What do you dream about love: read in order

Dream of Love: what do you dream of love for a woman or a man

Love in all its manifestations is dreamed of – to a fun and carefree pastime. To see in a dream a declaration of love to someone – the people around you shamelessly use your kindness and generosity. Passionate love, which dreamed of a woman, according to the dream book promises financial gain and profit, a man – the danger of false promises.

Loving someone in a dream

If in your dream you love someone, then you will soon have a romantic period in your life. Use it to your advantage for your future.

Love for animals

A dream about expressing love for animals of any kind means that you are generally happy with the way your life is going, while having a slight inclination to make things even better. Your life, the way you live it, tends to be a rewarding experience and satisfying, even if you have to work a little harder to make things more attainable.

What do you dream about confessing love?

What do you dream about love? Dreaming that you are in love with someone and confessing your love to them is an indicator of your spiritual growth and ability to deal with obstacles and difficulties in your life. It will lead you to feelings of happiness and joy.

What do you dream about your love?

To see in a dream your love in a painful – state – is a sign of failure or inability to carry out their plans or projects due to some unforeseen circumstances or events beyond your control. If, on the other hand, you see your love in your dream in good health, it is a symbol of upcoming worries and concerns related to a family member or someone who is very dear to you.

Receiving love in a dream

A dream in which you receive a large amount of love from the people around you indicates success in your daily activities. You are loved and appreciated.

What do you dream about words of love?

Words of love in a dream that you say or are told to you means that there are no mutual feelings of love left between you and the person you love, indicates a dilemma about possible changes in your lifestyle or considerations about marriage to ensure a better life for your future.

What do you dream about making love

What do you dream about making love? Dreaming that you are making love is an expression of feelings of love towards a person of the opposite sex.

Seeing in a dream love according to the dream of the XXI century

If you are experiencing sincere love for someone in your dream, it means that you are happy with your current situation and this is a reflection of reality.

Falling in love with someone in a dream to the point of insanity – the foreshadowing of great work, which will allow you to achieve the goal due to your diligence and hard work.

To be in love (to be loved) – to happiness. The love of animals manifested in a dream is a sign that in general you will be satisfied with what you possess, although sometimes you will have other thoughts.

Why do you dream of love according to Miller’s dream

To love something or someone in a dream means satisfaction with your current surroundings.

To see that the love of others fills you with happiness foretells that the successful conduct of affairs will give you contentment and freedom from everyday cares. If you find in a dream that love has passed away or no longer arouses reciprocal feelings, it means that you will face a difficult question: wouldn’t it be better to change your way of life or get married and succeed in order to secure your future?

For a husband or wife to see in a dream that they love each other means great marital happiness and cheerful bright children who will bring them joy. To see loving parents in a dream means that you will cultivate rectitude of character and constancy in the pursuit of prosperity and position in society. Loving an animal indicates contentment, despite the fact that you yourself do not think so; however, after some time luck will turn to you.

Azar’s Dream Interpretation

What do you dream about love? In a dream to love oneself and to feel love for oneself is an undeniable effect of the path of Love and prayer practice. Affects very many spiritual processes (connection with the intelligent structure of one’s own destiny and Higher Powers, realization of spiritual Light, etc.).

Love // Ancient French Dream

Love – If you have a dream about love, it means that complete happiness awaits you. When you dream of fleeting love, expect success in all things. Seeing in a dream happy lovers – a sign of defeat. To dream of your beloved being – means that you will soon be tormented by anxiety for loved ones or friends. A dream in which love is rejected – promises good luck in business. Dreams about marital infidelity are usually very favorable.

What Dreams of Love by N. Stepanova Dream Interpreter

Seeing a loved one in a dream means being in a pleasant and safe environment. To feel the love of others and enjoy it – to the successful conduct of business and freedom from everyday worries. If you dream that love is gone or no longer causes a return feeling – it means that you are faced with a dilemma: completely change your way of life or get married to ensure your future? If in the dream husband and wife are very fond of each other – they are waiting for great marital happiness, healthy and intelligent children.

Love: Tsvetkov’s Dream

Love for the sleeper – to happiness; you yourself love – a great reward.

Ukrainian Dream Dreamteller: Love

How to dream that you’re admiring yourself – you’ll get sick. With someone you love in a dream – deception, grief.

What does the Wanderer’s Dream mean?

What do you dream of love – to feel or experience love for yourself – a happy dream – to the good, all the best; happiness will come sooner or later. Love for a famous person – disappointment.

Esoteric Dreamer: Love

Love (feeling) – To feel for a member of the opposite sex ahead of you is a serious love affair. Feel for children, the elderly, friends – a strange incident that will leave a mark on your life. To animals you like yourself very much. Don’t turn into a narcissist! Feeling in general, without a definite object spiritual ascent, enlightenment. Try to recover this feeling in reality and keep it more.

Love by A. Tikhomirov’s Dream

To love platonically, unselfishly, with tears of happiness. Squeeze someone in your arms, etc. – A long-simmering hope will come true. But the person whom you loved in the dream, most likely, will not be involved…

Make love to someone – you will have to fight for your happiness. Be consistent in your steps.

Meaning of the Dreaming Book

Love – To love someone in a dream or to fall in love – Trouble or loss of spirit.

Seeing Love: N. Soboleva’s Dream

What does one dream about love? When a person dreams of love – it speaks of a great desire of a person to experience this feeling. It is often a symbol of the relationship between a man and a woman, but the nuances of the dream can be different, depending on what kind of love you saw in the dream. Child love speaks of your dependence on your partner, teenage love indicates experiencing particularly romantic feelings. When you dream about adult love – means that you are well aware of the needs, both your own and your partner, the object of love.

Love // Taylor Joles Dreaming Book

The word love covers a huge range of emotions and their many shades. Who or what is your love directed at? At your partner, your child, your family? It indicates a healthy, happy relationship with your loved ones. If it’s someone with whom you only know at first sight, or even a stranger, you subconsciously seek new experiences, an abundance of joy in life. If love is directed at a celebrity, the dream is most likely just a pleasant fantasy.

Love in the Arnold Mindell Dream Book

Seeing the person you love in your dream indicates: you are satisfied with your current position; it seems pointless to you to seek something more. You catch yourself in a dream that love has melted like smoke – you will have to make difficult choices, if you have the opportunity to think, do not rush to give preference to anything, reflect for a few days. You see that you are madly loved – your business will go – as if by magic; your growing prosperity will open up new opportunities; you will forget about your old problems, because you will outgrow them.

Why do you dream of platonic love

Dreaming about feelings of love, often mixed with other feelings or emotions, without an object of attraction or affection symbolizes a moment of spiritual ascent and personal enlightenment. Try to develop and enrich your soul. If in your dream you experienced platonic love, loving someone unconditionally or asking nothing in return, means living in a period of great hope and trust in other people.

Interpretation of dreams by day of the week

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To find out why a woman dreams of love or why a man dreams, tell the events and images of the dream in the comments, and our dream interpreters will help you unravel the plot.

I see from the top of the window (floor 2-3 old ruined church or temple -historical site) are unhurried chain, the three girls sisters, the distance between them (steps 7-8) in front of the older goes about 15 years for her middle 8 years and a baby 3-4 gadikov. I called them, they all at once looked at me (together they raised their left hand and showed me a fig or fa), I invited them to see the temple senior Vera refused and said, looking at the nether stern look we are not interested) and the baby Love pulled towards me arms (I took her in my arms, she hugged me by the neck), I said at my responsibility and we went. There was a time when we were climbing steep iron stairs shaky little girl walked in front of me, I held her right hand and left hand grabbed for some fencing (iron bar) suddenly it came off, I was unable to look at him (rusty fittings and thought I would take a keepsake, and put it back) later returned to take this iron piece – look at her and she suddenly turned into some strange strange strange very, very ancient Mayan era or even more ancient sword. I look at him and do not understand that I have not seen anywhere.pozakayu little girl she looks at me and smiles, I hold her in his arms went to show her to friends.All look at the curiosity surprised one says that it can be sold for huge money (the property of mankind) somebody asked, but who is this girl in your arms this? I said, holding the baby in my arms, her name is LOVE, she is the youngest of three sisters VERA, HOPE, LOVE! If it were not for her, I would not have found this ancient sword.returned the baby to my sisters showed them the sword they looked at each other without enthusiasm, they looked at me: Vera tried to grow up, like somehow hm, satisfied? Hope with a question and with regret eh interesting, I also would have gone with you but my sister so strict did not let me.LOVE baby like all babies-eyes begged for the hand and did not want to part but somehow knew that we must go to his older sister forced them. and went their way.it’s one passage, not the whole dream, I’m afraid there is not enough space.Question what it all means, where and what is happening to me.

I dream of a handsome guy. In the dream he fell in love with me when I was running away from some men. We got acquainted and chatted. Then I held hands with my friend, he immediately got jealous and told me to let go of my hand. Then we met romance, etc. I woke up at the most exciting moment. I looked everywhere but could not find the meaning.

I dreamt that I climbed a high mountain, but slipped and fell off a cliff. I was falling for a very long time, tried to catch hold of something, but I couldn’t. After the fall I felt no pain. She started scolding me, and I smiled and joked away. aside, I saw my ex-boyfriend. he was sitting with his back to us, but he turned his head, listened and smiled. then he laughed, stood up, came over to us and listened to our conversation attentively.

In my dream, a girl and I are very much in love with each other. but soon we realize that we are from different times. and in moments of parting, a wall appears in front of us, through which we can no longer hear, but we can be seen dimly and what we write on it. she writes how she loves me, I see her tears. I do not have time to write as I love her.In a moment I saw how her life flies through time, I realize that she is already old and has lived her life. this is an example of just one dream for today, and I dream about 3 dreams a night, no less funny and mysterious, which are bright and memorable)) such a petruha

I dream the second time the guy I do not know, but I love him much in a dream and not me too loves, but we always have that prevents us to be together

What do you dream about love

To give a faithful interpretation of the vision in which you’ve experienced love, it is important to remember your own feelings. The purer and nobler they were, the better. Down-to-earth emotions and carnal desires are much less positive. For example, in a dream it is better to observe sex than to personally participate in it. This is a sign that the implementation of plans is possible with a slight delay.

What do you dream about love according to Miller’s dream book

To feel the love of other characters in a dream, according to Mr. Miller to the successful conduct of affairs and freedom from domestic worries. If in the dream you experienced coldness in response to his love, then in reality to take a momentous decision, which will be the main direction of life in the future.

Spouses in a dream to feel the tenderness of the soul mate – to boundless marital happiness, understanding and good kids. Seeing your beloved parents means that you will be able to achieve a high position and prosperity.

Affectionate treatment of animals in a dream conveys satisfaction with life. It is also a sign that fate is preparing a pleasant surprise.

Love by A to Z Dream Book

Dreamed that you experienced an incredible loving feeling for your chosen one? In reality, you will be satisfied and happy. Dreaming from A to Z stresses that a stormy and even passionate expression of love for an object in a dream promises success in the current case, excitement and new ideas.

If you dreamed that you fell in love with a chatty type, then in reality will play a fatal role minor, so to speak, superficial factor. In nightmares your own husband fell in love with another? Try to diversify family life, otherwise her husband and really will decide to look for adventure on the side.

If you yourself fell in love with another man, then in the real world, you are probably experiencing spiritual loneliness, despite a fairly busy lifestyle.

Dreamcatcher of Bitches: what does love in a dream mean

The Dreamcatcher of Bitches states that love in dreams symbolizes very real joy and pleasure. Did you dream that you were genuinely happy when you saw the affectionate relationship of other characters? Increase your well-being and manage to get rid of some of the household worries. Experience the love of the household – to the kind attitude of those around you. Showing tenderness and warmth to your parents means that in the future everything will be stable and prosperous.

Interpretation in the Lovers’ Dream

Did you dream of a warmly beloved person? You are really happy and satisfied with the existing relationship. If the love of the chosen one did not arouse reciprocal feelings, then you will decide to change your lifestyle to achieve more. A trembling relationship of spouses in a dream actually promises a long happiness and great children, of whom you will be proud.

Experiencing love according to the English Dream Book

If in a dream you were struck by Cupid’s arrow, you will soon learn that you are loved. And the interpretation is valid for both sexes. Dreamed that you were disappointed in love? In reality everything will happen exactly the opposite. You’ll fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

The warm attitude of your friends dreams to good luck. This means that you can always rely on your companions and, if necessary, answer them with full reciprocity. If you dreamed of your beloved, with whom you are strolling through a marvelous garden, then you will certainly marry her and have a bunch of children. Pregnant women dream of the birth of a wonderful child.

A romantic feeling without attachment to an object promises a very fruitful year for the farmer. A businessman after such a vision awaits a rapid success, and a sailor – marriage on his return home.

Dream of love – by Esoteric Dreamteller

If in a dream you happened to fall in love, you will soon be plunged headlong into a new romance, which will grow into something more. Love in a dream children, older people or friends means that it will be a very strange occurrence, which will be remembered for the rest of his life. Do you dream of loving an animal? You are very narcissistic and run the risk of becoming a real narcissist.

In the dream, the all-consuming feeling of love in general, without attachment to a particular object symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. This is an indication that in the dream you have visited another world and probably received some kind of revelation. Ideally, you should remember this feeling and recreate it in reality.

What do you dream about making love

If you happen to make love to a loved one in a dream, then you will be able to achieve the desired goal. A man dreamed that his wife is very affectionate and wants to have sex? He is waiting for a steady growth in his career and success in commerce.

If beyond the foreplay did not go, then be prepared for a serious illness or treason with your beloved. But sex with a stranger means that you will have a long and hard struggle for personal happiness.

What do you dream about declaring love

What does it mean in a dream about a declaration of love? If you yourself confessed to someone in the light and reverent feelings, then perhaps his past actions have earned the favor of fate and ahead of a period of prosperity and good luck. But receiving a confession from a loved one is much worse. Be prepared for the fact that a loved one will deceive and betray.

What does the love of a man, a boyfriend, a husband mean in a dream

Dreamed that you are sincerely loved by your husband, boyfriend or significant other? This is a sign that you are waiting for boundless happiness, a tender relationship and many pleasant moments. If he fell in love with another in a dream, then immediately put a twist in your sex life, otherwise you risk losing your companion forever. If you felt the love languor of the unknown, then prepare to radically change your life.

What do you dream about love to a girl

If you dreamed that you were traveling with your chosen one in one car, then, despite the difficulties you will remain faithful to each other until the end. If in the dream you happened to fall in love with a stranger and experience unearthly happiness, then in reality you are terribly lonely and strongly suffer from this. But trembling emotions for his girlfriend warn of insidious deception on her part.

Dream of first love

In a dream, seeing the person who was your first love means that soon you will decide on a grand change. What will be the outcome, you can judge by the details of the vision. Had the chance to meet your first love? Fortune favors you, so that you can without risk embark on the most incredible adventures. At the same time, the first romantic feeling indicates that soon you will experience something similar, or an event connected with the past will happen.

What do you dream about former love

If love is completely gone, but suddenly reminded himself in a dream, it will have to change to adjust to new conditions. If in dreams you happened to experience with new force former feelings, in reality, be prepared for difficulties in affairs and constant quarrels with others.

Sleeper’s dream: love: a variety of interpretations

  • Love with a stranger – to difficulties, conflicts.
  • With a well-known character – to disappointments
  • nights of love – for a lot of work
  • Watching others have sex is an unbelievable success.
  • To have sex yourself – to see plans come true.
  • reciprocal love – for family well-being
  • unrequited love means you have to choose between family and freedom.
  • transient – short-term but triumphant success
  • Platonic–tears of joy, unselfishness
  • love of parents – to commit honest deeds
  • Husband/wife love – for contentment and harmony
  • See them in love – to defeat
  • If they are quarreling – to financial prosperity
  • to dream of love – to worry about loved ones
  • to love a friend – good luck (for men), surprise (for women)
  • to a girlfriend – unpleasantness (for men), deceit (for women)
  • to a celebrity – minor illnesses, secret intrigues
  • to an animal – unexpected success in society
  • to a wild beast – difficulties in undertakings
  • To a pet – profit from a dubious enterprise
  • To pets – purchase of a new home
  • To a stray animal – exposure, discovery of a secret
  • To a dog – find a true friend
  • To a cat – get ready for competition in love and business
  • to a cat – blatant ingratitude
  • To a lion – struggle with a dangerous rival
  • To a stallion or a calf – joy, a family holiday
  • To a child–prospects that will bring good luck
  • daughter-in-law’s love – will ask for money
  • mother-in-law – scolding
  • mother-in-law – suspicions, squabbles
  • reject someone’s love – sudden good luck
  • fall in love unexpectedly – loss of confidence, stability
  • adultery – well-being, prosperity, understanding
  • group love – surprise, unexpected news
  • Homosexual – fear of inadequacy, desire to know yourself.
  • conjugal sex – it will be good
  • ritual – transfer to a new level, getting secret knowledge
  • Sex with a relative: desire to acquire a quality that is characteristic of another
  • with an acquaintance – the same interests
  • Debauchery – to master an unfamiliar skill or knowledge.

If you happen to make love right in the air and experience incredible pleasure in doing so, then it’s time to bring a little romance into your relationship or take it to a higher level of development.

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