What does your loved one call you?

What does the person you love call you? Deciphering affectionate names.

Come up with nicknames – an activity that is fun, coming from the heart. But on what principle do we choose them? Logic has nothing to do: any, even the most negative word, said with tenderness, can change the meaning. Just compare the words “pig” and “piggy.

But it is not that simple. Why, for example, among the affectionate nicknames there are fools, but there are no idiots or morons? The point is that each sound has a different effect on our senses. For example, the sound “F” expresses a violent and often negative reaction (remember our “ew!”).

That is why the “F” sound in affectionate nicknames occurs three times less often than in ordinary speech. The same is the case with the “X” sound, which speaks of sudden excitement.

In contrast, the “S” sound occurs almost three times more often in affectionate names than in ordinary words. In psychology, the effect of hissing sounds on the psyche is called the “white noise” effect – this sound absorbs the listener’s attention, making him distract from everything else. Not for nothing, demanding silence, we say “shh-shh!” The second most common sound in nicknames is the “K” sound. It expresses the idea of closeness, ease, simplicity. And the frequently encountered “L” sound speaks of emotional lift. Since we choose a nickname unconsciously and intuitively, these names reflect deep and sometimes hidden feelings and desires. Which ones? The science of psychophonetics provides the answer.

Your partner calls you that:

Baby – wooed, but he’s hardly interested in your real feelings.

Hippo – absorbed by you, respects your independence, but does not mind to play.

Baby – he is specific in his desires and does not want to complicate things.

Darling, dear – he values confidence and certainty in relationships. Feelings are in the second place.

Fool – is ready to forgive you any mistake and take the situation under his control.

Hedgehog, hedgehog – gives your relationship special meaning. Can be intemperate as he is afraid to lose you.

The toad is energetic and playfully assertive, but he values your relationship.

Life is Mine – pathos gives away a tendency to overdo it. Check to see if he has another “life” on the side.

Hare, bunny, bunny, bunny – prone to excitement and does not mind playing with you. Deep in his heart jealous and watching you closely.

You don’t know how to read a book, but you don’t know how to read it, and you don’t know how to read it.

Kitty, pussy, kitty, kitty, kitty – is set up for close contact and does not want to complicate the situation.

Kozlik, kozachka, koziavochka – feels complete closeness with you. You are very close to him, though he does not mind teasing you.

Candy – be careful: you seem to be considered their property.

Kitten, kitty, kitty, kitty – feels with you closeness and inseparable connection, wants to convince you of his loyalty.

Crocodile – stressed energetic, not in the mood to go around and hold back emotions for a long time.

Doll, doll – fond of you, but does not attach too much importance to your relationship.

Paw, paw, paw – very active and ready to work and live for you.

Swallow – very attentive and absolutely sure of you.

Foxy, Foxy, Foxy – all attention is absorbed by you and he expects the same from you.

Beloved, beloved, love – prone to sensual overreaction and ready to act decisively and assertively.

Lyalya, lalik – very emotional, may not control the outburst of feelings – both good and bad.

Little, little, masik, masya – feelings are very deep, they are ready to take care of you.

Baby, baby – you absorb all the attention, and you are expected to do the same.

Bear – a very sensual person, but he is not in a hurry. He is cautious and does not want to lose you.

Sweetie, sweetie – promises you a lasting relationship. His feelings are in balance with his mind.

Mulya, mussya, mushipusechka – feelings are very strong. He tends to get carried away and often does not know measure.

Myshka, moussheka – very attached to you, sometimes unrestrained, but his love is deep.

Pampushka – he counts on complete closeness and interaction.

Donut – wants by all means to attract your attention and to protect himself from possible rivals.

Puzo, puzi, teletubby – is configured for the creation and arrangement of the family home.

Puppies, nappy, pusy, pusya – looking for full contact with you, but behind this are not so much feelings as practical interest.

Fish – looks at your relationship more like a business. He puts practical interest, not romance, in the first place.

Sweet, sweet – consciously emphasizes his emotionalism. But at heart he is balanced and calm.

Elephant, elephant – gives great importance to your relationship and expects full reciprocity.

Sun, sunshine – feels genuine tenderness and lively interest towards you.

Tiger, tiger cub respects your independence. Not averse to joke with you, but in fact it offers an equal alliance.

The hamster has a tendency to impulsive actions and can easily give in to passing impulses.

A chick, a chicken – offers you active contact, but perhaps in the depths of his soul he is afraid of something.

The miracle, the monster – literally demands your attention, emphasizing the importance of your relationship.

Chocolate – offers you a simple, easy relationship, but in fact, you absorb all his attention.

Berry – is energetic, confident and appreciates his independence. Feelings take second place.

Kitty or bunny? Find out the meaning of your nickname and what it says about your love

Why does a guy call you bunny, sunshine, baby? After all, these affectionate nicknames arise for a reason. If you want to know what your boyfriend feels for you, just find in the article is a pet nickname that he most often addresses you.

Psychologists are sure: in couples where he and she call each other affectionate nicknames, the main romantic goal is pursued: to turn each separate “I” into a single “we.” Why does a guy call a girl sweetheart? Does he really love her? Or is it just a pretty nickname?

The more tender and affectionate words in the speech of lovers, the deeper and more sincere is their relationship. If the relationship dries up, turning into a formality, then in addressing each other can remain only one affectionate nickname. Why, in recent weeks, does the guy call you “pooh” and nothing else? Could it be that his feelings are starting to fade?

Why does a guy call you affectionate nicknames?

We can distinguish several types of affectionate names, which we call “pet nicknames”.

1.Beasts. Big or small. Calling a partner a tiger, lion cub, kitty, bunny, in a couple, thus, there is an association with a strong, predatory animal, or, conversely, cute and defenseless. Why did the guy call a bitch? It hardly has anything to do with the animal world. Rather, it’s his way of expressing his admiration for your attitude toward sex.

2.Paphic appeals. My pearl, my life, my heart, my love,” such nicknames are really full of pathos. Why does a guy give such homely nicknames? Perhaps they are simply beautiful words, which should be taken as a compliment.

3. tenderness. It manifests itself in the household nicknames, which sound like honey, sweetheart, darling, the only, unique, my good. Although such words may seem trite and formal to you, but thanks to them your partner expresses the most tender feelings for you.

4.Last Name. Why does a guy call you by your last name? Perhaps he has a special sense of humor. By the way, this kind of address in couples is quite common. It’s better than wondering why a guy called you by your ex’s name.

5.Made-up nicknames. Often domestic nicknames of this type indicate that the partner is attracted to your external data. Cute, angel, pretty – yes, it’s all about you.

6.Pie, bun, apple. And any other gastronomic household nicknames indicate displays of sensuality, constant attraction.

7. Rude references. Why does a guy call a slut? It’s not uncommon that this is the kind of homemade nickname he’s trying to emphasize his enthusiasm for how liberated you are in bed. If it’s part of your game and the controlled roughness stays within the couple, it’s one thing. But if such a nickname doesn’t appeal to you, it’s better to tell him about it right away and watch his reaction. It is possible that he is just a boor and it is worth staying away from him.

Anastasia, my star!

If your sweetheart isn’t just coming up with a nickname for you, but adding it to your name, and most likely to your full name, you have a lot to think about. “Don’t call me Thomas, Miss Becky; that’s what they call me when they want to whip me.” Hardly your sweetheart wants to flog you, but he definitely wants your attention. Most likely, he feels like you’re pulling away from him.

Kitty, baby, doll.

Actually, the semantic meaning of these words is completely unimportant. It’s the sound that matters. The “K” sound is one of the most common sounds in pet nicknames. And if your sweetheart chooses it, it means he’s in the mood for a really serious relationship. Do you know why? The next time you walk by the playground, listen to the way parents talk to their kids. Even if they call them by their first names, it’s almost always diminutive forms with the “K” sound: Mashenka, Olenka, Vanechka, Dimochka. And if the name has no common diminutive form? And then again the sound “K”: Olezhek, Igorek, Matveyka. From early childhood we get used to the fact that the “K” sound is used by people who love us unconditionally. And when we use it ourselves, we address those whom we love. For real.

Darling, beloved, sweetheart.

If you try to call someone that, you’ll realize the following: first, it’s uncomfortable. Such nicknames are not “begging on the tongue” and do not “fly off” as if by themselves. Second, they are completely impersonal nicknames. You can call someone that. When you say, “Dear sir, could you tell me how to get to the library?” – you don’t want to tell a stranger that you respect them immensely. You just don’t know how to address him-not “citizen,” not “comrade,” not “sir” and not “hey, man!” So if your boyfriend is addressing you with these words, it’s likely that he’s not planning a serious relationship. He’s just calling you words he thinks are supposed to express affectionate feelings.

Dumpling, Mousy, Moores-Moores

And all the other words that sound silly, strange, and ridiculous. The very words that reflect your story and only your story, the words that relate to events that are meaningful to you. Your sweetheart is probably worried about whether he’s good enough for you. And when he calls you Dumpling, he’s just reminding you one more time of how much he loves you. That he appreciates you for who you are. And that he’s incredibly sweet about your secret habit of chewing on frozen dumplings.

Sweetie, baby, baby, baby.

Cute, “sugary” nicknames help us make the image of the one we love more tender, romantic – and vulnerable. Chances are, your partner – pretty possessive. He wants to dominate the relationship, is going to take the place of the “head of the family” and stand at the helm. In this case, he is sure that you are the main object of his care, in some ways even reminiscent of the parent.

My sunshine, my soul.

Most likely, you are together for a long time, and all these nicknames sound with a certain amount of irony. Like, of course, you’re my soul, but somehow it is not customary to talk about it seriously, so I’ll call you that when I report that I already washed the dishes and took out the trash. If you’ve been together recently, it’s a clear declaration of serious intentions. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

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