What does a girl like?

The 40+ things girls like most about guys

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There are oodles of things girls like, but we’ve selected the most popular to give guys insight into how to woo girls and how to show care so she appreciates you and knows you’re the one.

Some things will seem obvious, others not so much. Nevertheless, read the entire article to be aware of how to build and maintain a great relationship with a girl.

Here, the most important things girls like in guys:

What girls like in a guy’s appearance

1. Girls like fun guys.

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They don’t expect a clown or a professional comedian. It’s enough for a guy to be able to make moderately lighthearted jokes, even if they’re not his jokes. It also helps when a guy thinks a girl’s jokes are funny.

2. A pleasant smell.

It is necessary to mention right away that you should dose the amount of eau de toilette or deodorant you use. A little deodorant and soap is enough. Even the simple smell of fresh clothes is already a big plus.


Pull up your pants, comb your hair. Everything, of course, in moderation, you should not turn into an office worker on a date.

4. Natural, not pumped up.

There is a myth that girls like guys with huge muscles. In fact, some are even repulsed by it. Guys are good with almost any physique, slightly more popular with girls athletic and trim guys (but not always, especially if you have a good sense of humor).

5. When he touches a lot.

Girls love attention. There’s no better feeling than feeling wanted.

6. Smile

This is optional, just remember that a smile warms hearts.

7. Style

It doesn’t matter as much what your style is, because every girl has her own preferences. However, you should look like you put at least some effort into your appearance.

What kind of guys girls like: a list of qualities

8. Loyalty

It goes without saying, but a guy who flirts with other girls to amuse his ego is repulsive.

9. When he shares his feelings.

Girls like guys who show their sensitive side. This shows the depth of your inner world.

10. Small gentlemanly gestures.

For example, opening the door in front of you or offering his jacket in cool weather.

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11. When a guy answers a text message (or just writes something himself)

Girls like this because it tells them that you’re thinking of her. It doesn’t mean you have to write an essay. All it takes is a “Hey, what are you doing?” or a funny video or meme.

12. When he hints that he’s thinking about a girl.

You don’t have to buy expensive gifts. Giving your favorite treats sometimes or sending a song that reminds the guy of the girl is enough.

13. Positive Attitude

Girls often worry a lot! They need a confident guy who can keep a positive attitude to dispel any fears and take away any worries.

14. Talent: sports, music, car repair, etc.!

If you do anything other than video games – it attracts a girl. That said, no one expects you to be a pro at what you do.

15. It is important to be able to listen

When a girl is having a bad day, she wants a guy to sympathize and understand her, in general, to show that he’s on her side. You don’t have to say much. Girls like it when a guy just listens and says something like, “Yeah, I know what you mean,” “It’s certainly not pleasant,” or “That sucks.

16. Loves animals.

If you don’t like cute animals, you have no soul (at least that’s what girls think). A guy who is partial to animals has a sensitive side, and girls like that.

17. Affectionate nickname.

Sounds cheesy, but it shows there’s more than just a friendship between you. A nickname can be common, like “Babe,” or something a little more unique, like “Foxy” or “Birdie.”

18. You are honest with yourself and with her.

Don’t try to pretend to be someone else or seem cooler. Girls are good at sensing this, and it pushes you away a lot.

19. Confidence in yourself.

Be confident in who you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, and if you’re shy, try not to show it as much or put aside at least some of the shyness. Smile and be yourself.

20. Purposefulness .

Girls like guys who clearly know what they want out of life. If you don’t see yourself in the future except as a gamer, you’ll be boring. Girls like goal-oriented guys who have dreams. This quality attracts like a magnet.

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21. Guys who care about other people

It could be your mom, your sister, your little brother or your dog. Girls like guys who show care and unselfishness to those around them.

22. generosity.

Girls don’t like cheapskates! Notice that they don’t ask a guy to spend money all the time on every date and every new meeting, but at least offer to pay for it – it’s gentlemanly. Never expect a girl to offer to pay on her own (although that’s entirely possible) . or worse, ask her to pay!

23. Someone who likes more than just looks.

Girls hate superficial guys. Don’t just look at her clothes, money and tan, but assess her inner world!

24. When a guy keeps his promises

Society leads us to believe that guys are fickle and don’t even keep their own word. When a guy proves otherwise, it comes as a pleasant surprise, and girls appreciate it.

25. Confidence in bed.

Girls like guys who can control the process. Follow a girl’s cues. Don’t be afraid to try something new, but listen to the cues. Know how to switch to something else in time.

26. When she catches a guy’s eye on her.

It’s very appealing. Noticing the way you look at us is the biggest compliment a girl can get from a guy!

27. Compliments

Even if a girl denies that she doesn’t like compliments, deep down she loves them!

28. When a guy pauses a movie or game to spend time with a girl

Girls know that many guys love video games, and so, refusing even for a while the game, he shows that for her he is ready to sacrifice something.

29. Kiss on the forehead.

A cute gesture that never gets old. It shows he really cares about the girl.

30. When he says he misses you

Girls want to be thought of and that their presence is important to guys. Let her know in a message or on the phone that you miss her. It makes them feel warm inside.

What girls like most about guys

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31. When he goes shopping with her

Girls like to dress nicely, and they do it not only for themselves, but also for guys. Shopping is a great way to learn about each other’s tastes. If a girl doesn’t mind watching a sports game with a guy, he should return the favor and go shopping with her from time to time.

32. When a guy indulges her fantasies

Telling someone about your fantasies isn’t easy, so if a girl shares them, indulge her, but make sure you’re comfortable with it too.

33. When a guy talks about his childhood

Girls like to know more about a guy, and hearing about his childhood is a great way to learn about his past and what’s most important to him.

34. When a guy tells her she’s his best friend.

It’s nice for a girl to know that you can have fun doing things together and that both have hobbies in common and their own inside jokes.

35. When a guy says he wants to meet her family

It shows the seriousness of his intentions and caring. It shows that he cares about you as a person and not just considers you a pacifier or an indicator of his status.

36. Notes or random messages

A random note in her locker or an unexpected good morning message can really brighten her day. If a guy does his best to show a girl that he’s thinking of her, it will melt her heart.

37. Tell her how beautiful she is when she’s not wearing makeup

If a guy knows how to appreciate natural beauty, then he’s worth holding onto. Let a girl know how beautiful she is in her natural state. That’s a huge compliment.

38. When a guy buys feminine products for her

For a guy to buy women’s merchandise is a pretty bold move. Believe me, if you do, she will repay you 1,000 times over.

39. When you prefer her to your friends

A normal girl doesn’t expect you to do this all the time and won’t ask you to spend every minute of her life with her. But if a situation arises where she needs you and you’re willing to leave your friends for a while to spend that time with her, she’ll appreciate it.

40. When he lets her hang out with his friends

The fact that a guy doesn’t mind her hanging out with his friends proves that he’s not ashamed of your relationship – in fact, you’re proud enough of the girl and your relationship with her.

41. When a guy wears a suit.

Girls love guys in suits just as much as guys love girls in dresses.

42. When a guy watches her favorite movie with her

Yes, a girl knows that a guy might not like some melodramas or romantic comedies, but they still like that you watch them with them-it shows that you care about the little things.

Also, any guy who will watch a sentimental movie as an excuse to spend time with his girlfriend is a guy who really loves her.

43. Smart Guy.

A girl needs more than just a man’s body around her. Tell her what you like to read. Surprise her with smart facts. Tell her about the news. There should be two people involved in the conversation.

What girls like in a relationship: 13 tips from women for men

Love relationships can be good, harmonious and happy, and they can be bad. What kind of relationship girls like, what to do, how to behave on dates and how to communicate with a girlfriend? What do girls like in a relationship with a guy? We secretly overheard women’s opinions, and now we’re going to share them with you.

Girls need a special approach in a relationship

Girls often seem illogical, strange and mysterious. What do they want, what do they love and what do they expect from a man in a relationship? This often remains a mystery to men, although there is nothing special or supernatural about it.

With women, you need to know how to treat, and often we get this experience only over the years, after several unsuccessful and difficult relationships. As a result, we lose those wonderful girls who were close and dear when we were too inexperienced, hot and even stupid.

Relationships can be made harmonious if you make up for all her needs and desires to the fullest, so she won’t want anyone else. If a man understands a woman’s character, it is easy for him to win her heart and win intimacy.

What girls like in a relationship

This question is best answered by women, so we snuck into their confidence and then found out all their secrets. What kind of relationship girls like and what they expect from a man? How should you behave with a girl in a relationship so that she will be crazy about you and underwear? Listen and remember.

Girls love it when a man praises them, notices their beauty and pays attention to their inner world. Every day and at every meeting say something nice to the girl. At the initial stage of communication say compliments more often, but do not forget about sincerity. Say compliments that are not only indicative of her facial beauty and attractive body, but of her character, actions, aspirations and sense of style. Say sensual compliments to the girl to make her feel attractive and desirable.

2. Give your girlfriend gifts

Girls love the occasional small gift that lets them know you’re thinking of her. It’s not the price that matters, but the attention. Girls love it when men give them flowers, small gifts and nice things. If you don’t do that, the girl starts to think you’re a weird stingy and stingy. With such a person you’ll just suffer all your life. But this means that you have to spend all your money and give expensive obligatory gifts. Just please the girl at least sometimes, and she will please you all that she can give.

Girls love to be loved, desired and interesting. Give the girl attention, but do not sit in your phone and do not disappear for a long time. A girl gets bored quickly if a man doesn’t give her attention, care, affection and companionship. It’s not that hard, it’s just regular interaction and communication. Don’t forget to listen to the girl and all her problems. They need a vest, just like we need their bouncy breasts.

4. Touch a girl.

Girls love it when a man makes contact with them. Grab her hand, hug her, stare at her, squeeze her, pat her, and kiss her. Girls expect affection and touch from a man, so don’t make her wait for it. Keep in touch with the girl all the time so she feels loved, hot and stunning.

5. Add romance to the relationship.

What kind of relationship do girls like? Romantic! Make up interesting encounters, dates, and surprises. Add cute romantic things to your relationship. By surrounding a girl with romance, you bribe her heart in the easiest and oldest way possible. Romance is the best key to her love.

If you go to visit a girl or you live together, ask her what she wants to eat or drink. It’s a small gesture, then it’s very meaningful to women. You can buy something of your own choosing: fruit, a drink, sweets, chocolate, cake or champagne. In a relationship, and especially during the candy and bouquet period, don’t show up empty-handed in front of your girlfriend.

7. More drive in the relationship

What do girls like in a relationship with a guy? Fun! Girls want to feel alive, and for this you should live an interesting, full and fulfilling life. Drag the girl to concerts, festivals, dates, parties, hangouts, parties. When there is a lot of drive and movement around, the girl will be happy.

What do girls want from a man? Flirtation, passion, laughter, fun. Girls want to see a man with them who knows how to handle girls. To that end, don’t stop flirting and flirting with your girlfriend, even when you’re in a relationship. Be a little bit of a bad guy to keep a girl interested in you.

9. Introduce the girl to friends, family and acquaintances

Introduce the girl when you go to some company together, meet someone you know or see friends when you walk with her. Otherwise, the girl has to stand on the sidelines and feel awkward. A girl likes to be labeled as a friend and made part of the socializing. Introduce the girl to your friends and family, because she will appreciate it.

10. Add nice little things to the relationship

A relationship is a thousand nice moments and little things you do for each other. Here are a couple of tips to keep her happy and smiling.

  • Call your girlfriend by her first name.
  • Say good night and good morning.
  • Kiss her on different parts of her body.
  • Help with chores.
  • Act like a gentleman.
  • Smile more often.

What do girls like in a relationship? Understanding that the relationship won’t end suddenly, and you have a future. You are a stone wall with which she is calm and comfortable. The relationship should be constantly moving forward, and there should be perspective in it.

12. The ability to act like a man.

What do women expect from a man? The ability to behave like a man, to take responsibility, the ability to overcome difficulties, to persevere toward goals. Girls adore men who know what they want and can achieve it.

13. Give a girl love

Girls want to know and feel that they are loved. Don’t be afraid to give her tenderness, affection, warmth and love. Give love spiritually and bodily. Without this, the relationship will be weak. The more love, spiritual and physical, the happier you will be.

What kind of relationship do girls like? Exactly the kind, not pathetic fakes. If you do more for a girl, she will return everything to you in double or triple measure. The only thing that matters here is to choose the right girl and a good one. A good girl or a real woman will make you happy.

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