What does a girl need in a relationship?

What does a girl need?

How often have you looked at a girl and not understood what she needs from you? This is not uncommon in modern relationships, but rather even commonplace. The girl is not happy, it is unclear what she wants or becomes cold to you? What do you need to give the girl?

What do girls need in a relationship?

Emotional intimacy in a relationship

Most women lack emotional intimacy. Many couples fail at establishing emotional intimacy in a relationship, or lose it over time. The woman withdraws, closes down and seems to dissolve.

2. Compliments and admiration for the girl.

What does a girl need? Compliments. Girls want to feel loved, wanted and appreciated. If a man forgets to compliment and admire a woman, the relationship gets worse. Every woman wants to be the one who stirs men’s hearts. That she has not lost her femininity and beauty. It’s good if you say compliments, not just her colleagues, buddies or strangers in the street.

A man should always say compliments to his woman. It’s in his own interest. Admire her looks, closet and inner qualities. Regular confirmation of a woman’s attractiveness will raise a girl’s mood, her self-esteem level and her sense of satisfaction with the relationship.

3. Having fun with a girl

Girls love to giggle, and without laughter, relationships are boring. Most women will choose a man who isn’t boring, stuffy or dull. Who does not sit on the couch at home, but makes the pastime interesting and fulfilling.

Go out more often, go for walks, have fun and have a carefree time. Cheer up the girl, make her laugh and make her happy. Add optimism, fun and happiness to the relationship. Humor and fun are the best ways to keep a relationship going. A happy relationship is one where there is a lot of positivity and fun, not boredom.

4. Friendship with your girlfriend or wife.

Many people don’t realize that their significant other lacks basic friendship. When you socialize with friends, you understand why you are friends. But friendship and companionship are also important in relationships.

Women dream of having a buddy relationship with their man so that it is not boring, not embarrassing and very interesting. Buddy relationship allows you to have fun and relaxed time together. If you and your girlfriend are not friends, it is not a full relationship.

5. Love moments in a relationship.

Girls want the feeling of being in a relationship. Girls expect hugs, kisses and touches. All these little things should be there every day. Girls are extremely tactile creatures and without touch they quickly fade away.

Kisses in the morning, before bed and during the day. Hugs and touches for no reason. Spanking or stroking on the butt. Caresses, massages, and other tenderness. Lots of different pleasant little things without which a loving relationship is unthinkable.

6. Appreciation, acknowledgement and respect for the girl

A girl probably does a lot for a relationship, but a man doesn’t always respond to that. Women expect recognition for their efforts and that they have noticed the effort. It is important to thank, appreciate and praise your soulmate. It is important to show that her efforts are not wasted. All of this is strongly intertwined with respect when a woman is perceived as a complete person.

Express your gratitude, appreciation, and respect for your girlfriend to enhance the relationship. Notice her efforts and concerns. Give small gifts and give signs of attention. This will show a return of respect for your loved one. All of this will take the relationship to a higher level.

7. Intimacy.

What does a girl lack? Certainly intimacy. Without a regular sex life, there will be more quarrels, conflicts and tension in the relationship. An unsatisfied woman’s sex life is strikingly different from a satisfied one.

8. Love in a relationship.

Girls need periodic declarations of love. This seems strange to men, but is obvious to the fair sex. Say that a girl also occupies an important part of your heart, as before. She is as loved and desired as ever. Just three words: “I love you.”

What does a girl need? A girl needs all the components of a healthy relationship from the list. Feeling their presence, a girl will be more gentle, affectionate, malleable, fluffy and lovable. If you have problems in your relationship, then pay attention to the absence of one or more items. Something you’ve overlooked.

Give a girl that, and she will multiply and return much more. It doesn’t take much effort to have a good relationship, and the benefits are enormous. How do you appreciate the love and tenderness of a loving woman? It is priceless.

What a woman wants from a man in a relationship? The 7 right things

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Man who enters into a serious relationship may face the problem of lack of understanding of women’s nature. It seems to him that he does everything for her, but it comes out somehow “through one place” and with scandals. Why is it so difficult to understand what he wants a woman in a relationship, because he was just happy with everything.

The mistakes of the candy and bouquet period.

Often, wanting to impress and achieve their goals, people try to show themselves in the best light. Such craftiness turns out not very good impression in the future. Relationships that have grown into serious, remove the rose-colored glasses and partners appear to each other with a foot of soul. The woman falls in love with non-existent qualities of the man and subsequently demands from him what he lied about in the past. This can be responsibility, romance, attention, honesty.

Sometimes the woman herself is also guilty, who in a state of infatuation dorischennyh her chosen one of the best male qualities. Subsequently, opening her eyes and not finding invented, she will not blame herself. She believed in her own fabrications.


The most important thing that a woman expects from a relationship is that the man will be honest with her. And if at the beginning of the relationship failed to build trust, the relationship should make up for lost time. A woman will be much more pleasant, if honestly admit his shortcomings, than to portray himself as perfect. Sooner or later the whole truth will come out, and the woman will feel betrayed. She won’t appreciate lying for the sake of a relationship.

Trying to hide some of your faults can also be a failure. It is better to be honest initially, so that you don’t have to remember all the box you came up with later, and don’t look silly.

A man should be a man

A woman expects a relationship to be weak and fragile. She doesn’t want to bail out a little boy, work him in the necessities of life, pity him, tell him he is the best, and make him feel good in his bed. She expects not to be devalued in the family field. Therefore, it is important for her to have a companion who is reliable and confident. The woman wants all the words of the man to coincide with his actions. This is important in all matters of life. We are taught from childhood to be responsible for their words. Therefore, all excuses and justifications must be excluded. If something does not work out, a loving woman herself will find an excuse, and the man must continue to fight. Such a quality gives confidence in the future. A woman will look into the future with peace of mind and know that she is behind a rock wall.

The man said, the man did!

I see you.

The couple’s emotional connection is just as important. If partners don’t feel each other on an emotional level, it’s as if they are dumb. Watching couples who have been in a relationship for more than two years, you can notice that they communicate with just a glance. It is important to feel each other. To do this, you need to observe your partner, study his habits, facial expressions and connect certain emotions on the face with the circumstances of the moment. Yes, an emotional connection sometimes occurs between people who really seem to be created for each other. If that doesn’t happen, it has to be learned. Without a workable emotional connection, it is not uncommon to hear from partners about misunderstandings, a lack of attention to each other, a lack of the usual compliments.

Broken Dreams

In a relationship, a woman expects to have her own personal space for creativity, development, and time to connect with family and girlfriends. Women who have lived long lives often accuse men of sacrificing their dreams for him. They dreamed of being an artist, a poet, they were into fashion. But then he showed up on the horizon and took her away from her plans, made her a baby, put on an apron and sent her to the kitchen. Or the same story only with her mother, sisters and girlfriends. Love for a woman is her whole life; she is willing to sacrifice for feelings. But such sacrifices often kill something mysterious and dreamy in her. Don’t deprive a woman of opportunities for spiritual development and companionship.

“Friendships with other women are a major factor in women’s longevity.” Research findings by Len Syme, Ph.D., psychology, University of California, Berkeley.

Shared Values

A woman believes that she and her man share the same life values and dreams. That they both dream of a quiet house in the country, three kids and a front garden. Or that they both want to travel the world before they’re 50. Priorities do change with age, with a loving couple they adjust to each other. Dreams, too, can become shared if you talk about them, and more importantly, ask. Once you ask a woman what she dreams as there, eyes light up and the question is already perceived as a proposal. She can tell in great detail about his dream. Together it’s easier to make dreams come true.

Provocation to anger

It is not uncommon to hear in a conversation between women that she is annoyed with her chosen one. It’s a shame, because recently she was fluttering like a butterfly over it. Where did the irritation and quarrels come from. According to studies, there are three reasons why a woman begins to get angry and start a scandal:

  • Helplessness. Yes, she wants to be weak, but not devoid of strength. A man who does not hear a woman or does not feel the need to listen to her makes her helpless.
  • Injustice. When she feels no reciprocation for her diligence in working on a relationship. The man treats her as an equal or starts lying and making excuses, the woman feels unfair.
  • Irresponsibility. When the man forgets important things or ceases to consider them important. Not analyzing his actions in terms of consequences is irresponsible.

A woman doesn’t make a scandal to humiliate, punish or call her partner names. She wants to be heard. A common response is often a misguided yelling and accusations back, claims like “what are you like,” etc. The quarrel turns into a battle, who pokes each other more, and painfully, which ultimately will not lead to anything good. On the one hand will creep resentment and misunderstanding, on the other hand the view that she is hysterical unbalanced.

All you had to do was hear her out.

A man who values the relationship will do everything possible to make his mate happy. It is important to learn to hear each other and the question “what does the woman want from the relationship”, will cease to be a problem.

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