What is your loved one doing right now?

Online prediction: what he is doing now.

Sometimes we want to know what our favorite person is doing now, whether he thinks about us?

Our guessing “What is he doing now” just allows online to lift the mystery and spy on the favorite.

How to guess: Visually imagine your loved one in front of you: what he is doing, what he is thinking about, what he is wearing… Try for 2-3 minutes not to think about anything and focus on the image of the person. When you’re ready – draw 5 cards of the Tarot.

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If you think the cards are wrong : Wait 5 minutes, even better “awe the thoughts” and try the divination again. The cards don’t lie!

What he’s doing now: A Tarot reading

What he’s doing now: a guessing game. How to do a simple tarot reading yourself? Quick guessing on your loved one online.

What is he doing now? Tarot divination will help you find the answer to this question. There are several variants of simple divinations that you can do on the cards and one express online divination. Let’s consider them all.

Who can be useful such a divination on a loved one and a loved one? First of all, those lovers who are often apart, on trips. Quick divination helps to dispel doubts and calm the nerves. More fortune-telling “What is he doing now? ” helps with quarrels and conflicts in a couple. When there is no desire or opportunity to call, but to learn about the other half really wants to. This kind of divination can also be performed on any loved one, former partner, relative, about whom it is important to get news.

What he’s doing now: a 3 card reading

This is a fairly simple and quick layout, which is performed on the Tarot cards. First of all, you need to carefully shuffle the deck, shift. Then it is useful to imagine the image of the person of interest, focus on it for 2-3 minutes and ask a question. After this, three cards are drawn, laid out as in the figure below, and interpreted from left to right.

The first card will answer the question “What is he doing now?

The second card – will reveal his true intentions/feelings.

The third card – will show his behavior in the near future towards you.

Detailed reading of “What is he doing now?

It is done on the 7 cards of the Tarot, using the whole deck. This layout requires experience and skill of interpretation.

  • The deck is carefully shuffled and the cards are shifted.
  • Visualized image of the person of interest, kept in mind for 2-3 minutes, asked the question.
  • Seven cards are drawn, laid out as in the figure below, and interpreted in order.

The first card will tell you what the person in question thinks of you.

The second card – will reveal his feelings towards you.

The third card – will reveal what he’s currently doing.

The fourth card – his true intentions/feelings.

The fifth card – his goals for the near future.

Sixth card – what to expect in the relationship.

Seventh card – get Tarot advice.

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Online One Card Tarot Reading “What He’s Doing Now”

If you don’t have any cards and you really want a prediction, use our online divination. It’s an express option that you can use at any time and get an answer right away! Divination is done online, right now, on the cards of the Senior Arcana.

  • Mentally or aloud ask the question – “What is he doing now?”
  • Imagine the image, the face of the person of interest.
  • Choose one of the 10 cards in the picture below, let your intuition choose.
  • Read the prediction.

Important! Express guessing does not predict the distant future, but describes the current situation and the near future. It is desirable not to “second guess” several times in a row. Usually the first prediction is the most accurate, but much more depends on your concentration on the image of the person of interest. Try to picture him clearly and distinctly during the divination.

Decoding: What is he doing now?

Have you chosen your card? Have you memorized its number? Then let’s see what it means.

Card #1. “The Fool.”

It’s getting ready to hit the road. A new stage in life begins for the object of interest; it is the beginning of an adventure.

Card #2. “Emperor.”

The person of interest is busy at work, performing his official duties. He is busy thinking over or implementing his plans.

Card #3. “Lovers.”

He is on a romantic date, establishing a personal relationship. Perhaps he is preparing for an outing with a partner of the opposite sex.

Card #4. “Hermit.”

The person you are interested in is alone, at home or at work. He is patiently waiting for you and gathering strength, his weekdays are full of routine.

Card #5. “The Hanged Man.”

He is thinking, anxious, resentful, and uncertain.

Card #6. “Moderation.”

The card indicates cooperation with others, meeting with friends, partners, establishing business relationships and connections.

Card #7. “Devil.”

The person you are interested in spends time having fun, gambling, flirting sexually, hanging out with friends.

Card #8. “Star.”

He’s thinking of you, reminiscing, waiting to meet you, his heart is calm, there’s a happy confidence and joy in his soul.

Card #9. “Moon.”

He is busy creating, all his thoughts are about a new creative project. This card can also indicate a bad mood, depression and nervousness.

Card #10. “Sun.”

The person you are interested in is in the family circle, on vacation or on vacation.

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