What is success in life?

How do we achieve success and why is it important to understand what it is?

If you were asked “what is success?” how would you answer? Many are lost, not knowing what to say. And after some thought, they give out stereotypical answers: “money, a good job, fame… family, health, long life…”.

If we believe the definition of the explanatory dictionary, success is success in achieving goals, a positive result of actions. The second meaning of the word is social recognition, that is, the recognition we receive from other people.

If we assume that most people set money, a good job, fame, family and health as their goals, then everything seems to fit. But what if each person has individual goals? Probably, then the success of each person is his own, not like the success of his neighbor.

Then, in order to determine your formula for success, you must first understand what your goals are. Like everyone else’s? Your own? Or a little bit of everything?

Why don’t most people succeed?

Questions about goals cause even more confusion than questions about success. Everyone seems to want to succeed, but few people think about their goals, formulate them, make plans for how to achieve them. Most people just aren’t used to setting goals. We have been treated by upbringing, education, and television (and the new generation has also been treated by the Internet). All of this forces us to think in terms of ready-made schemes. Few people have been taught to understand themselves, to analyze their desires, to listen to themselves, to dream, after all. It all seems too complicated, disconnected from life, abstract. But these are key things for every person. Without knowing ourselves, our desires, without knowing what success means for us and what we are striving for, we are not going anywhere, we are not achieving anything. Or in the best case, we take some beaten track, achieve average results and get no joy of inspiration from life. And this is what life was created for – joy, happiness and success. There is emotional dissatisfaction, we fall into a psychological trap. This is used by the sellers of the course of “success,” who catch us in the abstract promises of happiness

How do you achieve real success?

To achieve your own, real success, you have to work hard. First of all, you have to formulate what success means to you personally, that is, to understand your desires and set goals. Then plan how you will achieve them. Awareness and planning requires effort and takes time, but it’s worth it. Not only because after some time you will have an interesting, rich and bright life. But also because the changes for the better will start almost immediately.

As soon as you start moving in the right direction-that is, learning to hear and understand yourself, make decisions, and take action-the quality of your life will improve. You will spend more energy, but you will also receive more. And as a result, you will have much more joy in your life than from any passive activity, like browsing the Internet news feed or lying on the couch with a magazine. Life without purpose and desires, without any interest or plan is very rarely pleasant, interesting and even less happy. It also has pleasures, but they gradually fade, if we don’t develop somehow.

Is there a secret to success?

If success is different for everyone, do general recommendations or methods make sense? Psychology, for example? Or can’t the example and advice of another person teach us anything – since we still have our own way to go?

Although success is individual, there are general principles of success. You can never copy someone else’s success, it’s a straight path to unhappiness. But you can apply the principles of success that someone else used, adjusted for your own individual qualities and circumstances. And then the probability of success is high.

It’s like gravity – it works for someone who lives on the first floor and for someone who lives on the ninth floor. But the first one can jump out the window and go for a walk, and the second one can’t. It’s important to make adjustments.

In addition, there is such a thing as a life attitude, which also depends on success.

Principles that help achieve success

First. It is important to understand what success is not. The most common mistake is to think of money as success. Money often accompanies success, but it is not the same thing. I’m sure that people who have enough or a lot of money will know exactly what I mean. Only those with little money seem to think that money is success. Money is important as a basic component of security, as a guarantee of a comfortable and pleasant life, as a way of having joy, as a resource. But it is not enough to feel successful and happy.

Second. Success has to do with continuous development. Imagine for a moment being told that everything in your life will always be the way it is now. You probably have some sort of average not bad situation in your life – you have a computer or a phone with internet, you probably have food, clothes, and a roof over your head. In short, everything is not bad. It’s understandable that there are some worries and problems, but that’s normal. But if someone tells you that he or she gives you a guarantee that things will be the same as they are now: not worse, but not better either, you probably wouldn’t agree. Because we always want something more, we want to change our lives, and that’s normal. Because a person has a need to grow, to develop. Because life is a movement. And success, happiness, achievement of goals is also movement. There will never be a point where you come to some point and are ready to be satisfied with it. It is in the process that we feel successful.

It’s not about material goods – at a certain level of well-being they become sufficient. But rather about realization, opportunities, interests.

Naturally, results are also important, and it is very important to be able to appreciate what you get. But the overall point is to keep moving. So success is also about pushing the boundaries of your activities, your interests. There are no boundaries to success and there shouldn’t be. You reach one, your horizons expand, you go to a new goal, and so on.

Third. Success and its achievement are directly related to talent and purpose. To be a successful person, you have to develop and realize your unique talent. That is to move in the direction which is given to you by nature. About how to do this, I have prepared a separate article.

So, success is about achieving your goals, which means that in order to achieve it, it is important to understand what they are. It is important to formulate goals, plan your steps, and take action. Despite the fact that it costs time and effort, such a life is much more interesting and happy than passively following a general scheme.

Although success is different for everyone, there are general principles that can help anyone achieve success. In addition, while it is impossible to copy someone else’s success, it can be an inspiring example to us and help us move forward.

Success is not about money; success is always a process, not an outcome. The easiest way to achieve success is to realize your talent.

Think about what success means to you. Ultimately, it is you who will need to answer this question for yourself and for your life. It is important to have a mentor and an example, it speeds up development and movement a hundredfold. But only you can make the choices and get results.

What is success in life?

Success is the ability to live your life the way you want to, doing the things you enjoy the most, surrounded by people you respect and admire.

Have you ever wondered what the word success means to you personally? What are the criteria or attributes that define success? Most people blindly strive for success without fully understanding what it means.

Wanting to achieve success in life, many perceive it as a phenomenon that does not require any explanation. And some use templates and imagine that: “Success in a person’s life is always fame, universal recognition, love and wealth.”

There are many answers to this question. Public stereotypes readily whisper: nice apartment, fancy car, fast career. The answer, in general, sensible. This is what we are striving for. However, such a formulation would clearly be incomplete and not universal.

“Success in life is the achievement of your true, real goals and aspirations, it is an opportunity to lead a lifestyle that meets the peculiarities of your personality and contributes to the harmonious satisfaction of all needs.” There is no contradiction with the “ordinary” perception here – an apartment-career-machine is the satisfaction of normal human needs, and they are inherent in almost everyone, but it follows from the above definition that we are dealing with a much broader concept than at first imagined.


Strange as it may seem, but the concept of success can be classified.

1. Intermediate .

When you reach a big goal that was going for a long time. For example, you reached a financial goal and now make $1,000,000 a year. You break down the path to the big goal into smaller goals. Reaching them can be considered an intermediate success. For example, you began earning $3,000 a month.

2.Personal and social.

Personal success is when let’s say you learned to create and run a blog. And public success is when your blog is read by a large number of people and it will have a large attendance.


Partial success is when you’ve achieved great success in a certain area of life: health (sports), relationships, money or self-realization. For example, you starred in a movie that brought you fame and won an award at a film festival. This would be a partial success, you’ve self-actualized, you’re a successful actor.

Human beings by nature tend to have a hunger not only physically, but also spiritually. We definitely need companionship, recognition, respect, love. And money is not always able to satisfy these needs. We need friends, comrades, a loving soulmate, and without this, money loses all meaning and value, doesn’t it?

But even without money, especially when it is scarce, can we fully enjoy love, friendship, and fame? Will we be able to show proper care for our family and friends? The inevitable conclusion is: true success is the complete harmony of its material and spiritual components. Success is the ability to make our life what you want it to be. It is to achieve goals and to derive pleasure and satisfaction from them.

You should also understand that each individual person has his or her own, individual and unique perception of the world. Above all, a person’s vision of success depends on a huge number of personal characteristics. This can include both the character in general and some of its components separately. Well, for example, ambitiousness, emotionality, temperament, and others. And according to this, some people suffice the title of best craftsman – the inventor in his native neighborhood, and someone not enough and the Nobel Prize! Someone is glad that his wife and two children are waiting for him at home, and someone is passionately pursuing love of the population of both hemispheres of our planet! For someone a loaf of bread is the most precious and desired thing, and for someone a million is not money! For some people success is an opportunity to put a golden toilet in their toilet, for others it is an opportunity to help people and feel needed. Now try to be clear about what success means to you. It’s best, of course, to write down the main points – what will characterize your success? What exactly do you want?

It is necessary to determine the true, full meaning of the word to everyone, for yourself personally. Stop for a moment, leave for a while the frantic whirl of modern life and think, what are you striving for? What is it that you need recognition for? Whose favor do you crave? What kind of wealth do you want to possess? What is your personal definition of success? Do it now and you will have an accurate compass that will set you on the right course for navigating the sea of Life. It will guide you through all the storms and tempests, help you to keep firmness and confidence in all situations and lead you to your cherished cove, whose name is “Dream”!

Dreams are the fuel of success, without them life will never be full and successful. Just like a car engine won’t start without good gasoline, so you risk living your life without a dream, essentially never starting life. Any success is always preceded by the fulfillment of a dream.

Think right now about what it means for you to be successful: – getting a higher position; – succeeding as an executive; – losing weight; – running in the morning; – becoming a writer and getting published; – living to retirement healthy; – raising good children and seeing them build their families; – settling down and living in peace with yourself; – paying your mortgage in full; – learning something new; – always follow my heart and have no regrets; – be surrounded by wonderful people; – learn a foreign language; – completely beat a serious illness; – save a certain amount of money; – do what I love and not feel the constant stress of work; – be happy, content with what I have. These are some examples of answers.

Follow your dreams Life will be so much better if you do things you truly love. People who are engaged in things they love enjoy being much more than others, simply because they are following their dreams. Richard Branson

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