What do you need to know when working in a women’s team, Everything is great?

How to manage a team of women

Leading a team of women is even more difficult than working in it. Even good professionals are prone to gossip, talk about nothing, the solution of personal issues during office hours. Set the limits of the permitted under force only to a person with outstanding organizational skills.

Surely, many people remember the wonderful Soviet film “Lonely Provided Dormitory”, in which the hero – the former “sea wolf” – was appointed commandant of the dormitory, where there were only women.

If you remember the plot, then you remember and how offended and insulted this man was, used to command the tough sailors, and now forced to “build” weavers. However, in the finale, when offered another position, he refused. Why did this happen? Let’s try to figure it out.

“Fairy kingdom” or “snake tangle”

So, why is leading a team of women – a torture for some, and for someone – a reward? The fact that a woman – a truly special creature. She can not obey blind commands and generally lives by the principle: “Every case is creative, otherwise what for?

Working only in a women’s team is hard, but to lead such a team – doubly hard. In addition to professional issues, the head will have to deal with gossip, long conversations during working hours on non-work topics, leaving the workplace on a number of occasions and a couple of dozen reasons, because of which any manager is ready to run away from his team.

The most interesting thing is that choosing a supervisor based on gender principle practically does not work. If the manager is a man, he will be doomed either to incessant attempts to ring him (if he is still not married), or to countless complaints from colleagues, or to outright sabotage of his duties.

If the manager is a woman – even more difficult. First, it will be discussed for any reason: beautiful – ugly, smart – stupid, married – not married, etc. There will be plenty of reasons to discuss. Secondly, almost every woman who is in subordinate to his boss, will be constantly tormented by the question: “Why me and not her? How is she better?”.

So you just need to consider the following features of the female sex, sometimes determining the “face” of the entire team:

  • excessive emotionality
  • optionality
  • simulation of active work activities
  • ability to collect and spread gossip
  • jealousy and rivalry
  • exaggerated perception of everything
  • mood swings

This list goes on and on, but before any manager, whether male or female, there should be a main question: how to use this energy, and it is better to use it for peaceful purposes?

In order to win the authority of his subordinates from the first days or at least “make it clear” (after all, according to the poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, “the poet is not able to compose as a woman knows how to make it clear”), who the boss in the office, you can adhere, at least initially, the following recommendations.

Tips for leading a team of women

1. Put in place

As the saying goes, every cricket knows his own stick. So if you are faced with a clear violation of the chain of command, when the women entrusted to you are trying to be short with you, you need to suppress all such attempts, and very firmly.

2 Take on married women for work.

This makes perfect sense. Firstly, they will not have to search for the other half, and this means that all of their work time will be devoted directly to the performance of their duties. Secondly, married women are more responsible, because they are responsible not only for the quality of performance of their duties, but also for family life, raising children, etc.

But unmarried female employees in search of a profitable party will spend part of their working hours flirting with male colleagues or clients.

3. Set specific tasks for the day.

The best remedy for gossip and other useless pastime is, oddly enough, work. If you set for each employee a circle of some quite definite tasks, then there simply will not be enough time to be distracted by something else.

4. Change activities

The monotony and monotony kill the creative activity in embryo. Therefore, so that women do not get tired of the same kind of work (which is when they will switch to gossip and idleness), provide for a change of different activities during the work day.

For example, those who have been silent for a long time, it is legitimate to put them on the phone to call customers. Those who literally can not move their tongue after long negotiations will be much more effective to occupy some kind of analytical report or report. By the way, even in stores salesmen change departments every two or three months: from meat to vegetables, from manufactured goods to groceries, etc.

5. Organize leisure time

In today’s corporate policy not the last place is given to team building with the help of joint leisure activities. Common forms are the following: trips out of town with families and children, a three-day cruise on a boat, various professional and entertainment competitions (such as “Guess the Tune”, “KVN” and the like).

Spending free time together creates a really close and warm relationship, and thus contributes to the development of a favorable psychological climate within the team, especially among women.

6. Pamper more often with bonuses.

A woman is a woman, and thus it is important for her to look like even among those similar to her. Therefore, small bonuses handed out at the end of the quarter, the holidays as a means of encouraging quality work done, can serve as a good service.

When a woman acquires a favorite blouse, shoes, handbags or stunning jeans, her self-esteem will immediately improve, and she again will want to “live and work,” which will surely benefit everyone.

And in general, provide for at least a few five-minute breaks during the work day, so that women could once again powder their nose, fix their hair, just to exchange greetings, and the result will not slow to affect: the work will go, the client will contact, and the quarterly report will finally come together.

7. Women’s greatest virtue

Still, many managers are happy to have women in their subordination. The main thing in this case – learn to understand the female logic, and then you can start to rule the whole world. The main question is how?

Of course one can be motivated by a career, but there are very few people who would sacrifice everything for a career. After all, the main purpose of a woman is to be a wife and mother. That is why women who are happy in marriage and in the service are successful, if they can combine family and career. Then it will be the best employee – responsible, executive, understanding sometimes intuitively, what really needs to be done in the moment.

Another indisputable advantage of women is their sensitivity to other people’s problems. Therefore, their flexibility, the ability to smooth over sharp angles to help when working with clients. A competent manager must take advantage of this advantage and be able to distribute functional responsibilities in a female team in accordance with the personality of each of the women.

Do not forget about the excessive emotionality of many representatives of the fair sex. Emerging on this basis, conflicts can be resolved only after the passions subside. The task of the head in this case – do not take sides. Otherwise you run the risk of making enemies from both sides. Disruptive women will eventually reconcile, and you will remain their eternal enemy.

Manager – a man and a woman leader – is there a difference?

Psychologists do not distinguish between the two types of leaders in the case of the women’s team. If the boss has extensive leadership experience, then it does not matter what gender he is. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a number of differences between men and women in the management of a female team.

For a man, the main thing is the executive discipline and the result obtained. What ways the team came to the result, he does not really care. Women leaders appreciate the manifestation of any initiative, especially if it will affect the end result.

Man will not be ceremonious in the choice of means to communicate with the team. In a fit of rage, he could stoop to outright insults. And he will be deeply indifferent to the team would have changed the attitude towards him after this.

Team leader woman will try to “keep a face” even in the most stalemate. If she bursts out, then be sure to apologize, knowing that the women in her subordinate, may take offense and hold a grudge.

The difference between the sexes of the manager can also manifest itself in the fact that a man will not attach too much importance to his appearance. If he is young, his appearance may mean something to him, but for a man of his age it will not matter how he looks in the eyes of the women around him.

A woman is a woman and always stays a woman, even in the role of a leader. Therefore, she will strive to have always a flawless look, knowing well that her subordinates will notice any mistake in appearance, immediately rasshchivayut throughout the office and remember about this mishap at the first opportunity.

It is quite obvious that the woman-leader just have to set the tone and in the manner of dress, and how to behave, how to “save face”, even in the most desperate situation. In fact, voluntarily or involuntarily, she will have to be the face of her female team. But to keep a face will have to do their best.

Is worth a few times to show loyalty to the internal order violators, and all the rest will sit on their necks, and even hang their feet. To be a loyal leader can only be in a good mood. The only alternative – to become a migraine. Only this will help to establish itself for a long time, not only in the eyes of his subordinates, but also for higher superiors.

Hardcore difficulty level. Tips for survival in the “female” office

To write this material I was inspired by the numerous references to how it is sometimes difficult for a woman to get along in a team of men, be alone in an office full of men and what the pitfalls of it all. But I’ve never yet seen a story about what it’s like for a man who happens to be not at the machine, but in the same office with a number of young and not-so-young non-technical women. Believe me, it’s not all that easy for the linear male mindset. Once I was in a similar situation, and I’ll tell you that it is, in fact, an invaluable experience, but in some places very painful.

But first things first, under the cover. I will not breed male chauvinism in the article, but simply list a number of situations, real and simulated, in which it is better to feign a rag and not move, or conversely, throw themselves on the embargo. The article is written on the basis of my personal experience of working in several small organizations, in one of which, as a SUPPORT, I didn’t have enough space in a sprawling developers room and ended up with my colleague-girl in the room with other young ladies and, in fact, was “alone in the field”.


First of all, when you find yourself in an already formed team of women, i.e. in a separate room, you should understand that everything you will ever say can be used against you in the future. It is highly desirable to be as polite, friendly and reticent as possible. A neat appearance plays a huge role, even if your appearance cracks the mirror. Pay special attention to your shoes, if a man will not pay attention to your trampled sneakers, the female neighbor may make an absolutely incredible conclusion for himself from your point of view. Chances are, they won’t talk to you for a few days, or solely on work-related matters, that’s fine. Be quiet, listen, and work the job. This is the quietest time. At the same time do not overdo it with the silence, answer calmly and friendly, otherwise there is a risk of being labeled an unpleasant stingy, or even “creepy”.

Then begins a more active acquaintance with you and asking questions. One way or another, you will start a conversation, most likely in the office, and they will ask you about your personal life. Who you are, where you worked, what you breathe, and so on. Extremely, just extremely strongly recommend you not to brag about anything and to stick to a neutral position, because an opinion about you can be made at the same minute, and your strengths (in his own assessment) are seen as weaknesses.

Pay attention to the fact that even if you are talking to only one girl per office, and everyone else is looking at the monitors and work enthusiastically do not get lost, you give an answer not to a particular person, and all at once, even if they do not show their participation in the conversation, with a 90% chance of listening to you . It’s an amazing ability to listen, talk, and do something at the same time, which is as inaccessible to me as it is to my understanding.

Arguing, talking and discussing

Almost all men like to argue about something in the smoking room, or during lunch, to discuss, share opinions. It’s actually a normal conversation. But do not forget that now we are dealing with more sensitive individuals, organizing a kind of “collective mind.

The most important thing is not to destroy your interlocutor in the discussion. There are some topics in which you are better informed than others. More often than not, when explaining his wrongdoing to a male colleague, he assimilates new information and rethinks it. A woman, on the other hand, especially your colleague and especially on work issues, may perceive your flow of information as a personal insult, especially if you do it in front of the roommates in the room. And there is no worse enemy than an offended woman, so do not try to act indulgently, or in any way suppress the man with their knowledge, it is bad for you to end. The best option – to help when you are asked, and not to interfere yourself, to offer your opinion / point of view / help on business matters – is to step on very thin ice. Young ladies who are not used to working and interacting with men can react the way they are used to and this is very different from what you expect to see. For the worse.


Be mentally prepared for the fact that many women very often do not answer the question specifically posed . That is, you can go up and ask, conventionally, what color ripe bananas are. You will be asked why you need bananas, are you sure that they are bananas, and how many pieces/kilos do you need? Then you’ll get the answer that the color varies depending on the variety of banana, and in general, you work directly with oranges and look toward the orange color. And you can read about bananas somewhere else. Maybe I’m just a loser, but I’ve encountered moments like this all the time. Even your most loyal colleague will often not be able to give a specific answer to the question specifically posed to her, and will somehow sidetrack the topic. I’m talking about situations where you are new to the team and have not worked with her for years, don’t forget that.

Personal animosity.

This is the strangest thing about the behavior of many, especially young and ambitious girls. I’ve seen a young employee of human resources, which is very strained to work with one of the guys only because he was not handsome in her opinion, which was loudly voiced after closing the door behind him. That is, the external biological factor of the man has added to his work problems and was seen contemptuously condescending to him, which, let me tell you, is very unpleasant. In general, very often in the women’s team there is a “personal” dislike. A girl can be annoyed by the timbre of your voice, the way you talk, dress, the way you make coffee, or the fact that you rock on a chair. Anything can lead to a rift in the relationship with a colleague and subsequent problems. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to figure out how to avoid it, and nice behavior isn’t going to save you here. Be prepared to do nothing wrong at all, and you do not like you, it is normal and not change with a 90% probability.

General conversations

Quite often in men’s teams, the dialogues of the two escalate into a collective discussion of some issue, not even work-related. It’s different in a women’s group. You can work with them long enough, but your inclusion in the conversation may be perceived as an intrusion in the dialogue, even if you have something to say, something useful/funny, and you dramatically increase the chances of running into the phrase “I’m not talking to you” in different variations and intonations. If possible, avoid collective conversations in which the initiator is not a loyal employee to you, otherwise your “karma” inside the office will drop a few more points and sooner or later hit the floor.

Restoring the relationship

Once moved a woman colleague in the category of “mortal enemy” from there you have not bring her out. By the way, you may not even remember what happened to dislike you, but keep in mind, it’s all she remembers. Thus, you can only maintain neutrality and try to abstract away from the personal conflict, because any attempt to resolve it will not have the desired effect, and any word you say will initially be seen as an act of aggression, and any of your gaffes will be tracked very carefully, as well as your work in finding vulnerabilities, if the young lady was in addition and vengeful. In this case, you either have to work perfectly, or look for a new job, or hope that life will divide you in different rooms/departments and you will not cross paths anymore. Don’t let yourself be deceived by polite communication, or even jokes from the “enemy’s” side. as if everything is back to normal, as soon as you have a vulnerable spot, it will be pressed very quickly, perhaps just out of pleasure. Some sexism may be read here, but I have not noticed this kind of behavior in men.

“Safe Groups.”

From my own practice of several teams with a sufficient number of women, I have personally identified the following, the least “dangerous” and non-conflict categories of colleagues:

  • Young mothers under 30, most often calm and friendly
  • “Kiddie girls” who prefer socializing with men more than women
  • Less mature women 35-45 with families and children

In general, it is highly recommended to distinguish “single” colleagues at once, but not in order to prudarit, I in order to understand that just the same these people are the most susceptible and often mistrustful, especially at the age of about 30. According to a personal statistical sample, married girls and women are more calm, stable in emotion, and loyal to men as such, perhaps because they are constantly in touch with their own husbands and have learned to interact with a member of “our species.” Also remember if there are any brothers/sisters. The only daughter in the family, at times, grows up to be an extremely selfish person, which drags a trail behind her in everything.

And, of course, education plays a huge role. I have never had any conflicts with girls with technical-mathematical education, probably because of their college experience and living in a “male” team before.

Maybe this article is too “Captain”, but 85% of the men I know have never been in a similar situation, and the other 15% do not like to talk about it.

First of all you go to work for a living, and then everything else. But remember, carelessness in words, looks and gestures with women can solidly poison that part of your life to the point of seeking change. Women are more sensitive and it’s worth noting that if you haven’t worked side by side with them before. If you can not get enough help from your colleague – look for it elsewhere, because then the accumulated problems will lead to open conflict, which is analogous to a nuclear war of extermination. Don’t take it to extremes and take care of yourself.

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