What does the girl feel after the breakup?

Peculiarities of the psychology of a woman after a divorce from her husband

Breakup is always carried by a woman painfully, even if the partner is experiencing total negativity. What does a girl feel after separation?

In some cases, the fair sex tries never to cross paths with her ex-boyfriend, and in others – all attempts to remind of themselves.

Sometimes this is due to the need to improve self-esteem and convince the man that he should regret what happened. Some women are trying to arouse jealousy or to get their partner back.

Features of emotions experienced after a breakup depends on many factors: the duration of the relationship, the degree of attachment, the reasons for the breakup. Based on the totality of these circumstances, the woman makes a choice: find effective ways to get rid of sadness, or wait until the situation resolves itself.

Taking action should be fully conscious, and for this you need to understand the peculiarities of female psychology.

What a girl feels after breaking up with a boyfriend, separation from her spouse?

Women by nature are characterized by excessive emotionality and sensitivity. Everything that is associated with relationships, the fair sex is experienced by women many times stronger than men.

Particular reactions to the breakup largely depend on the model of building social relationships that women are used to following:

When breaking up, such girls turn into real trackers: tracking down not only the former man, but also potential competitors, taking brutal measures to suppress any activity on their part.

What emotions are experienced?

It is not easy to endure the separation from the loved one, even for the one who herself initiated the breakup. The time after the breakup can be divided into several phases, each of which has characteristic features:

As a result, the woman realizes that the breakup, even if painful, cannot determine her future life.


The emotions experienced after a breakup may be due to certain fears . For example, insecure women or women who have always relied on a man for help in a relationship may experience the strongest fears for their future.

Emotions are not related to warm feelings for the former partner or regret for the failed couple, but fear of being alone.

Such girls simply do not know how they can cope with life’s difficulties alone, afraid that no one will ever pay attention to them.


Awakening hatred towards an ex-young man is a sign that he has not yet ceased to be significant. The reasons for the anger can be different:

Often the hatred of the ex is due to objective reasons: constant conflicts, insults, humiliation. A woman realizes that the relationship was far from ideal precisely due to the fault of the partner, and begins to feel legitimate emotions towards him.

Regret .

Those who regret the breakup are those who either realize their guilt and injustice in relation to their partner, or find themselves in unfavorable conditions.

If a man provided financially, helped at home, supported in difficult moments, a woman, faced with the same needs again, begins to regret that she missed such a “convenient” man.

Regret about the breakup can also occur when a new suitor appears in a girl’s life. Unconsciously comparing him to her former boyfriend often leads to contradictory feelings.

Suffering .

Girls who were emotionally attached to the man are prone to real suffering after a breakup. This is especially common among couples who grew up at the same desk or experienced many significant events together.

How to cope?

To survive the breakup, you need not only the inner strength and a conscious desire, but also the care of loved ones. On the combination and quality of these factors directly depends on the duration of emotional attachment to your former partner.

There are a few tips to help you realize what has happened and find the strength to move on:

  • Accept what happened as a given, do not indulge in false hopes;
  • Stop looking for meetings with your ex, write or call him, check his status in social networks;
  • To take care of yourself – your figure, health, skin, hair, nails, and style;
  • to fulfill a long-time dream – to move, to go on a trip, to jump with a parachute;
  • not to be alone;
  • to highlight the positive aspects of breaking up.

In addition, you can remember what you didn’t like about the relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Perhaps there are many negative aspects that you were able to get rid of after the breakup.

How to survive the break-up with a loved one, video prompts:

How to understand an ex’s feelings?

For many men, a woman’s behavior after the breakup defies any interpretation. Some in every way avoid any contact, while others are trying to understand whether it is possible to return the relationship and when it is possible to take appropriate action.

A woman regrets the breakup if:

  • looks for reasons to meet or communicate (to pass things, to help with moving, to recommend a movie);
  • Offers to stay in a friendship;
  • Frequently appears in mutual company;
  • Demonstrates changes in appearance, asks for evaluations.

Not all girls openly talk about their feelings. Not only that, many of them consider it as a blatant belittling of their own dignity, being convinced that actions should come exclusively from men.

To “hint” to the partner about their readiness for reconciliation, the girls go for tricks and various provocations.


Women react to the breakup in different ways, which is due to many reasons . Only the girl herself can cope with her emotions. No loved one can convince her of the advisability of the breakup until she realizes it herself.

A girl’s behavior after a breakup

Breakup is always difficult. It is commonly believed that guys take the breakup easier, that they are happy to be free. But, in fact, guys also worry a lot, and also think that the girl does not care. Even if the girl was the initiator of the breakup, she is still worried, and often even blames herself. Even if the girl after the breakup immediately found someone else, you should not think that she does not care. If you want to get your girlfriend, you should not despair. It is important to understand the girl’s behavior and begin to act competently in order to win her back.

A girl’s behavior after a breakup

Girls can be different, but still most of them do not show their real emotions after the break-up with the guy. She may tell everyone that she did the right thing, that she is happy, but at night she cries into the pillow. It is not uncommon for a girl to immediately find a replacement. There can be several reasons for this:

  • Trying to distract herself. The girl may start a relationship with another to numb the pain of the breakup. It’s hard for her to be alone, she wants to feel needed, so she starts a relationship with another, hoping to become happy.
  • She wants revenge. She may start another relationship to spite you. This way she wants to make you jealous and make you think twice.
  • Not taking you seriously. The girl may not have taken your relationship seriously. If she didn’t have strong feelings, she may have really quickly forgotten you and switched to someone else.

You’re probably wondering if she left for someone else, will she come back later. There is a chance to get back your loved one, even if she has entered into a new relationship. It all depends on her attitude towards you and your future behavior.

Immediately after the parting girl in any case will be hurt, regardless of who initiated the breakup. During this period she has a negative attitude towards you, so she may behave indifferently. But if she had serious feelings, they have not gone away, and there is a chance to return everything.

Guys and girls carry the breakup in different ways. Many people wonder why after a breakup the girl suffers first, and then the guy . In fact, it’s not uncommon for guys to suffer right away because of a breakup, too. But, they can’t afford to show it. But, they can start drinking, speeding around town, having affairs. It’s all about letting the negativity out and drowning out the pain. But, from the outside it may look like a joy of freedom.

Sometimes men are really happy to be free at first, and they think they will quickly find a replacement. But in the end, nostalgia makes you think about your ex and begin to suffer.

Girls immediately try to get rid of negative emotions and they do it through talking and crying. They complain to their girlfriends, pouring out their souls, and crying into the pillow at night. This helps them get over the heartache more easily, and they recover faster as a result.

How to get your girlfriend back

You may be wondering how to know if a girl will come back after a breakup . And there is one important sign – it reminds you of yourself. If an ex-girlfriend calls, writes, likes – it means she misses you. She is unlikely to say outright that she wants to return, but her attention suggests that he admits such an idea. If an ex-girlfriend reminds you of herself even if rarely, it’s a good sign. But, even if she doesn’t, it’s still worth trying to get her back, and there are some tips for that.

React calmly

When a girl offers to break up, it is important to react calmly. It is advisable to say that she is valuable to you, and you do not want a breakup, but you respect her decision. Maybe at this very moment you will understand her motives according to her reaction. Maybe she offered to break up, hoping that you will stop her and beg, because she wanted to manipulate you. Do not humiliate yourself, otherwise it will only push her away from you more.


After the breakup you need to give time to both yourself and her. Get out of her life completely, do not call her or write. Once she has recovered from her emotions, she will start to miss you and may want to come back on her own.

Get to the bottom of your reasons.

To get your girlfriend back and keep the relationship, you need to understand what pushed her to break up. Analyze her words, remember what she was unhappy about before. If there is your fault, then think about how to fix it.


For a girl to want to be with you again, you need to become the person she fell in love with. Think about what has changed. Maybe you started spending less time with her or stopped taking care of yourself. Try to get back to the way you were in the beginning.


Development and change, not only will make the girl want to come back, but it will also benefit you. Change for the better, and the ex-girlfriend will think about returning. Take up sports, change your style, and make her regret her decision.

Make her jealous.

If the reason for the breakup was not your infidelity, you can provoke jealousy. Paste photos on social networks in companies where there are girls. But, it is important not to overdo it. If you put up a love photo, your ex-girlfriend may think that you have started a new life and will start trying to forget you.

When wondering how to get your girlfriend back after a long breakup, it is important to understand that the main thing is to remove the cause of the breakup.

Important: If this is not done, then even if you manage to get the relationship back, it will still end.

If the girl has never had feelings for you, or you have radically different views on life, it is worth abandoning attempts to return everything. But, if the breakup was your fault, you should try to make things right. The main thing is not to humiliate and impose. You have to cause your former lover desire to get in touch with you. And you can only do this by making her miss you, and showing that you are willing to change.

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