What drives men crazy?

What to tell a man to make him crazy about you. Nine psychological tricks to make a man be crazy about you.

What to tell a man to make him crazy about you. Nine psychological tricks to make a man be crazy about you.

These tricks easily make you desirable in the eyes of men, you only need to act according to simple instructions and everything will be OK! Every woman in her life has faced with the fact that her interested in a man was not very impressed with herself. The reasons for this case could only be guessed, if its reasons were not voiced directly, the subject of your sympathy. Ah, how unpleasant it all is! But alas – it’s the reality of life, someone likes us and causes a return sympathy, but sometimes run into the opposite emotions. Why is it so hard to say, some explain it chemistry in feelings. Like by its nature you do not fit this or that person. Others say that this is all in our subconscious, and at its intuitive level, we sweep away from ourselves unfit options. In general, there are a lot of reasons and explanations, and each case is different. But we want to offer you a small guide for “charming” men. So, if you use at least a few of the proposed techniques below, you can easily captivate him! So go ahead, ladies, all in your hands, eyes, smile …?

1. express positive emotions. Men as well as women subconsciously feel the emotions of the people around them. Perhaps this arises because we naturally copy the movements and facial expressions of others, which helps us to feel the same as others. So, if you want a man to feel affection for you, try to express positive emotions. It’s very effective!

2. pay compliments. Only if you think that compliments should utter only men, then you are seriously mistaken. Men as well as women love to hear nice words in their address. Especially when they say them attractive woman. But the main thing is not to go overboard!

3. do not hide your shortcomings. There is no need to be artificial and try to be perfect in everything – this can alert a man, at least. Ideal people do not exist. We tend to become closer to the man who opened up to us and was not afraid to show their flaws. But this does not mean that you have to open up to a man in full 100%. Follow the measure in everything.

4. Touch him. Don’t sing unobtrusively to touch him. Subconscious touching occurs when we touch the other person so discreetly that he almost does not notice it. Even a slight stroking of the back or touching of the hand may cause a man to have warm feelings toward you.

5. smile. Have you noticed that when you smile when you meet another person, most often you will smile back. And naturally, there is a high probability of a mutual sympathy. Believe me, that the man will be hard not to react to your smile!

6. share your secret. Move your relationship into the category of trust and more intimate. Share your secret with him. He will be pleased that you confided in him, even in such a small thing. In this way, if we communicate on very personal matters, we feel much closer to each other than if we talk about trivial matters.

7. demonstrate your sense of humor. Having a sense of humor plays a significant role and it should not be underestimated. Many men find it important for a woman to have a sense of humor. Show that you are not devoid of this quality, and as a result, you can increase your chances that he will like you.

8. Show him that you like him. Men are just like women, it’s nice to know that you like them. Who doesn’t like that? After all, when we think someone likes us, we tend to start liking that person, too.

9. emphasize shared values. As we know, we are more often attracted to those who are like us. This is proven by one experiment in which people were asked their attitudes on various issues and then asked to live together. By the end of the experiment, people preferred those with whom they had similar tastes, interests and attitudes towards life in general.

What you should say to a man to make him crazy about you. The things that drive men crazy

That’s how men are – they are not interested when something is presented “on a silver platter with a golden veil. Of course, he will eat what he got so easily, and … go on. Looking for something that really captivates him, from which he will lose his mind and feel the dizzying excitement. And most of all, men are driven crazy by inaccessibility.

For a man is always of great value is that which is not easy. This is especially true of men and stems from childhood: a boy will not appreciate a toy that he was given and that he did not ask for. But the one for which he has long saved money for school lunches, which every day admired in the store window – will be for him the most desirable and expensive. It will put it in a special place and for sure he will remember it for life.

The same is true for the choice of a companion. Women who are too available are only of temporary interest. Easy to get, he will also easily forget her and certainly will not appreciate, no matter how wonderful she was. He is interested in achieving, fighting, and winning. When he gets his deserved reward, it gives him an incomparable pleasure. So just let a man earn the right to possess such a beautiful trophy, and everyone will win.

How to make a man be crazy about you. Part 1 Use your charm

1 Maintain eye contact. This sounds too simple, but in reality it will really get a guy interested.

  • Always make sure that you maintain eye contact during the conversation. Try to stay calm so that your eyes aren’t running back and forth, especially in the direction of the other guys.
  • You can use this technique with eye contact even when you are at opposite ends of the room. Just stare at him and then lower your gaze briefly. Slowly raise your eyes and meet your gaze. Try to smile shyly and flirtatiously.

2 Get dressed up. It’s not a major component of success, but still, appearances always make a strong impression. If you don’t know the guy yet, try to wear nice clothes and stylish accessories, apply makeup carefully.

  • Of course, this does not mean that you should wear only frank and tight clothes! Open clothing will undoubtedly attract a guy, but only temporarily.
  • A dress that opens the legs, or a blouse that emphasizes the figure in all the right places works wonders! But you should look attractive, not sexy or slutty.
  • The idea is for your body and face to look perfect! If you dress and groom yourself with style, you’ll look attractive even when you have absolutely no need for anyone to like you.

3 Wear casual clothes. After you’ve met a guy you like, wear casual clothes. This is a sign that your goal was for him to like you.

  • Always wear only clean clothes, sometimes you can wear a plain T-shirt with jeans, but if it has a huge mustard stain on it, you are unlikely to attract someone with this.
  • Once you started communicating, you should still wear bright and attractive clothes sometimes, to ignite his sympathy every time.

4 Try to remind yourself nonverbally. Apply some perfume behind your ears or use scented lotion after showering. When a guy smells a nice scent, he’ll want to be even closer to you.

  • Moderation is very important. The scent should be strong enough for the guy to smell it, but don’t overdo it! If the scent is too strong, it can become unpleasant.

5 Dance! Most guys go crazy for girls who are comfortable enough in their bodies to move seductively.

  • You can show off your skills in a club or at a party. It’s much more spectacular if you start dancing right in the kitchen if some cool music starts playing on the radio.
  • Ask him to dance! Asking him to dance from a beautiful and fun girl always impresses any guy!

6 Playfully go through his hair. When you’re sure he’s looking, curl a strand on your finger or casually twist to make your hair meet his eyes. Try to do it as naturally as possible.

  • If you have short hair, you can just ruffle it slightly with your hands, but in a way that makes it look sensual.

So that the man will be crazy about you. How to drive a guy crazy: male psychology

To understand what a man needs from a woman, you need to study his nature in general. After all, how many times have we been convinced that the same phrase for us means something completely different than for guys.

So, the basic rules in the psychology of the stronger sex:

  • Men are straightforward and say what they think, without hidden subtext. Don’t look for it, dear ladies! It is this fruitless search that often leads us into the impenetrable maze of their fantasies and conjectures, and eventually breaks into hysterics and scandal. And he just said, “busy, I can not talk. If he does not want to talk, or he has another, as we often see in our fantasy-rich head, he will say it otherwise, you can be sure. Also, we often take casually thrown phrases as malice. Men don’t think that way! Often it’s just a ridiculously worded thought. Lovely girls, agree, because not every phrase means something serious;
  • The second and no less important fact of male psychology is transparency of explanation. And it also has to do with directness. Guys are weak at picking up hints. Moreover – they may not even recognize them. Do not immediately pout and complain to his girlfriend “Imagine, I told him I was going to the club, and he said, well, okay! He didn’t even ask who with! He doesn’t care! He’s not even jealous! He doesn’t love me!” . You want something, say it straight. You don’t want to create unnecessary mazes. Otherwise, it is fraught with the fact that your beloved will think after every sentence you said, and it’s out of your own way;
  • Third, and no less important aspect in understanding the male mind is that the opposite sex, although strong, but not omnipotent. He can not read minds. So if there was a quarrel, and you think that your beloved himself will guess the cause of discontent, then such an opinion is wrong. It is better to immediately talk about what he did not like in this or that situation;
  • The psychology of the stronger sex states that he likes compliments and kind words no less than you do. Guys need to feel needed and strong. Give them this little grace, and they will be sure that no other woman will be so irreplaceable;
  • Men are, after all, producers. And if you carry this very booty right into their hands on the first date, then interest is lost almost instantly. Of course, no one says that within six months you must behave as a prude, but do not jump into bed immediately. As a rule, it doesn’t lead to a serious relationship. You know how they know how to coax when they need to;
  • The rule that a man has to come up first in today’s world is no longer canon. They can be just as indecisive as we are. So if you like someone, do not hesitate to take the initiative. Maybe he’s just shy;
  • Do not be offended by the fact that your dress is called pink, not peach. Guys rarely notice little things like that. It’s just not their area. Equally, if your beloved is trying to work hard, and you twirl in front of the mirror, waiting for encouragement and mind-blowing delight, the effect will be zero. Let him do his job. He cares – he just doesn’t know how to switch as quickly as you do;
  • Stomach! Still, it’s a direct route to their heart. No matter how much they deny it;
  • And the last fact – it is always possible to impress with looks. After all, we are the beautiful half of humanity.

What to say to a man to make him want to appreciate and love you. Top 7 phrases to tell a man

  • Tell him you love him . Don’t look for an occasion or the right time. Meet him with words of love from work, when he wakes up or goes to rest, sits down to watch TV or have dinner. Believe me, men like the phrase “I love you” no less than women. And if you want, leave him a note, describing the power of your feelings. When he wakes up, he will gladly remember again how happy he is.
  • Tell him how proud you are of him. Whatever he did, whatever he said, whatever he decided, whatever he did, there is always that moment when you can tell him that he is worthy of your respect. And how could it be any different if you agreed to be his wife or bride. He brought home a poor puppy, kitten, stray dog, who did not hope to be noticed and rescued, do not say that there is no strength to look after the animal, but tell him how kind he is and that you are behind him, as a stone wall. All the difficulties will be left behind, and you will always remember what a big heart your loved one has, seeing your new pet snuggling into his lap, thanking him for the rescue.
  • There is always a reason to say what “golden” hands he has, because when something breaks, you immediately turn to him for help and fix it. How many broken things he was able to fix, or, in the end, to buy. And in a difficult situation, is not a man looking for a way out, what to do and how to be. The main thing is not to forget that sometimes men need words of admiration and approval more than women.

What to tell a man to make him want you. How to make his head spin.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” the old saying goes. And it’s true. If you want the man you like to lose his head from you, first of all, make him miss you a lot. Let him feel that you are terribly missed.

He might be your husband or a friend you are madly in love with, he might be an ex-boyfriend you want to reconnect with, or he might be a new acquaintance you want to build a strong relationship with – in other words, if your goal is to be together with this man, let him miss you a lot.

Video How to Make a Man Crazy? How to Make a Man

Is it worth telling a man that you miss him. To wishful thinking become reality.

How to make a man miss you from a distance? Can help not only psychological but also magical techniques. Most of them are related to the esoteric understanding that thoughts are material.

Do you want a guy to call? Imagine him and the feelings he must be feeling so that there is a burning desire to make the call. Dream of appearing to him in your dreams? Think about your loved one before you go to sleep, recalling pleasant events related to him or her. The main thing is concentration and a firm belief that everything will work out.

Thoughts do not materialize immediately. Learn to control your desires. Control your consciousness, and you will be able to create a powerful energy channel that will connect you with the person you love.

There are also conspiracies to attract male attention. But practical magic has its price, it is not safe to indulge in it. Use psychology and mental connection, and you can become the most desirable for your man.

What you shouldn’t say to a man ever. What phrases you shouldn’t say to a man

A phrase that can instantly piss off even the most well-balanced man, but which women or girls so often like to say in a fit of indignation. Well, here it is, “I’ll do it myself. Saying this phrase, it’s as if you are condemning your chosen one to an irresponsible existence. No matter how loud it sounds now, but it’s really true. A man takes responsibility to his beloved woman and it’s very important for him to follow the given vector. Yes, it’s well known that a woman can solve some of her problems on her own, it’s welcome, household chores, children, cooking and so on. But when it comes to men’s “duties” actually, why should you throw it all on your fragile and delicate shoulders? Yes, girls can hammer a nail in the wall and change the light bulb, and much, much more, but the point? By taking these duties off men’s shoulders you are only adding them to themselves. Man – this is your support, support and protection, he extractor, mechanic, electrician and many-many other professions can only be in a single person, in your chosen one. “Put” this phrase on the far, far shelf.

What you can’t say to a man. Household annoying phrases

What can you say to a man, and what not, if you live with him in the same house? Psychologists recommend forgetting the following verbal expressions.

If the wife calls the things of the spouse “cute”, “yummy”, “pretty” – it completely discourages the desire to put on a sweater, shirt or sweatshirt again. Men do not tolerate words that do not fit the image of a macho brutal.

  1. We should have a serious talk.

Even the most well-balanced husband is put off by these words. They consider them a declaration of war and react extremely aggressively to such an invitation to talk.

  1. “But Katya’s Vasya…”

What shouldn’t you say to your husband? Don’t compare your lover to other men. This crushes the self-esteem of the stronger sex and leads to negative consequences for the relationship. The only thing that will lead to such a conversation will be the phrase of the beloved: “Pack your bags and go to a good and rich hero!”

10 working ways to make a man go crazy from you: the rules of flirting and the power of magic

Hello, dear readers! The magic of a woman’s nature can work wonders, stupefying the opposite sex with her vibes. At the same time, it can build a wall in front of a happy future, bumping into the same rake. It is possible to act, relying on intuition, but it is important to know the basic rules, it is desirable to understand the male psychology, at least superficially, and then the right tactics can move mountains. The following section on the blog bursin.ru , how to make a man go crazy for you, 10 working ways and three different approaches to winning his heart, mind.

Before you conquer men, you need to figure out exactly what they want and what they can’t stand. It is worth remembering that the coveted other half, not the identical part of yourself, unless you count the period of falling in love. Many of the phrases, actions, actions that women put on a pedestal of importance, for men everyday routine that does not require sharpening attention. In addition, many stereotypes of behavior, create a huge barrier between the sexes. As a result, misunderstanding leads to the destruction of relationships that have not yet been fully established. Let’s think that in understanding ourselves everything is fine, the personality is formed, there are no pathological complexes, so let’s go straight into the territory of male psychology.


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Differences of male perception

So as not to reread in search of omission, let us concentrate all the masculine characteristics in brief theses:

  • the vast majority of men are straightforward and their words, do not imply anything more than what is spelled out in Dahl’s dictionary;
  • they want straightforwardness in response, that is, communication, requests, phrases, not overloaded with hidden subtext and mazes of hints;
  • After a quarrel you must say your grievances, the very reason for the quarrel, in 90% of cases, men do not understand what argued about, and do not understand themselves, how much not to wait;
  • To feel, to accept their strength and steadfastness, even the most brutal alpha needs compliments, caressing words;
  • They need to pursue the object of desire, always, even after the golden wedding anniversary, not to mention the first dates;
  • The stronger sex is very shy to make the first move, female initiative in this matter is not punishable;
  • to switch between topics of communication, or between work and rest, men need a break, a small one, but enough to decompose the completed topic in the bowels of the psyche;
  • appetizing, tasty food can really seduce and keep the stronger sex for a long time;
  • appearance is still an important feature of a girl, her importance should not be belittled, guys love with their eyes.

Well, now we can move on to the attack.

Secrets of conquering men.

Universal approach can not be found, too people are different. And we are talking not about men, but about the possibilities of the female approach. Not all girls, in order to make a man want you to madness, ready to conquer the male heart, put on a miniskirt, and paint her lips red. Therefore, and consider a few approaches, and for modest beauties, and for lovers of mysticism.

5 ways for self-confident people

A girl who knows what she wants, and confidently moves toward the goal, is already a tidbit for men. They find it attractive that, despite her self-sufficiency, she out of all the options, chooses him. But it is quite possible that behind the external confidence, hides the one that has already experienced a painful breakup and is afraid to trust again, to open up to the opposite sex. As a result, the relationship either ends at the stage of falling in love, or it is just an ice queen, which can not be approached.

In order not to alienate men by overconfidence, it is worth following some advice:

  1. Choose your closet carefully.

You can have a stunning figure, but in pursuit of presentation forget about the sense of proportion. Beautiful legs, men will consider in jeans and correct fit, and a pleated skirt size maxi. As the thin waist will not hide a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Short miniskirts, frank necklines, revealing lingerie, attracts glances, but only for a short-term affair. Clothing should leave a mystery, a desire to see what is underneath. In addition, it is important to communicate through closet items the true inner beauty, that is, choose clothing that characterizes you as a person.

  1. Eat beautifully.

Another point that many people miss. Often the first date takes place in a cafe. It is important not to overplay the game, and not to go for affectation or vulgarity. Statistically, men love to watch their chosen one eat strawberries, ice cream and even pasta. Eat more seductively and watch his reaction. It will be very helpful if your eating habits will be the same. That is, if he is crazy about meat, but the girl can not stand the sight of a dead animal, then there’s no way to get a strong union, no sexy, chewing salad.

  1. Don’t try to change him.

Confidence in the correctness of your decisions, in your position in life, can become an obstacle to understanding another’s point of view. For the first at least six months of a relationship, you shouldn’t try to change the mind or behavioral traits of the man you like. His unironed T-shirt on the third date in a row, or his loud manner of speech, will not change on one request. Of course, he may comply, but it will oppose his usual routine, the rights to adjust which, so far, the girl does not have. Do not adjust a man to himself, look for compromise, this skill, along with the ability to smooth over the sharp edges in the quarrel, drives guys crazy.

  1. Flirt with others.

It is possible to warm up interest in yourself with the help of other people’s views. But here the main thing is not to overdo it, especially if the guy is a jealous and even possessive. Be more tactful, attract glances, but direct the main flow of energy to your loved one. This will allow him to feel unique, that he was the best of many applicants. Do not flirt openly with friends of the guy or with men in his presence, this humiliates his dignity. And in general we will come back to the subject of flirting a little lower.

  1. Use the color red.

Advice relevant at all times. Red is subconsciously perceived as a challenge, an awakening of passion. Any of its shades in clothing or scarlet lipstick on the lips, or a harmonious combination of both, will attract the eye. It will also help to keep him, if you do not reveal yourself on the first day of acquaintance, and continue to beckon, remaining a mystery to him. And there is no vulgarity at all in red, if you pick up the shade, according to your skin color type.

Five ways for the modest

For many girls to paint their lips bright lipstick, it’s an extreme act. That’s why the topic of charming guys is sometimes extremely difficult. It’s difficult to drive crazy, if complexes and fears are hiding behind the look. But for a man to be attracted to you, you do not have to use direct text, as well as dexterity with the choice of stylish attire, you can act on a subconscious level. We’ll come to the magic yet, while we’re talking about quite tangible things and actions.

Some people associate with their fragrances. Many people have been using the same type of perfume for decades. Finding your fragrance is difficult, but once you do, it can become a calling card. If you look back on the preferences of a particular man, or guided in the choice of the presence in the composition of seductive pheromones, then do nothing and do not need. Even at a distance, he caught the notes of a familiar perfume, begin irresistible rapprochement. And by the way, the power of smell in the field of love is proven.

A girl in love is afraid even to look at her chosen one, not to make eye contact with him. But, if he does not give in for a long time, it is possible to overpower oneself. First it is worth trying on someone who is less desirable. For example, on a passenger on the bus or passerby, an employee in a store. But preferably not on a coworker, because there is a probability that later you will have to explain that it was only a test, but he will consider it as love.

The principle is to hold your gaze and to look away as naturally as possible. The “eye-to-eye” gaze should last literally a couple of seconds longer than usual and go modestly downward. It’s worth practicing in front of a mirror, or it can be eerily artificial the first time. After a few encounters like this, it’s guaranteed to fit.

  1. Modern technology.

Fortunately, in the 21st century, it is not necessary to chase a person to be in sight. Social networks and messengers have slightly replaced live communication, allowing the good half of mankind to breathe out. Flirting by correspondence is a separate topic of building a love connection, which has its own laws and rules:

  • the message should be understatement, a hint of something more, with a complete absence of vulgarity and frank intimacy;
  • Texting can touch on topics that are either inappropriate in a meeting during the day, or provocative, for example, embellish its meaning by writing that he dreamed last night, it attracts;
  • share, something positive to associate with positive emotions, with a strict consideration of his tastes;
  • reveal a little secret about yourself by sharing something personal, build a deeper and more trusting connection.

The main thing is to know the measure. If the guy still answers the first message, do not send another 10 messages in addition. It is better to think carefully about the words in the message, to fit the whole sense in short phrases, and not stretch into a whole story.

  1. In the shortcomings of strength.

No need to artificially model your appearance, unless of course it’s going to the gym. Cover the unevenness of the face with a layer of makeup, change the manner of speech, it’s all too conspicuous. Many flaws can easily translate into the rank of virtues, if you present them differently. With the rest is to fight in a different way, not a temporary disguise.

If you walk down the street and smile at a frowning passerby, a 99% chance that you get a smile in response and 100% that lift his spirits. Radiate positivity, good energy, means to attract the right people. When he’s in direct reach, show more of your cheerfulness, sense of humor, openness. Such girls seem full of energy, charging others, driving the opposite sex crazy.

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Magic tricks.

For those who are basically contemptible to seduce men, want to get everything and without effort, you can resort to the power of conspiracy. Often they are used by those who are looking for an answer to how to make a married man think about you. Morality is discussed in another article; here are just the answers to the question. You can argue all you want about the miraculous powers of the universe, but the fact that they have a two-way effect is worth remembering. So, if when you use them, you mean to do harm to someone, then back in some time, you will get a hundred times as much.

When, with the help of magic, it is possible to make the necessary person’s mind to act according to the necessary scenario, it is accepted to call the higher or otherworldly forces to fulfill a specific request. In general, all power of magic rituals is connected with concentration, repetition of the same words. If you put aside all the candles and water on a platter, the details about the power of thought and its influence on consciousness are described in esoteric treatises. Psychological research confirms that a thought generated in the brain is not held there, but is immediately projected into the surrounding space, which means that its influence is quite real.

So, instead of witchcraft on the full moon and collecting his DNA, do the following:

  • choose a certain time when no one will disturb for at least 15 minutes;
  • Close your eyes, equalize your breathing, and relax as much as possible;
  • Visualize the image of the desired person, the events associated with him, recall the past dialogue;
  • mentally approach him, kiss him, embrace him, do what you always wished in reality, imagine a walk together, a night of love, flowers;
  • Do not use negative energy, emphasize the favorable development of the relationship.

In this simple way, after some time, it will be possible to create a psychological channel for communication. His consciousness will accept the flow of energy, process it, and direct it in the right direction. And for this you do not need to go to the dark rooms of the shaman, you only need to believe and regularly allocate time to the ritual.

The Power of Flirting

With the help of flirting, you can win men’s hearts, and you can cause ridicule. All of the methods described above, are the basis of seduction, but the main thing is to learn how to apply the methods naturally and without effort. This applies to the look, even the rules of wearing red lipstick. All actions should be an extension of the personality, coming from within, and not forcefully squeezed out for a particular person. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to flirt, and, above all, to begin with yourself, with your psychological core.

It is necessary to develop a real, not feigned confidence in yourself and in your femininity. There is a fairly short and instructive video on this topic on the Internet:

Developing self-confidence, and there will be success in dealing with the opposite sex. Men subconsciously feel stiff and filled with complexes, and try to stay away from such.

If the inner core dismantled, let’s summarize in your own words the basic principles of driving men crazy:

  • Be independent of other people’s opinions and other people’s wallets, count only on your own strength;
  • Never open up to the end, leave room for his insights, be a mystery, even in marriage;
  • don’t live in templates, learn to be unpredictable, dare to be adventurous;
  • Do not obsess about appearance and do not disguise the flaws, be yourself;
  • zest for life, humor, smiles – these are the main features of the one that drives you crazy;
  • use the look as a weapon for attraction;
  • find your fragrance and use it in moderation every day;
  • don’t be stingy with compliments, men love your ears just as much as women;
  • Know the measure in correspondence and live communication, even an interesting person can get bored if there are too many of them.

The bottom line is .

Becoming attractive, driving you crazy is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You just need to choose the most appropriate version for themselves to seduce, based on the type of their temperament. You only need to have faith in yourself. Stereotypes about the first step from the man, by the way, also have gone into antiquity. So, if you feel that the guy is in love, maddened, and towards how not advanced, then take the initiative into your own hands. If your only plan is to seduce men without continuing the serious relationship, if you like only the ardent courtship, then in addition to the ability to attract, you need to learn how to keep the distance, but this is a topic for another article.

Share your successes in seducing men in comments. Have you tried these ways and what effect they had in a particular case?

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