What gives away a man in love?

How to know a guy likes you by gestures and looks

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So, the long-awaited acquaintance happened, the excitement receded, and it seems that behind his back, “the wings grew. Romantic meetings, reverent correspondence, sleepless nights – all these are inherent attributes of incipient feelings. Here’s just how to understand, but whether your chosen one feels the same feelings as you? Are his intentions serious, and Cupid’s arrow this time hit the bull’s-eye? Or you should not waste time and have illusions on his account?

Well, if a man is eloquent and does not hesitate to openly express his feelings. But what if he doesn’t? But even in the case where it periodically flies off his lips frank confessions, there is no guarantee that he is telling the truth? How do you know that you clearly like a guy? Especially considering the fact that all men are individual, and there is no single formula to unravel them.

The look decides a lot.

It is no accident they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Once again, lost in the guesswork about the feelings of a young man, just look into his eyes.

You can safely talk about sympathy, if:

    Even furtively, but he looks at you. And there is nothing surprising about this – a man in love will never miss an opportunity to once again admire the object of his passion;

Gestures that reveal a guy in love.

Some gestures unmistakably can detect sympathy and obvious interest. Suffice it to carefully observe a man and have at least the slightest idea of “body language”. So, a man in love:

  • Does not cross his arms and legs. A man in love with light feelings will by no means “shut himself off” from you and create barriers. On the contrary, he will show his willingness to open up to you.
  • Reluctantly peremvamenya with his foot or fiddling with a button. No matter how you slice it, but when communicating with a person who is very sympathetic, and the stronger sex feels confused.
  • Literally “mirrors” your movements. If you look closely, you can see how he touches your hair, right after you corrected a naughty strand. Or it touches your chin as soon as you take your hand away from your face.
  • Pay attention to his hands. A man in love almost always gives away so-called “sexual” gestures. His hands are tucked into his belt? Perfect! Thus, a man expresses his interest, and not only erotic.

The manner of behavior

A young man who has flamed up to you sincere feelings, certainly will betray his manner of communication and behavior. Namely:

  • When talking, he often jokes. And what is remarkable is that literally after each told joke he watches your reaction. It is important for a man in love to understand that it was his line that was able to draw a smile on your face.
  • His voice when talking to you begins to sound lower. Men, for the most part, are convinced that this trick makes them brutal and sexier in the eyes of their chosen one.
  • She utters sincere compliments. They are radically different from those banal vulgarities that men also sometimes resort to, pursuing completely different goals.
  • At the time of the conversation he asks too many questions. However, do not be alarmed. This only proves his interest in your person. A guy in love is interested in everything that relates directly to you and your life.
  • He speaks somewhat more quietly than usual. Another psychological trick that will subconsciously make you shorten your distance and come as close as possible.
  • When communicating, a young man in love tries to tell only positive facts about himself. The things that can compromise him in any way or make him look bad – the guy with absolute certainty will hide.
  • In conversation he mentions things that you like. Talks about topics that interest you.
  • Observe the manner of behavior of the man with other representatives of the weaker sex. It is possible that with them he will behave more relaxed, while in front of you – timid, blushing and mixing up words.

11 major signs that give a man in love

  • He openly flirts with you. It’s no secret that a man interested in a woman will not miss a single opportunity to express his interest.
  • A man in love is always ready to come to the rescue. And most interestingly, he does! He will not let you carry heavy bags of groceries and will certainly take you to the late afternoon. He will instantly fix the faucet, deal with the car or help with dinner. Will gladly agree to help you, even in the smallest of things.
  • He is friendly and courteous to your relatives and children (if any). He will take care of gifts for them, crossing the threshold of your home.
  • He is always neat and cleanly dressed. In love with a man in no circumstances allow themselves to present themselves to you in a disadvantageous light.
  • Looking for a reason for new meetings. He will cling to even the slightest pretext that will allow him to see you again.
  • He often calls and writes. And a man in love will not be limited to a set of standard clichéd phrases like good morning wishes and sweet dreams. He will definitely find time to ask during the day your mood or share how his day is going.
  • He will openly assert his rights to you. All men are born with the instinct of the owner. But a man who is in love, it is disclosed in full. Make sure that it is easy enough. Just watch his behavior when you are in the company or circle of old friends. Man who has feelings for you, will demonstrate their superiority in every way. He will try to hug you whenever you decide to engage in conversation with a male acquaintance. Casually throw his jacket on your shoulders, lightning brings you a cocktail, as soon as you look toward the bar. All his behavior he will make it clear – you are his woman.
  • Man in love is jealous. And even if he has not noticed before a manifestation of this feeling, you can be sure that in love, he will definitely wake up Othello.
  • He always has a minute for you. Or two. And most likely, as much – as needed. In love with a man looking for excuses and excuses why now he can not come / call / answer / help. He simply changes the circumstances so that you feel comfortable.
  • He is in a hurry to introduce you to his friends and relatives. Another quite important aspect that speaks for itself.
  • He desires you passionately. No matter how you slice it, but physical attraction is an integral part of the expression of feelings in men. Therefore, noticing once again his languid gaze, you can not doubt in his sincere sympathy.

How to check in practice the feelings of a man

Romantic recognition, regular phone calls and nice compliments … all this is certainly wonderful, but these signs do not always indicate a deep feeling. That is why many psychologists recommend girls who doubt the sincerity of serious intentions of men, so to speak, to check him in the case. And this can be done through several methods, which are described below.

  • Shock the guy with your confession. This method is not usual, but quite effective. Try to be the first to confess your feelings to your boyfriend and carefully observe his reaction. Not hard to guess that if the feelings are mutual – and the reaction will be appropriate. Most of all a man in love wants to hear from the mouth of his girlfriend gentle and sincere words. They will immediately put a smile on his face, and his eyes will shine with happiness. Otherwise, in front of you will appear a man who will be discouraged and even somewhat upset. He will try in every possible way to transfer the subject and look away. Quite a sad sight, you know.
  • Live through a stressful situation together. And afterwards, in your conclusions, start from the way the guy behaved in this unforeseen situation. Was he your support in a difficult moment, did he empathize with you, solve your problem, or brushed you off? A man’s behavior speaks far more eloquently than any words.
  • Go out for a romantic walk. This can also be a trip to the movies, or sitting in a cozy restaurant. The main thing is to make it clear to the young man that any physical contact will be excluded. Will he be happy with such a prospect? In general, would the guy agree to such a date? The answer is obvious, if his intentions towards you are serious – yes! A guy in love with you will be happy to spend time with you, genuinely enjoying your presence, even if he knows that no intimate encounter will follow.
  • Try during the conversation to touch sensitive provocative topics. And at this point, watch the speech of your chosen one. The guy tries to offend, uses foul language in his speech or during the response trying to argue with you angrily, turning to insults? Alas, this is not a pattern of behavior of the young man who cares about you.

How to know if a guy is in love by correspondence

Virtual communication plays a rather significant role in the modern world. And sometimes it happens that a meeting in real life has not yet happened, but you damn well want to know if the guy really has sincere feelings for you or just casually spends his leisure time with you on the internet. So what are the moments that give away a man in love?

  • He regularly and meticulously monitors all of your social networks. None of your photos are not left without his likes and comments;
  • A man in love often writes to you. It is possible that many people will consider it a banal obsession, but the fact remains;
  • The list of his friends not only does not increase after you have met him, but sometimes it decreases significantly. This is usually the case when a young man is so engrossed in communicating with a single person that the need for other interlocutors automatically disappears;
  • Your virtual communication is still dominated by a lively dialogue rather than a monotonous monologue;
  • He shares with you his experiences and impressions. You have a bad day at work? A flat tire in the wrong place? Finally managed to complete a promising project? No doubt you’ll be the first to know about it!
  • A man in love regularly sends you his photos. It is important to him that the connection between you with each message is only getting stronger. And without visual perception, albeit through messengers, it is much harder to achieve this;
  • Talking to you about topics that you are passionate about. By the way, do not be surprised if suddenly, in the list of groups you are a member of, you will miraculously notice a familiar name.

And most importantly, remember – the guy who likes you, will definitely talk to you about the future. Your future together. If this does not happen – is not it time to think, and whether the hero of your romance in front of you?

How a man who loves the real – the psychology of falling in love

The stronger sex prefers to keep their emotions under control, not showing them even when it comes to love. Sometimes this behavior makes girls doubt and draw the wrong conclusions, which leads to mistakes and disappointment. This article will explore the concept of how a man loves truly, how he behaves psychology.

How a man loves

The psychology of a man’s feelings

It is believed that, for the most part, men are not capable of showing love. This fact is not correct, as these feelings arise in all, regardless of gender, age and social status.

How to understand that a man is in love? Women often have serious problems with this question, because men are not accustomed to openly show their overwhelming emotions. The brightness of the manifestation of feelings will depend on many factors, such as:

  • Social status;
  • The presence of a full family;
  • Features of the psychological state;
  • Intellectual level;
  • Upbringing.

Important! It is impossible with one hundred percent probability to deduce the formula of behavior of a man in love. Many may experience a gamut of emotions inside, but will keep it a secret from others, because they were brought up that way.

How to understand that a man loves

In terms of the romantic component, it is impossible to just know when a man is in love. Many women rely on a “sixth sense” or consider gifts and compliments as a sincere demonstration of love. However, you can try and pull together common signs of a man in love:

  • Jealousy on his part sometimes arises in the desire to cause a reciprocal feeling on the part of the lady;
  • Caring. A mature man shows this in everything, even in little things, for example, it can be a cup of morning coffee;
  • The desire to learn as much as possible about the object of his adoration;
  • Kindness. Aggression can only be aimed at protecting his woman;
  • The man rejoices in the achievements of his beloved, supports her, even if he is an introvert;
  • There is a desire to share his own interests and learn more about the girl’s hobbies.

Such emotions can already be noticed in a closer and more constant communication. If a woman is in love with a colleague at work, most likely the kindness and care will go unnoticed. The girl simply will not understand such hints. That is why it is worth paying attention to other signs of a man’s love.


The behavior of a man in love may vary dramatically depending on the upbringing and intellectual level. It is not necessarily that the guy will give roses, jewelry or the latest model phone.

Above all, a man in love shows care and respect for his chosen one. After all, he wants a woman not only physically, but also spiritually.

Also guys in love show sufficient activity in relation to their beloved: they start talking, write or call, correspond in online networks. They experience great joy when they are reciprocated (they also show interest in communication).

Body language (nonverbal signs)

If a man is truly in love, how does he behave? Psychology tells us that the stronger sex, just like the weaker sex, shows a whole lot of different signals in relation to the object of interest to them.

The main problem is that not everyone is able to catch them and understand correctly. However, it is to the body language that we should first of all pay attention, because an intelligent man can control his own speech, but his body’s behavior is not always.

One of the main physical signs are dilated pupils, rapid heartbeat, breathing. However, such manifestations are sometimes very difficult to compare to falling in love. How to recognize:

  • A sincere smile – indicates warm tender feelings. If in a conversation the man smiles with pleasure, using the facial muscles of the whole face;
  • Touching, even if casual or unobtrusive, speaks volumes. This is how he wants to show his emotions and attract the woman to him, even win her over;
  • Correcting his hair, clothes – such gestures indicate that the guy wants to make a positive impression;
  • The position of the hands on the belt (in his pockets or belt) indicates sexual interest.

It is worth observing not only behavior, but also listening to what and how a man says. Carefully watch his intonation, assess the words and wording he speaks.

If a man tries to carry on a conversation, ask questions, take an interest in the girl’s preferences, this indicates his interest. Driven by his own desires, he tries to learn as much as possible about his chosen one. He tries to charm the girl with his wit.

On the other hand, a dry or businesslike dialogue indicates that he was not attracted to his partner. Talking only about himself indicates that the guy is not too interested in the girl or simply that he values his own opinion much more.

Physiological manifestations, looks

The strong sex can control his speech, facial expressions, but feelings can be recognized in the eyes. An interested man keeps looking at the lady longer than he should.

Often the sight can stop at the neckline. But do not immediately accuse a young man of intemperance. This happens unconsciously. On the interest speaks and fixed gaze eye to eye.

What gives away a man who hides his feelings

How do you know if a man really loves you? Opinions of psychologists on this subject often differ. The strong sex can hide their own feelings for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the girl has a boyfriend, they are colleagues, or he just thinks that they do not fit together in terms of status.

However, even the most restrained and intelligent man will involuntarily or on purpose show his own feelings. Which symptom is worth paying attention to:

  • Trusting relationships. Most men are not used to telling outsiders about ex-girlfriends and failed relationships. However, if a close friend shares such memories, it is worth reflecting on the fact that he has far from friendly feelings;
  • The look of a man in love. When a guy furtively looks at the girl and averts his eyes every time she notices it;
  • Appearance. Especially worth thinking about if before a guy did not pay much attention to his appearance, and at a certain point this changes.

The difference between love and falling in love

At first, it can be quite difficult to distinguish love from falling in love. With age comes experience, it will be much easier to do.

The main difference between love is that it is a strong lasting feeling that does not burn out and is able to warm both of them for many years.

Love does not always erupt suddenly (it is more like falling in love). It gradually matures, forms, and two people realize that they want to be together for life.

Signs of falling in love of a married man

A married man can also fall in love. Given the circumstances, he will hide it with even more care, but still changes in behavior can be noticed. If a married man fell in love, the main signs are as follows:

  • He shares with the girl his problems in the family. Tells about the fact that his wife does not understand him;
  • Signs of attention. They are hidden or manifested in a small way, but still present;
  • Again the gaze. Eyes look at the object of adoration with interest and a little detached.

Important: If a girl realized that she was interested in a married man, do not throw yourself into the relationship with the head. The role of mistress is not suitable for everyone. If things are really bad in his family, and his husband is no longer able to live with his wife, it is worth waiting until they sort things out between themselves.

How to check whether a man loves you or not

If a girl still has doubts about whether a man really has a strong feeling for her, it is worth checking. There are quite a few ways, it is best to carefully observe his behavior in different situations. Which directly indicates a strong feeling:

  • A woman does not need to constantly gain a man’s respect. He already considers her smart and equal to himself. A man in love will not assert himself at the expense of his partner;
  • A man in love is ready to put up with the shortcomings of his chosen one. He will like the girl even without makeup and in home pajamas;
  • Even if the girl refuses intimacy for a long time, a loving man is willing to wait as long as necessary. Physiological needs are not in the first place;
  • He is always ready to come to the rescue and support in a difficult moment, regardless of the circumstances;
  • The main thing is that he will not allow the girl to doubt her own feelings. She will not even think about the question: “Does he love me?

As you can understand, the stronger sex is also capable of falling in love. Let his actions do not always lend themselves to logic, feelings, still sincere and true. Why is this so? It is precisely in the psychology and peculiarities of thinking.

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