himself from this side and will play the role of a diligent student.

For a representative of this zodiac sign, the atmosphere during sex is important. Do not neglect romance, and also create the entourage with the help of sexy clothes and smells. Cancers are true visionaries, so don’t dim the lights during lovemaking. Let your partner enjoy beautiful nudity.

The Cancer man loves praise. His woman should compliment his appearance and tirelessness in bed. Then he will feel like a Casanova and will show his best qualities.

Cancer loves the display of tenderness of his woman in the bedroom. There is no need to attack him with harassment, he will do it himself. The man welcomes the initiative from the girl only in the softest veiled form.

Cancers are good lovers for a woman who is ready to submit to them completely. They can be passionate, tender and fierce in bed. With them you will not get bored in intimate life, and they do not demand too much from their chosen one.

Features of the sexual temperament of the man of Cancer

Unlike many other signs, Cancer is fully prepared for a long foreplay. He does not hurry to start coitus, because he wants to give his lady real bliss. This man knows how to act and handles the female body with confidence. Even very young Cancerians are able to surprise older ladies with their sexual agility and dexterity.

He remembers what his partner likes, so he is one of the best lovers among other zodiac signs. Subtle and attentive Cancer will give any woman an endless number of orgasms if she trusts him and gives him the upper hand in bed.

The main thing in the life of Cancer is comfort, and if they are dissatisfied with something in the relationship with the woman they love, then they will go for treason. Quarrels and conflicts they prefer to keep silent, but their boiling point comes quickly. Misunderstandings and problems in his personal life affect the quality of sex with this man. It is difficult for him to forget a grudge, and in anger, he is even terrible. Many guys love sexual reconciliation after a conflict, but Cancer is not one of them. For him, moral state is more important than physical satisfaction.

Temperament of the Cancer man in bed can be called normal. That is, he is not a passionate stallion, but not insensitive laggard. With him, women are happy, but only if everything is smooth in their relationship. The beloved girl means a lot to Cancer, and he shows his feelings with indefatigability in his sexual life.

How to get mutual pleasure in bed with a Cancer man?

The most important thing for quality sex is to have feelings for your partner. Only then it is possible to have a full understanding and giving in bed. But add zest to intimate relationships is not forbidden. If your favorite man – a Cancer man and you want to know how to satisfy him to the fullest, then we have gathered for you exclusive information.

Sexual preferences and prohibitions of this sign

What does the Cancer man like in bed? Each guy has his own preferences and chips used in intimacy. The horoscope puts an imprint on their preferences, so you can characterize the desires of most Cancers with one list:

  1. Modesty of the mate. He is satisfied with the traditional model of female behavior. Do not rush into battle, especially at first. Cancer himself will arrange everything in a way that will be good for both of you. He likes to be in charge and get down to sex when he feels like it. This way he feels confident, and spontaneity makes him confused.
  2. Wish fulfillment. A woman’s inhibitions can interfere with sexual experimentation. You need to trust your partner and fulfill his desires. Cancers are very careful with their mistresses and will not allow unpleasant feelings. Therefore, close your eyes to prejudices and give yourself to your man completely.
  3. Praise. Like many other men, it is important for Cancer to feel like a hero in bed. Do not be stingy with compliments after sex, because you can always find a couple of nice words to your partner. Praise stimulates him to real bedtime exploits.

How not to excite the man of Cancer? Of course, for guys of this zodiac sign, there are also taboos in intimate life. Some women’s shenanigans simply disgust them. Take into account several prohibitions in bed for representatives of this sign:

  1. Rudeness and bossiness. Guys Cancer is not infantile, so the rudeness from the girl will take negatively. They will not be excited by vulgar boorish words and slaps on the heel. Such men will not play these games.
  2. Criticism. Cancer is painfully responsive to the comments in his address, and even if they are told about the male consistency, then this is a real disaster for them. It’s better to be silent if you do not like something, or to say your wishes in a very gentle form.
  3. Coldness. Girls, in common parlance referred to as logs, not only do not excite Cancer, they scare them. A man of this zodiac sign falls into a stupor when he does not track the reaction of his mistress. He does not understand how to act next and how to please his lady. Therefore, the next night with such a girl may not take place at all.

With a man Cancer is not so difficult to find common ground in sex. Be yourself, enjoy the power of your partner and give yourself to passion. That is when he will unleash his full sexual potential.

How to surprise him and not to scare him?

Sooner or later any girl matures question of how to diversify their sex life with a partner. If your favorite man – a Cancer man, how to give him unreal pleasure in accordance with his zodiacal tendencies? Try to surprise your beloved in bed in these ways:

  1. Create an intimate setting. Even if you’ve been together for many years, don’t neglect romance. Wait for the right occasion and organize the evening of your dreams. Carefully think through everything to the smallest detail and take into account all the preferences of your loved one. Candles, champagne, and perhaps a bath of rose petals? A pleasant surprise will impress the man of Cancer to his heart, and the following night will be one of the best.
  2. Make the foreplay extraordinarily long. What to surprise a seasoned Cancer man with? These guys are one of the few who like long preparations for sex. Give him a massage, dance a striptease, in general, delay the moment of coitus as long as possible. Your partner will like it very much. You can pick up a variety of products from the intimate store, such as lubricants with a cooling effect. They will help to cool down a little bit for a man and stretch the pleasure.
  3. Buy new, feminine underwear. This gimmick works disarmingly. Crayfish is so fond of displays of femininity that a new lace set of a pleasant shade will bring a man to complete delight. In such a way you will please both yourself and your partner. After all, to improve your self-esteem it’s so nice to run through lingerie stores and make a few purchases.

Surprise a Cancerian man in an intimate relationship is easy enough, but to scare him off is also possible. If you are new together and have not yet studied the psychology of this sign of the zodiac, then consider what he repels in girls:

  • vulgarity;
  • neglect;
  • ridicule;
  • masculinity;
  • unkemptness.

Now you know almost everything about how to properly excite a Cancer man. Put this knowledge into practice and get a satisfied partner and great sex.

The role of a woman in bed of a Cancer man: when should you take the initiative?

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac love to provoke sex themselves. In this case, they feel like kings of the situation. In addition, Cancer men take the initiative in intimacy exactly when they are ready for it mentally and physically. Should a woman to be active or always wait for the first step of his partner? What to do if you want affection, but he was like an iceberg in the ocean that evening?

In every situation there is an optimal way out, and this case is no exception. A wise woman can provoke her man to activity, with very little effort. How to cause a sexual impulse in Cancer:

  1. Wear an erotic robe without underwear and make a cleanse in front of your man’s nose. Don’t forget to do arousing bends and lunges. Chances are you won’t have to wait long for his hot embrace.
  2. Watch a movie together with erotic scenes. Passionate kisses on the screen may well provoke real ones. The main thing is to choose a movie with an exciting plot. Tearful melodramas rarely like guys.
  3. Put your arms around him and linger in that position longer. Explicit harassment can alienate Cancer. Act more cunningly: pretend you just want tenderness. Don’t forget to rub your partner’s most seductive parts.

Talk to a Cancerian man about your most secret desires, trust him and sincerely love him. Sex with him will be a truly passionate, if you give yourself completely. The charms of this sign of the zodiac have bewitched many women, and they subsequently became happy lovers of strong, intelligent and sensual men of Cancer.

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