What does a woman need from a man in a relationship?

What a woman wants from a man

If you think a woman dreams of a prince, you’re wrong! They stopped believing in those fairy tales a long time ago and want a regular real man. Well, not exactly an ordinary man. What kind? I will tell you in this article.

What does a woman want from a man?

1. What do women want?

Yeah, man, women are complicated creatures. But still, if you try hard enough, you can figure out what’s inside of them, understand their desires and finally get the answer “What does a woman want from a man in a relationship?”

Of course they like to hint. Understatement. To be offended by outright nonsense that only they can understand. Make up in their head the names of your children, and mentally book a room in the most expensive hotel in the Maldives, where you will surely pass your honeymoon.

Do you remember that a woman loves with her ears? If you pour sweet honey of compliments and admiration into her ears – success is guaranteed for you. But only 50%. It’s not that simple. If you just want to get laid or have a short-term relationship, it’ll work, but if you really want to win this lady over, you’re gonna have to push harder.

So, I’m going to open up the veil to the feminine world and give you some tips on how to become the best man in her eyes. What are their desires? How to seduce her forever? How to keep, tame, fall in love? What does a woman expect from a man?

2. Reliability

What does a woman need from a man in a relationship? What attracts them? A pumped up abs? A bank card? A tall, handsome man in a Bentley? No, no and no. The main thing a woman looks for in a man is reliability. The kind of man you can trust. Here are a few points, how she would like to see you.

  • Become independent, independent. Women can not stand near her whiners, milk suckers, mama’s son. She should feel that her lover is able to take care of not only themselves but also about her and their future children.
  • If you spend all day playing computer games, partying at night in clubs, walking left and right, what kind of reliable partner are you? You say one thing, but you do another.
  • Be who you say you are, be responsible for your own words, words and deeds should not go away. Be her support, support and protection. Reliable man woman will trust, – she will never leave for another.

3. Stability

Women hate it when they have to think about what else to save to live to next week. Why should she count pennies instead of planning a vacation to the Maldives? It may sound harsh, but that’s just the way it is. What is stability?

  • Material stability. If you have money today and not tomorrow, don’t even start a relationship with her. And no, it’s not about mercantilism. It’s just the nature of a man to be a breadwinner. Imagine, she’ll have a baby, she’ll be on maternity leave, how can she work? And women have less energy.
  • Stability in behavior. What do women want from men in a relationship? Women want a man who can support himself financially and is well enough to control his emotions and thoughts. They can’t stand hysterical men, strong jealous men, tyrants, flawed personalities.
  • She has to lean on you when things go wrong, not to wipe your snot out. Not a mood person: I want to work, I want to not. She needs someone who will not leave her in a difficult moment, and will be there to cope with difficulties.
  • Stability in relationships. The same applies to relationships. Women want men to be stable in relationships. She wants to make sure you don’t go left for a younger/beautiful/rich one. Let her know that you really want to be with her and nothing will make you change that decision.

4. Protecting

Even a self-confident businesswoman sometimes wants to feel defenseless next to a strong man. Now women have taken on all the problems and hassles, independently decide the important issues. And men relaxed, scored a bolt and threw everything on the fragile shoulders of girls.

What do women want from men in a relationship? Women definitely don’t want to be around weak men and carry their problems all their lives. If a girl is not safe with you, if the wind of your slackness is blowing in her back, she has no opportunity to develop. She needs a real man.

Make her feel safe around you. Once she feels that way, she’ll feel comfortable and she’ll let you into her life.

5. the emotional connection.

Yes, yes, all that talk about nothing, “what do you think, how do you feel” is exactly, what they expect. They need heartfelt conversations, warm words, and conversations about life. Credibility is built through emotional connection.

  • Know how to listen. Women want to be respected, listened to. But it’s not just empty conversations. How does our brain work? There’s a problem, we have to solve it. That’s why we get pissed off by women’s coddling. Don’t be like that, it really hurts women. If your girlfriend is complaining about her best friend, do not offer her a ready-made solution, do not guffaw. Take your mind off the computer game, show her that you care about what she says. Just listen. They just need to talk, and that’s it, the problem is gone.
  • Talk to her. Try to feel what she’s feeling, whether it makes sense or not. Ask her if something isn’t clear. Your job is to understand, and understanding can be achieved by asking questions.
  • Show emotion. Men think there’s no point in discussing negative emotions, because it’s much better to bury the problem. But for women, emotions are an opportunity to make a close connection. Don’t forget that when she wants to share something with you. Trust me, it’s important to her.

6. Caring

What does a woman expect from a man? How to understand her? You can’t. She herself does not know what she wants. But you can tame the dragon. No woman will refuse your care. Even if she has long been an adult, independent and self-sufficient, more than anything, she wants to be a little girl for her man.

She wants you to run to the drugstore when she’s sick, cover her with a blanket at night, bringing her favorite chocolate. And a huge number of other little things that may seem like complete nonsense to you. But they are very important to her.

7. Support

You shouldn’t be afraid to take responsibility and be in charge of your relationship. Take some of the commitment in your life, in your relationship, and you’ll see your girlfriend blossom around you.

If you can’t finish repairs, fix her car/phone/ hairdryer, earn you a vacation, why does she need a relationship? She can handle everything on her own and doesn’t need you. What does a woman expect from a man? Support! And sex and affection can be found anywhere.

8. Understanding

Understand that she is not blowing your mind on purpose, but really can not choose a dress in which to go out with you. That she could really be in a bad mood because of a broken nail for the day.

9. Attention

The latest iPhone, a fur coat, a big diamond will not replace the time you spend on her. Of course, gifts are important, but it is also important to pay attention to her, listen to her and understand her.

What does a woman expect from a man? Elementary attention. Do not hang around the office until late at night, take her better to the movies, go for a walk in the park or just spend the weekend at home. Just go over there, give her a hug. That way she feels your support, that you’re there for her. It’s way cooler for her than your trivial payoff of money.

She really wants to be the best for you. It’s very important to her that you tell her that as often as possible. That she’s special, the very, very best and unique. She wants you to notice the best parts of her and to be silent about the worst sometimes. It’s important for her to be number one in your life.

Compliment her, make jokes with her. But don’t joke with her about her weaknesses. There’s nothing worse than a blow to a woman’s self-esteem. She’ll get back at you the first chance she gets. Women are vindictive bitches, remember that.

10. Self-confidence.

You may not be a CCM in wrestling, you may not know how to shoot a hunting bow, but you have to be a pro at what you do. You have to be 100% confident in what you say, do, in your actions and deeds. Girls literally flow from such men, they’re attracted to them, they want to be with them, listen to their words and follow them.

If you’re going to collect something, become a status collector, not a nerd who just keeps albums/collections/kits of junk. If you know about technology, don’t be a simple sysadmin for pennies, be a cool programmer for a couple thousand bucks. What does a girl expect from a guy? Women are attracted to men who know how to be the president and head of themselves.

Become the best version of yourself. But don’t confuse confidence with self-confidence. This is usually the way complexed men behave. Work on yourself, your complexes, your fears. Rock yourself.

11. Sex .

And that doesn’t mean she wants a dumb fuck 24/7. Yes, women love sex too, although they won’t openly admit it. They need to be liberated, give them confidence. And how can you do that if you have a lot of complexes? You’re afraid to lift a finger in her direction, let alone take her where you want her.

Scientists decided to understand what kind of hints a woman knows that her male is in front of her. This man behaved as loosely as possible, he could stretch out his legs while sitting, throwing his arms on the back of a chair. His body seemed to say for itself that he was the ruler of this space. Besides, they have such a way of looking that no girl would remain indifferent.

Your body, your look must speak of your willfulness. Clever word, but it defines very clearly what I want to convey to you. You should be free to claim what you like, what you want.

12. sense of humor.

Are you interested in communicating with nerdy, boring people? What makes you think she’ll be interested, too? Become for her an interesting conversationalist. No matter how many books you’ve read, and whether you have the same interests. It’s important to be able to listen and talk. Don’t teach her what to do, don’t criticize her, but have your own point of view, your own position on everything.

“Why are you with him? He’s funny,” a friend of mine told me. He’s funny and he fucks well. That’s a blessing for them. And he also gives them gifts. That’s the perfect set to start with.

13. Quarrels

Yes, yes, you’re not confused. Women like to take us out, to provoke us, to quarrel with us. It’s how they get their release. Why would they do that? Somebody’s just not doing a good job in bed. And if your woman is undertrafficked, that means the root is a lack of satisfaction.

Also, fighting is an excuse for them to poke you with a stick, to test the strength of your love (which for us, really, is the strength of enduring total pussy), to get emotion if she doesn’t have enough of it. They like to have a fight and a passionate reconciliation afterwards. But who enjoys fighting every day?

If you feel that the woman is fighting again, tell her, “You know what, right now I do not have the strength to listen to you. I’ll be back in half an hour, and we’ll continue.” But if scandals stress you out, replace them with good sex and positive emotions. You won’t believe it, it will help.

14. Marriage

Take it as an axiom: Any girl wants to get married. Even if she’s building a super career right now and has two cats waiting for her at home. Most people’s thoughts revolve around the ring and the altar.

15. Kids

Of course you love kids. And you want a family, too. The important thing is to say it more often, and she’ll really believe it. Adore toddlers at the mall, talk about your little nephews, and she’ll melt. Just don’t overdo it. She’ll think you want a baby now.

I wasn’t kidding about that. When I worked with babies, I told all the girls about it, and there was nothing else to do. Legs spread by themselves. There you go, brother.

16. Honesty

Be honest with her. At least sometimes. Tell her that you despise all those pathetic hypocrites who lie at every turn. That honesty is one of the most important values in your life.

Believe me, words like that are the first step toward trusting her. She will understand that you can share something intimate with you. That you have life principles that are important to her too.

17. Money

Even if she tells you that money comes last for her, she will still judge you by these criteria! Women care about money. This is how she defines her alpha male. A man who knows how to make money is a strong man. He’s a breadwinner and a protector all in one. And for a woman, it’s all about security. It all rides on basic instincts.

Show her your financial independence, tell her about your successes at work, talk about upcoming projects. This is important for seduction and the relationship in general. She needs to understand what a badass male is around her.

But most importantly! Don’t try to get her to like you, try to like yourself. Don’t think about what the woman wants. Do what you want. That’s the key to success.

Hi, my name is Anton Glomozda!

I help men believe in themselves, realize their potential and live the life of their dreams. To this end, in 2016 I founded the Academy of Integrated Male Personality Development, in which I give the tools to achieve goals and success in all areas of life. To date, the academy has more than 10,000 graduates.

Women and their needs in marriage

Sometimes a man and woman’s relationship is at an emotional standstill.

We feel there is something missing in our relationship. Most men are not able to fully understand their women, and women are not fully open to their men.

Women don’t open up because men don’t give them what they need. Women feel frustrated and resentful; they suffer. When women suffer and feel like no one sees them, they close themselves off from their men.

Fortunately, you have the ability to fix that. You can give your partner what she needs. This will make her feel important to you, which will allow her to open up.

Understanding this will not only improve your relationship, but it will improve your entire married life.

So, the needs of women in a relationship are:

1. A sense of her own attractiveness.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful.

That’s your job – to make your wife feel attractive!

In fact, you might argue that every woman already thinks she is beautiful and just wants the man she has married to recognize that.

But unfortunately, many women (and men too) struggle with insecurity about their looks. And you can help fight the voice of her inner critic telling her she’s not beautiful enough.

She needs to know that you consider it great luck to have her as your wife.

After all, you also care about your wife’s intellectual and spiritual beauty, don’t you? Show her that you appreciate that.

It can be more than just words. Your actions can also show how attractive, beautiful, and sexually desirable you think your wife is.

Either way, the important thing is that your wife gets this sense of her own attractiveness from you.

2. The opportunity to talk

According to some studies, the typical couple spends only four minutes a day having meaningful conversation with each other.

Many of the husbands don’t realize that in order for wives to consider them romantic, men must first and foremost be good friends and conversationalists.

One-liners are not enough for conversation. Many women do not feel that their husbands really need them, and superficial conversation only confirms their sense of low personal worth.

Men who excel at romantic, close conversations during courtship seem to lose that talent over time.

Make close conversation with your wife a priority in your relationship. You can, for example, talk and tell her the details of your life-not just the facts, but the feelings as well.

When a husband sincerely shows his desire for communication, relationship strengthening and emotional intimacy, his wife is much more interested in sexual intimacy. Because her dreams, hopes, desires and frustrations are not separate from the marriage bed, but part of it.

3. honesty, openness, intimacy

Every woman needs that indescribable feeling of intimacy with her husband.

Let’s be clear: by “intimacy,” we don’t just mean sex.

Intimacy is a sense of rapprochement, a close connection that a man and a woman can experience in marriage.

True intimacy is an expression of love between two people, and it does not always have to be physical.

Intimacy with your wife is the feeling you create for her, not the physical actions you perform.

Yes, intimacy includes sex. Probably having sex with your wife is the feeling of intimacy, warmth, unbridled passion and love. But sex is not the only form of intimacy.

You can create that sense of intimacy by engaging her on an intellectual level; for example, by offering to talk to her about something she’s interested in (hobbies, hobbies, etc.).

4. Sense of security.

Providing your wife with security means that you are giving her confidence in her future.

Every wife wants to feel safe with her husband. Since the beginning of time, man has provided for and protected his family.

By nature, a woman needs a sense of stability around her husband; no matter what happens, she needs to know that he will sort it out, protect her.

What to do if the wife is the main breadwinner in the couple?

A woman’s need for security does not mean that you have to be the breadwinner and the provider. But it does mean that she needs to be confident that you will make sure that the family is provided for, protected and taken care of.

She needs to trust that if, God forbid, someone loses their job or gets injured and can’t work, the family is not doomed to financial ruin.

If you are not an earner, you need to be in charge of financial planning. You have to make sure that the money your wife earns is used wisely and that you are not left on the street if she loses her job.

5. Marriage Satisfaction.

Your wife needs to feel that her married life is both enjoyable and rewarding.

How can you create this feeling for your wife?

You need to truly believe that your life together is enjoyable, fun, and valuable to both of you.

When you are satisfied with your marriage and family, your wife is likely to feel the same way.

This means that you should enjoy your time with your wife. Make time for your family.

When you are home together, don’t go into “boring mode” where you are basically just trying to pass the time by doing things that only you are interested in, like watching TV or texting on social media.

Don’t let the idea that you’re bored together and time is dragging on. Your other half usually senses moments when you think this way.

This is especially important if you are in your 30s and 40s.

This age is the main “dawning” time of the mid-life crisis.

And because a midlife crisis is always rooted in dissatisfaction, one of the best ways to combat or, better yet, prevent it, is to meet basic needs.

It is much less common for a woman to have a mid-life crisis if she feels satisfied in general and satisfied in her marriage.

6. Pride in her husband (and family)

Every little girl dreams of marrying a prince.

Every wife wants to know that she married a beautiful, worthy man.

Your wife wants to be proud of her family. She wants to be proud of her husband, the man she is dedicating her life to.

And why not?

When you marry, the two become one. If your wife can be proud of you, then she can be proud of herself. When she can be proud of her marriage, it helps her feel all the other things listed in this article!

Of course, every husband has his faults.

But you don’t have to be perfect for a woman to be proud of her chosen one. You just have to do what your husband is supposed to do!

The good news is that it’s easier to prove yourself as a great husband today. Simply because so few men today have an idea of what it means to develop a relationship in marriage.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

By showing your wife that you belong to the rare breed of men who can do the best for their marriage and family, you will stand out and she will be proud of you. It’s not a hard science!

7. Support

Every wife needs her husband’s support.

Your wife needs to know that you are always on her side.

She needs you to be a shoulder she can lean on when times get tough.

This does not mean that you have to support her every decision in the marriage. The type of support we’re talking about here applies not only to situations in the marital relationship, but also to situations outside of the marriage.

She has had a very stressful day at work, you will inquire about her well-being, be supportive, and show concern;

Basically, your wife should know that you will always be there to support and listen to her.

Whatever trials she faces in her life, she needs to feel that you are the foundation on which she can stand when everything else collapses.

Regards to all men,

Julia Tokareva

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Julia Tokareva wrote: Most men are not able to fully understand their women, and women are not fully open to their men.Women don’t open up because men don’t give them what they need.

That is, to understand a woman you need her to be open. But she is not open because the man does not understand her, because he is closed and does not give her what she needs, because he is not a “reader of other people’s thoughts. Consequently, every man must be trained to read other people’s thoughts by . face, pose, sigh, or otherwise.

Konstantin Kamyshev , everything is simpler) It is enough for a married couple just to communicate with each other. Thank you for your attention to the article!

Julia Tokareva wrote(a): You should sincerely believe that your life together is enjoyable, fun and valuable for both of you.

that’s quite an attitude, to believe in something ephemeral. if you don’t have that, it’s better to work on it than mindlessly repeat the mantra.

and here, yes, a frequent problem of many couples – even Uncle Berne noted that besides stroking and intimacy, it is important not to get bored, otherwise collapse.

In general I agree on all points, but I would add that before using such advice a man must appreciate and respect himself, otherwise it’s all useless. Although, the point about a sense of security kind of implies this nuance.

That would be all right, but it doesn’t cancel out “a man has to figure it out. “Maybe a woman should throw out the ponces and learn to TALK about their needs? with telepathy, as it were, tense. and the skills of reading non-verbal signals possess oh so few.

zlin , of course, I agree with you. Few people have the skill of reading minds) “communicating with each other” basically means “throwing out the ponces and TALKING about your needs”. And this applies to both women and men.

Julia Tokareva wrote: B that’s your concern – to make your wife feel attractive!

How to implement this practically? without buying tons of cosmetics and rags? because the price of confidence confidence starts to go beyond reasonable limits. Many people do not hear words, no matter how much you say that you are beautiful, but you are not beautiful without this rag or trinket, or worse, a stupid mantra “I am fat” with all the consequences in the form of diets and gyms. what attention to the family, she is fat, you should lose weight, her husband wants so (though her husband does not even guess about his own desires).

Julia Tokareva wrote: Many husbands do not understand that in order for their wives considered them romantic, men must first of all be good friends and conversationalists

and it depends on what to talk about, if about fashion and actors with a social life, it is not surprising that men are not too eager to talk about it.

Julia Tokareva wrote: By nature, a woman needs a sense of stability near her husband; no matter what happens, she should know that he will fix everything, protect her.

However, provided that she herself will not deliberately provoke problems, which would “test”. a couple or three such “tests”, when the husband found out that the problem arose precisely because of the “test” of his strength, and you can safely consider yourself an ex-wife.

Julia Tokareva wrote(a): You should sincerely believe that your life together is enjoyable, fun and valuable for both of you.

And what did the woman herself do for this? something tells me that absolutely nothing. because she “should”, and she obviously did not, because I did not see any mention of what she should do for it.

Julia Tokareva wrote: Your wife wants to be proud of her family. She wants to be proud of her husband, the man she is dedicating her life to.

Julia Tokareva wrote: Simply because so few men today have any idea of what it means to develop a relationship in marriage

There is such a thing, reciprocity. much more often it is women who destroy relationships. and it is this approach, that her husband owes her something there, while she, all that queeness, is created only to enjoy life. she made her husband happy just by the fact that she married him, but life is not a fairy tale and quickly it shatters in pieces. And so the queen remains at the bottom of the barrel, because she did not want to do anything for the relationship, she only wanted to receive, and her husband decided that he is also human and for his contribution would like and attention and care, but she does not “owe” him, she is a woman.

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